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Lavera Bath Sea Salts

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Brand: Lavera / Type: Bath Salt / Suitable for: Body / Product Line: Lavera Body Spa

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    1 Review
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      09.06.2012 11:17
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      An orange scented sea salt bath

      I am a fan of sea salt products because they are brilliant for my skin and having signed up to one of those sites where for £10 a month you are sent a box of products to try, I have been more than impressed with some of the products I have tried and tested.

      Lavera isn't a company I have come across, nor remember seeing any products from whenever I have been out and about shopping. However, whenever you get one of these boxes you do let a brief resume of the product and what it is meant to do. Lavera it seems are a cosmetics company who are 100% Certified Organic and were formed over 20 years ago and they sell a whole host of products, over 100 according to their website which range from Sunscreen, make-up, hair conditioner, lip balms, toothpaste, products for men, babies and there is also a hypoallergenic range to name but a few. Having had a quick look over their website, it really well laid out, it is safe to say they do everything you can think of or might need.

      The product I was actually sent was an 80g sachet of bath sea salt crystals which arrives in your usual type of sachet with the instructions to tear the corner, use dry hands though, otherwise it is hard to open. On the sachet which is half white and half orange coloured, there is a picture of an orange, plus further information as to what the product is. If you shake it slightly, you can hear the salt crystals as they knock against each other.

      To use the product my little card simply said, run a warm/hot bath and sprinkle the crystals into your bath as the precious 'Flor de Sal' an Organic Sea Salt Crystal which stimulates the skin together with calming Organic Sea Buckthorn provides intense nourishment especially for sensitive and dry skin. Which to me sounds absolutely delightful to me and no sooner had the package arrived and I had whiffed and sniffed all I could, I was running a bath and sprinkling my salts into it.

      As the bath is running, you can smell the orange scent which is absolutely wonderful, it's really fresh and I couldn't wait to get into the bath. The one thing I like about sea salt is that one the skin it acts as an exfoliator and is therefore great for removing dead and dry skin cells leaving behind soft, smooth skin. Also to note is that Sea Salt is also packed full of vitamins and minerals and when used in a bath product like this one, it is those minerals and vitamins which are absorbed into the skin to help with circulation, relieve aches and pains, encourage skin cell regeneration. This particular sea salt is apparently from The Algarve. So add to the sea salt there is also Vitamin E which again helps to protect and repair your skin. Orange Oil wasn't a surprise find but it is good for detoxifying the body whilst helping to ease tension and stress. Jojoba Oil is an excellent moisturiser and is used to help soften and soothe your skin which is definitely essential when the sea salt is removing dead and dry skin cells and it works alongside the Shea Butter which also features, an ingredient which is known for its moisturising capabilities. The final ingredient to mention is Sea Buckthorn, something I have never heard of until now and it is said to be good for people who have skin condition such as dermatitis and dry skin and it said to help the battle with wrinkles because it is packed full of Vitamin C and E.

      Having used this product from the sachet, from which I got once use out of it because I shoved it all in the bath. I liked this product so much that I have since bought two further sachets which were on offer in Holland and Barrett and a few other products from the Lavera range which I will review once I've finished them. Each sachet will cost in the region of £2 to £3 though I paid £2.58 for two on a buy one get one free offer, so they are quite pricey if compared to similar products in a sachet, however, this does contain sea salt and many products which do contain sea salt are more expensive. That said, it is really lovely, it leave you soft silky skin, the scent of oranges is really lovely and smells wonderful on your skin and it is a really relaxing experience. A product that I definitely recommend.


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