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Lee Stafford Pink Perfumed Shower Gel

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Brand: Lee Stafford / Cleanser / Type: Shower Gel / Texture: Gel / Suitable for: Body / What it does: Cleanses,

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    1 Review
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      09.12.2008 23:25
      Very helpful



      An ok product but nothing all that special

      When it comes to Lee Stafford products I absolutely adore them. I own the whole range of the hair products so when I saw the newish fragrance range out in Boots it goes without saying that I stocked up with it. The 'pink' range whether it be the hair, bathing, perfume or whatever it is, is all meant to be the same smell so now you can have top to toe fragrancing! (I thought lol)

      One of the things I always adored about the hair care range was the fragrance and I remember way back on a review on here commenting that if only Lee Stafford would bring this fragrance out as a perfume and the likes I'd be delighted and voila it happened so happy days!

      Now this product I have only seen out in Boots within a gift set at the moment but I have heard this is going to be on sale soon as a stand alone product.

      So just to clarify this is on sale as I said in Boots within a set. It's price is currently £11.74 (three for the price of two products also applies) and within the set you get the Eau De Toilette (50ml), Perfumed Body Spray (100ml), Body Lotion (75ml) and this product, the shower gel which is also 75ml in size. I of course treated myself to the whole set and as someone who was running out of the eau de toilette and body spray it turned out to be a very good buy!

      The Shower Gel Packaging...

      It comes in a see through bright pink pink, plastic recyclable tube with flip top opening to the bottom. On the front there is a picture of the little silver dog which Lee Stafford use as on all their products as branding and under that is white lettering which I'm indeed told it's Lee Stafford. Then length ways down the tube in darker pink writing the word PINK adorns it and then under that I'm told it's perfumed shower gel and under that the size is stated. On the back in white writing I'm told a bit about the product, then in pink writing (I can't actually read very well) I'm given a list of ingredients and contact details for QuantumBeauty (the maufactureres of all Lee Stafford products), the recycle symbol is displayed and finally there is a bar-code. The packaging of this product is totally in line with the range. To me it's a bit cheap looking really but then all the bath, body and fragrance products all are a bit and are probably more appealing to the eyes of younger buyers. It is young and a bit girly but nice and functional enough.

      About The Product (According To The Back Of The Tube)....

      An intense fruity combination of passionfruit, bergamot and cassis opens to reveal a rich oriental patchouli and vanilla base brushed with indulgent chocolate, honey and sweet caramel.

      Using It....

      Well I was dead excited about using this. So far I'd only been buying the fragrance and body spray as that was all that was available for me to purchase so top to tail fragrancing and pampering excited me greatly (ok I'm a sad act I admit it lol).

      Now although the Lee Stafford Eau De Toilette is what I consider to be a 'cheap' fragrance it is one I like to wear on a big night out. I love the smell and I find when I'm in warm clubs the smell holds quite a bit and heat makes it come more to life. I also find instead of taking out a bottle of expensive Channel or something this makes more sense. I'm a friendly girl and if someone says scuse me can I have a couple of squirts in the pub loos (and I'm drunk) I will pass it round and then the next morning wake up and realise I only have a couple of squirts left! Also I've had broken bottles in my bag so for me I find the Lee Stafford bottle robust and at the end of the day if I end up sharing it or it gets broken for under £6 a bottle it isn't the biggest loss in the world! So that's why I like to use the perfume and that's what swung this perfume set for me.

      So to use the shower gel all you need is about the size of a 10p piece. Any less that that I find I don't get enough lather and me, well I like that! The gel itself is clear with a bit of cloudiness to it. It comes out the tube on to your chosen method of application tool easily. It has a bit of body to it and doesn't run and drip everywhere though at the same time it isn't stiff and hard to use.

      So once it's on your scrunchy or whatever... get to work with it!It lathers on contact with damp/wet skin easily and quickly. It lathers up a treat without feeling soapy.

      The smell can only be described by me as beautiful and as I've stated I adore it. Now the smell of this shower gel I think isn't quite the same as the eau de toilette. Where as the eau de toilette to me is very sweet this is more floral and much more oriental. I can really smell the Patchouli and bergamot as the top notes and even when using it I find the other said ingredients very hard to detect where as again the perfume is really three dimensional this isn't and in my view is far more sophisticated for that reason and more suitable to any woman of any age to use. It is really nice and it does go with other products from the pink range don't get me wrong but to me it is entirely different though I really do rate it and feel it's grown up.

      So using it is a breeze. It cleans skin and smells wonderful. It glides easily over the body and you don't need too much of it. It's great to shave with and doesn't mind being used in the bath or the shower either.

      It rinses off easily leaving no residue or sticky feeling on the skin and when dried the skin feels soft and still smells lightly fragranced. Skin doesn't feel tight or greasy and most importantly you are clean!

      However... the downside of this product is that your left lightly fragranced and after half an hour the smell completely vanishes. This doesn't matter too much if your using other Lee Stafford products of course cos your topping up the fragrance but if you only want to smell of this then your going to be disappointed. It really does lose it's smell very quickly indeed. Saying that though skin is left smooth and fresh feeling and I haven't had any adverse effects even though this is a fragranced product and I possess sensitive skin.


      Lovely to use and I love the fact I can use it for shaving without needing a different shaving gel or anything. It is a cleansing product and works and skin is left smooth and comfortable but the fragrance isn't quite what I expected and the fact it doesn't last makes this product almost pointless if choosing it because it's simply part of the Lee Stafford 'Pink' range.

      I like the skin benefits and I like the fact that when using it it smells pretty enough but I wouldn't go out of my way to buy this and if I want the fragrance of this range I will stick with the body spray and perfume!


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