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Brand: Lush

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    2 Reviews
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      11.01.2014 04:05
      Very helpful



      Great citrus FUN!

      Lush's range of "Fun" products are a type of mouldable soap which come in different scents and colours. Mainly designed for kids (for obvious reasons), this is a versatile product that can be used in many ways.

      RED FUN- Playdoh for the bath.:

      This squishy sausage shaped product comes wrapped in cellophane like all of the Fun range. The ends are twisted and are easy to undo. Inside the very simple packaging you will find a squidgy product with a strong scent. The mandarin oils in this whack your nose and fill the bathroom with a delicious scent.

      You only need a little bit so your fiver goes a long way. Keep it from sitting in water for too long and it will last you a long time.

      HOW TO USE IT:

      I have just reviewed Gold Fun so will not repeat what I have said but in a nutshell, Fun is designed to be used in several ways.


      Fun can be used as a shower gel if you break off a little piece and squish it up with some water. This turns it into a rosy red paste. It will not stain your skin (or bath) and it works on hair too!


      Fun can be used as a shampoo and is especially useful if you are a swimmer or go to the gym as it is portable and small enough to fit in a tiny container. Simply break a piece off as per the shower comment above and lather it up.


      Fun creates bubbles when run under the tap. The bubbles will not be as extensive or as impressive as one of Lush's bubble bars but you will get some very nicely scented bubbles out of a blob of the bar.

      BATH PLAY:

      For kids who love playdoh, this is something to squash and sculpt with. It has a great texture for making things out of and it holds its shape easily. When you are finished you can either wash with it or squash it up to use again.


      Fun can be used as a hand soap. Just place a blob by the sink and washing your hands becomes... well um FUN. Kids love it, and it is a novelty product so it can encourage kids to practice better hygiene.


      Red Fun is a citrus based product and contains both mandarin and sweet orange essential oils. Both are very uplifting and "sunny" aromas that enhance mood and create a cheerful ambiance.
      The properties and benefits of Mandarin and Orange Essential Oils are fairly similar. Both are widely used in cosmetics and bath products for their uplifting scent and the fact that they can be blended with so many other aromas.

      The oils of the Orange family generally come from the potent skin of the fruit, and are antiseptic. Both also act as tonics and despite the uplifting nature of the scent, both are sedative in nervous system effect.
      Red Fun therefore is a good product to use before your child's bedtime.

      Mandarin has an overall sweetness which is less noticeable in the more "grown up" Orange oil. It has antibacterial and fungicidal properties too so would be excellent for those with athlete's foot.

      Both Mandarin and Orange oils boost circulation and immunity and the combined effects of the scent and a hot bath relieve stress.


      If you like fresh citrus smells then Red fun will be something that you will enjoy.
      Red fun is the citrus member of the fun family. It contains mandarin oils and really is a zingy and refreshing product. Does it actually get the dirt off though?

      The answer is yes, and the softening ingredients of glycerine & cornflower mean that your skin will not dry out. It does contain SLS which is added to this ingredient as a foaming agent unfortunately. It also contains colour.

      We have had Red Fun for a month now and the bar is still going strong. Admittedly it has some competition with members of the other Fun range which are taking over my bathroom, but each bar goes a long way and lasts ages. These products are a sales gimmick and a clever one as they really do appeal to kids. The leave your stinky sprogs smelling sweet and clean, and enhance bath time.


      Talc, Cornflour, Glycerine, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Orange Oil, Mandarin Oil, *Limonene, Perfume, Colour 14700

      *occurs naturally in essential oils


      Aptly named, Red Fun is a great zesty product to awaken your senses in the morning or to chill last thing before bed. We had no ill effects from the additives even though I do not like them.

      Red Fun costs £5 for 200g which will last to yonks.
      Therefore we consider this product to be good value and to have lasting amusement value for kids.


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        20.02.2013 22:02
        Very helpful



        A nice bright fun bath product

        Lush Fun - RED
        Just before Christmas lush brought out a new product a bit different from their others and that was the FUN range. It is available in green, pink, red, yellow and blue and is sold wrapped in plastic wrapped like a transparent cracker so pretty basic. For £5 you get 200g of FUN so it is not bad value for a FUN product really.

        WHAT IS FUN?
        Fun is a brand new 4 in 1 Lush creation. It works as a soap, a bubble bath, a shampoo and finally it is a play dough for in or out of the bath.

        Not only is it a fun product but it is another of the many items that Lush donate a % to charity. In this case 10p from every bar goes to the FunD - more about that later.

        THE FUND
        Lush have a lot of customers in Japan and so after the Tsunami they donated a lot to help those who suffered . Today many children are still suffering and Lush donates 10p from every bar of FUN towards children's projects in Japan. In many areas because of the danger of radiation poisoning many children cannot play outside and the money from FunD goes towards groups helping to create activities for these children so that they can run and play and mix with other children in safe environments.

        Using it on the body as a soap you can either use a small piece as a soap or squish it with warm water to form a paste or bath cream and apply with a sponge or cloth as you would a bath/shower gel or cream.

        In the bath break FUN up into small pieces or create a paste then add to the bath under the running tap as it is filling and enjoy a lovely scented bubbly bath.

        When using it as a shampoo I find that it is best to squish a small amount into a soft solution and apply it like any shampoo then rinse out thoroughly.

        Playing with it is obvious really just shape the dough like stuff as you would any play dough. You can play in or out of the bath but when playing in the bath the FUN does begin to disappear so beware of long playing wet sessions.

        FUN RED
        The red one smells of orange but sweeter than the green as it is mandarin and orangey rather than lemony which is not surprising that is what is has to scent it lots of lovely orange oil and mandarin oil to give the lovely sweet and uplifting smell.

        Sadly there is also sodium Laureth Sulphate which give the bubbles so if you are allergic to this beware.
        The malleable quality comes from talc and cornflour mixed with glycerine which are all pretty harmless to anyone.

        MY VIEWS

        Well I have tried it in all ways . Sadly my creative efforts are a bit pathetic and would win no prizes. It works brilliantly as a soap and I have used it for hand washing and body washing and had no problems and the scent is really strong and it lathers quite well though it is best squished into a sort of paste I have found.

        As a bubble bath you end up with lots of bubbles and a nice creamy gentle vanilla smelling bath with a sort of slightly yellowy tinge. You have to work quite hard to get the FUN into a paste of well broken up and then swirl the water around otherwise you get left with red bits in the bottom of the bath which have not melted. The bath water does turn a nice red colour too and it feels quite soft but not that moisturising though. The bath is not coloured after it has emptied and I just swill a bit of clean water around after and it is fine.

        The scent is quite fresh ,sweet and strong so does really carry quite far into the room and around about and it does last quite well on my skin too after I have dried myself. It isn't that moisturising so you may have to put some body lotion on if you have dry skin.

        As a shampoo it was okay but it is not something I would use every day. You could take a chunk away with you in your hand baggage and it would be fine for a few days but I found I really needed to make a paste first then use conditioner afterwards. I can't say it is one I would buy to use just a a shampoo but if bathing children then it is handy to know you can wash them from top to toe with one item and they can play with it too.

        Obviously I am not the target audience for the play element so I tested it on my grandchildren. They loved the fact that they could play with it and squish it around. I have to say they creations were no better than mine but they enjoyed playing with it. They also loved the fact that the water turned a sort of reddish pink colour and liked this as much as the green one and better than the yellow as this too is a more obvious a colour. They still enjoyed the fact that they could 'paint' themselves red when it was wet.
        I would say that it was a success FUN wise. I didn't wash their hair as I wasn't risking the stinging eyes possibility. I always use a baby shampoo on any of them even the eldest at aged 8 as I don't want any sore eyes. They all smelled nice after their bath and really enjoyed playing with the FUN green. They are asking for different colours now so I said I would get some others to try!

        Yes I think the children really loved it and anything that makes bath time FUN is a good thing. The colour is really strong and that was a plus with the kids. They loved squishing it and making shapes but it is a bit limited what you can shape it in to. The youngest liked using it to cut our pastry shapes on the table and once she had finished we washed her hands and she loved the fact that they made bubbles and were yellow!

        I now have three colours and I would say the green was the strongest scent and the colour was more attractive to the children. The red was pretty good and the scent stronger than the yellow but sweeter and less strong than the green. They also really liked having three colours and needless to say they did mix the bits I gave them which they enjoyed and did no harm . The yellow and red was interesting blended into an orangey colour. The yellow and green just made a yellowery green. The scents work well together and don't clash at all. Yellow added to either of the others just made them creamier and was actually quite nice. The red and green colour was a bit yuk but the smells worked well as both were citrus based.

        I will be buying the other colours as time goes on as they do enjoy them and I like to have things for them to enjoy in the bath and it makes them smell nice and clean too.

        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same username


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