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Kneipp Herbal Bath Rosemary

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  • Bright pink bath
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    2 Reviews
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      02.06.2015 11:32
      Very helpful


      • "Bright pink bath"


      • none

      A bath with the devil

      I bought a beauty box recently from Latest in Beauty and one of the items I was most interested to try was the Kneipp Herbal Bath back comfort with devil's claw which is supposed to be beneficial and relaxing for the back, shoulders and neck with natural essential oils.

      This little heavy glass bottle has a really expensive look and feel to it. It looks decent and would make a lovely gift. My bottle is only 20 ml so small but you can buy it in larger sizes.

      First impressions
      I ran a hot bath and added the bright red mixture, just a drop and the bubbles were decent but the best bit was the bath went a lovely deep reddish pinky colour.

      In use
      I loved sinking in to this bath and it did help relax as do most baths! I think the warmth combined with the essential oils did help relieve the stresses and strains of the day although I am not usually up to my neck in the water so had to do a bit of manoeuvring to keep my book dry lol.

      A bottle sized 100 ml on the bathe and unwind website is £10 which I suppose is a bit expensive for bubble bath!

      A Repeatable experience?
      I would buy this again if I found it on offer as it is really lovely. Don't let the "Devil's Claw" put you off! Devils Claw plant native to Southern Africa, is recognised for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties it comforts and heals tired, aching muscles. Try it, you'll probably like it!


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      02.02.2012 14:52
      Very helpful



      Well worth trying for an invigorating start to the day.

      Kneipp Herbal Bath-Rosemary

      Rosemary may not be every person's choice to bathe in -most seeing it as something that regularly appears in recipes, and in particular in our house tops roast potatoes! However what is generally not known is that rosemary essential oils are extremely uplifting and awakening, and so make the perfect bath oils. They are also extremely good for the circulation and are reputed to help memory and brain function.

      The reason I first became interested in rosemary was due to a medical condition I have which is related to ME. It has a fancy term -orthostatic intolerance, but it basically means that when I stand up my brain and heart don't communicate properly and blood pools in the legs and I get dizzy and have low blood pressure. This is especially acute in the morning due to dehydration. I discovered that boiling rosemary leaves and adding them to a bath was therapeutic to get the circulation going, but obviously isn't very practical. So over the course of the last few years I have tried many potions containing rosemary which are commercially available, which is how I came to find Kniepp Rosemary Herbal Bath.

      Kneipp was a company new to me until fairly recently. A German organisation with origins back as far as 1891, they specialise in the production of natural toiletries and are in many ways similar to Weleda. The Rosemary Bath is available from Amazon where it retails for under £8. It is provided by various market place sellers and these offer different postage rates. You can also order products from this company from Fragrance Direct and many independent health food stores carry the brand.

      I was delighted with my purchase from Amazon and can highly recommend this product for a morning bath. Delivery was quick and packaged well.

      Presented in an attractive box the 100ml bottle contains enough for 10 baths. It is highly concentrated and indeed Kneipp point out on the box that rosemary was a symbol of energy in Roman times- so it dates back a long time. Furthermore sprigs of rosemary were burnt in shrines in Ancient Greece to ward off evil spirits, so there is something mystical about this product especially as it is an intense red shade. Pouring it into running water is quite incredible as it turns the water a deep crimson. Added to this there is a very intense aroma of rosemary which fills every corner of the bathroom. I really love the herbal fragrance, which does lack not lack anything, and it imparts a very medicinal fragrance to the air which travels some distance from the bathroom, even when the door has been closed.

      You are advised to soak for about 15-20 minutes and on the mornings when I have time this is what I try to do. I find the experience to be very uplifting, and I certainly have more energy after using this product compared to a more conventional bath product. There are minimal bubbles with this as it is more of an oil, but the softening qualities are apparent on the skin after use. I find no need to use moisturiser afterwards.

      The oil also contains eucalyptus and has a wonderful affect on my sinuses which are often congested, and I find this is especially so when I bath in the morning. For this reason I will always choose this product if I have a cold or even for the flu like symptoms I get with the ME.

      It is also worth saying that there are many positive reviews about Kneipp bath products over on my favourite cosmetic and toiletries review site- Make Up Alley. This is testament to the popularity of these as they are not so easily available in The States, and although this is a US site it still has many people who seek out these bath products.

      I am especially pleased to see that this company has ethical principles and you wont find preservatives or animal derived ingredients in their products either.

      The range also includes five other bath oils which include Lavender, Melissa, Eucalyptus, Juniper and Orange and Linden Blossom. You can also purchase a gift set with travel size bottles of each which looks lovely.

      Price wise Rosemary Bath is pretty comparable with its main competitors namely Weleda and Avalon, both of whom make a similar rosemary bathing product. It comes in a lot cheaper than Dr Hauscska though, which tends to come in much more costly than the others.

      I would also say that judging from my husband's reaction to this product I would say it is definitely unisex as he likes to use it in the rare times he chooses baths over showers.

      If you would like to purchase the matching shower gel this is also available, I like this- but it isn't necessary to obtain the bath benefits which are superb when using the oil alone.

      The only downside, and it is a small point, is that it can be rather messy being bright red, so care has to be taken when pouring this into the cap for dispensing. I don't think it would be too helpful to get this on a carpet or clothing.

      I can certainly recommend this for an invigorating and awakening morning bath addition, and more especially so if you have ME or are prone to sinus problems. Rosemary is not recommended for pregnancy though so one for avoid for expectant mums.


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