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Lush English Country Bunkin Bath Ballistic

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Brand: Lush / Type: Bath Product

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    1 Review
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      12.05.2009 18:07
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      Lush Country Bunkin Bath Ballistic:
      I recently placed an order from Lush despite promising myself I wouldn't and I noticed one of the Bunny shaped ballistics from Easter was still available for only 95p. I decided I really ought to try it and for that price I couldn't go wrong.

      The ballistic, (a fizzy bath bomb), is shaped like a rabbit and is a lovely fresh, grass-green colour. You can see lot's of flowers in it, like the grass clippings from an English meadow in spring. It's quite a cute looking ballistic and would be great for children as well as grown-ups.
      Once dropped into the bath, (I would recommend getting in first as this contains LOTS and I mean LOTS of flowers and a few bits of bell shaped confetti and you don't want to sit on them), it fizzes around making your water a lovely green colour like some sort of forest lagoon.

      It leaves pretty flowers and petals floating around which I personally love, it feels so luxurious and I feel like a medieval noble-woman! A lot of people don't like the bits in a bath because they block the plug/are hard to clear up/get stuck in uncomfortable places/stick to your skin etc but I found these went down the plug with no problems as they seem to more or less "dissolve" in your bath water. You do get a strange yellow, greasy layer floating on the water too which does leave a tide mark around your bath which does require a bit of bathroom cleaner and a rub to remove but you have to clean your bath anyway so it's not too much of a problem.
      The smell is lovely; we are back to that freshly mown meadow again. It's such a typically British smell. This ballistic is perfectly named as it really does invoke memories of running through long grass or the smell we get round here, (Somerset), when the grass is cut for hay. This ballistic leaves a delicate scent on your skin for the whole day which is nice. It's not too strong though, that it would re-act with your usual deodorant/perfume.

      The water of my bath felt lovely and soft and after bathing my skin felt wonderful straight away. I guess that greasy layer was some kind of moisturising product, (I can't find out the exact ingredients because Lush have discontinued this ballistic, it may be back next Easter, and they don't seem to have the ingredients on their site anymore). From the way the greasy stuff acted I would guess that it was shea butter which lush use in lot's of products because it is so moisturising. Whatever it was it did wonders for my skin and I kept sniffing and stroking my arms for ages after!
      This was one of my favourite Lush Ballistics because it smelt so lovely and made my skin feel good too! It is such a shame that you can't get them anymore as I would like a few more but fingers crossed it will be back next year.


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