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Jelly Belly Bath Salts

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Brand: Jelly Belly / Salt / Type: Bath Salt

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    2 Reviews
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      08.01.2011 14:59
      Very helpful



      Don't bother!

      After receiving a £10 gift voucher from her Aunty for Debenhams, my daughter was a little despondent that she would be able to find anything she wanted, other than novelty sweets (which is what my son spent his money on!), so when she came across a lovely little section in a our local store of "smellies", she managed to spend much more than £10!

      After spotting a set of "Jelly Belly" products, and falling over herself to buy it, I was quite happy to try some out for her, in the purpose of research of course!

      The product I will now review is - "Jelly belly - Top banana bath salts".

      The product comes in it's own squat looking pot with a screw lid, with the briefest of information included, literally the brand name, scent and the fact it is made by "Baylis & Harding", not a fact I was privy to, but I have always rated there own branded products, so have no problems with my daughter using it either.

      When you open the lid you are faced with small almost crystal looking shards of bath salts, with a faint whiff of banana, very much like the foam banana sweets my son loves eating so much, my daughter hates them, but is quite happy bathing in something that smells the same, go figure!

      To use you simply sprinkle over a freshly run bath, and swirl to distribute evenly and until dissolved, though due to the fact my daughter only likes Luke warm baths they didn't dissolve very well at all, and she kept complaining of how gritty the bottom of the bath was!

      Scent wise this was actually quite disappointing, there wasn't the strongest of scents before adding them to water, after there was no scent at all, there was no colour due to the salts being colourless in the first place, and due to then not dissolving very well there was no visible lather, or even froth on the surface of the water, to be honest apart from the grit this was like an invisible product!

      For anyone familiar with the Jelly Belly range, the initial reason for buying these products is the incredible scents in the range, all being quite strong and distinguishable as to what they are mimicking, this is the first product I have ever smelt in this range that I was disappointed with.

      Skin wise this is very gentle on the skin, almost like washing with water! (lol!), though there is no irritation to speak of, especially considering this is being used by a child, with delicate skin, so this is of course an upside, though not enough of an advantage for it to get extra stars!

      There are a few other scents available to buy in this range, though if they are anything like this one I would just not bother!

      For more information visit - www.jellybelly-uk.com

      This is a pretty non descript product that I would never bother buying again, not recommended!

      Thanks for reading x


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        27.08.2009 22:16
        Very helpful



        Very nice if your getting someone a gift or just want to treat yourself a little.

        It says bath salts at the top but its actually bath soak which is my fault since I suggested it.
        It's a powdery scent you put in your bath.

        I first got my jelly belly bath soaks at christmas bought by my sister because they come with a cute red small wooden spoon to take out the powder and she knew I would fall in love with it before even smelling them.

        You buy them from www.asos.com in the beauty section you then go to bath & body then bath & body collections. My reason for telling you exactly where they are is because Jelly Belly doesn't seem to come under the brand names.

        You can either buy the Very Cherry and Watermelon that you can see above in the picture, or the Cotton Candy and Blueberry. You get the little red spoon with them. To buy them they cost £5 which in my opinion is very expensive for these bath salts and they don't exactly last a long time if you use them constantly. I would suggest that you buy if your buying other things because I don't see the point in paying £3 postage for one item.
        Although to make sure theres no confusion the Very Cherry and Watermelon you buy as a set and the Cotton Candy and Blueberry as a set.
        Unfortunately I find it really hard to be able to smell them when they are in the bath but it could be because I only put half a spoonful or one spoonful of it in. But I can slightly smell it when I'm lay there relaxing happily. I have used more than that for one and I could smell it but it's not over powering.

        I've had both sets but I will start off with the Cotton Candy and Blueberry which I got at Christmas.

        Cotton Candy - A lovely pink powder colour like some candy floss! The cotton candy is my favorite and sadly I've used it all up because I love it so much I had to keep using it. It smells like well.. jelly bellys, it has a lovely sweet scent to it and I think its the most powering one between the two.

        Blueberry - It's a sort of really light bluey white powder for some reason. This one also smells really sweet, I'm not sure what it reminds me of, it sort of reminds me of a lolly. This one is my second favorite out of all of them.

        I now only have my Blueberry one left so I felt like I had to buy more and wanted to try the other set this time. Which I have regretted wasting my money on.

        Watermelon - A lovely light green powder. Of course this also smells like sweets since it's made by jelly belly but without a doubt this one is my favorite out of the set. It turns the bath SLIGHTLY green but it's nothing major, just a slight difference in the colour so it still looks like a normal bath.
        I wish I could buy it with one of the other two because I like it so much but sadly I wont be buying this set again.

        Very Cherry - This one is a red powder of course like the colour of cherrys.
        This one is the reason I will not buy this set ever again. As I've mentioned that the other 3 all smell lovely like sweeties... this smells of play-doh and I'm sure you all know its not exactly a nice smell. At first I thought it was my imagination so I asked my mum and sister what it reminded them of and they both agreed it was play-doh.
        I'm sure that you all don't want to be laying in the bath tub trying to relax and smelling play-doh all around you. I have to say this really let me down since I'm paying £5 for them plus postage and the other ones are so nice! I found myself using loads of it constantly just to get it finished.

        Overall if I do decide to buy them again it will be the Cotton Candy and Blueberry set, and I would make sure I have plenty of money. I would love to keep getting them as gifts though!. If I was ever bought the other set again I would only use the watermelon, but I will never actually buy that set myself again.
        They are pricey for such a little amount but they do smell good and very cute with the little spoon!

        I'm giving it 3 stars out of 5 because of the red one let me down and the cost of them!


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