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Jelly Belly Seven a Day Bath & Shower Gel

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Brand: Jelly Belly / Type: Shower Gel / Suitable for: Body

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    2 Reviews
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      24.01.2010 23:06
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      Jelly Belly Seven-a-Day Bath & Shower Gel:

      My boyfriend got me these a while back and I was over the moon because jelly beans are my favourite sweets ever! I had never seen these before but I did have a jelly belly lip gloss which was very yummy! I am really into buying fruity fragranced products and this was just a brilliant present and I love it! I do have advantages and a few disadvantages, so this is a non-biased review.

      In the pack there are seven small scented body washes which are made by Jelly Belly. As you may have gathered, Jelly Belly make jelly beans which taste delicious. They can be used per day or whenever you like really. I tend to use these as a sort of one off as I class them as a luxury! The seven bottles come in a plastic tray which is inside a cardboard case. On the outer packaging there are many images of different flavoured jelly beans and the writing, "A week of fun & fragrances". The body washes come in little clear plastic 50ml bottles which is just enough for a few washes.


      This is a very orange, citrus scent which is orange in colour. When you apply this to your skin, it is not as strong so you smell quite fruity.


      What can I say about this! This comes in a lilac colour and it basically makes you smell like an allsort. What I also found with this one is when I applied this to my chest region, it gave me the same sort of feeling as when you apply vapour rub- I could breathe easier!


      I don't think you could get much sweeter than this, it is very nice smelling and not off putting at all. It comes in a light pink colour which is very girly!


      This has to be one of my favourites. It is bright green in colour and it smells so great and almost good enough to eat. Imagine the smell of a real watermelon but quite a bit stronger and this is what the gel smells like!

      Cotton Candy:

      This comes in a pinky colour and is very sweet and sugary to smell! I thought that this was not very strong like the others but I still liked it!


      This is supposed to be for Monday's but, who cares! This is in the top of my favourites and it comes in a dark blue sort of colour. This smells exactly like blueberries!


      This has to be my favourite by far. Cherry is wonderful and it makes you smell so good, I LOVE IT! This comes in a bright red colour and they are all in a sort of gel formula.


      These make you smell great.

      The scents are very fruity.

      If you love jelly beans you will love these!

      You only need a little bit and it goes a long way!

      I love them!


      Only small bottles but they do last a long time!

      Sorry, I do noy know the price as I got these as a gift!



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        07.01.2010 10:55
        Very helpful
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        A fun idea, but sorely lacking in quality I'm afraid!

        I received this set of Jelly Belly shower gels as a Christmas gift, and I was interested to try them out. I'm not a fan of eating jelly beans AT ALL, but as a bath product junkie am always happy to try new products. Despite Jelly Belly being a reputable brand in the confectionary world, if I'm honest I didn't expect the shower gel to be outstanding because these spin-off type products often fail to hit the mark.

        The set consists of seven gels, one for each day of the week. In fact they are even printed with a suggested day of the week in miniscule print under the "flavour" on the label. When I first used one of these I didn't even notice and therefore used Sunday's Very Cherry on Tuesday. As a particularly anally-retentive weirdo this kind of bothered me and I have not repeated this mistake!

        The seven scents are mostly fruity and all represent flavours of actual Jelly Belly sweets. These are:

        * Blueberry - A little sickly but definitely smells like blueberries...or rather a blueberry jelly bean.
        * Cotton Candy - If I'm honest this doesn't smell of much at all except possibly vaguely sweet if I sniff hard enough.
        * Tutti Frutti - To me this smells like bubblegum, although interestingly there is a bubblegum shower gel (not in this set) so who knows what that smells like!
        * Watermelon - Okay this one really does smell like watermelon. Which although I hate when lipglosses are flavoured of it (and SO MANY ARE!) I actually really like the idea of washing in a watermelon scent.
        * Licorice - Again this definitely smells like licorice, although it's not one of my favourite things so I'm not sure how much I would enjoy smelling like it.
        * Tangerine - Very orangey, and sugary, almost like an orange cough sweet!
        * Very Cherry - This smells delicious, I love cherry scents and this reminds me of Cherry Chapstick.

        Test number one: The Bubble Bath

        For any new bath product that I try, I usually like to use it as a bubble bath even if it states to be shower gel/body wash. If it works, major kudos as I love a ton of bubbles and to match my bathwater to whatever scent I'm washing with. This does make a few bubbles, but nothing to write home about and they're gone pretty quickly. What's more, despite being strong smelling in the bottle there is no scent to the water at all. Disappointing.

        Test number two: Washing

        So it's job after all is a body wash according to the bottle and it works okay, again nothing special. It is a fairly thick gel and a really small amount is needed. I felt clean, but it wasn't anything special.

        Test number three: Lasting power of scent

        Zero! While the gels smelled highly-scented (for the majority of "flavours") whilst washing, I couldn't detect it at all on my skin afterwards. A little disappointing as for the scents I enjoyed, it would have been nice to have it around a little longer without resorting to sniffing the bottle!

        Normally I would add test four: the hair wash, but I know when to call it a day. These gels are thick so I suspected they wouldn't lather too efficiently and I was worried they might leave my hair greasy. A bit of a risk when there's no scent payoff to look forward to.

        Each gel is 50ml, despite weirdly enough the Jelly Belly website stating they are 30ml in this set, with identical packaging. Who knows! They can be purchased from the website (www.jellybelly-uk.com) or from various high street shops, I know I have seen the Jelly Belly range in places such as Claire's Accessories. It is priced at £4.50 for the seven, and if you do like them you can find several of the flavours in a full-sized version.

        Despite the letdown in several of my (highly scientific) tests, I will continue to use these up and will probably bring them with me when I travel due to the handy airline-approved sizes. It is nice to mix it up a little bit every once in a while with scents and the variety makes it a fun gift, as long as the recipient isn't too much of a cosmetics snob!


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