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Lush Gingerbread House Tin

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2 Reviews

Brand: Lush / Type: Gift Pack

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    2 Reviews
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      01.08.2012 18:56



      It was lush

      Available from Lush - Sorry I have no idea how much it was as it was a gift.

      This tin was the most amazing gift for Christmas, it contained four products (listed below) and the tin itself can be used as a money box after the products have been used. (Mine still smells just a little still - it's great).

      Gingerbread House gift contains :

      Gingerbread House Bubble Bar

      This is a wonderful bar shaped like a little ginger bread house it has the most amazing ginger smell to it. It has a cinnamon stick chimney, and smells awesome. You just crumble it into the bath, and it creates masses of fruity, gingery bubbles.

      Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

      This again releases bubble under the tap when you run it, and it smells all lovely and sweet - actually good enough to eat.

      So White Bath Bomb

      This is a slow release bath bomb that fizzes through the bath as you sit in it, and I have to admit I had probably gotten out before it had stopped, but it smelt fruity and fresh, which for some may be a relief after the Christmas y, and sweet smells above.

      Cinders Bath Bomb

      This bath bomb smelt wonderful - there was still a Christmas edge to it, but not as spicy as the ginger bread house was. There were almonds, orange oil and a cinnamon twist.

      This was a really nice gift to get as it gave me an excuse to relax over the Christmas period.

      I really would recommend it to friends, and cannot wait to see what they will come out with this year.


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      16.02.2012 16:36
      Very helpful



      A fantastic selection of Lush products, made all the more special by the gorgeous gift-tin!

      I've always thought Lush giftsets were a bit of a rip off; they're usually priced a good bit higher than buying the individual products, and the better value larger sets always have a product or two I dislike. The price issue is the main bugbear for me as I hate (and I mean REALLY hate) the thought of paying over the odds just for a pretty cardboard box for the ballistics and bubble bars to go in - I'm definitely not tight when it comes to treating myself, but unless you're buying one of the huge giftboxes for someone special they always seem overpriced for what is essentially a disposable item.

      This Gingerbread House set is different though; a small selection of two bath ballistics and two bubble bars housed in (and this is the clever bit) a gorgeous tin gingerbread house. The roof lifts off for access into the tin, and there is a slot cut into the roof so you can use the tin as a money box after you've finished with the bath goodies. This is a nice idea, but I'm going to use mine to store my Lush supply as it not only keeps everything together but also gives my bedroom a yummy fragrance! Although there are only four products supplied in the tin, it's bigger than you're probably thinking and will hold seven or eight Lush bath products or massage bars - too big for a money box in my opinion but it makes a fab ornament on my dressing table!

      The products are all really well chosen, not specifically Christmas products but all have a subtly festive feel. My favourite is the Gingerbread House bubble bar which is shaped like a little cottage, creates a thick layer of bubbles using just half a bar and smells gorgeous. This is a really Christmassy bar as it smells so spicy, gingery and cinnamon-ey - an amazing mix of festive fragrances which has a delicious flowery undertone. Gingerbread House makes my skin beautifully soft and the scent lingers for at least an hour, also fragrancing the whole upstairs of my house with a welcoming spicy aroma.

      The Candy Mountain is this years take on the usually sausage shaped Candy Cane. It's one of my all-time favourite Lush products; the smell is sweet and girly, it's described by Lush as a candy floss and I absolutely agree with that. The fragrance isn't heavy at all but lingers in the air and on my skin, I love the sweetness of it and tend to use it before bed so I can settle under the covers in a pretty and subtle perfume. It's the type of lingering fragrance that means I don't have to use a perfume immediately afterwards, although if you apply any scented body lotion you'll lose the Candy Mountain smell straightaway.

      Also included is a So White bath ballistic. I hadn't come across this product before and was thrilled when I smelled it in it's dry state, it's a crisp and fresh apple scented ballistic - I adore anything that smells like apple but have never found a decent bath time product that captures the fragrance. I thought I'd hit the jackpot with So White - until I threw it into the bath and it lost every microbe of scent! Unusually for a ballistic, you will get a few bubbles from this one - not the copious amounts your bath is filled with when using a bubble bar, but a velvety layer of foam is produced that feels lovely to sink into. It's a shame the fragrance is so weak in the bath water actually as if it had retained it's gorgeous apple aroma I'm sure this would have become a firm favourite.

      Cinders (another ballistic) is the complete opposite as I'm not struck on the smell of the dry ballistic, but once it's in the water it's absolutely gorgeous. Citrussy, spicy, rich and just bloody lovely! The addition of popping candy is fun as you can hear it crackling in the warm water, Lush suggest putting your head under the water to hear the popping candy effects better but this ballistic will make your hair greasy so I don't recommend this myself! This doesn't particularly look like a Christmassy ballistic, but the spicy orange fragrance is surprisingly festive while you're soaking.

      So, all my gorgeous Lush goodies have gone - but I still have the beautiful tin to make my bedroom look prettier. I definitely wouldn't feel ripped off if I bought this giftset as at least the recipient has a lasting aspect; I'm unsure of the price as this was a freebie, I'd guess it would be part of the £10 - £15 range though based on the individual prices of the four products and then adding a little on for the tin. I actually wish they'd sell the tin on it's own for you to fill up with your own selection of bath goodies, although their choices here were pretty spot on I'd be tempted to fill my home with these lovely little tins if I could control what went into them.


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