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Lush Green Green Bath of Foam

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Brand: Lush / Solid bath foam. / Type: Bath Melt/Foam / Subcategory: Foam

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    2 Reviews
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      06.01.2008 17:41
      Very helpful



      Will make you sing!

      It's been a while since I posted a LUSH review but luckily Santa was a good boy this year and put me some lovely Lush goodies in my stocking my favourite being the "Green, Green Bath of Foam" bath ballistic.

      Now the name alone would make it one of my all time favourite Lush items, (I'm a not-so-secret Tom Jones fan, I know Elvis did it first but I like the Tom Jones version better), but it was the shape of a Christmas tree to boot, (a crumbly, bright green cone shaped Christmas tree but a Christmas none the less)! There were even red peppercorns stuck into it to look like baubles. Full marks to Lush so far.

      The smell was very similar to freshly cut grass with a slightly floral edge. Saying "floral" makes it sound girly or old ladyish but it isn't really a particularly feminine smell, just fresh and slightly uplifting. The ingredients list "smoky vetivert, sparky grapefruit, uplifting neroli and invigorating cedar leaf", which doesn't really explain it smelling like grass to me!

      Now I know I've already mentioned this being green and boy is it green. It turns your bath water a kind of neon green which I like but it does mean your bath will need extra rinsing when you've finished! As for the peppercorns I have to admit that they must have gone down the plug hole or broken up as I didn't notice them in the bath at all and they weren't there when I let the water out. Luckily you don't turn green and I noticed no staining of the towels afterwards.

      The amazing thing about this bath ballistic is how relaxing it is to soak in a bath of this. Now I liked the smell straight off but it is understated for something from Lush and I know a fair few Lush fans would be put off by that but it is a smell that does it's job. This is the ballistic for relaxing and chilling out after stress or activity. It un-knots all your muscles, clears your head and leaves you feeling great. I know that sounds a bit tree-hugger, (not that there's anything wrong with hugging trees), but it's true.

      I'm not going into the ins and outs of Lush, nearly everyone knows about Lush and for those don't just check out www.lush.co.uk.

      I'm not sure of the exact price for this bath ballistic as it was a Christmas only one so it's no longer on their website, (some shops will still have some in stock), but I believe it was about £1.95-£2.10. That makes it reasonable for a Lush bath. Some people break these in half and get 2 baths out of them but I just break the whole thing into the bath. I know it's indulgent but I don't use them all the time and it's not pricey for a treat, (a bottle of wine costs more).

      All in all this is a Lush Christmas cracker and well worth stocking up on if you see any in the shops.

      Thanks for reading.

      (This may appear elsewhere under the name Donnabroom).


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        27.12.2007 16:02
        Very helpful



        An odd-smelling bath product, that has surprisingly good effects!

        So, the Christmas preparation panic is over, the day has passed, and you're wondering if there's any way to use leftover sprouts. But more importantly, here's part three of my Lush festive bubble bar mini-series! ;)

        I left this one to last for a couple of reason: mostly because - despite the Christmas tree shape - it's not exactly a festive scent. It is, however, perfect for that post-indulgence, needing a head clearing moment. Read on!

        This is an odd one: I bought it on a whim, not being exactly impressed by the smell but thinking, heck, you can barely smell anything in the shop over the odour-attack of 1200 bubble bars, ballistics, et al screaming at your nose all at the same time, anyway! Still. The ingredients looked interesting (on the website), and I was in the mood to treat myself to a few experiments!

        Alas, I finally got this on its own and the aroma just did not impress me. It's hard to describe, possibly because I don't really know what any of the ingredients smell like individually: "smoky vetivert, sparkly grapefruit, uplifting neroli and invigorating cedar leaf", plus bergamot and a very festive frankincense (it's like regular incense, but very upfront, yeah?). Together... hmm. It's got a sharpness, possibly from the grapefruit. It's got a heavy kind of a whiff, too - lots of powerful things colliding. This may have been a mistake!

        Anyway. I split the bar in two. First bath and I was soon thinking this was one of the 'chalk this up to experience' new range. Still trying to put a finger on the scent, I could only come up with "like the original Radox, but wrong". And then something strange happened: 20 minutes or so into the bath, I realised I was actually quite liking the scent. It was refreshing; uplifting. After an hour (my usual bath luxury!), I honestly felt amazing! Clichéd as it sounds, all the stresses and worries of the day had gone, and instead I felt very at peace and revitalised. Good grief but that sounds corny, especially talking about a misshapen plasticine-looking green blob, but it's true! This is great stuff! Rush out and buy another one - stock up for when they go!

        Bath two, and here's the odd thing: I know I enjoyed this, so how come I'm suddenly wrinkling my nose a bit at the smell, and wondering if I've made two mistakes: one, buying another one of these things, and two, wasting my precious relaxing time by not using a Christmas Kisses bar instead?!

        So here's the big secret about this bubble bar: it reeks, and isn't really all that appealing - until you have the bath run, get used to the scent, and suddenly find the mix of aromatherapy-type odours have a very definite effect! Really, this is one that has to be dissolved in the water before you can appreciate it, but at least with my second experience I was quite happy with it all by the time I lowered myself into the water, without having to wait to get over my "this should smell bad" I'd experienced at first.

        The soothing, refreshing, calming, somewhat energising effects came second time 'round too: this stuff is really head-clearing. Not in an obvious way: this isn't a sharp smell, blasting the cobwebs away. Instead, it kind of twines its way into your subconscious, helping you to focus that little bit more. By the time you've been submerged in it for half an hour or more, you should be feeling some pretty good effects!

        I love baths, I expect them to be relaxing, but I'd never really thought I'd get such an extra bonus effect just from my bath product! :)

        As if that wasn't enough, the water itself is also pretty groovy. First the colour: quite definitely green! My brain half wanted to insist that meant the scent was vaguely forest-y, but I really don't think it is in anything apart from colour. My half a bar produced quite the mound of bubbles, and they were lovely: the rich, moisturising, fluffy kind. Delicious! Although small warning: the decorative red peppercorns go a bit icky if you put them in the bath :P

        So as I started off by saying, this is kind of an odd one. I am quite amazed by the effects, definitely over and above my expectations from a bath. Part of me says, then, I should be rating this a full five, but the overpowering and not-great smell at the beginning is a little off putting. I tend to decide what to put in the bath by giving the bar/bottle/whatever a good sniff, but every time I've tried that here it's put me off - I really have to override my reaction and remember that it's nice when you get into the bath, if not so much before!

        Despite that, I do still recommend this a great deal, and I think it's an absolutely perfect way to perk yourself up after the festive season. Or just in general! Apparently this is the new Lush scent - 'Go Green!' - and while I have reservations about using it in any other format, the bath was great!

        Boring details:

        Price: £1.95 for a blob I managed two baths from. Three is probably doable, although splitting that shape is a little tricksy.

        Ingredients (from the Lush website):
        Sodium Bicarbonate , Cream of Tartar (Tartaric acid) , Sodium Laureth Sulfate , Lauryl Betaine , Perfume , *Limonene , Cocamide DEA , Grapefruit Oil (Citrus grandis) , Bergamot Oil (Citrus bergamia), Frankincense Oil (Boswellia carterii) , *Linalool , Hydroxycitronellal , Gardenia Extract (Gardenia jasminoides) , Colour 59040 , Colour 42090 , Lustre holly sparkle , Red Peppercorns (*Occurs naturally in essential oils.)

        What Lush say:
        "New, fresh and reviving! The Green Green Bath of Foam is scented with Mark's newest fragrance, Go Green, a refreshing blend of smoky vetivert, sparky grapefruit, uplifting neroli and invigorating cedar leaf. So it's perfect for a warm bath after cycling home from work or a weekend at the anti-climate change demo. We make it look a bit like a tiny fir tree, decorated with peppercorns. They'll do nicely as your yuletide decorations and you can use them up in January. No waste! (Elvis fans might recognise the song it's named after.)"

        My summary:
        Bonus comparison of the four festive bubble bars!

        4th: Ruby Red Slippers (£2.95)
        I didn't review this, as I tried it last year on first release and wasn't impressed. The smell is alright - peppery carnation overwhelms the rose entirely; the glitter doesn't impress me; and the colour made my skin look hideous in the bath! (You can see why I wasn't buying another one this year!)

        3rd: Bling Crosby (£2.95)
        Really just a disappointment more than anything - the glitter was dull, and the lovely smell barely perceptible in the bath.

        2nd: Green Green Bath of Foam (£1.95)
        Smells very odd until you get used to it, but then wow is it head clearing! :)

        1st: Christmas Kisses (£2.10)
        My absolutely favourite of the bunch: no glitter, but the perfect warming smell that wraps you up against the winter weather! Oh, and it looked the nicest, too!

        So, there you go: Lush's festive bubble bars, 2007. Thanks for reading, and happy new year!


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      • Product Details

        The Green Green Bath of Foam is scented with Lush's new fragrance, Go Green, a refreshing blend of smoky vetivert, sparky grapefruit, uplifting neroli and invigorating cedar leaf /

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