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Lush Ego Massage Bar

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3 Reviews

Brand: Lush / Type: Massage Bar

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    3 Reviews
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      03.02.2013 21:42
      Very helpful



      A really lovely massage bar despite being rather plain looking

      Lush Ego massage Bar
      The tagline for this product is
      "When your Ego needs a massage, you know where to turn

      Lush then say:
      "If you have trouble sleeping or you really want to relax, then you can't do better than a massage with Ego. This pale green bar contains the herbal oils of rosemary, tarragon and lavender to create a perfume that's smells of springtime and lush green gardens. If you still needed to count sheep after this, we'd be surprised, but at least you'll be able to imagine the scene more easily when your skin smells of summer meadows!"

      This is one of the retro products Lush releases from time to time and can only be ordered on line hence they are quite expensive as you are paying for a limited edition as well as postage.

      Lush products can be purchased either in one of their lovely shops or on line. I usually prefer buying in the shop as you can try them and often get samples. Online you don't get to sniff and test and you have to pay for postage. They often do put in a sample or two depending on how much you spend when you order online.

      I don't think I need to go into the benefits of Lush who create lovely products full of natural ingredients that are not tested on animals. Many of the products are Vegan friendly and they use as many fair-trade ingredients as possible. They create products that are great to use and are a bit of fun too.

      Lush make several massage bars. Some are for sale year round while others like this are now in the retro section and yet more are brought out seasonally. Some come back year after year while others make one appearance and are never seen again. They were going to discontinue this one but there was such an outcry from Lush fans that they have put it in the retro section.

      Massage bars are solid bars a bit like soap only they are packed with oils that melt when in contact with your skin. Beware though as they also melt when the weather is hot as I discovered when I took one on holiday hoping for romantic massage. I did manage to rescue it but it was not as beautiful as when I bought it. It looked like a chocolate bar which had been in someone's pocket. It did harden up in the fridge but was not quite so nice for the massage.

      This is a treat and cost the rather expensive amount of £7.90 plus of course P&P. This one I bought with another massage bar which earned me a free tin to keep them in. the tins are oval and made of light tin. The only problem is that quite a few of the massage bar shapes do not fit in the tin. As they are nearly £3 I was happy to get it free when buying the two bars.

      You have to hold the little bar between the palms of your hands until it begins to melt then gently massage this lavender smelling cocoa buttery cream onto your body or indeed the body of someone else if you are feeling generous. They might also return the favour after their turn.

      Apart from enjoying the massage and all the benefits of a good rub this really feels like it is feeding your skin with goodness and smells divine. Because of the lavender essential oil it does also make a very relaxing massage.

      I have to admit that I tend to use this a solid body moisturiser as offers of massages are few and far between. I just either melt the bar between my hands and then apply to my body or I actually rub the bar directly onto my body and either method works well.

      I find Lush massage bars melt easily when using and they keep well too despite the fact you are told to use them quickly as they have a short shelf life I find mine last ages if packed away in the tins unused. Once I start one I use that until it is finished before starting another.

      I have a couple of Bomb Cosmetics massage bars and these do not melt nearly as easily as the Lush ones which means you have to rub quite hard and you get very little oil and buttery benefit from usig them.n

      This little bar of goodness is full of skin softening goodies such as cocoa butter, shea butter and lots of other really lovely ingredients. Initially I thought it would be a bit greasy but I found that it worked well as massage oil but was also quickly absorbed into the skin so you are not left slithering around after the massage and with your clothes sticking to you. You are also left smelling of creamy lavender and rosemary herby sort of aroma which is so lovely and made me feel very mellow.

      This little bar is a very pale greeny creamy coloured rounded soap shaped bar and is vegan friendly with the essential oils of three herbs lavender, tarragon and rosemary . Apart from the word EGO moulded on the top it is pretty plain and rather boring looking really.

      So far I have yet to enjoy a massage but with Valentine's Day soon, you never know. I use this as a lovely smelling relaxing garden herby smelling body moisturizer. As it was rather expensive I am making it last and only using it for special treats and in between times I am using my normal body lotions and potions which I have a huge choice to select from.

      I have never found that any of the massage bars from Lush cause me any skin irritation but I do avoid using anything different on my neck when my eczema is faring up. I tend to use these bars as a special moisturizer after my bedtime bath as my skin is warm and open to receiving all the lovely butters and oils in the bar and I can go to bed smelling lovely too. As I have said this scent is most relaxing and after applying this I feel very mellow.

      My bar has lasted a good while but I do tend to only use it a couple of times a week. It is so cold in our bedroom that I don't need to worry about it melting between uses. Bearing in mind I am using it on me and as a body moisturizer I have had mine about a month and we have been away a week but it hardly looks used at all.

      There doesn't seem to be a nasty preservatives or sulphates in this bar so that is probably why I don't get any skin irritation when using this. I do have to be a bit careful of the bubble bars , shower gels and some shampoos from Lush as some do irritate my skin ; if I am having an eczema prone time I avoid using them until it is better.

      Yes I love all Lush's massage bars as they all smell lovely and so different. This is a fresh herby garden in spring sort of smell. It leaves my skin feeling soft and well fed and when I wake in the morning I can still smell a hint of the scent on my skin. I love putting this one after my bath as it really makes me feel relaxed and ready for sleep. I love smelling nice as I get into bed and this does the job really well.

      One star removed for the price!

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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        17.07.2012 01:42
        Very helpful



        Gorgeous smell, perfect for sleep, perfect for destressing

        I am an avid lush follower and there are not many products I havent tried.
        I brought this online from their retro site, it wasnt cheap at £7.50.

        The main ingredients are Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Lavender Oil, Tarragon Oil , Rosemary Oil. It comes in a round block with ego imprinted on the front. To use any massage bar you need to rub it between your hands to let the block melt so it can be evenly distributed around your body.

        I mainly brought this for its properties to help aid sleep and boy does it work!!

        I massaged it all over my body and added a little extra around my neck area so i could have a big wiff of it everytime i breath, I applied to about 1 hour before bed time and within 30mins i was yawning and ready for sleep.

        Lush say it has a cult following and i can see why, it does what it says on the tin!
        it doesnt have to be just used for self massage your partner can rub it all over you aswell, perfect for late night massages after work.

        Also it doesnt just have to be used to help you sleep it can be used just to destress your day, I applied it behind my ear everyday and found I was extremely less stressed.

        My only problem is that it doesnt fit into the lush massage tins so you need to keep it in the wrapper but if you leave the wrapper slightly open it does dry out, but a few extra minutes of rubbing between your hands restores it to its beauty and ready for use.


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        09.03.2011 16:18
        Very helpful



        A relaxing lavender massage bar

        In my quest to try every product created by natural cosmetics store Lush, I ordered a number of items just after Christmas including a couple of Retro massage bars. Retro items are those which have been discontinued from the main line and are now only available online or via mail order. Massage bars are solid moisturisers which can be applied straight for an intensive moisturising experience, or more luxuriously in the form of a massage.

        The Ego massage bar was one of the products that I ordered. It cost £7.90 - Retro products are normally more expensive than their in-store counterparts as they are made in smaller quantities. I bought two different massage bars, as you get a free massage bar tin when you do so (although this particular bar will not fit in, as it is round and the tin is oval!).

        Lush say of this product: "Know someone who needs an ego massage? For those feeling a little off kilter, the blend of natural, moisturising oils and stimulating herbs will sort him out in no time. Banish apathy and stroke the Ego." It is suitable for vegans and contains lavender, tarragon and rosemary oils in a base of moisturising cocoa and shea butters. The bar is a pale yellow/cream in colour with the word EGO embedded into it. It's more basic looking than some of Lush's products but at least you can tell what it is!

        The massage bar smells lovely, a mixture of lavender and herbs. It's very calming and restful, and a bit different. It's possible to use the massage bar as the name suggests - by melting it between your hands and giving someone a massage - but I tend to just use it as a solid body moisturiser. Sometimes I rub the bar between my hands to melt the oils and then rub them onto my skin, but sometimes I just rub the bar directly onto my skin. I find that this bar melts extremely easily compared to some that I have used. It's definitely a bar to use for an intensive moisturising experience, not as an everyday moisturiser.

        I find this bar doesn't irritate my skin at all, in fact it moisturises it and makes it feel very soft. I go to bed after using the bar and wake up with lovely soft skin. This is quite a feat in this cold weather! The herby lavender scent is calming and relaxing, and it actually helps me de-stress and get to sleep.

        The bar is lasting well - I use it two or three times a week, generally after my evening post-gym shower, and it's lasted over a month already with around 50% of the bar remaining. I think you'd use more if you were having a luxurious two-person massage, however!

        This is a really nice massage bar. It's not my absolute favourite and it's a bit pricey, but it smells lovely, lasts well and moisturises the skin and for that reason I'm going to give it four stars.


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