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Lush Choccy Egg Bath Ballistic

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Brand: Lush / Type: Bath Salt

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    1 Review
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      19.08.2009 12:13
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      Even the Easter bunny would pass on this egg

      Ah another birthday present from Lush - and with my birthday falling on Easter sunday this year, of course it was chocolate egg themed! As with most lush bath ballistics, it comes in either a clear plastic or yellow paper bag, where it has been lovingly placed by a friend, and sealed with a white oblong sticker stating what the product is you've had chosen for you. My label stated you should "melt away your Easter chocolate cravings" with this choccy egg.

      On first opening the bag, I expected to be hit with a wave of chocolatey goodness, yet found that although the smell was fragrant, it wasn't especially chocolate-encompassing. There was an almost floral scent, with a hint of chemicals. Hmmm... The colour also surprised me; I was expecting something that resembled an Easter egg, dark in colour, with a chocolatey appearance. In fact the egg is a light tan color, with some darker brown specks in it. Some of these flakes had crumbled off in the bag, and on closer inspection I discovered these smelt exactly like chocolate...so much so that if it hadn't been for the powder covering them I have been tempted to let one melt on my tongue!

      I prepared my bath as instructed: i ran some warm water, then dropped in the ballistic, and waited expectantly for the promised "fragrant fizz" as it dissolved. The egg let off a gentle fizz as it broke down and spread through the bath. The flakes seemed to stay whole, drifting through the bath, and on touching them they had the consistancy and smell (up close) of melting chocolate. The rest of the egg dissolved into the water, leaving it a rather unappealing tan/yellow colour. The main smell certainly wasn't that of chocolate - as i sank into the bath and closed my eyes, it felt more like being in a swimming pool, with a chlorine-like odour with something else added in - although I can't put my finger on exactly what that added ingredient was.

      On opening my eyes I was greeted by the tan/yellow coloured bath water. I am a big bath fan, however this bath wasn't particularly enjoyable, and with the combination of smell and water colour, I got out within 15mins (not my usual 40min+ bath experience.)

      I wonder how much of my enjoyment was ruined by the expectations I had of this product. Giving the image of this product being a chocolate treat, it was a greater let down and didn't stand up to its image. It was an obvious choice for an Easter product, but from all the products Lush offers, I wouldn't personally choose this one again for any occasion.


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