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Lush Abombinaball Ballistic

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Brand: Lush / Type: Bath Melt

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    1 Review
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      24.12.2011 16:38
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      Festive ballistic from Lush

      I love this time of year for many reasons. One is that my favourite store, Lush, releases lots of new products for Christmas! Each year, they bring out a number of new products alongside some old favourites, including several bath products.

      Each year, the Christmas range tends to revolve around a particular theme. This year, that theme is fun and innovation with lots of slightly mad products that would be particularly suitable for children. Abombinaball certainly fits the bill on this one. He is a large, round ballistic, one side of which is shaped like a large, grinning yeti. He is pretty cute and I'm sure kids (and big kids) would love him! The shaped part is white while the rest of the ballistic is greeny-blue. He is bright and really stands out in-store among the other products.

      Abombinaball is scented with peppermint oil, vanilla absolute and orange oil. When I first smelled the product I couldn't really detect the peppermint: I thought the ballistic smelled slightly citrusy with an undertone of vanilla. It was an interesting scent which reminded me a little of the Donkey Oaty ballistic from a few months back. Like other ballistics this one is made up largely of sodium bicarbonate to help it fizz and dissolve. The ballistic is suitable for vegans.

      Lots of experience with Lush's bath ballistics has taught me that the best way to use one is to drop it into a freshly-run bath while you are already sitting in it. That way you get to enjoy the process of fizzing uninterruptedly. Unlike the bubble bars, ballistics don't produce bubbles so there's no need to drop them into running water.

      This particular ballistic dissolved in a slow and relaxed manner which was fun to watch. The top of the ballistic created a white foam that was a bit like snow on the top of the bath. Meanwhile the bath turned a sort of bluey-green colour. A hole appeared in the ballistic, from which bright blue jets kept coming out, eventually combining with the green to create a lovely wintry bluey-green bath. The shell of the ballistic took a good while to dissolve: around five or ten minutes. It reminded me of the Twilight, Dragon's Egg and Fizzbanger ballistics, which are similarly impressive in the bath.

      In the water, the scent, though fainter, was still present and the peppermint aroma could be detected alongside the citrus tang and the sweet vanilla. It was a really interesting scent that was refreshing and comforting at the same time.

      After my bath, my skin was delicately scented with the fragrance of the ballistic and felt surprisingly soft - I hadn't expected this as Lush don't claim the ballistic is moisturising. I didn't experience any irritation whatsoever while using this product.

      The ballistic costs £2.95 which is expensive for a single use product but fine for an occasional treat as it really is pretty impressive when dropped in the bath. I think most people would love it, particularly small children, as the Abombinaball is so cute when solid and so impressive when dropped in the bath! In fact, I think Abombinaball would make a great stocking filler. A definite highlight of the Christmas range for me.


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