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Lush Have a Sweet Christmas Set

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Brand: Lush / Type: Gift Pack

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    3 Reviews
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      27.05.2012 11:04
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      Lovely girly smelling girly looking glittery pink eveything!!

      I received this as a gift set for Christmas and I am a big fan of Lush products. As soon as you take the lid of this gift set you are overwhelmed with a scent of girlyness, sweets and lots of pink colour and glittery items between the packaging. It is like a taster of the rest Of the Lush snow fairy girly range, as a lot of these pink glittery products smell similarly. The bath bomb lathered up a treat and smells wonderful, and the soap smells equally delicious and is also full of glitter which subtlely covers your skin. The smell really does make any girl or lady no matter what age, feel like a child again. Im sure that the pink colouring and glitter only adds to that. It really is a clever design by Lush as the wonderful smell sucks you in and really gets you hooked. The bath bomb makes your skin feel unbeliveably soft and moisturised, and the scent does linger for hours. I often can't smell it any longer on myself, but other people always comment on it. The soap is also of lovely quality that you would come to expect from Lush and unlike many other soaps does not dry your skin out. Like with the bath bomb, the scent also lingers, and the soap itself lasts ages! I would recommend this highly as a gift for a young girl, teenager, or infact any female that loves pink and glitter! Even my fiancee loves the smell and now uses the snow fairy in the same range!


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        05.01.2012 18:59
        Very helpful
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        A great Christmas gift from Lush.

        I have to admit that I am a huge girly girl and I love all things pink and sparkly. Many of my friends are similar to me, therefore it made purchasing christmas quite simple. I picked up a few of these 'Have a Sweet Christmas' gift sets from Lush to dish out to friends, secret santas, as well as quite greedily picking one up for myself!

        I am a huge fan of Lush, especially the range they bring out at Christmas, however since I've been a student I have been struggling to afford my addiction to all of their products. I know that some of their gifts can often be expensive, but I have to say that the price really did attract me to this. It was only £5.95 which you can not really argue with as both the products come to around this price to buy individually without the gift wrap.

        In addition to the price, the first reason I looked at it was because of it's gorgeous gift wrap. It is pink with various cute images printed all over such as gingerbread men and Christmas puddings. It would be the perfect gift to buy for Secret Santas, to purchase as stocking fillers or even to hand out to friends like I did, as it contains two of the most lovely items from the Christmas range - Angel's Delight soap and the Candy Mountain bubble bar.

        The first thing to note is the smell of this, it is extremely girly and smells just like candy and sweets. Although giftwrapped already and saving you the hard work, the scent really does just fly out of the box and leave your room smelling delicious. Being such a candy scent, I would definitely say this is one for the girlies, and you will not have to worry about husbands and boyfriends nabbing your bath and shower treats! I do love the smell quite a lot, however I know that it could be quite overpowering for some people and a little too sickly sweet. Although I can't complain as I am a big fan of it!

        The first item in the gift is the Candy Mountain bubble bar. To use it is quite simple, as all you have to do is crumble the bubble bar under a running tap. I always try to save some rather than using it all in one go so you get more for your money. I would say that around 2-3 baths could be given from this bubble bar which is excellent. As it crumbled into the water, it started bubbling almost immediately, resulting with with loads of bubbles in my bath which I was very impressed with. Many Lush bubble bars do not result in many bubbles, however this one really does the job and gives you a bath full of them! The other thing which you will notice is that your bath starts to go a tinge of pink which makes it fun and enjoyable compared to your average bath. It is a really fun product which is equally as fun for younger girls, teenagers and those of us who are young at heart! I must not forget to mention that this bubble bar leaves the most gorgeous scent around your bathroom. It smells just like bubblegum and is almost good enough to eat! The scent lingers on the skin, as well as leaving the bathroom smelling delicious hours after the bath. Overall, I was extremely impressed with this bubble bar, and it has to be one of the best from Lush.

        The second item which you get in this gift set is the Angel's Delight soap. You only get a 60 gram portion which is quite small, however it comes in a novelty star shape which is lovely and also not available to buy in that shape in store. Despite being smallish, soap does tend to last quite a while, therefore it did not bother me too much. Depending on which part of the soap you get may depend on the colouring of your soap, but mine was pink all over with some glittery specks on the top. The smell of it is delicious, and it is a little different to the bubble bar. Although still a girly, sweet scent, it is not quite so strong as the bubble bar, which is perfect for the skin as it does not leave it smelling too sweet. It still smells like candy, however with a fruity tinge to it, therefore leaving it quite subtle. I was excited to try out this soap, but the results were not as good as I had hoped. I have experienced many Lush soaps in the past, including this one from previous Christmas'. Many of their soaps tend to be quite creamy and lather up nicely, however I do find Angel's Delight a little difficult to create a lather with. To get the best results, I would suggest using a loofah to get the lather going, as it can end up being quite rough on the skin if applied directly with hands. When the soap lathers, it is lovely and does clean the skin well, as well as leaving a lovely scent on it. However, for Lush I was slightly disappointed in this.

        However, overall for £5.95 this gift set is wonderful as a little present to others or even to yourself! I would repurchase it again and again, and those who I brought it for have said that they loved it. Two gorgeous Christmas products from Lush, targeted at girly girls and very much recommended to others. Thanks for reading.


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          29.11.2011 16:26
          Very helpful



          I loved my set!

          Lush is a company offering a wide range of fresh cosmetic products. Their products are not tested on animals.

          Lush offer a range of gifts from £5.95 - £100.00. Some of their gift sets are released especially for Christmas and make ideal little gifts or stocking fillers.

          One of the cheaper gift sets is "Have A Sweet Christmas".

          ~Have A Sweet Christmas~

          "Have a sweet Christmas and a candy-scented New Year!"

          This gift set includes 2 popular Lush products :

          ~Candy Mountain~

          Candy Mountain is a bubble bar. It can be split or used whole in a hot bath and will create loads of bubbles! This years edition of Candy Mountain takes shape in a mountain peak with a pink and white design. The bubble bar is scented with vanilla and candy floss.

          ~Angel's Delight~

          Angel's Delight is one of the limited edition Lush soaps. The gift set soap takes form in a pink, chunky star. The regular soap has many colours and glitter decorations. The soap is infused with tangarine and orange oil. 60g


          These bath goodies are safely packaging with a small, cardboard box. The box has lots of polystyrine colourful bits. The box is then wrapped up in wrapping paper (which can be recycled) and this particular set has cupcakes and gingerbread men adorning the paper - I suppose to confirm its sweet status! There is a paper ribbon and gift tag as well.


          The gift set is priced at £5.95. The individual products can be bought with the bubble bar costing £2.35 and a 100g soap costing £2.50. Available from Lush stores or www.lush.co.uk.

          ~My Thoughts~

          My fiance recently treated me to this gorgeous gift set from Lush. Whilst the individual products work out better value for money, the set is so perfectly presented I couldn't resist picking this one. This set is cheap and would make the perfect gift as its already wrapped. Even if you put it in a gift bag, the strong sweet aroma would soon confirm that it was a Lush gift set!

          I love sweet smells and adore the Lush bubble bars so this set seemed the perfect choice and I'm so glad my fiance decided to buy it for me. He's a big sweetie! Once unwrapped, the bubble bar and soap look beautiful - very girly, pink and delectably scented. I love to use Lush products as a treat as I mostly have showers. I hadn't used either product before so looked forward to a relaxing bath.

          ~Bubble Heaven!~

          This bubble bar is quite big and has a squidgy, sort of moist feel. It smeels absolutely perfect and has a bubblegum tinge more than candyfloss. The vanilla is natural smelling and compliments the sweet bubble bar perfectly. I split this into 3 sections to get the best value from it. I cut the top off - just the peak. This was for my toddler who loves Lush bubble bars like his Mummy.

          I have no issues with popping a small piece into a warm bath for my son as I have always found Lush products to be very gentle on the skin. Despite only using the tiniest piece of bubble bar, the finished result was impressive. The bubbles quickly formed and spread out across his bath. The bath was lovely and soft and his skin felt amazingly smooth and sweet scented when he got out as did my hands!

          For my own bath, I used half of the bigger piece one night and have the next night and was extremely happy with my bathing experience. The bar is very easy to crumble under the tap and changes to a smooth, thick paste which blends in with the water. My bath water had a pink tinge to it and had a huge, fluffy topping of luxurious bubbles! It looked more appealing than your typical cheap bubble bath and I couldn't wait to jump in. The sweet aroma lingered around our flat and filled my bathroom with the most inviting scent..

          The water felt perfectly soft and silky and I relaxed for 30mins whilst the luxurious bubbles draped against my skin. It felt wonderful and a true treat almost . The sweet aroma of vanilla lingered around me for the duration of my bath. By the time 30mins was up, a lot of the bubbles had disappeared and sort of absorbed into my skin. The random bubbles that remained on the surface of my bath went to good use as I rubbed them across my skin and received a thick, creamy layer of foam which cleansed my skin and softened it even further.

          No residue was left to rinse away from my bath afterwards. My skin once dried felt moisturised and smooth to the touch. The delightful sweetness clung to my skin for a short while and was a pleasure to sniff! I enjoyed my luxurious bath and felt relaxed and when I woke up the next morning, my skin still felt wonderfully soft though the scent had long gone.

          Overall 5/5 and well worth the cost.

          ~Angelic Soap For An Angel Like Me~

          I have used this soap with and without the bubble bar being present in my bath. It is beautifully shaped though does take a bit of getting used to as the edges can seem a bit sharp at first and need softened. My bar had a cluster of gold glitter particles on the top and smelled fresh and sweet. I don't often use soaps as I find they dry my sensitive skin out but I can make an exception for Lush! The soap cohtains coconut and rapeseed oil.

          Once my skin is damp, it took a few sweeps of this soap across my skin to get a decent lather going. Whilst this soap doesn't produce as thick a lather as some shower gels, it is sufficient enough to provide ample cleansing. A slick, creamy layer of lather feels soft and luxurious against my skin and is also very gentle. It rinses off well and doesn't leave any residue on my skin. My skin felt super soft and cleansed which I appreciated given that this is a soap. A few speckles of glitter transfered but nothing over the top or too noticeable. I did like that the lather softened my legs enough to be able to run my razor over them with ease though a shaving gel works out so much cheaper!

          The best aspect of this soap is the smell. It compliments Candy Mountain in a fresh, lighter way and is simply divine! At first it was fruity and almost citrussy which is down to the tangarine and orange oils but once the lather developed, it changed to a heaventy, sweetie shop type scent. I would say something like jelly babies or jelly beans - lots of different fruity and sweet aromas in one bag and mixing together. Absolutely delicious and I can smell it for a few hours after drying off. When used after bathing in Candy Mountain, the blend of scents on my skin increased and lasted several hours.

          What did surprise me is how quickly the soap started to decrease in size. I suppose I am too used to Dove and Palmolive to appreciate the short lived experience from Lush. After 1 use I noticed a decrease in size and by the time I had used it half a dozen times, there wasn't much left of it. This does make it less value for money than other brands but you are paying for the smell and luxurious experience (as well as the company branding).

          I would give this soap 4/5. It looked, smelled and performed well. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a 100g chunk as they are said to be more colourful when cut from the block in store.


          Both products in the set highlighted my love of all things sweet and pink. I enjoyed using them and my skin loved them. It's the perfect little set for a girly girl though the scents may be a bit too sweet for many. I loved the set and can recommend it as a gift!

          Thanks for reading x


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