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Lush Big Blue Bath Ballistic

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29 Reviews
  • It makes the water feel very nice
  • It has got a beautiful smell
  • It makes my skin dry sometimes
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    29 Reviews
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      20.12.2014 21:00



      Big blue lush bomb

      The Lush big blue bath bomb is one of those 'exactly what it says on the tin' products, its a bath bomb from Lush and it's blue which most people have probably gathered. The bath bomb contains small bits of sea weed and sea salt and is quite a large round bath bomb. It contains three different types of oils - lavender oil to relax, lemon oil to clear the mind and see weed and sea salt to soften the skin as I was told in the store when purchasing.

      For people who don't know what a bath bomb is or how it's used - you run your bath and add the bath bomb to the water either whilst it's running or when the tub is full, its completely up to you, you then can either use the whole bath bomb in one go by adding it to the water or separate parts and use on separate occasions.

      On contact with the water this bath bomb instantly turned the water a bright blue colour which looks so pretty and relaxing when in the bath, it also fizzes and bubbles for a very long time and took me around 5 minutes before the bomb had completely dissolved. The smell that the bath bomb gave off was a really fresh and very powerful scent of lavender. It lingered on my skin for such a long time and I didn't have any problems with this bath bomb staining my tub like other bath bombs Ive had from lush in the past.

      I bought this from my local Lush store for £3.20, i think it's a relatively decent price as you can seperate the bath bomb into many parts and use about 4/5 times like I did instead of using all at once, it is hard trying to seperate the bomb as it's stiff but i had no problem cutting it with a knife.


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      18.11.2014 13:44
      Very helpful


      • "It makes the water feel very nice"
      • "It has got a beautiful smell"


      • "It makes my skin dry sometimes"

      Lush big blue

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is a bath ballistic that is made by Lush. It is one of the first I ever tried and even though I do not buy it every time I go to Lush I like to buy Big Blue sometimes because it is a very nice ballistic to use.


      To use this ballistic you have only to drop it into a bath of water and it will dissolve quite fast but it is a big ballistic so it takes longer than some of the others from Lush because of the size of it.

      It has got a very beautiful fragrance that I have always liked but the only reason I do not use Big Blue as much as some of the other produce from Lush is because it makes my skin feel dry sometimes and it is not so moisturising as other ballistics or bath bombs.

      This bath ballistic has got small bits of seaweed in it and I like them when I'm in the bath because the ballistic has got a seaweed fragrance but because of the pieces being so little it makes it harder to clean my bath after. I would like for Lush to put larger pieces of seaweed in it because that would have the same effect in my bath but it would make it alot easier to pick the pieces out so I could clean my bath faster.

      It does not moisturise my skin very much and it makes it go dry sometimes but I do not care about that because when I have a bath with a Big Blue bath ballistic it is a nice feeling and I think it is a very relaxing thing to have a bath in and alot of that is because the fragrance is so pleasing and it has got lavender in it also.


      The Big Blue ballistic costs more than £3 and it is hard to break it so that you get more than one bath out of one. That is not why I do not buy it so often and that reason is because I do not like how dry it makes my skin sometimes.

      4 Dooyoo Hearts.


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      02.08.2013 15:19
      Very helpful



      A wonderful indulgent treat

      Showers are great, especially in hot weather. A quick hose down in the shower cubicle is just the job to cool you down when it's steamy hot outside. But there are other times when only a bath will do. Sometimes after a tiring, stressful day there's nothing better than to just lay back in the warm waters and let them soak away your aches, pains and stresses for thirty minutes, an hour, or maybe even two. With a drink, something easy to listen to on the radio and maybe a book... or is that just me?

      Anyhow, the point is that I to soak in a long bath and if I'm staying in for a while I like my bath to smell nice. And one of the best smells that I treat myself to at bathtime comes from Lush in the shape of their Big Blue Ballistic Bath Bomb. At £3-20 (as at August 2013) each they're certainly not cheap but they are indulgent, exceedingly so. And sometimes you just have to treat yourself.

      Each big blue weighs around 200g and is about the size and shape of a cricket ball. They're obviously produced in a mould because you can see lots of 'flashing' around the place where the two hemispheres have been joined together - it's like the little bits that have squeezed out of the joined-up mould then left to solidify. It feels gritty, and you can tell just by looking at it what it's going to be like in the bath. It's ocean-blue coloured complete with lots of white foaminess in the mix, and there are loads of little flecks of seaweed sticking out like stubble on Desperate Dan's chin. It smells remarkably strongly of seaweed before you even get it anywhere near to the water.

      Once you've run your bath to the correct depth and temperature you just drop it in and let the fun begin. Immediately it hits the water it starts to fizz violently and turn the water a gorgeous Mediterranean blue. The fizzing lasts about five minutes and is so strong that it can roll the ball around the bottom of your bath as little pockets of bubbles force it in one direction or another. Along with the bubbles it also releases the seaweed. The first time I used these bombs I was alarmed at just how much seaweed comes out of it. It literally covers the bottom of the bath with a carpet of shredded kelp like an ocean bed after a storm (but without the fish and bots of coral). As if that wasn't enough, the smell intensifies as it fizzes and, if you leave your bathroom door closed all the time, can hang around for days. It's a very strong but deeply pleasant smell.

      A word of warning here though. If you get into the bath before dropping the ball in two things will happen...

      One - the strong flow of bubbles produced when the ball begins to disintegrate will bounce and roll around any part of your body that happens to be over it. You might like this.

      Two - the surface of the water will be covered in a little gaseous layer as the salts in the ball are released and broken down. If your nose is near the surface of the water you'll inevitably breath them in. You might not like this.

      That's all it does. There's nothing left with which to soap yourself down, it works just like a liquid bubble bath in that respect, but without the bubbles. It 'just' leaves the water a beautiful colour and smelling magically. Lush say that it includes lemon and lavender which aid restful sleep. Honestly, I can only smell the smell of the sea when I use them, but it's a massive, powerful aroma. And that's enough to create dreams for me.


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        27.04.2013 18:55
        Very helpful



        A lovely big blue bath bomb

        Lush Big Blue Bath Bomb

        I do love Lush and find myself drawn to the shop every time I venture into the Westfield centre in Derby. I now am very friendly with most of the staff in there and we chat about all kinds of things beside Lush as well as the latest products . I think I have now tried and tested most of their lovely products but there are still a few bathbombs that needed my attention and so I have ben buying these gradually over the last few visits.

        Big Blue was one of my recent purchases. I have tended to avoid the bath bombs as I do really prefer the bubble bars and melts as I like the bubbles and the moisturizing qualities of the melts whereas the bombs only give scent, water softening and colour. The essential oils and other ingredients do have aromatherapy benefits though so I decided to go and test a few.

        "Peer over the side of the boat into the big blue
        Watch the seaweed float by and feel the salt on your skin
        Who needs a holiday when a bath can be this relaxing and refreshing?!
        Need a holiday but don't have the time? A soak in this is the next best thing. Lavender oil to relax, lemon oil to clear the mind and seaweed and sea salt to soften the skin - set yourself adrift for hours."

        They also say:
        " We've always been in love with seaweed and use it as much as we can. You can't beat its mineral rich, skin softening qualities. We've put seaweed strands and seaweed absolute in this, for double effect.
        Mo wanted this ballistic to be evocative of holidays in the Mediterranean and floating on the big blue. She didn't intend it to make you feel like a mermaid, but it can have that effect."

        This is a big bath bomb compared to some of theirs and costs £3.20 which is quite a lot for one bath but I got three baths from mine so I didn't feel too hard done by but even at £1.06 ish per bath it is still not a cheap bath and more of a treat in my view, not something you would do every day at that price.


        In this bath bomb we have :
        Sodium Bicarbonate which makes the water lovely and creamily soft.

        Citric Acid which combines with the bicarb to make the bath bomb fizz - acid and alkali react to fizz as all children who have made volcanoes of bicarb and vinegar know so well.

        Coarse Sea Salt and fine sea salt which add to the sea aroma and also make the water feel soft. Sea salt also has lots of good minerals for the skin. Salt is also stimulating, cleansing, antiseptic and astringent. It is softening for the skin and hydrates it as well.

        Perfume which is a closely guarded secret!

        Arame Seaweed and this does float around a bit in the bath which was not totally my idea of indulgent but once the seaweed is in the bath water it softens and releases its nutrients. Seaweeds apparently have up to twenty times the levels of elements found in land plants. They are full of calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc as well as being rich in vitamins. They also have a potent antioxidant and this arame has particularly high levels of iodine. Seaweeds are good at correcting things that are wrong in the body.

        Lemon Oil smells wonderfully uplifting and is also a natural antiseptic, good cleanser and is also a fungicidal.

        Lavender Oil is one of my all time favourite essential oils as it is used to calm the mind and help you relax, it is great to use before bedtime. Lavender is also considered good at helping heal damaged skin.

        Seaweed Absolute this gives the sea scent in this bath bomb but is also vey good at nourishing and protecting the skin.

        Apart from this we also have colours and other bits that don't cause any harm so not naty preservatives or parabens in this.

        This is also Vegan friendly and does boast having no preservatives.

        I broke my bath bomb into bits and used about a third in each bath, It very quickly fizzed in my bath leaving a trail of blue water and giving off a lovely herby sort of scent which was fresh and almost aftershave like. It certainly wouldn't be described as floral or feminine but I liked the smell. The only thing I would say was that it could have been stronger for me. It had an air of fresh sea air about it, the sort of smell that you get when walking along the sea shore where there are dunes and fields not piers and shops.

        Along with the lovely blue colour you also get quite a lot of seaweed floating around the bottom of the bath which looks a bit strange. It looks like bits of garden that might have fallen off your clothes when coming in after doing gardening, pruning under trees or similar. I can't say I would have missed the look of the seaweed in the bath but I felt sure I was benefitting from all the minerals and goodies in there.
        The water felt lovely and soft and it was very pleasant and relaxing in there. I lay and enjoyed the warmth and lovely gentle fresh sea air aroma rising up around me. I would have liked it a bit stronger and was hoping that it would remain on my skin after I got out but it didn't really.

        Once out and dried off the scent didn't stay on me at all but my skin did feel nice and I didn't feel the need to moisturize my body which is unusual so I was pleased with that effect. The scent of the bath bomb did fill my bathroom as when I went back into the room sometime later I noticed it did smell nice. It carried into our bedroom too which is next to the bathroom.

        This is a nice big bath bomb with a fresh uplifting unisex sort of scent. It is vegan friendly and has no preservatives so break one up and pop some of it in a bath, lie back and imagine you are floating in a deep blue sea with bits of seaweed floating around you.

        This review may be posted on other sites under my same username.


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          07.02.2013 22:06
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A nice relaxing bath bomb but I have used better from Lush!

          I received this Big Blue bath bomb in a Lush gift set that I received last year. I have often picked this up and smelt it in the Lush shop but the scent has never appealed to me that much. However as I received this in a gift set I finally decided to give it a go.

          This is one of the larger bomb bombs available from Lush and costs £3.20. As you only get one use out of it then this can make it quite an expensive bath, but makes for a lovely treat now and again. I always opt for the bubble bars over the bath bombs from Lush as you get more uses out of them making them better value for money. Plus I like my bubbles, and the bath bombs do not create these!

          I often applied a small amount of bubble bath in my bath and run it as normal, then when I get in I place the bath bomb in it. However I did not do this when I got around to using this Big Blue bath bomb as 9 times out of 10 the bombs just make the bubbles disappear very quickly. If you aren't fussed about having bubbles in your bath though then this won't bother you.

          This Big Blue bath bomb contains notes of lavender, lemon, seaweed and sea salt. The latter two is what gives it the name 'Big Blue' as I guess they are meant to remind you of the ocean! I never used to be a great fan of lavender until I used the Twilight bath bomb from Lush which made me change my mind, I now love it. However, I don't think the scents seemed very strong when I smelt this in the Lush store and so this is why I have never bought it for myself. The scents are usually what persuade me to buy them.
          When I placed this in my bath it started to fizz around straight away, and almost immediately it turned my bath a lovely blue colour that does remind you of the ocean. It was then that I realised the bath bomb actually contains seaweed! There was lots of seaweed floating around my bath, but after the bath bomb fizzed away and the bath water was calm, the seaweed just ended up building up in one corner of the bath. The seaweed and sea salt is meant to soften your skin but this made me think having the seaweed was pointless. I have since read other reviews on this product and I'm not the only one that this happened to.

          The lavender scent was a lot more noticeable when I was actually in the bath which I was glad about. The sea salt did make it smell a bit like the ocean but with the lavender included it didn't remind me of the seaside that much.

          I stayed in the bath for around an hour (as I always do when using Lush products) and the scent was still lingering around. When I got out I did notice my skin seemed soft, but the scent didn't linger on my skin which was a shame.

          In comparison to other Lush bath bombs I have used this isn't the greatest. I find the seaweed a bit pointless as it ended up building up in one corner of your bath and so not floating around you making your skin soft unless you keep swirling it around I guess. As for the scent, the lavender notes were quite strong and so didn't give it a complete 'ocean feel', but I won't complain about that too much because I did actually like it, just don't buy this if you expect to be reminded of the seaside!


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            28.10.2012 11:01
            Very helpful



            Lovely ballistic from Lush

            After spending a week's holiday at the Isle of Wight, I came home and started to miss being so close to the sea. That was what prompted me to buy the Big Blue ballistic from Lush.

            Ballistics are among Lush's most famous bathing products, designed to be dropped into a run bath, fizzing away and releasing colour, scent and essential oils. They don't produce bubbles and are more expensive than bubble bars (per use, at least: most of them are designed for a single use, as opposed to bubble bars which you can cut into two or more pieces), and they aren't my favourite bath products for this reason, but I do like to sample one from time to time. The Big Blue ballistic has been around for years, as opposed to some other Lush products which come and go really quickly, so it must have something going for it.

            "Need a holiday but don't have the time?" ask Lush. This product is designed to fill that gap. Large, round and blue with a white top and bits of seaweed sticking out, it is designed to resemble the ocean with foam-topped waves. Claimed to produce a relaxing and refreshing bath, the £3.20 ballistic is pricey but no more so than several other ballistics.

            The Big Blue is entirely suitable for vegans and contains no preservatives, making it a good choice for those with sensitive skin. Bubble bars contain the bubble-producing chemical sodium laureth sulfate which is known to cause skin irritation in some people, but fizzing ballistics don't need this. In fact, the ingredients list is so short that I might as well copy it into my review: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Coarse Sea Salt,Fine Sea Salt, Perfume, Arame Seaweed, Lemon Oil, Lavender Oil, Seaweed Absolute.

            Sodium bicarbonate is what makes the ballistic fizz: it's used in baking, so is pretty safe! Arame seaweed (Eisenia arborea) is a type of kelp harvested in areas such as Japan. It is full of minerals and, along with the sea salt, helps to soften skin. Lavender oil is known for its relaxing properties and lemon oil helps to refresh and clear the mind.

            As I normally do with ballistics, I ran the bath first, got in, then dropped the ballistic into the water. It fizzed impressively and floated around the bath, turning the water a lovely shade of blue. Bits of seaweed escaped from the dissolving ballistic and mostly sank to the bottom.

            I loved the smell of the bath, it was relaxing and reviving at the same time. I felt calm and energised during and after use. The smell wasn't as strong as the solid ballistic was, but it was certainly discernible. The water was silky-soft, too.

            After my bath, I found that my skin felt very soft and in very good condition - probably because of the seaweed and salt. My skin was lightly scented and I didn't need to apply much moisturiser.

            I feel both men and women would like this ballistic as it has a fairly unisex scent, designed to evoke the sea. It is so big that you could chop it in half and use it for two baths, though I chucked the whole thing in at once. The ballistic didn't stain the side of the bath, and although there was some seaweed lying at the bottom of the bath after the water had drained away, the bits were big enough to pick out and put in the bin without too much hassle.

            Overall, though this ballistic is hardly a substitute for a holiday, it's a lovely product and I'd consider repurchasing it for a special treat.


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              25.01.2012 11:49
              Very helpful



              A Beautiful BlueTreat for Mind Body and Soul......an experience to be tried.

              Being a huge fan of all things smelly one of my favourite places to be choosing my next wonderfully smelling and pampering treat is lush; the name says all there is to say in my opinion, products from lush are indeed in every sense of the word ..... LUSH.

              I have always found lush products to be more than just great smelling and innovative products, they are also about the experience they provide the user with, its about the whole package and lush have never failed to deliver on excellent products that provide an excellent experience, it is a company which prides itself on only ever using organic, natural and pure ingredients in all of their products by using fresh fruits, vegetables, and essential oils which are as natural and raw as possible, combined with inventive ideas that reduce packaging and are environmentally friendly, helping us all do our bit to help reduce our carbon footprints whilst still being able to treat and pamper ourselves. Lush products never use any ingredients that are tested on animals and they are suitable for vegans.

              Bath bomb ballistics from lush are unique and original as they were after all invented by lush, they have a very impressive collection to choose from and on this occasion I opted for the amazing aromatic 'BIG BLUE' which is described as 'A Dip in the Ocean from the Comfort of your own Bathroom'

              *** DETAILS ***

              Price- £3.10 for 200g (large ball)- size of a tennis ball

              No packaging- Naked product


              *Coarse Sea Salt
              *Arome Seaweed
              *Lemon Oil
              *Lavender Oil
              *Citric Acid
              *Sodium Bicarbonate

              The ball in its dry form smells of lavender and reminds me of Parma violets, it is quite weighty and one of the larger ballistics from lush, it has a powdery chalky texture and is a deep blue colour with a white crown, there is little black pieces of seaweed embedded into it and some poke outwards.

              *** HOW TO USE ***

              I t could not be easier to use this product, you simply fill up your bath tub to suit your preferred temperature and drop in the whole Big Blue Ballistic, It will fizz while it dissolves and will release its pieces of seaweed, some people will find this feature a disadvantage but I think it adds to the experience and allows the ballistic to live up to its description, seaweed soaked in water has beneficial moisturising and revitalising effects.

              If you prefer to have the ballistic float instead of sink and also prefer to catch all the pieces of seaweed you could wrap the ballistic in nylon material before dropping into the tub.

              *** THE EXPERIENCE *** IN TO THE BLUE ***

              The Big Blue fizzes and melts rapidly on impact releasing the little bits of seaweed and an amazing luscious but not overpowering aroma with scents that take your mind away to a place of tranquillity and brings back memories of being on a peaceful Caribbean beach with nothing but a good book and the sounds and smell of the warm ocean, blissful.
              The water in the tub turns a deep blue, it looks amazingly inviting just like the Caribbean ocean on a hot tropical island, it even has a light froth to it which is lovely and soft, it takes around 5-10 mins to completely dissolve and the fragrance fills the house and your bathroom is literally turned into an ocean in the comfort of your own home, it smells of lavender, lemon with a hint of lime and sea salt, I found it ever so slightly floral, wild and raw.

              The water feels very soft and smooth, and very very blue, their were floating bits of seaweed and a light froth which lasted for a long time, I felt completely relaxed, calm and pampered with a clear mind.
              The 'experience' probably lasted around an hour (not that I time these things!) after this time the water turned a clear turquoise blue and the froth had disappeared but the fragrance lingered and made me feel clear headed and calm, totally de-stressed.


              *** MY THOUGHTS ***

              There is nothing I love more than having a pampering bath treat by candlelight with a good book to help me un-wind in after a long hard day, in my opinion the experience is just as important as the product and I have to say I love this and will definitely be buying this again in the near future, I have to be honest and admit that it is not for everyone because of the residue of the seaweed and the small effort of cleaning this out after but this is a tiny price to pay for an amazing product that truly is a luxurious pampering treat in every way.

              My skin felt lovely smooth and soft after using this and was effective for about 3-4 days, there was no residue on my body after leaving the bath and it did not make my skin feel greasy or tight, the fragrance lingered on my body and lasted about 24 hours, I was very happy with the effects of this ballistic, I think its definitely a different one to lush's already un-usual range but one worth a try for those who are a little more adventurous and wont squirm at the thought of having a bath infused with seaweed.
              I would not use this as an everyday product because of the price of £3.10 which is slightly expensive considering it is for just one bath but it is fantastic for those little treats we allow ourselves every now and again and I don't think these products were designed for everyday use as they would not be as special otherwise, and I think considering the enjoyment, relaxation, and calming overall experience of using this I would say it is worth the price tag and is value for money as an affordable but occasional luxury that everyone can enjoy, it would also make a wonderful gift for someone who like me is intrigued by the benefits and simplicity of natural, pure and organic products.

              I noticed the fragrance still lingered the next morning and was still noticeable throughout my house 24 hours after use which surprised me and I wont complain about that, I consider that an added bonus and a testament to how good the product is, another brilliant product that must be experienced to be appreciated by lush.
              I would certainly recommend this product and in fact have done to everyone I thought would like it as much as I did.

              *** TIP ***

              If you try wrapping the ballistic in nylon to spare the clearing of the seaweed afterwards then save the seaweed you catch in the nylon wrap and re-use by adding to a facial scrub or mask and make the most of its healing properties.

              I have rated this product a well deserved 5 out of 5

              Thank You for Reading

              (Also may be posted on Ciao under mojo-mojo)


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                25.08.2011 13:13
                Very helpful



                Packed full of seaweed goodness, my favourite freshly scented bath product!

                It's big, it's blue and it's from Lush, so what's not to love? I have been meaning to try the Big Blue for a little while now after a couple of lovely Lush sales assistants recommend I try it for a relaxing summer bath. It is my last bath at home before I move out, so I figured it had to be a Lush one! Stepping away from my usual vanilla and tonka bean comfort zone, I took the plunge, excuse the pun to try this seaweed enriched ballistic.

                *** The Appearance ***

                This ballistic is a biggie from Lush, a whole 200 grams of it making it similar to the size of a hockey ball; this satisfied the slightly greedy person in me. The ballistic itself is a lovely bright cyan shade with areas of white running through, the dried seaweed can also be seen sticking out of the sides.

                *** Let The Ballistic See The Bath ***

                Dropping the ballistic in the bath it quickly started to fizz, and when I mean quick, we're talking blink and you miss it. It certainly took less than three minutes, as I had the radio one and this ballistic had burned out well before the end of the song playing. As the ballistic floated on the top it was fascinating to watch the bath water slowly turn into a clear, and very bright turquoise, permeated with little black bits (the seaweed) that soon sunk to the bottom of the bath. Suddenly I was transported to some Mediterranean rock pool with a fresh sea air blowing, well that might have been the draught!

                The colour makes this a very relaxing and refreshing bath, the seaweed that softens as it floats to the bottom do help you give the impression that you are in your own private lagoon. The bits of seaweed themselves are each an inch or so long, and you seem to get a lot of them in this ballistic, they are not uncomfortable to lie in. I also find this ballistic quite soothing and non-irritable, I got into the bath last night with a heat rash on my thigh, which felt considerably less itchy and hot whilst in the bath.

                ***What makes up the scent?***

                Answer: Seaweed, seaweed and more seaweed. Lush says that this ballistic is made up of four components for a relaxing bath: seaweed, sea salt, lemon and lavender oils.

                * Seaweed - To be honest this is the only component of the above four I can actually smell. Seaweed is full of those antioxidants which no cosmetic company seems to tell us how they work, but apparently they make our skin radiant. Sea vegetables such as seaweed are also packed full of vitamins, such as vitamins A and C, aiding collagen production; collagen is a protein we lose as we age resulting in skin sagging and wrinkles. My skin did certainly feel a little softer after a bath, but not to the extent of other milk baths and baths rich in various plant butters that Lush also produces. Apparently this wonder ingredient will also help draw out toxins from our skin, as well as increasing circulation to the skin, for an overall healthy glow.

                * Sea salt - This contains a number of elements that aren't just sodium and chloride that are proven to be beneficial to the body. Magnesium prevents skin aging and prevents fluid retention. The calcium present should not only strengthen nails but further reduce fluid retention. Potassium and bromides both ease muscle stiffness. Sea salt is also supposed to be particularly beneficial to those with osteoarthritis. I may not be a world athlete or a sufferer of arthritis but I do work nine hours a day on my feet in a shop, and my muscles certainly felt relaxed, even if I didn't look ten years younger. There was a fresh scent to this ballistic, even though it wasn't overly noticeable I wonder if this was some of the sea salt coming through.

                * Lavender Oil - Another wonder product, it is antiseptic and antifungal, it is also added to chamomile to help provide relief from skin irritation. It is obviously used for its relaxing scent as it is known to help induce sleep. I didn't fall asleep in my bath, but my inflamed skin did feel soothed, and I felt more relaxed generally. The lavender is certainly dominated by the seaweed, even though I couldn't smell it, I could detect its relaxing presence.

                * Lemon Oil - Another insomnia beater! The lemon oil in this product did help me feel as if my batteries had been recharged. It is also used in cosmetics to improve the radiance of dull skin, and for its soothing properties of inflamed skin. Lemon is not a dominant note, however the ballistic definitely does smell a bit like, dare I say it, household cleaning products, so it certainly adds a little of that citrus freshness.

                Is this my favourite scent? No, but if you like fresh scents this ballistic does it well, even if it does have a cleaning product tinge. The scent on my skin sadly didn't last more than an hour, but the scent in the room was definitely still there the next day. It is certainly a lovely clean and refreshing scent that I think could be enjoyed by both men and women alike.

                *** How my skin felt after? ***

                My skin feels cleansed, soothed and refreshed. This is the cleanest I have ever felt after using a Lush ballistic, and although I didn't find the product awfully moisturising, it certainly didn't dry it out, so I did top up with a little bit of body lotion. Although I think I need tips of a body lotion to go with this one, I have a lot of shea and cocoa butter based scents, however I think something more refreshing and soothing which was aloe vera and cucumber scented may work better. I did manage to find a body spray that layers brilliantly with this product and it is a bargain at £2.03 from Boot's Natural Collection in the scent Samphire and Sea Minerals.

                ***A Cautionary Note***

                Watch when getting in and out of the bath with this ballistic and other Lush products, I find the water becomes more slippy compared to the normal bubble bath I would purchase in the supermarket. This can mean getting into the bath is a little treacherous, so I would plan your exit route carefully.

                As far as cleaning goes, this brightly coloured product doesn't stain or leave a tide mark around the bath. Result! However watch the drainage as the seaweed may become stuck in some plug holes, and there is quite a lot of it! If some is left at the bottom at the end of the bath, it can quickly and easily be wiped away down the drain as it does not adhere to the sides of the bath.

                ***Price and Availability***

                This ballistic is part of the permanent line at Lush and so is widely available. Currently Lush have the Bathtime Favourites gift in a limited edition tin for £29.95 the mini version of Big Blue and loads of other ballistics are also in there. As well as the Honey Farm gift set full of Lush's honey scented products. As well as in other bath based gift collections in Happy Bathday priced at £20.95 and The Art of Bathing at £39.95.The cost of this ballistic was £2.95 a high to mid-range price for a Lush ballistic. There are cheaper ballistics available, however I think Big Blue does offer something different for the money so it's worth trying.

                *** Overall ***

                I probably will purchase this ballistic again for a relaxing summer bath. I found it soothing, and highly cleansing, offering a unique bathing experience. It's not my favourite, as I'm not really a fresh scented bath girl, but it does what it does so well I have to award it five stars!


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                  30.03.2011 21:35
                  Very helpful



                  Not the best product from lush - i will not be buying this again

                  Lush Big Blue Bath ballistic - try saying that 10x faster!

                  I LOVE lush (maybe a little too much) and I have tried a lot of their products, but this is one that I have been wanting to try for ages and a few days ago I got one but I have only got round to using it yesterday.

                  *About the product*

                  It is one of lush's biggest bath bombs I think and it is big and blue (I think I should be a detective) and it is 200g in weight. When I was buying it the girl in the shop said that it was her favorite and it is like being in the ocean, well we will see about that...


                  Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Coarse Sea Salt, Fine Sea Salt, Perfume, Arame Seaweed (Eisenia arborea), Lemon Oil (Citrus limonum), Lavender Oil (Lavandula angustifolia), Seaweed Absolute (Fucus vesiculosus), *Eugenol, *Geraniol, *Limonene, *Linalool, Colour 42090, Colour 19140

                  *My opinion of the product*

                  -Appearance and scent out of the bath

                  (Just on a random note - I love that lush made all of their products from mostly natural ingredients and that they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Also I love that the bath bombs/ballistics/bubble bars ect, don't come with any packaging expect for the yellow paper bag so it can be recycled too or I like to put the bags in my clothes draws to make them smell lush!).

                  Anyway, I really like the look of this bath bomb (or ballistic as they are called on the site). It look really cute and they would make really cute gifts for people too. The bath bomb on the lush site looks a little different to mine as mine has a lot of sea weed pieces showing on the surface and it is a lighter blue colour as well.

                  The scent of the product out of the bath in its yellow bag is so nice, it smells like a lush store (I said this about the gingerbread house one too, but this bath bomb smells exactly like a lush store). It smells of sea salt, sea weed and it is quite citrusy too, which is so nice and refreshing to smell.

                  -How to use the product

                  You don't use these like bubble bars, all you do is put this product into warm water and it will fizzle away quite happily. They usually take about 4/5 minutes maximum to fizzle completely, I have found this to be the case with the lush ones anyway - the violet bomb cosmetics one that I used a few months ago fizzled for about 5 minutes and it was not even half away through!).

                  As this one is 200g, it is quite big but it didn't fizz for a long period of time, it probably only fizzed for about 2 minutes (2 and a half maximum), so even though it is 200g it will not fizz for a long time. Before I used it I didn't know whether I should try to cut it in half or try to break some of it off. But in the end I used all of it in one bath, well it gives me another excuse to buy more from lush!

                  -Using the product and Results

                  I have used quite a few bath bombs from lush before including, little lush pud, honey bee and butterball and now this one, so I can do a mini 'best for' at the end.

                  I put it in the water and I had the tap running slowly so the water was moving more and as soon as this product went into the water it started to fizzle like crazy. It turned the water a gorgeous caribbean sea colour, it looked really nice (i wanted take a picture of the water at the end but on every setting for my camera, the water showed up green!).

                  One of the surprising (and a bit annoying) things about this product is that it has small thin pieces of sea weed in it. Which looks quite nice and unusual in the store but when it is in the water all of the sea weed comes out of the bath bomb as it fizzles. The little sea weed pieces are black/dark brown and at first the are quite hard but they soften while in the water.

                  I don't like the addition of the sea weed to this bath bomb it is not nice and it does not do any thing for my skin - so in my opinion there is really no need to put it in the product.

                  I was a bit surprised about the amount of sea weed there was, after the bath bomb finished fizzling away there was loads of sea weed and it felt really weird against my skin - and this does not help the jelly fish phobic of the world (which includes me - who actually though that a hot water bottle that had gone cold when I was asleep, was a jelly fish - but in my defence we were camping at a site close to the sea!).

                  While in the bath (jelly fish like sea weed aside) it was really nice, it colour is gorgeous and the water has the scent that the bath bomb did when it was dry but it is a lot more subtle when it is in the water. Also while in the bath my skin felt like the product was moisturising and softening, but once out of the bath my skin felt smooth and soft still, but it was dry.

                  I thought that the strong scented bath bomb would leave some kind of scent on my skin and it did slightly - but this wears away after a few hours. It did not scent my skin as much as I wanted it too, as it is a gorgeous scent but it is just not strong enough.

                  A few hours after using this product and my bath is a mess, my skin does not smell like the bath bomb and my skin is quite dry. I don't think I will buy this one again (if they made it with out the sea weed I might get it again though).

                  The worst thing about this product (aside the jelly fish sea weed and the lack of moisturising) is that it made my bathroom a mess! At the bottom of the bath where loads and loads of pieces of sea weed which does not look nice and it also takes ages to drain the water out of the bath. It does not usually take that long for the water to drain with the other bath bombs but due to the abundance of sea weed it took about 10 minutes to drain and I only filled the bath half way too.

                  While it was taking ages to drain I thought I would try to scoop out some of the sea weed (bad idea), it turns out that I am not a good sea weed catcher (I should probably stick to the day job) and I gave up trying to get the sea weed out using the tooth brush holder and gave into defeat!

                  Overall, I like the scent of this product and it did not cost very much but it is definitely not the best product from lush. For me the best lush bath bomb I have tried for moisturising is the butterball ballistic, the best bath bomb for scent that I have tried is the honey bee and the other two I'm not going to comment on as they were a bit of a let down.

                  *Price and availability*

                  I bought this product from a lush store and it cost me £2.99 for the 200g bath bomb. They can also be purchased from the lush site (link below) for the same price but you will have to pay £3.95 for standard delivery. On the lush site is also has a list of related items that are similar to this one, if you like this product (unfortunately I don't like it).


                  Good points

                  *smells gorgeous and nice coloured water
                  *Does scent my skin slightly (not as strongly as I would have liked the scent to be though)
                  *Mostly natural ingredients, vegan approved and no packaging (expect the yellow paper bag which can be re-used as a drawer scenter or it can be recycled)

                  Bad points

                  *SEA WEED! - messy to clean up, clogs the drain, does nothing for my skin and it feels like jelly fish (for my anyway)
                  *Skin does not last on my skin for very long
                  *Fizzles away completely in about 2 minutes

                  Thank you for reading my review it will be posted on ciao as well later with pictures of the product


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                    23.03.2011 19:12
                    Very helpful



                    a great product that I highly recommend

                    When I last went into Lush I was attracted by the rather unusual appearance of their Big Blue ballistic, it also seemed a good size to cut in half which is what I usually do with their ballistics anyway as they are expensive for just one use.


                    As with most Lush products this comes with no packaging except a paper bag stuck closed with a label telling you what is inside.

                    The ballistic itself is rather large actually! It's a blue ball with a white circle on the 'top' (does a ball have a top?) there are black seaweed strands visibly spread throughout the ballistic.

                    My Experience

                    As I said at the start I cut this ballistic in two before using it, this has no detrimental effect on the results I achieve from the ballistic itself.

                    With ballistics I like to run the bath first, get in and then drop the ballistic in because I like the way it fizzes around me. When I dropped this in it practically exploded around me dissolving very quickly and turning my bathwater a gorgeous light blue and releasing all the seaweed strands. The smell is very relaxing.

                    Lush say that this is scented with Lemon, Lavender and seaweed. There's also a lot of salt in there so the scent does remind me somewhat of the sea as the seaweed smell is definitely the most dominant with the lemon and lavender blending together nicely to give an undertone to it, although neither of these scents is noticeable independent of the other.

                    Once the ballistic had dissolved the water felt very soft almost like very clean, unpolluted sea water. The added smell produced by this ballistic makes for a very relaxing experience.

                    On stepping out the bath my skin felt soft and smooth, although it doesn't claim to moisturise it does say that the added seaweed softens my skin and I would definitely agree with that, it does also seem to have moisturised it a little too, although this isn't enough to make any difference to very dry skin it would be noticeable on normal skin.

                    The scent, unfortunately, didn't linger on my skin although I did use shower gel as well so it is possible that this overpowered any scent that would have lingered.

                    The only downside with this ballistic is cleaning out the bath afterwards. There really is a lot of seaweed strands in there and so getting all these out the bath is a bit of a mission in itself! In my opinion though this is an excellent product that is worth the hassle.

                    Other Information

                    This product is suitable for vegans and as with all Lush products none of the ingredients have been tested on animals.

                    Availability And Pricing

                    Being a Lush product this is only available from Lush but can be bought both online and in store. It costs £2.99 but remember that this can be divided in two.

                    I would highly recommend this product. It isn't the cheapest product around by any means but in my opinion is more then worth the money.


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                    17.01.2011 14:22
                    Very helpful



                    A True Ocean Experience In Your Bathtub!

                    Over Christmas I was buying everyone in my family Lush products and therefore I saw loads of products I wanted to try out myself and so a few weeks ago when I went sale shopping I decided to do just that and buy probably about half the products in the Lush shop & online. I was mainly looking for soaps and bubble bars as they are personally my favourite products from the shop but I thought Id make a change and have a look at some of their ballistics and this 'Lush Big Blue' is the very first one to catch my eye. Im not always keen on the ballistics that Lush offer but I thought Id give this one a try as it really attracted my attention and I like Lush's seaside themed products - thankfully this one did not change my opinions as it is probably my favourite Lush ballistic.

                    Useful Information:
                    Price: £2.99 - 200g bar - which is actually much bigger than it sounds.
                    Stockists: Lush & lush.co.uk
                    Other Info: Not tested on animals & 100% suitable for vegans. Contains coarse sea salt, seaweed, lemon and lavender oils - which help to clear your mind and works wonders on your skin.

                    This ballistic comes in a large, solid sphere shape that is light blue and white in colour. It reminds me of a summer sky rather than the sea but everyones different I guess. Embedded in the ball you can clearly see the little bits of seaweed which just look like black dots - to be honest I dont normally like the Lush products with bits in as they make extra mess and I find them hard to wash out of the bath but the seaweed in this one does actually melt when it drop it into the water so thats not a problem in this case. Its an attractive looking ballistic which I think both men and women would be attracted to in the shop.

                    To use a ballistic you simply drop it into a bath of hot water and watch it fizz about and then in a few seconds it should dissolve. I usually split my Lush products into 2 so I can get more use out of each one but this one is so thick and solid I couldnt cut it in half at all - I would recommend using it all on one go anyway as the results worked really well for me that way. This particular ballistic fizzes and dissolves really quickly and doesnt leave any residue behind - it should just leave the water a really calming light blue colour - it does look very relaxing.

                    The smell of this one is definitely one of the nicest Lush ballistics in my opinion and it really does have the sea-sidey smell that Lush were clearly looking for. The lavender and lemon are certainly the strongest scents - and seem to be in equal concentration and it really does work that way. Im not normally a citrus scent fan but in this case it does work and the lavender is a very relaxing scent to have - a perfect product for using before bedtime. Somehow this really does smell like been at the beach and of summer holidays - Lush hit the nail right on the head with this scent - its gorgeous and will appeal to both men and women which is not something Id say about most Lush bath products.

                    This also makes my skin feel amazing as well - the smell lasts for ages after on my skin - but the effects on my skin last even longer than that. This really helps the dry parts of my skin - eblows and knees in particular which I think has a lot to do with the sea salt more than anything else but this leaves my skin everywhere feeling soft and moisturised. I dont need to use lotion after been in the bath with one of these which saves time for me before going to bed and anything that saves me time in my bedtime routine gets the thumbs up from me. I cant think of any problems I had with this or any reason that people would hate it - I highly recommend this for literally anyone reading this review as its a very unisex product.

                    Thanks For Reading.

                    x0 Salz 0x


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                    02.10.2010 10:21
                    Very helpful



                    A powerful bath ballistic for ocean lovers.

                    I now consider myself to be a regular Lush customer and I'm trying to sample as many of their gorgeous body cosmetic products as possible to see which ones I might love! I was attracted to this bath 'ballistic' (a bit like fizzy bath salts or a bath melt) because it had such a strong smell. Infact the fragrance was so strong that on my journey home from the store the entire bus smelled of the ballistic!

                    The product comes as a huge ball (a bit bigger than a cricket ball). It is bright turquoise blue with white blotches which makes it look like a sea-surf pattern. Through the ball there are small black wiggly worms of seaweed which poke out of the sides. It looks quite interesting, fun and exciting and I think if you gave this to someone as a gift they'd recognise instantly that this was a high quality product just by looking at it.

                    The consistency of the ball is quite hard but it is possible to crumble it if you don't want to use the whole thing at once. This can be a bit messy though so either do it over the top of your little yellow bag (which these products are packaged in) to capture the pieces or over the bathtub. It's usually possible to find a 'weak spot' on the ball which is normally at one of the most rounded white ends. From here you can pick it apart into chunks or break it into a fine powder.

                    To use this you just add it to your bath as the warm water is running. There is no need to actually crumble the ball at all if you don't want to - it will all melt away. When it's added to water it begins to fizz and dissolve. I'd describe the melting process as being quite gentle but still forceful, a little bit less frantic than other ballistics I have used. When it sizzles the water changes colour to a light blue and a slight white foam rises to the surface. The contents of the ball fall to the bottom of the bath. The contents are the little black slivers of seaweed and there are also giant lumps of salt in there too. I was a bit surprised at first by the salt lumps as they are huge. I was feeling around the bathtub and felt a lot of big sharp stony lumps, picked one up to examine it and realised it was a hunk of sea-salt. The sea-salt does melt away eventually (quicker if the water is hot) but can be uncomfortable to touch in the water until then. The seaweed feels a tiny bit slimy to touch and it will leak a brown colour into the water.

                    The look and physical sensation of using this bath ballistic is really just like jumping into a warm ocean - think Indian Ocean! It really feels like an authentic dip in the sea experience what with the gritty salt, the slippery seaweed, the mildly blue underwater and the breaking white surf. The fragrance has touches of authentic ocean - you can smell salty undertones along with that ripe seaweed lying on the shore after the tide has receeded smell. The fragrance is extremely heady and it also has powerful notes of lavender, lemon and a deep musky scent which reminds me of new age dabblings. It's definitely the strongest scented ballistic I've used so far and the aromas are invigorating and I feel like they really wake me up. It's not a ballistic I'd say you can relax to - rather more it's one that helps me focus and recharge.

                    At the end of the bath there can be quite a bit of debris left in the bottom of the tub which will need to be scooped out and thrown in the bin. If you are at all squeamish then I'd advise against using this ballistic as the seaweed pieces left behind are soggy and slug-like to touch.

                    The fragrance is left behind on your skin. I wouldn't say that my skin is at all softened or moisturised though - it's more like it's had a detox!

                    This bath ballistic costs £2.95. Given it's powerful fragrance it's possible to get a few baths out of the ball without dampening it's effects. Lush are against animal testing and all their products are handmade.

                    I'd definitely use this again although I do find the fragrance quite overpowering almost to the stage where I might cough a little! It's a great, genuine dip in the sea experience though and anyone who loves swimming in the sea or surfing or just walking on the beach will probably love this.

                    Find out more about the Big Blue Ballistic at the website where you can also order online:


                    This review is also on Ciao!


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                      17.08.2010 23:31
                      Very helpful




                      I absolutely adore this ballistic from Lush! It is definately one of their better ballistics.

                      The Big Blue is like a reminder of the sea. It is bright blue in colour with white patches. In the ballistic itself are pieces of actual seaweed. The Big Blue gives you the experience of the ocean right in your very own bath.

                      Scent wise it is quite a strong mixture of lemon and lavender which are supposed to relax and clear your mind whilst the little bits of seaweed are supposed to soften your skin.

                      When you drop the ballistic into the bath, it fizzes away madly with the seaweed shooting out all over the water. The water turns a beautful ocean blue and the scent of the lemon and lavender fills the air in the bathroom. Just sniffing this ballistic makes me feel relaxed. When I first realised that there were actual pieces of seaweed in this ballistic I was more than apprehensive about it. I hate the smell of seaweed and I didn't fancy having a load stuck to me but once I stepped foot in the bath, there was only a faint smell of seaweed which was oddly comforting and reminded me of the seaside. The seaweed also doesn't stick to you which is a bonus. I always find that mine sinks to the bottom of the bath.

                      The ballistic does leave you feeling like you are floating in the sea rather than your bath. It is a nice feeling. It also feels exotic. I felt my skin was very soft after using the Big Blue and the scent lingered on my skin for ages afterwards as it also did in the bathroom. I did notice when the scent settled that you could smell sea salt.

                      I highly recommend this ballistic. It is worth it just for the experience of it. It costs £2.95 for a 200g ballistic.


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                      11.06.2010 17:46
                      Very helpful



                      Great if your looking for a new experience, but beware of the seaweed!

                      I think I must be in the minority here, but I didn't enjoy this bath ballistic. Whilst reading the description on the website, 'Lemon and lavender oils help to clear your mind, complete with skin-softening seaweed and sea salt to help you float away in your own warm, blue ocean of inspiration', I thought Wow! I really have got to get myself one of these as it sounds amazing. I'm going through a bit of an Ocean/citrus phase at the moment, so thought this ballistic would go well with Ocean Salt Facial Scrub and Whoosh Shower Jelly.

                      At £2.95, the price for Big Blue is pretty average compared to the rest of the bath ballistics, with only a few others costing higher or lower than this. I am not a bath type of person, so don't use many of the bath ballistics myself, but thought this would be a nice treat and was excited to order it from the website.

                      Upon delivery, I immediately fell in love the colour - it's bright blue colour indeed reminds you of the ocean. I wasn't overly keen on the scent, I think it was probably the seaweed and lavender combo that put me off as I love the scent of Ocean Salt which contains lemon and sea salt so thought it would smell similar to that. It didn't. I could definitely smell the hint of lemon in there, but it almost made it smell a bit pungent against the 'sea' scent.

                      Chucking it in the bath was certainly an experience. The colour! My bath water was immediately turned into a gorgeous deep blue ocean. A good thing for those who love the scent of this - the scent stayed very, very strong, whereas most of my other ballistics haven't really smelled of much once in the bath, so much so that I had to add some coconut scented bubbles to tone it down and make it bearable. It disappeared very quickly, and I could see the seaweed being released into the bath which only added to the excitement of actually jumping in it and being reminded of going abroad.

                      In the bath, the ballistic was quite lovely. I had manage to dilute the scent enough for it to not be a problem, the water remained a vibrant blue throughout the whole time, and I felt extremely moisturised during the whole process. The seaweed was okay, a nice addition if you really wanted the full effect, but I did find it a little pointless.

                      And then I pulled the plug out and wondered why my bath water was taking forever to drain. The seaweed had blocked the plug and I had to keep pulling it out so that the water could go down properly. This was not a particularly nice job for me, especially as the seaweed had turned into a gloopy mess from being in the water and I wasn't keen on the smell anyway.

                      Overall, my skin was left nice and moisturised, and it was a fairly new experience with the addition of the seaweed. I do wish that it was scented more tropical like Ocean Salt rather than more seaweed like Barry Island. The seaweed, although something new for me, and the scent that I disliked, gives me the conclusion that I will be avoiding buying this product again.


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                        20.05.2010 12:31
                        Very helpful



                        I can see why this is a best-seller!

                        I love to try out beauty products and Lush is my absolute favourite brand. I always get uber-excited about new releases and have to test all of their items. I especially love the bath range, there is nothing else quite like it. But somehow this bath ballistic has always escaped my shopping basket. Why? Because I really dislike seaweed! C'mon face it, it might be good for you but it just feels icky.

                        HOWEVER, once I'd chucked this into the bath and it was fizzing away, the bits of seaweed worked their way free, they are tiny little thin strands, and although there are lots of them they are not obtrusive and float about nicely in the water, which is quite calming. The bath bomb itself turns the water an extremely vivid blue, and smells relaxing & refreshing.

                        It was hard to notice any immediate benefit to my skin, but after a while of soaking I could feel that the oils were starting to build up and adhere to my skin, and it felt a lot softer. When I visited Ireland I had an actual seaweed bath at a spa, and they advised me that the nutrients an minerals in the seaweed would coat your hair and skin with a thin, filmy layer, and you should not rinse off before you get out of the bath so you get the most nourishing effect. This is very similar with Lush's Big Blue, and I feel a big benefit from using it. Having a Lush bath is about more than just getting clean!

                        This is also a great product for men, and has my partner's seal of approval. he loves the smell and the effect on his skin and says that it is his one 'must-have' bath bomb. I am so surprised and pleased with this product, it really is a wonderful little treatment!


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                      • Product Details

                        Lemon and lavender oils help to clear your mind complete with skin-softening seaweed and stimulating sea salt /

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