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Lush Frog Prince Bath Ballistic

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6 Reviews

Brand: Lush / Type: Bath melt

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    6 Reviews
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      15.07.2012 22:05
      Very helpful



      A bit of scented bath fun for Valentine's Day

      Lush Leap Frog Prince Bath Ballistic

      Now I'm not a greatest bath ballistic fan on the whole despite my true addiction to Lush. In my humble opinion these are a fun product and apart from giving off a little scent, they soften the water and give a fun fizz as they dissolve but that is about the extent of it. However knowing my passion for all things Lush I do tend to get given gifts of Lush items and as these look good and are a bit if fun they are often popped into my birthday or Christmas or Mother's Day pressies and then I am very happy to enjoy them and appreciate the gift.

      This one was quite a small one in the shape of a frog with large red lips. It was a limited release for Valentine's Day this year and it was a little gift from my daughter when she came to stay. This Froggie ballistic was renamed this year 2012 as this year (2012) is a leap year. Everyone knows that traditionally a leap year is when women can propose to their partners on February 29th so this was to mark this special day.

      This little frog weighs in at a tiny 95g and costs £2.75 so it is not a cheap gift if you only use it in one bath but if you break it and get two baths it becomes better value but still a luxury for a bath at £1.36 ish in my view. He is small as I said at about an inch in thickness and around three inches tall he is a bit of a shortie.

      I do love the way Lush create these special items for different occasions and I also love their humorous descriptions of their products on their website and in their monthly 'Lush Times'. They describe this in the Lush Times as " 'A fizzy amorous amphibian for a sexy sandalwood, rose and jasmine soak' .

      And again "One small step for Valentines, one giant leap for frog-kind" which comes from the website as does this;
      "What could be more romantic than a fizzy amphibian with big red lips? Though Miss Piggy might find him attractive to look at, his true beauty only becomes apparent when he hits the water. He'll fragrance your bath with a sexy perfume of jasmine, sandalwood and rose that's sure to send you toadily wild for his froggy charms."

      I always enjoy keeping my Lush products for a couple of weeks when I first get them. I usually put them in my knicker drawer or another clothes drawer as they make the clothes smell so lovely.

      This little green beastie smiled happily at me as I popped him in my T shirt drawer. The smell as I got my T shirts out was lovely. Mr froggie smells of sweet jasmine, sandalwood and rose all of which are heady and very sexy fragrances and this carries well on my shirts.

      I broke my frog in two as I feel nearly £3 for a bath is rather too extravagant. This meant that I did find the little secret hidden inside before it fizzed I the bath. This was a small piece of paper with a prince' cartoon face on it and a message saying Prince ... is sent to kiss you. I can't remember the name of the prince as it is while since I used it but (sad I know) I do take photos and notes when using my Lush stuff ready for writing reviews.

      Okay so into the bath went half my frog and it began fizzing very quickly, more quickly than the more compact ballistics I have had. This also felt very light so a lot of bicarbonate of soda went into this I think. The smell was lovely and very evident. I could clearly smell the different scents of jasmine and sandalwood while the rose was more subtle.

      The bath turned a very gentle shade of green but was a clear green not cloudy at all. As I got into the bath I felt how lovely and soft the water was. It had a creamy soft consistency which comes from the bicarbonate of soda. The first bath I had I didn't put the lips in as I used the bottom of the frog. I enjoyed the scent and the feel of the water but didn't find my skin felt particularly moisturised after my bath although the ballistic doesn't promise that.

      The second time I got frog and lips as well. The lips are made from coloured cocoa butter and dissolved or melted I suppose more slowly in the water that the frog which once again fizzed away very quickly. This time there was a bit of a red hint in the water around where the lips were melting in the hot bath water but the scent was the same and I didn't really feel any more moisturised despite the lips being cocoa butter.


      The three main scented ingredients which make this a Valentine's fizzer are Jasmine Absolute, rose absolute and Ylang ylang oil all of which are considered to be sexy fragrances.

      Jasmine Absolute comes from tiny white flowers and many regard this as both sensual and an aphrodisiac. Not only is Jasmine oil luxurious but it is also good for healthy skin as well as being an anti stress essential oil.

      Rose Absolute is created from the petals of the Damask Rose. This has always been popular as a freagrance ingredient in toiletries and perfumes however it also has benefits as an essential oil. Rose absolute is thought to be another aphrodisiac but also balances the emotions and is good for calming the skin.

      Ylang Ylang Oil comes from tiny flowers on huge tropical rainforest trees so must take some clever harvesting. I am not a great fan of this as it has an odd sort of back scent to me but in aromatherapy it is known for its uplifting quality as well as its scent.

      The almond oil and cocoa butter are both great for moisturising the skin but i feel there probably isn't a lot of either in this frog.

      Well yes it is a fun gift but it is quite expensive for what you get. I am not sure I would buy one for myself but I might give one to a friend as a gift and something a bit quirky. It smells really lovely but the scent doesn't really last beyond the bath and isn't really very strong in the bath either.

      I did find that when Ii went out of the bathroom and came back in after my bath that it did smell still so maybe after a while my nose stopped detecting it in the bath.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.
      © Catsholiday


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        19.02.2012 11:50
        Very helpful



        A lovely unique sweet smelling idea, suitable for all females but its a shame scent does not linger.

        I was bought two of these leap frog bath ballistics for Valentines Day, from my son of all people who knows how I adore lush products and picked me a pair of frogs up at the same time as he shopped for his lucky girlfriend.

        The Leap frog is a limited edition product that is only available yearly, this year Lush decided to shake the name of the product up a little and rename as the Leap Frog Prince in honour of this year (2012) coinciding with being a leap year and traditionally being the time women can propose to their partners on February 29th.

        Lush is a company who believe in making products that contain ingredients that DO NOT conduct or commission cosmetic testing on animals and who also invent their own products by making them fresh by hand using very little or no added preservatives or packaging, Lush will always date their products and give the customer information on where and whom by the product was made.

        ==THE PRODUCT==

        The Lush Leap Frog Prince

        Weighs 95g
        Costs £2.75

        Described as 'A fizzy amorous amphibian for a sexy sandalwood, rose and jasmine soak'
        (Taken from the Lush news letter)

        Suitable for vegans

        This curious and very cute looking bath ballistic comes shaped like a little frog, he is a pale apple green colour and he smells delightfully of sweet jasmine, he has a pair of vibrant red cocoa butter lips that look waxy and soft, he is just over an inch in thickness and sits around three inches tall, intriguingly he promises to deliver you the luck of a special valentines kiss from a prince.

        This product is a limited edition only available to buy at this time of year from all Lush stores and online.

        Contains a special surprise that is revealed when dissolved.


        Sodium Bicarbonate
        Citric Acid
        Cocoa Butter
        Laureth 4 (An emulsifier)
        Almond Oil
        Jasmine Absolute
        Rose Absolute
        Ylang Ylang Oil
        Gardenia Extract
        Methol lonone
        Colours 73360/ 45350/ 42090

        Jasmine Absolute is extracted from the white blossoms and has been used as a sensual aphrodisiac for centuries; it is considered a luxurious oil and an indication of wealth in Chinese traditional medicine, used as a hair and skin tonic and as a sensual perfume, excellent for use in sensitive skins and for combating stress.

        Rose Absolute comes from the flower petals of the Damask Rose, popular in perfumery and aromatherapy and recommended for balancing the emotions, the scent of rose is considered an aphrodisiac and is also an ancient symbol of love and innocence, it is a great moisturising ingredient and a good choice for rough, mature or irritated skins, it also helps to improve the skins appearance whilst perfuming and scenting the skin.

        Ylang Ylang Oil is extracted from the Ylang yellow flowered tropical trees, aroma therapists use it for its uplifting scent and properties.


        As with all of the Lush bath ballistics you simply fill your tub with water of your desired temperature before adding your desired bath bomb, in this case these leap frog prince bath ballistic is designed to be used whole and all in one.

        The first thing that I noticed with this frog is that it fizzes immediately and quite a lot faster than some other bombs I have tried, then the aromatic scent hits you at the same time as the bath water colour starts to change to a vibrant apple green, it smells still of it's dry form of sweet jasmine.

        The buttery lips come away from the body of the frog very fast and float away from the fast fizzing frog, this all happens in a matter of seconds rather than minutes which is slightly disappointing as I always enjoy the lasting experience of a lush product, the scent now is a stronger sweeter jasmine aroma, not too floral or musky, very pleasant.

        The frog fully dissolved fast leaving the buttery lips to slowly melt, there was an amusing cute photo of a 'Lush Prince' with the words 'Daniel was sent to kiss you' written across it.... This was my surprise, my frog magically turned into a handsome prince sent to kiss me, so cute and different, a lovely amusing and entertaining idea that made me smile.

        The vibrant red lips took longer to melt and made a lovely red swirl through the bright green water, the water felt very soft and silky smooth, it felt relaxing, once the waxy butter lips had fully melted it added a luxurious softness to the surface of the water that felt nice when smoothed on the skin.

        I found the scent did not last the length of my bath time which is fair to say lasted around an hour as I like to read whilst relaxing in a tub of Lush Heaven, the scent faded very fast compared to others I have previously tried which was also slightly disappointing, the lips bath melt left a red ring of grease around my bath tub that removed easily with a quick rinse using the shower head and a sponge, it did feel very waxy when removing though so if I had left it I am guessing it would have become difficult to remove once it had dried on, the frog bomb itself left no residue at the bottom of the tub.

        ==MY THOUGHTS==

        Overall and all things considered I was pleased with this product, I am a huge lush fan as many of you who read my reviews already know, I really wanted to love this product because of its unique design and its magical surprise but I can honestly say at best I was not over whelmed or bowled over by this frog, I think the price is fair for a limited edition one off treat but the scent fades extremely fast compared to others which In my opinion lets it down a little as I always associate lush products with the experience of lasting lingering wonderful smells, although the scent filled the upstairs of my house it did not linger like others have done, I did detect the scent slightly still on my skin after the bath but it had disappeared by the next morning, the experience of the fizzing dissolving bomb lasted seconds, it is most definitely the quickest one I have ever used so far, the smell was amazing as the scents were released while it melted it's just such a shame that the aroma did not last as long as I had expected it to because it has a lovely enchanting smell that left me wanting more.

        The melting of the lips took longer and I could feel the bath water becoming softer as it melted, prior to this the water already felt soft from the bath bomb and the buttery lips complemented the water in both colour and feel, it really did feel amazingly soft and silky and looked stunning in bright vibrant apple green colour contrasted with the floaty red strikes, very funky looking I thought.

        My handsome prince sent to kiss me was a cute and entertaining touch which made me smile, a nice little idea that ties this product in with valentines perfectly and adds a touch of magic and innocence, I think all young girls would love the novelty of this experience and it is certainly one meant only for females.

        I was glad I had decided to wipe the ring of greasy red residue from the rim of my bath tub straight away as the waxy feel would have been difficult to remove otherwise, however it was easy enough to remove.

        ==WOULD I RECOMMEND?==

        I don't think I would actively go out and buy this myself for personal use again but that is not to say I would not like to receive this as a gift again next year if lush decide to keep bringing it back, I would recommend it for a quick touch of luxury for those who prefer a quick dip in and out of the bath rather than those who like me prefer to savour every minute until they resemble a prune before they get out, it is a lovely thoughtfully designed idea with a great smell, it is a shame the smell does not last longer.

        Priced at £2.75 I think this is reasonable value for money when taken into consideration that this ballistic is a two in one, both a bath bomb and a bath melt in one product that performs well, looks great and smells gorgeous until it fades

        I have rated the Lush Leap Frog Prince a Handsome 4 out of 5


        Thank You for reading

        My Reviews appear on both Ciao and DooYoo




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          30.07.2011 19:25
          Very helpful



          Lush Frog Prince Bath Ballistic

          Aww this is so cute! It's one of the items that was in my past Lush splurges (around Easter time I think!) As soon as I saw it I just knew I had to have it - and of course as soon as I saw it on Dooyoo I knew I had to write a review about it! This little Frog Prince has been sat in one of my bed side table draws for a good few months now (it acted suprisingly well in keeping my draw smelling pleasent!) as I haven't had the heart to melt it in the bath tub, but when I saw that it was worth 100 Dooyoo miles I suppose that gave me the incentive to say bye!

          I was lucky enough to get this for £2.75 (not sure of the original price - this may be the RRP or possibly a discounted price?), as Lush were selling it off at the time and it has unfortunetly now been discontinued for whatever reason - I suppose it was sort of a novelty item. Packaging wise the bath bomb arrived in the usual Lush paper bag which is much more environmentally friendly than plastic packaging like most manufacturers package bath bombs in and it is also easier and quicker to open.

          The bath bomb comes in the shape of frog, in most of my reviews I go into great detail about the visual aspects of a product, but as you can see there in as a clear picture in the Dooyoo catelogue - it looks excactly like that, pale green with big red lips and all! When I rubbed the lips the redness came off on my finger but still remained on the frog which was a bit bizzare. The texture isn't as smooth as it looks in Dooyoo's picture, it had the usual bath bomb feel to it. Size wise it was around the same size if not a tiny bit bigger than the palm of my hand and i'd say it weighed around 100-150 grams. The only thing I will say though is I was quite dissapointed by the fact that the bomb isn't 3D like I was expecting - it's flat at the back. It smells great when it is whole and the overall design of the bath bomb is really cute.

          As soon as I put the bath bomb into my bath it started fizzing like mad and turned the surrounding water green, it smelled gorgeous - very floral - rose/jasmine. I was a bit freaked out at first because as it was dissolving there was weird brown trails coming from it, but when I sloshed the water about with my hand it dissapeared. Around a minute after I put it into the water only the lips were left, and they dissolved last, leaving a blob of redness, but after mixing the water it dissapeared. After the whole of the frog had dissolved I noticed a small piece of paper floating in the light green water, so fished it out. It had a picture of a cartoon price with the words 'Prince Aaron was made to kiss you." How cute is that?! A really lovely little suprise too and the water did not fade the picture/ink at all.

          When I was in the bath I felt really relaxed and the smell was really nice, although was very subtle. It dissolved really fast so there was no waiting around which was good and while it was whole it was a nice novelty item. My skin did not feel softer after my bath, and the smell did not linger on my skin nor did it linger in my bath tub. I washed the bath thoroughly after use and the green did not stain at all - it was easy to get rid of. Overall for £2.75 this was a nice little novelty product but I am not suprised that it got discontinued - all it provided was a bit of cuteness, a bit of fizzing, coloured water and a subtle floral smell.


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            05.05.2011 11:01
            Very helpful



            I would not buy this again as it is not moisturising, the scent does not carry, a bit disappointing!

            Frog Prince Bath Ballistic

            I love lush, I have been using their products for more than a year now and I also love that the products are almost completely composed of natural ingredients and that the ingredients are suitable for vegetarians and vegans to use - as they do not have any animal products in them.

            *About the product*

            The Bath bomb comes in the shape of a frog, obviously, and it is green with red lips (as illustrated in the photograph). It is approximately 100g in weight and it is suitable for vegans. This product is a limited edition valentines day bath bomb, but as they do have some safe synthetics in them they can be kept for years in the right conditions (a dry and cool place).


            Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Perfume, Cocoa Butter, Laureth 4, Almond Oil, Jasmine Absolute, Rose Absolute, Ylang Ylang Oil, Coumarin, Geraniol, Hydroxcitronellal, Methyl Ionone, Limonene, Linalool, Gardenia Extract, Colourings.


            With some lush products they do not package them - as with bath bombs, bath melts. They come instead in a yellow paper bag. I really like that it does not have any plastic packaging, although as you may be able to see from the photograph that the frog has a ring around it mouth - as the paper bag is obviously not waterproof. So my frog has ended up with a but of cosmetic surgery, but it is fine and another point about the packaging is that it says on the bag different ways you can re-use the bag after you have used the bath bomb.

            Some of the ways it says that you can use it including, keeping it in a sock draw to scent your clothes, to store more lush products or you can put it in your paper recycling bin. I usually don't store other lush things in the bags again - as I don't want another product to smell like the one before. I have tried using them as draw scents but I find that even if you clothes are really close to the bag - that the scent does not carry and that my clothes do not smell of the lush product that was once in the bag, so I usually just put them in the paper recycling.

            *Scent and Appearance*

            I love the design of this bath bomb, it is really cute! It is a valentines day bath bomb so it would have something romantic behind the design. It has a green body and big red lips. Also there was some rumours that once the bath bomb had fizzled out there will be a price - a plastic one or something like that - as that is where the design of this product comes from.

            In the yellow bag it comes in the scent of the product is really quite strong. It is quite floral and sweet which a little bit of a musky scent - for me anyway. In the bag and just the bath bomb alone it does smell really strong, but in a good way.

            *How to use*

            If you go into lush it can be a but confusing - especially the first time you go in a store and it basically looks like a pick and mix with bags but instead of sweets there are bath bombs. On the American lush site they call them bath bombs and on the lush UK site they call them bath ballistics - i don't know why, I call them bath bombs.

            Any way, to use this bath bomb you just run the bath and turn off the water and drop this in the bath. Different bath bombs have different functions, for example, some are moisturising, some are strongly scented and some are colourful - which is what this one is.

            *Using the bath bomb*

            I have used quite a few lush bath bombs including some christmas, easter and permanent line ones, but this has to be the most colourful bath bomb I have used. When I initially put it in the bath it just fizzled immediately and the colour that came off was a toxic neon green colour, which looked really nice. So on a colorful scale you can not fault it.

            I found that this bath bomb fizzled for about 2/3 minutes, which is a bit shorter than the other lush bath bombs I have used - and especially shorter than the one bomb cosmetics one I had. It fizzled really well and it dissolved into the water quickly and easily.

            As for the red lips on the frog, I thought they were just bath bomb, but they have a soap like texture so they do not fizzle when they are put into water. When rubbed in my palm the red lips just felt like soap, so it dissolved easily then.

            The scent which was really strong in the bag was a big disappointment when it was in the water, as it did not smell of anything at all. The colour was great but the scent that was so nice in the bag was virtually non existent when it had finished fizzling.

            Now for the price, as much as I was hoping it would be price Harry it was unsurprisingly not! Once the bath bomb had fizzled and dissolved completely there was a little piece of paper left and on it was a lush sticker with a man with a crown on, how disappointing! But it was quite cute, as it looks like the stickers that they put on all lush bottles/pots to show who had made the product.

            Overall, it was quite a nice bath bomb, it was definitely the most colourful lush bath bomb I have used and it turned my bath a toxic green colour. It dissolved well and it has a little surprise inside - although if you are expecting Prince Harry, you are in for a bit of a disappointment!

            *Overall results*

            While in the bath bomb was fizzling it did not feel at all like it was moisturising although it did make my skin feel really smooth and soft. The negavtive aspects of the results of this product includes the bath bomb was not moisturising at all and it did not scent my skin.

            *Almost a day after use*

            The morning after the bath using this product my skin still felt really really smooth and soft, but that is it. My skin did not feel moisturised at all and my skin did not smell of the bath bomb - which was not surprising as once it has stopped fizzling the scent was non existent anyway.
            *How to store*

            For my bath bombs and bat melts too I like the keep them in the yellow paper bag that they came in or I sometimes put them in a clear plastic container (as I do with lush soaps). I find that the bath bombs do stay fresh for ages, mine don't usually last more than a couple of months at the very most before being used. I keep mine in a box in my bedroom as the humidity and steam in the bathroom will ruin the bath bombs and especially bath melts. So I would store them in a dry cool place out of the sun.

            *Price and availability*

            I bought this product from the lush store at the Trafford centre in Manchester, which is not very far at all from where I live and they had about 10 of these little guys in the bath bomb section that they have and they are only £2.75 each and they are 100g each too. They can still be bought from the lush UK site (link below) and they are at the same price - they are in the "going, going but not gone yet" section.


            Good points

            *scent in the bag is really nice and strong
            *Really colourful - a toxic neon green colour
            *No packaging - just a yellow recyclable bag
            *Suitable for vegetarians and vegans to use and contains mostly natural ingredients
            *left my skin really smooth

            Bad points

            *Not moisuturising at all
            *The scent just disappears once the bath bomb has dissolved
            *The scent is non existent on my skin

            Overall, I would not buy this product again as the scent does not carry to my skin and as I have dry skin the fact that it is not moisturising for me means that I will definitely not get it again. Although it is really cute and if you don't really strongly scented products and you don't have dry skin - you may want to check this out.

            Thank you for reading my review - this review is also posted on ciao under my username labellavita1992 - with pictures of the surprise inside the bath bomb


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              14.03.2011 20:01
              Very helpful



              Over all a great bath ballistic to treat yourself with after a stressful day.

              One of Lush's bathing products to celebrate valentines day, this cute bath ballistic is a great addition to add to your collection of bath treats.

              Price - £2.75
              Weight - 100g
              Vegan - Yes

              Note - There is currently no more being made so be quick and pick up the remaining ones from the website which are in the 'going, going but not gone yet' section of the website, or check with your local lush store to see if they still have any in stock.

              Fragrance - The fragrance used in this bath ballistic is quite flowery as Simon Constantine has tried to create a sensual and an aphrodisiacal scent with the use of luxurious jasmine, neroli and rosewood.

              The experience - Only one word can some up this amazing bath ballistic and that word is beautiful. The bath water turns an simply relaxing green, you will then see the bright red lips floating around the bath as they are made from cocoa butter which will help moisturise the skin as it acts as a miniature bath melt. When you think all the magic is now gone you notice a small square piece of paper stuck to the side of the bath, you check it out and see this is where your true prince charming has been hiding all along.

              Over all this is a must buy due to the whole exciting and yet relaxing bath that this bath ballistic can truly offer you.


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              27.02.2011 16:19
              Very helpful



              A great novelty ballistic!

              If there's one day of the year I detest more than any other, it's Valentine's Day. Soppy, cheesy and vomit-inducing - that's how I view this sorry excuse for displaying red hearts everywhere and anywhere! My hatred, however, does not extend to Lush's limited edition Valentine's range, as I enjoy trying these products as much as any other!

              In the past, I enjoyed using Lush's Magic Mushroom bubble bar so this year I decided to pick up some other Valentine's goodies when they went on sale. The one which I was most looking forward to trying - as it was so cute and unusual - was the Frog Prince ballistic. This little guy is a cute frog with bright red lips - very different from Lush's usual round ballistics! He's easy to spot in store and stands out on your bedroom or bathroom shelf.

              The Frog Prince is suitable for vegans and contains an aphrodisiac blend of jasmine, neroli and rosewood. I really like the smell of jasmine, but it's a really strong scent so it may not be for you. If you like Lush's Lust perfume, Flying Fox shower gel or Fever massage bar you will probably like this. The jasmine fragrance is very strong when the ballistic is solid so it's best to store it out of the way of any other ballistics or bubble bars you might have. The ballistic is also designed to be moisturising, and contains cocoa butter and almond oil to achieve this effect.

              When I came to use the ballistic, I ran the bath first so that I could lie in the bath and watch the ballistic dissolve. It fizzed away powerfully, releasing the strong jasmine scent and turning the water a lovely bright shade of green. I noticed that the red lips dissolved after everything else, and seemed to be soft and almost solid - I think it is the lips that contain the cocoa butter in the ballistic. The red was such a small part of the colour that it didn't show up once everything else had dissolved - the bath was just green!

              Inside, there was a brilliant surprise - a picture of a 'prince' (similar to the pictures of the product makers Lush include on their products)! This really made me laugh!

              The lovely jasmine scent was strong and lasted for the entire bath, and the water felt silky-soft while I was in it. What I loved about this ballistic was that my skin felt incredibly soft and moisturised after I got out of the bath (probably because of the cocoa butter) and I didn't need to use any other moisturiser at all, which is impressive considering I have pretty dry skin normally. I could also smell the lovely jasmine scent all evening.

              I absolutely loved this ballistic - it smelled lovely, made the bath look pretty, was moisturising and made me giggle all at once! It is still available in Lush stores and online, priced at £2.75 which is expensive for a single use product but definitely worth it for a one-off treat.


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