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Lush Christmas Party

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Brand: Lush / Type: Bath Products

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    1 Review
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      27.10.2008 11:30
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      Christmas Party Ballistic

      Firstly, before I start, I'd like to make clear that when I requested this category, I actually intended this to be a review of the Lush Christmas Party Ballistic. The picture Dooyoo have put up is the Christmas Party gift, but to make clear, I am going to be writing about the ballistic.

      A ballistic, if you are not familiar, is another name for a bath bomb, a ball which when dropped into your bath fizzes away, releasing essential oils, and sometimes other goodies such as confetti or herbs into the water.

      This particular ballistic is a pale orange in colour, speckled with the odd fleck of white, and has a cluster of mutli-coloured confetti stars at the top. It's not perfectly spherical, as all the Lush products are handmade, which is why it looks a little rough around the edges!

      When I went through all the Lush Christmas ballistics and bubble bars, smelling them, this one was by far my favourite. It contains Orange Oil, Cognac Oil and Lime Oil, and has an amazingly citrussy fragrance. It's quite similar to the champagne snow showers shower jelly, so if you like the scent of that, then chances are you'll like the scent of this.

      When I dropped this into the water it began to fizz very quickly. As it did so, lots of little coloured stars and pieces of iridescent glitter started to rise to the surface. Rather than looking pretty and sparkly, they actually looked quite awful - it kind of reminded me of scum on the top of the water. The glitter and stars seemed to group together, and it soon became apparent that this was down to the fact that they were joined together by what I initially thought was orange peel, but in fact turned out to be strands of orange paper. As you can imagine wet paper is not really the best thing to have floating around with you in the bath, and it actually turned to a sort of mush and stuck to me, along with the tiny red stars it contained.

      The smell of the product was quite strong when in the water, but I didn't really notice it, mainly because I was pre-occupied with removing bits of glitter and paper from my arms and legs! I couldn't really feel the oils in the water either with this one, but again, perhaps I just didn't notice.

      When I got out of the bath my skin did feel soft, and I could still smell that gorgeous citrus scent, so that was a big plus point for me. I used a hair trap to catch most of the confetti and stuff left in the bath, but loads still stuck to the sides, and I found it a pain to clean.

      The Christmas Party ballistic costs £2.60 and can be bought from Lush stores, or online at www.lush.co.uk

      Overall, considering that this was my favourite Lush product before I actually used it, I came away feeling quite disappointed with this product. Although it had a lovely smell, that lingered long after I had used it, I was really disappointed in the amount of confetti in it. I hadn't been expecting so much, and it didn't look good or really have any purpose, as well as being annoying that it stuck to me and awful to clean away too!

      I wouldn't recommend this one, and I found it very disappointing. I'll still give it two stars for leaving my skin lovely and soft and smelling gorgeous, but I won't be buying this again.


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      Remember those dodgy gift sets of bath products your auntie always bought you? Here's one you might actually want to receive!

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