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Lush Bewitched Massage Bar

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Brand: Lush / Bar / Type: Massage Bar / What it does: Smoothes,

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    2 Reviews
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      30.03.2011 09:27
      Very helpful



      A lime fragranced and hydrating solid body oil which relaxes muscles and awakens the mind.

      Lush is a store which creates gorgeous and unique handmade beauty products which serve a multitude of purposes. With their well thought out names, scrumptious aromas and dazzling colours, Lush provides natural alternatives to liven up your beauty regime.

      One of their more unusual products, which are fast becoming one of my favourite Lush creations, are Massage Bars. The Massage bar simply provides you will a different way to moisturise the skin instead of rubbing in creams and lotions religiously.

      The product can be used both as a massage oil or simply as a more entertaining way of hydrating your thirsty skin. The bars come in a variety of shapes, sizes and aromas and each one serves a different but equally fantastic purpose.

      The zesty, citrus fresh, lime scented Bewitched is one of the more quirky Massage Bars on offer at Lush. And if Lush are to be believed in their product description, then this bar holds mystical powers too. With one application, Bewitched will help restore broken friendship bond, keep those around you faithful and help you to let go of the past! They are referring to the benefits that the herbs within this product were thought to have had back in the olden days.

      But on a more serious note and on the off chance that this Massage Bar may not help you with your relationships and friendships, then Bewitched will definitely help you in a few others ways. This bar has been created to soothe sore muscles due to its shape and will help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

      And as it has been brewed with essential oils, then it will magically soften the skin too. It is shaped in the same way as After 8.30 with circular raised bumps across the surface. When massaged on the skin, the bumps provide extra pressure to work magic on the muscles and break up fatty build ups beneath the skin.

      What makes Bewitched so special, as well as all the other Massage Bars, is that the product begins to melt into an oil when it reaches body temperature. When the melting product is smoothed across the skin, it leaves a layer of oil across the applied area. Once this is massaged into the body, your skin will be left feeling soft and smooth.

      You'll be pleased to know that there are no frog's legs or rats tails that have thrown into the cauldron to creation this potion. A much nicer selection of natural ingredients were used to create this little gem.

      So how does it work?
      The magical ingredient in Bewitched is actually Cocoa Butter because it is this substance which reacts with your body temperature and begins to melt. It is an excellent moisturiser and has been used for centuries to hydrate dry skins. Not only does it perform this mysterious transformation but it will also leave your skin feeling conditioned and nourished.

      Stirred in to the mixture is also Fair Trade Shea Butter, another fantastic moisturiser which has been used for centuries. The added benefit of this butter is that it encourages the development of new cells as well as increasing the blood circulation. This not only helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite but it also helps the skin to look younger and more radiant. Shea Butter contains both Vitamins A and E and the substance is easily absorbed by the skin.

      When you breathe in, you will be greeted with a zingy citrus blast of Lime. The fragrance of Limes can give you a clarity of mind and can help to reawaken you when you are feeling tired. The aroma can also help you to concentrate or relieve a headache.

      As for the effect of the fruit on the skin, the Lime Oil is enriched with Vitamin C and is thought to help in the horrible battle against cellulite. Combined with the bumps on this Massage Bar, it should be a battle that you stand a good chance of winning. The oil is also an antioxidant and helps to cool and soothe the skin.

      A dash of Jojoba Oil gives the skin a deep moisturisation and is easily absorbed by the body because it mimics the natural oils that are produced by the body. It hydrates dry patches of skin and because it is packed full of minerals and vitamins, including Vitamin E, the oil helps to restore the health of the skin leaving it feeling refreshed and replenished.

      A generous sprinkling of Coconut Oil Coconut Oil is swirled into the formula to give that little bit more of a moisturising action and to leave your skin super duper smooth. This oil also has both healing and soothing properties and is easily absorbed by the skin.

      No magic recipe would be complete with some herbs. Included in this recipe is the Violet Leaf. When used for aromatherapy purposes, this herb with a delicate floral fragrance can comfort you during feelings of loss or when dealing with grief and gives you the strength needed to accept the change. So taking a deep breath in while using this Massage Bar should help you a little during times of trauma. And if you don't believe that, then as for the effects on the skin, the leaf soothes and comforts any dryness.

      When you inhale the pinch of Chamomile Blue Oil, you should begin to feel calmer as it is soothing for the mind, body and soul. It is a gentle substance which can be used alone to soothe a range of skin problems. This herb is enriched with Vitamins B and C which enables the skin to heal itself due to its restorative qualities. Chamomile also helps to condition the skin gently and leave it with a glowing complexion.

      So how do you use this lucky charm?
      It needs to be applied to clean, dry skin. After warming Bewitched in your hands for a moment, you'll notice that it will start to melt. Rub the bar over the skin in circular motions with applied pressure to get the full benefit of the massing bumps on the product. I pay particular attention to the thighs as I want to banish my cellulite once and for all!

      Once you have a nice layer of oil on the body, you can massage the product into your skin, again using circular motions. You can enjoy breathing in the scent of this bar too, just in case the benefits of the aroma are true! Once Bewitched has been fully absorbed into your skin, it will be left feeling soft and smooth.

      A word of warning.
      All of the Massage Bars created by Lush are heavily oil based so you'll need to make sure that it has been completely absorbed by the skin before getting dressed or climbing into bed because the oil may stain the fabric.

      Also as the body begins to melt once it has reached body temperature, then it will also begin to melt if it is left in a warm place. Ensure that the product is stored somewhere cool and dark. Available for this purpose are some little metal tins from Lush that cost around £5.

      This bar will cost you around £6 for 90 grams. If you like using After 8.30, you'll love using this as they are the same shape, although unfortunately, there is no chocolate in this one! The creamy white bar can be bought from your local Lush store and also online.

      All in all, this is a nice way to hydrate the skin. It has a gorgeously fresh Lime scent that is suitable for men and women. All of the massage bars can be messy to use at first and this one is no different but once you get the hang of it, you'll be fine. Your skin will be left feeling silky smooth and the aroma is truly invigorating.

      This one can leave your skin feeling a little greasy so make sure you give it plenty of time to absorb. And if you find it difficult to cover areas like your shins because of the bumps, then I use the smooth back of the product. This isn't my favourite Lush bar because I prefer the sweeter scents but I love Bewitched nevertheless!

      Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao), Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii), Lime Oil (Citrus aurantifolia), Organic Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis) Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera), Chamomile Blue Oil (Matricaria chamomilla), Violet Leaf Absolute (Viola odorata), *Citral, *Geraniol, *Limonene, Perfume


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        23.12.2010 22:43
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A really nice and unusual massage bar

        I'm a huge fan of the shop Lush and am trying to work my way through most, if not all, of their products. After trying several products from their in-store range I began making orders from the Retro range, which is made up of older products that were too popular to discontinue completely and is only available online. One of the products I have tried recently is the Bewitched massage bar.

        Massage bars are solid lumps of cocoa butter, shea butter and assorted essential oils that can be melted in the hands and used for an intimate massage, or more straightforwardly as solid intensive moisturisers. The latter is what I normally use my massage bars for. Bewitched contains violet leaf, which is said to restore the bonds of friendship, lime oil to get rid of apathy, cedarwood to prevent straying and chamomile to assist in forgetting the past. I must admit that I doubted the ability of a massage bar to do all this, but I hoped it would smell nice anyway! This particular bar is suitable for vegans.

        The massage bar is a reasonable size, bigger than other Retro bars I've tried such as After 8.30. This is reflected in the higher price of £5.60 which is similar to normal massage bars. The colour is a pale creamy yellow and the bar is rectangular in shape with one smooth side and one side with knobbly bits. In fact it resembles the newest addition to Lush's massage bar range, the Hottie: I expect they use the same mould! The scent is lovely: it is quite unusual and hard to describe but it is light, floral and slightly herby: I can definitely detect the violet and a hint of lime, as well as darker undertones that I suspect to be cedarwood.

        This massage bar is designed so that the knobbly side can be rubbed over the skin, giving the feel of a proper massage. This is ideal for people like me who are using them alone! I tried this by rubbing the knobbly side over my legs and I did think it made a bit of a difference when my muscles were aching through being at the gym. Be warned though - after several uses the knobbly bits melt and you are left with a smooth - or almost smooth - surface rendering the massage ability useless.

        As a moisturiser, the bar does a very good job. It melts neither too quickly or too slowly. As an everyday moisturiser it would be too greasy but as an intensive moisturiser it works very well at keeping the skin soft. It moisturises the skin without irritating it. An added bonus is that the lovely smell remains all evening. It's a fresh, cheerful smell and I find it quite comforting to use. My skin always feels lovely and soft even the day after using. My bar seems to be going down very slowly even after several uses, so it seems value for money too.

        Overall this is a very nice massage bar with an unusual scent that most people will either love or hate. If the ingredients appeal to you then I do recommend it. My only issue is with the knobbly massage bits which do wear down quite fast.


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      • Product Details

        Bewitched is made with those knobbly bits on one side to that you can smooth it all over your favourite person's body to give him or her a bewitching experience /

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