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Lush Jilted Elf Shower Jelly

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Brand: Lush / Type: Shower Gel

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    3 Reviews
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      26.06.2012 22:01
      Very helpful



      A lovely Christmassy scent!

      I was given the Jilted Elf for Christmas last year, and have only got round to using it, and although a seasonal item (not in store anymore) the product is still available on a lot of websites, but will it be worth it?
      The Jilted Elf comes in a two sizes, 100g and 240g, I have the 100g pot and it came with a Christmas Lush gift box. The pot is clear, which enables you to see the slime green colour of the jelly. The pot contains several pieces of information about the product, including the ingredients, how to use the product and who made it, which I think is a nice unique touch that Lush provide.
      The colour of the product was the first thing I noticed about the product, it was a very unique colour, a slime green colour, which I personally love and it so very typical Lush to have lovely bright colour products. The colour is definitely a plus, but not particularly girly, which I'm very much used to, hope the smell is as nice. And obviously the jelly texture of the shower gel was very unique, and as I never used it before, I was abit excited, but worried how to use it as it was semi solid, so very different from other shower gels.
      It is. It is a very unique scent, which does remind me of Christmas, it is a spicy but sweet smell, which is very nice for the winter nights! Lush claims the scents are figs, honey and seaweed, which I can't quite recognise, but it reminds me of cinnamon. For fans of spicy smells or warm smells, Jilted Elf could be perfect. Not for fans of sweet or sexy scents.
      Using the product was very easy to use, I used it out of the pot, but could be used slightly cooled, which might give a refreshing feel to the shower. It is just used like any other shower gel, apart from you have to break the jelly to use in parts, I personally used about a 50p sized piece, and it was enough for me. It lathers up very well on damp skin, although the product isn't overly soapy. Also the scent makes the shower very relaxing and nice and warming.
      After using the product, my skin felt very soft, which lasted throughout the day, and the product left my skin feeling refreshed and clean, and thankfully didn't dry out my skin. The product is very useful for all skin types, which is always an advantage.
      I would definitely recommend to anyone, the smell si nice and the benefits will be suitable for everyone, and although can't buy through Lush (until next Christmas, I'm thinking) it is available for a range of prices, well worth buying a pot.


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      20.12.2011 08:54
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      Cheery limited edition shower jelly

      I'm a huge fan of the store Lush and especially love their limited edition Christmas range, which always includes some old favourites and some brand new products. Each year follows a particular theme, and whereas previous years have focused more on traditional Christmases, this year was themed around the concept of innovation and lots of their products are very inventive, as well as being inspired by Christmas in New York. The Jilted Elf was actually named after a New York cocktail, and actually contains vodka!

      The Jilted Elf is a shower jelly - basically a more solid form of shower gel. You can chill or freeze shower jellies and use them for a refreshing wash, but I tend to just use them at room temperature - not least because the kitchen in my house is in the basement and the bathroom is on the second floor, and I don't fancy running up and down four flights of stairs every time I want a shower!

      The product is available in two sizes: £7.95 for a 240g tub and £3.95 for a 100g tub. I have the smaller tub. Both tubs are clear plastic and very sturdy, unlike the old plastic oval shower jelly tubs - this is a great improvement, and these tubs are also eligible for the offer to bring back 5 tubs and get a free face mask.

      The shower jelly is very impressive to look at, being bright - almost neon- green with specks of gold glitter inside. In fact it does look like a real cocktail and it's very pretty. The product contains fig infusion (the original cocktail contained figs), seaweed gel, cinnamon leaf oil, honey, grapefruit oil and ginger oil. These ingredients are refreshing and reviving, and help to soften skin. The jelly smells absolutely amazing - fruity, with a ginger and alcoholic kick. According to the Lush Facebook page, the smell wasn't popular with a lot of people, but I absolutely love it. There's something very cheerful about this shower jelly.

      To use the jelly, I scoop out a very small piece and lather it up using a shower puff. This way, only a tiny amount is needed each time and the jelly lasts ages. The scent fills up the whole shower and is incredibly reviving, really helping to clear my head when I'm tired or hungover or feeling a bit ill.

      My skin feels soft after using this product, although I have dry skin so still need to apply moisturiser. I can faintly smell the scent of the shower jelly on my skin.

      I absolutely love The Jilted Elf - it smells so delicious and is lovely to use. I highly recommend it and want to pick some more up before it goes away!


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        31.10.2011 18:29
        Very helpful



        An unusual smelling bath jelly from Lush

        Lush ' Jilted Elf'

        Another Green jelly?
        I've become a bit of a fan of these jellies in Lush initially I thought that they were gimmicky and would melt in the bath water and all that I would be left with was gloop but I have discovered that they are lovely and feel nice and soft to use. Like all Lush products they are not cheap and you will pay £3.95 for 100g of this one or you can go to town and get the 240g one for £7.95. If I had the choice I would buy two of the smaller ones rather than a big one as it is easier to handle in a smaller form and one pot could be put away for using at a later date.

        This is a special Christmas edition and is a lovely bright green and scented with a fruity combination and mixed with vodka so a sort of bath cocktail. The smell is hard to describe as it is quite fruity but has a definite smell of cocktail and alcohol .I wouldn't describe it as sweet, the cinnamon and ginger oils give it a distinctive spicy note and a hint of Christmas in a sophisticated scent.

        My experience:
        I was so thrilled when I read about this new jelly and even more thrilled that my nice Derby shop had all the Christmas stuff as well as the Halloween stuff already in their shop so that I was able to buy myself this new one. I managed to get out of the shop having spent under £10 so i was quite pleased with myself.I was looking forward to using it that night in my bath. Mine as I said is a lovely bright green but this is special as it has glitter suspended in the jelly so looks very festive. I did try and smell it in the shop but there is so much of a hot on the nose in the shop that it is hard to pick out one smell. Once i got home I stuck my nose in and initially thought it was a bit underwhelming. Having used it I have decided I love the more earthy scents that this has.

        When I use this jelly I find it is really like a very floppy bar of soap and when I have the small pots I find it is best to use the entire squiggly lump as soap and lather it all over my body; I then leave it for a few moments so that the scent soaks into my skin before rinsing it off.

        It does feel sort of strange and floppy which takes some getting used to but it is much nicer that when I first use a Lush soap as they are often quite hard at the edges and take some using to make them nice and rounded so I can rub them on my body comfortably. This feels so soft and gentle but you have to be careful to hold your hand cupped around it as it does try to slip out as you use it.

        If you don't want to use the whole lump as a soap then you can use a small piece and then rub this either on a sponge or flannel or if you have some use it with exfoliating mitts as this way you are less likely to drop the squidgy mass in the bath or shower. If you drop a little piece it is REALLY hard to pick up again as I just keeps slipping out between your fingers so you have to trap it in the sponge or the like. Pinch some of the jelly from the pot and rub it in your hands/sponge/flannel/mitt to lather it up and scrub it on and this means there is no mess left in the bath or shower by bits breaking off and escaping and no tricky slippery jelly to hold on to.

        The Scent:
        The smell is a more subtle scent with an earthy spicy undertone which I think must come from the ginger. There is a sweet initial scent which is very much fig and citrus combined. It is not the very sugary sweet scents that Lush sometimes do for Christmas and if you are a big fan of 'Snow Fairy' and the bubble gum pink sort of smells then i would say keep away from this one. This is far more like 'Breathe of God and 'Smell of Freedom' in its more masculine scent. I would imagine a man would be quite happy to use this as well.

        I love the somewhat unusual smell and have it a great morning scent as it is refreshing with the more earthy, leather, male sort of scent. It is a good one for sharing with the man in your life if you don't mind sharing that it!

        Like a lot of Lush's products I just love it and what I especially love is that when I get out of my bath I can smell this lovely smell on my skin for quite a few hours which gives me confidence in the fact that I smell nice to others too hopefully.

        Lush say this is named after a cocktail they found in New York and the recipe for this cocktail is in the latest Lush times if you fancy trying it; it is fig vodka ,earl grey tea, fresh tangerine juice and orange blossom honey and I have to admit the earl grey tea smell does come through in the jelly despite the fact there is none in the actual product.

        They advertise this jelly in their usual fun way:
        "Jilted Elf takes an alcoholic stumble around your shower, leaving wafts of fruit cocktails as he goes.
        Our Jilted Elf can never be kept down. He looks towards a fine future that is full of promise, his little inner twinkle of gold shines out, no matter how tough going the festive season gets.
        Grab him and drag him into a shower near you for the most fun shower you've had in a long while"

        What's in this jelly then?
        The good things are :
        Glycerine and water : both good
        Fig Infusion - just for the smell I would think
        Cinnamon leaf oil- toning and calming for the skin
        Honey- is soothing, anti inflammatory and antiseptic
        Grapefruit oil - a natural stimulant and anti depressant
        Ginger oil- a stimulant , warming can help with rheumatism and bruising but has to be diluted as it can irritate skin.
        Vodka - well say no more
        The jelly is made from carrageenan extract which is a natural and nutritious seaweed gel full of vitamins and minerals and so this is meant to condition skin and also soften hair. I have to say my skin did feel wonderfully pampered after using this so tap marks for that Lush.

        Not so good:
        We still have the methylparabens and propylparabens which are not so great and are questionable ingredients that help give lather.

        There are also colours, glitter and other bits and pieces but I won't go on about those and if you are really concerned about this sort of thing I am sure that you are more than capable of investigating the contents yourself.

        Is it just a strange sort of soap then?
        Well no, as with many Lush products this has multiple uses. Obviously you can use it as it is in its wobbly form as a soft and gentle soap with a refreshingly enlivening scent.

        Secondly you can use it as a shampoo and the seaweed gel is supposed to help make your hair soft and of course the smell will stay in your hair for ages. I did try it and found it was hard to keep hold of the gloopy mass but it did feel nice and lathered up well. Obviously the smell is a bit diluted depending on the conditioner you use after it, what a shame they don't make a conditioner with the same scent. My hair was not noticeable soft but my hair is quite course so really never actually feels soft so maybe I am not a good head of hair to test this on.

        Thirdly you can put this in the fridge and use it as a cool soap or shampoo when it is really hot outside. You can also take it one stage further and put it in the freezer so then you have a hard very cold soap or shampoo which would be nice in a hot climate but so far I haven't been tempted. I think you would have to freeze it in a rounded container so that it had rounded edges otherwise it could be a bit sharp when using it on your body.

        The idea behind freezing is that you can lather your body up with a cold soap and rinse off with hot water a bit like a Turkish bath or sauna experience, hot then cold then hot. I'm not a fan of this hot cold experience and when I use a sauna I never jump back into the pool or have a cold shower as it is not my idea of a pampering at all! Lush reckon that the benefits are especially enjoyed when you freeze the jelly as it makes "for a great bracing, sharp shock in the morning" .Personally I prefer mine non frozen.

        So will you buy this again?
        Well I certainly was impressed with this and would recommend it. The scent this one is wonderfully sophisticated and quite different for a bath product. It smells of a mixture of fruity citrus and a lovely woody scent and is in my view a lovely smell. I have a full pot but will be buying another to save as they will only be around for a few weeks in the shop or on line so if you miss out on this before Christmas then Ebay is your only option. It is going on my Christmas list and hopefully someone will buy me some.

        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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