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Lush Australian Igloo Sugar Scrub

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Brand: Lush / Scrub / Type: Body Scrub / What it does: Exfoliates,

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    2 Reviews
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      22.07.2013 10:23
      Very helpful



      One of Lush's Seasonal scrubs

      Lush Australian Igloo Scrub

      This igloo is one of Lush's seasonal products that have appeared around Christmas the last year or so. This like the standard Sugar scrub which is green and is available all year comes with no packaging at all if you buy it from the shop. I have never bought it through the website so not sure how it comes if you order it from there.

      I bought mine last year from the shop mainly because it was something different. It certainly was not the colour or its prettiness that attracted me to it as it is a small white half sphere with no decorations at all. I couldn't help wondering why they decided an igloo would be Australian so asked the staff in the shop.

      They told me this story;
      Apparently Simon, Lush's perfumer, went to Finland to learn about and experience some of the still existing indigenous culture.

      However he met up with an Australian tour guide who spent every spare moment when not tour guiding trying to build igloos outside. He kept failing because he said it was the wrong kind of snow. Simon decided to help him with his Australian igloo by creating the right kind of snow using sugar and this scrub was invented!!

      For Lush aficionados this is the same size as their sugar scrub and sells for around the same price when it is around.


      " A festive wintery scrub to wake up sluggish skin.
      Not everyone would think to try a fusion of the Arctic Circle and Australia - but we think we've pulled it off.
      This little igloo is made with lots of fine sugar, so you can gently scrub your skin.  But because it's winter, we've included plenty of other things to perk you up and fight the darkness."


      This scrub is scrubby because of the sugar in it. Obviously sugar dissolves in water so if you use the scrub whole you will be left with a handful of dissolving scented sugar which becomes useless after a while. I find that the best way is to dampen it then break off a small amount wet it until it become soft then scrub using this. If I need more I break a bit more off and repeat. I store what is left over in an old Lush pot or in a separate soap dish and it keeps reasonably for a week or so this way.


      I like the smell of this one so despite the fact it looks pretty boring it actually does smell good . It is not overpoweringly eucalyptus but the smell is certainly recognisably that mixed with the pine and the sweet warming sandalwood. It isn't obviously Aussie but it smells really good, refreshing and uplifting to me. Lush say that the "Siberian pine to give a little lift to your heart with its smell, reminiscent of hot sun beaming through pine forests in springtime." Not sure about that but is is uplifting and I like the refreshing aroma. Apparently the sandalwood and eucalyptus are both from Australia and are good for helping to balance the skin as well as smelling great.


      Well apart from sugar for its exfoliating qualities it has bicarbonate of soda for softening the water and giving a creamy feel while using it. It also has cream of tartar, I have no idea why but in recipes it gives a creamy consistency in sugary things so maybe that is the job it does here. There is also extra virgin coconut oil which adds to the moisturising element of this scrub which I do like.

      The scent comes from Siberian pine Oil, eucalyptus blue, sandalwood oil, and dried rosella which is a kind of juicy flower all nice and natural and combining to give the fresh uplifting aroma in this.

      Not so great we have Sodium Laureth Sulfate,  Cocamide DEA, Lauryl Betaine and Methyl Ionone which has a woody aroma and finally PEG-6 Caprylic / Capric Glycerides which I have no idea what it is or does. I would suggest if you have concerns about any that you do your own research into these.

      There are obviously no colours in this product as it is absolutely white except for a hint of green in the centre.

      If this had been a product from anywhere else I would not necessarily comment of the preservatives etc but as Lush claim to be all natural I do think they should look into these questionable ingredients and the use in their products.

      Having said this the product is of course not tested on animals not are any of the ingredients and it is Vegan friendly too.


      This is a good scrub if somewhat too scrubby at times. I found I had to crush mine up a bit as some of the sugar crystals were rather too sharp and crispy. When I got my mixture to the right consistency it worked very well, gave a lovely refreshing scent and also because of the coconut oil in this I like the feeling of gentle moisturising I get from using this. My skin feels softer, smoother, more enlivened yet not at all tight and dry. When I get out and dry myself I feel really clean and toned as well as soft and moisturised.


      Yes this is a nice scrub that does a good exfoliating job and makes a nice change from the green one I usually use from Lush. This is one of the better Christmas editions of a scrub in my view despite looking a bit boring it does really smell nice and not like you might imagine a white scrub would smell. At Christmas they produce different ones such as the Sandy Santa, Snow Fairy and of course you can buy the green Sugar scrub year around and in my humble opinion that still takes a lot of beating.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.



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        03.02.2012 08:00
        Very helpful
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        Effective body scrub with lovely fresh scent

        Lush is one of my favourite ever stores and I've enjoyed trying their limited edition Christmas products this year. One of these products was a body scrub.

        Lush have two sugar scrubs as part of their permanent line: the green Sugar Scrub and the white A Sugar Babe. Each year for the past few years they've also released a limited edition scrub for Christmas. Past scrubs have included Fairy Tail and Sugar Plum Fairy - both very sweet scrubs. This year, Lush have gone for something a bit different in the form of a refreshing pine-scented scrub called Australian Igloo.

        The idea for the scrub came about when one of the Lush perfumers went to Finland in search of new scents. He was taken about by an enthusiastic Australian tour guide who kept trying - and failing - to make an igloo, citing "the wrong kind of snow" as a reason for his failure. It was decided to make an 'igloo' from sugar in order to ensure that the construction was successful!

        The Australian Igloo sugar scrub is dome-shaped, like the other scrubs in the range, but if you look closely you can see that little 'bricks' have been marked into the surface of the scrub, making it look like a real little igloo! The scrub is made with fine sugar for exfoliating purposes, as well as bicarbonate of soda to soften the water. Siberian pine is included to help create the refreshing pine scent, along with Australian sandalwood and eucalyptus - these two ingredients smell lovely and also helped to inspire the product's name. Inside the scrub, there is a core of coconut oil - this is similar to the Sugar Babe sugar scrub which also contains a core of softening oil. Dried rosella is also included - this helps to calm skin and reduce redness. The scrub is fully suitable for vegans.

        I bought an Australian Igloo scrub from Lush and decided to keep it in a plastic sandwich bag. This was just as well as I went to get it after a while and found that the oils had leaked over the paper bag. I recommend you keep the scrub in something plastic, though if you get it as part of a gift box it comes in plastic packaging anyway, so you'll be ok.

        I found that the scrub was very soft and crumbling away - probably because of the coconut oil centre - so I put it in a leftover Lush black pot, where it fitted exactly. I used this pot to get some of the scrub out each time I wanted to use it, and in between uses it kept the scrub fresh.

        To use, I got in the shower and scooped some of the scrub out of the tub. I found that I didn't have to use too much as it stuck well to the skin and didn't run down the plughole. Also, the scrub was quite dense so a little went a long way. Like each of Lush's sugar scrubs, it was extremely effective, and I could tell that it was scrubbing my skin well. However, it wasn't harsh like Sugar Scrub - I would compare it to Sugar Babe, because the oil in the middle softened the sugar a little and meant that it wasn't at all scratchy.

        Unlike Sugar Babe, however, this scrub didn't smell at all sweet. The scent was a very refreshing pine fragrance, outdoorsy and stimulating. It is the same scent as the festive Northern Lights soap. I think it is a very unisex scent and any men who want to scrub up would have no problems using this at all.

        After getting out of the shower and drying off, I could tell that my skin felt incredibly soft and smooth. It wasn't dry at all owing to the oils in the scrub, and there were no patches of dry skin or bumps on my arms. It is essential that I exfoliate my legs as I use an epilator, and this scrub is incredibly effective at keeping ingrowing hairs to a minimum.

        Lush's solid sugar scrubs are the best I've ever tried and Australian Igloo certainly didn't disappoint in this respect. It cost £2.75 which I think is very reasonable considering it lasts three to four weeks being used two to three times a week - only a relatively small amount is needed each time. The refreshing pine fragrance is very different and enjoyable to use.

        You may be able to get hold of this scrub in a Lush store near you as part of the sale if you're quick!


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