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Lush Fun Blue

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    3 Reviews
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      21.08.2015 11:08
      Very helpful


      • Fun
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      • "Smells nice"


      • "None for me"

      Have fun - it won't make you blue

      Fun is a Lush product that was released in 2013. Invented by co-founder Mo Constantine, it is a rather innovative multi-use product. Squashy like Playdough, it is popular with children as it can be shaped and moulded into a variety of different shapes. If you go into a Lush store, you can see all the different shapes that have been made using the different colours of Fun.

      A 4-in-1 product, it can be used in the shower or bath or as a shampoo, as well as a toy.

      Fun normally comes in 5 different colours: red, green, yellow, pink and blue. This review will focus on the Blue Fun. A 200g bar of fun costs £5.

      All Fun bars are suitable for vegans and are made with a base of talc, cornflour and glycerine, which help to make it pliable and squidgy. The product does contain sodium laureth sulfate, which is the ingredient helping to make bubbles in bubble bath and which allows shampoo and shower gel to lather. Most products of this nature contain SLS, but some people are sensitive to this chemical, which can be a little harsh, so it’s worth being aware of it in case you prefer to avoid the product for this reason.

      Blue Fun is a lovely rich blue colour and has a lovely calming scent, the result of the lavender oil, chamomile oil and chamomile blue oil with which it is scented.

      Being solid, the product was slightly tricky to use in the shower, but it lathered up very well. I do prefer shower jellies or shower gels, but again this would be a good product to take on a weekend away to save space.

      I find it very easy to use Fun in the bath. It is similar to Lush’s bubble bars, albeit softer. I break off a small part – only a little is needed – and rub it between my fingers underneath the running water. Once the bath is run I am left with a lovely inviting bubble bath. The product is non-drying and the bubbles last ages in the water. The blue fun turns the water a pale blue colour and has a lovely calming smell.

      It isn’t an all-singing all-dancing exciting scent, but I find the combination of camomile and vanilla really helps me to relax. I find the scent lasts on the skin for a reasonable amount of time after use.

      I really like Fun – it is, well, fun. This one smells nice and it’s versatile, although I think it performs best as a bath product. I look forward to trying the other colours.


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      09.03.2014 11:12
      Very helpful



      Not as fun as I was hoping.

      LUSH, apparently everyone's favourite cosmetics and smellies shop seem to think that all their products are fun, or at least that's what their pun laden product descriptions and over enthusiastic sales staff lead me to believe. But wait, I spy a bright selection of products (weirdly tucked in the corner of this store) called FUN. Well, it's a bold name from the company who like nothing more than fun. This must be REALLY fun.

      Lush's 'Fun' bars look like bright lumps of plasticine, and there's a reason for that, because that's pretty much what they are. Though they don't smell nearly as good, but then I am one of those weird kids who love the smell of plasticine. If 'Fun' smelled of plasticine, I'd be sold on it.. but then you may as well just take a lump of plasticine into the bath with you I guess... anyway, I digress. 'Fun' comes in five bright, childlike colours: Blue, Red, Green, Pink and Yellow. I went with the blue, well because I like blue, though the rest may have smelled better. When shopping in Lush though, your sense of smell can get a little confused and your not sure what your actually smelling is the thing you have in your hand of one of the other hundred or so conflicting smells surrounding you.

      I suppose 'Fun' is targeted at kids, but I wasn't really aware of this until afterwards. The display in the shop I purchased this from made it look like another soap bar, albeit a rather garish one. The Lush website claims 'Fun' is great for relaxing children just before bedtime. I'm sure by this it means that the scents used of lavender and chamomile are relaxing. If I was a kid, a soap with all the modelling capabilities of plasticine would send me into a bit of an excited frenzy at the possibility made sharks and whales to swim around in my bath water that, thanks to 'Fun,' is also now turning bright blue!

      Fun is marketed as a 4 in 1 product: for fun - ie modelling, as a soap/bodywash, a shampoo and to 'crumble' into the bath as a bath foam. In order to review this fairly, I obviously had to use this product each of the four ways, and not because I was dying to make shapes with it.

      Making Sheep
      The mould-ability of 'Fun' is it's real selling point, and it is quite fun even for someone perhaps a little north of the target age. After my nice bath, my partner came back from the pub to find a collection of blue sheep on the bathroom basin and probably felt he shouldn't have had that last pint. The problem with 'Fun' is when you've made your lovely little creations, you don't really want to smash them back up in a block. They are made from a product designed to melt, so the next morning I felt like James from The Snowman to find that the steam from the shower had turned my sheep in to little sticky blue puddles. Now this is one of the problems with 'Fun', you really have to keep out of the bathroom once opened because if you don't, you'll end up as I did with the remainder or your bar melting and seeping all over your nice white bath like a ever growing blue blob. I think Lush really need to look the packing here and maybe sell it in a tub that you can pop it back into after use as the cellophane wrapper isn't really sufficient to preserve it.

      Blue Froth
      I think this products most successful practical use is as a soap. As previously mentions is melts quite readily when in contact with the water and produces a good amount of froth. It does melt quicker than a normal soap, however, so to buy it and use it for this sole purpose is not very economical. The smell as I've mentioned isn't to my taste, however. The lavender is far too overpowering and whilst it might look like a bright blue thing from the future, it smells like your nan's sock drawer liner which is disappointing.

      Looking like Marge Simpson
      'Fun' doesn't really have any properties that make it any better than soap would be as a shampoo. It lathers up pretty well, leaving you looking like Marge Simpson, but left my hair feeling a bit stripped of any softness. My hair is long and again, using this regularly as a shampoo wouldn't be very economical. Given that it simply cleans, I used conditioner afterwards to get rid of the vast number of tangles but this ultimately left my hair with a bizarre smell as the 'Fun' and conditioner scents battled it out.

      Blue bubbles
      It does work fairly well as a bubble bath, giving satisfyingly blue water, however you can't really 'crumble' it as instructed, especially if it's been near a hint of moisture and you do end up with a few blue lumps floating around, and more annoyingly, stuck to the bottom of the bath.

      'Fun' costs £5 per bar which is equivalent to 5 little blue sheep. It's appeal to regular sized and big kids for it's modelling potential is great and for that I think it's a great product. For any practical uses, I think it's pretty poor. The smell is overpowering, and doesn't really go with the young, fresh, 'fun' element and I can't see strong lavender being a scent that kids would like. I think a fruity fragrance would be much better. For a novelty product, and as a gift I think it's an ok price but expensive if you're buying it to use as a soap, body or hair wash. I think Lush are trying to make 'Fun' too many things at once and really should just have kept it as the name suggests, just a 'fun' product. In addition, the packaging needs rethinking to allow the product to be kept until it's next use.

      'Fun' is available online at lush.co.uk and in Lush stores. It's vegan, preservative free and not tested on animals.


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        05.02.2013 12:31
        Very helpful



        A FUN blue soap, bubble bath, modelling product and shampoo!

        Lush Fun - BLUE
        Just before Christmas lush brought out a new product a bit different from their others and that was the FUN range. It is available in green, pink, red, yellow and blue and is sold wrapped in plastic wrapped like a transparent cracker so pretty basic. For £5 you get 200g of FUN so it is not bad value for a FUN product really.

        WHAT IS FUN?
        Fun is a brand new 4 in 1 Lush creation. It works as a soap, a bubble bath, a shampoo and finally it is a play dough for in or out of the bath.

        Not only is it a fun product but it is another of the many items that Lush donate a % to charity. In this case 10p from every bar goes to the FunD - more about that later.

        THE FUND
        Lush have a lot of customers in Japan and so after the Tsunami they donated a lot to help those who suffered . Today many children are still suffering and Lush donates 10p from every bar of FUN towards children's projects in Japan. In many areas because of the danger of radiation poisoning many children cannot play outside and the money from FunD goes towards groups helping to create activities for these children so that they can run and play and mix with other children in safe environments.

        Using it on the body as a soap you can either use a small piece as a soap or squish it with warm water to form a paste or bath cream and apply with a sponge or cloth as you would a bath/shower gel or cream.

        In the bath break FUN up into small pieces or create a paste then add to the bath under the running tap as it is filling and enjoy a lovely scented bubbly bath.

        When using it as a shampoo I find that it is best to squish a small amount into a soft solution and apply it like any shampoo then rinse out thoroughly.

        Playing with it is obvious really just shape the dough like stuff as you would any play dough. You can play in or out of the bath but when playing in the bath the FUN does begin to disappear so beware of long playing wet sessions.

        The blue one smells of gentle lavender but quite mild and it is mixed with Moroccan chamomile which makes it a more earthy aroma to me. It is designed to be calming and used in a before bedtime bath with children to relax them. This one has lavender essential oil, Moroccan chamomile oil and chamomile blue oil which are not only there for their scent but also for their relaxing qualities.

        Sadly there is also sodium Laureth Sulphate which give the bubbles so if you are allergic to this beware.
        The malleable quality comes from talc and cornflour mixed with glycerine which are all pretty harmless to anyone.

        MY VIEWS

        Well I have tried it in all ways . Sadly my creative efforts are a bit pathetic and would win no prizes. It works brilliantly as a soap and I have used it for hand washing and body washing and had no problems and the scent is really strong and it lathers quite well though it is best squished into a sort of paste I have found.

        As a bubble bath you end up with lots of bubbles and a nice creamy gentle vanilla smelling bath with a sort of slightly yellowy tinge. You have to work quite hard to get the FUN into a paste of well broken up and then swirl the water around otherwise you get left with blue bits in the bottom of the bath which have not melted. The bath water does turn a nice blue colour too and it feels quite soft but not that moisturising though. The bath is not coloured after it has emptied and I just swill a bit of clean water around after and it is fine.

        The scent is quite gentle and the lavender combined with the chamomile is relaxing but not overpowering at all. It does carry quite far into the room and around about and it does last quite well on my skin too after I have dried myself. It isn't that moisturising so you may have to put some body lotion on if you have dry skin. I found a nice lavender one did the trick when i used this one.

        As a shampoo it was okay but it is not something I would use every day. You could take a chunk away with you in your hand baggage and it would be fine for a few days but I found I really needed to make a paste first then use conditioner afterwards. I can't say it is one I would buy to use just a a shampoo but if bathing children then it is handy to know you can wash them from top to toe with one item and they can play with it too.

        Obviously I am not the target audience for the play element so I tested it on my grandchildren. They loved the fact that they could play with it and squish it around. I have to say they creations were no better than mine but they enjoyed playing with it. They also loved the fact that the water turned a sort of bluey pink colour and liked this as much as the green and red ones and better than the yellow as this too is a more obvious a colour. They still enjoyed the fact that they could 'paint' themselves blue when it was wet.

        I would say that it was a success FUN wise. I didn't wash their hair as I wasn't risking the stinging eyes possibility. I always use a baby shampoo on any of them even the eldest at aged 8 as I don't want any sore eyes. They all smelled nice after their bath and really enjoyed playing with the FUN green. They are asking for different colours now so I said I would get some others to try!

        Did it help them sleep? Well I am not convinced but it always quite exciting to stay over so they do take a bit of time to settle when they stay and it was no longer or shorter than usual.

        Yes I think the children really loved it and anything that makes bath time FUN is a good thing. The colour is really strong and that was a plus with the kids. They loved squishing it and making shapes but it is a bit limited what you can shape it in to. The youngest liked using it to cut our pastry shapes on the table and once she had finished we washed her hands and she loved the fact that they made bubbles and were blue! She also discovered that it didn't taste too great though!!!

        I now have four colours and I would say the green was the strongest scent and the colour was more attractive to the children. The red was pretty good and the scent stronger than the yellow but sweeter and less strong than the green. The blue scent I liked but they were not so fussed but they liked the colour of the blue. They also really liked having four colours and needless to say they did mix the bits I gave them which they enjoyed and did no harm . The yellow and red was interesting blended into an orangey colour. The yellow and green just made a yellowery green. The blue with the red was a nice purple , the blue with the yellow a greeney bluish colour but the blue with the green was exactly that a greeny blue The scents work well together and don't clash at all. Yellow added to either of the others just made them creamier and was actually quite nice. The red and green colour was a bit yuk but the smells worked well as both were citrus based. The smell combo of the yellow and the blue worked well as it made a creamier lavender smell.

        I will be buying the other colours as time goes on as they do enjoy them and I like to have things for them to enjoy in the bath and it makes them smell nice and clean too.

        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same username


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