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Lush Madame Butterfly

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Brand: Lush / Foam / Type: Bath Melt/Foam / Subcategory: Butter / What it does: Enricheses

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    2 Reviews
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      30.08.2012 18:11
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      Reusable bubble bar from Lush

      Lush is a company that likes to innovate and one of their recent developments is the reusable bubble bar. Their first product of this nature was the Snow Fairy-scented Magic Wand that came out at Christmas time. They also released three limited edition bubble bars this year to celebrate Mother's Day. I didn't buy them for my mam, as she doesn't really like Lush, but I was happy to buy them for myself!

      Each of the bubble bars came in wand form, with a wooden stick to hold. The idea is that you hold the bar under the tap until there are a decent amount of bubbles and enough of the product has dissolved into the water. Then leave the wand to dry, put it away and save it for next time. They are economical and excellent value: at £4.95 each they are among Lush's most pricey bath products but they last much longer - the Magic Wand lasted me 10 baths which is pretty impressive.

      Each of the three limited edition bubble bars is suitable for vegans. They are made with a base of sodium carbonate and cream of tartar, which creates a soft, creamy texture. It's worth noting that they are also made with Sodium Laureth Sulfate: this is an ingredient used in the majority of bathing products to create lather, but it can cause skin irritation in some people.

      The bars came in three different designs, each scented with a different Lush smell:
      The Mum: A green flower shape, scented with the Green fragrance
      Madame Butterfly: A pink butterfly shape, scented with the Rose Jam fragrance
      The Tulip: An orange tulip shape, scented with the Yuzu and Cocoa fragrance

      In this review I am going to discuss Madame Butterfly.

      ***Madame Butterfly***
      I was very excited about this product as it is scented with the Rose Jam scent - one of my favourite Lush scents. It was introduced as the Rose Jam Bubbleroon about a year ago, and has since appeared in Ro's Argan Body Conditioner and a limited edition perfume (as well as a Europe-only shower gel). It is made with rose absolute, rose oil, rose petal powder, geranium oil and lemon oil. There's a lot of rose in here - it smells beautiful. Geranium oil adds sweetness while lemon oil is uplifting and zesty. The scent is absolutely divine - floral and sweet at the same time - and I adore it.

      The bubble bar is dark pink and in the shape of a butterfly. To use it, you can run the bath and swish it around in the water, but I prefer to hold it under the tap when it's running. This way, more bubbles are created. I find that these wands don't produce as many bubbles as some of Lush's other bubble bars do, but I don't mind this too much as the bars last a lot longer. When the bath is a lovely pale pink colour and there are enough bubbles, I put the wand on the side of the bath to dry. When it is dry, I like to keep it in a vase in my room - I never have real flowers but this is the next best thing!

      I love bathing with this - it is so decadent and luxurious. The sweet rose scent is amazing and really pervades the bathroom. I like to layer up with my shower gel and body conditioner to make the scent last longer.

      After my bath, the scent lasts on my skin, though faint. The bubble bar doesn't have any moisturising properties, but the product doesn't particularly dry my skin out either. After using it I feel relaxed and revitalised.

      This bar is smaller than the Magic Wand, so I don't think I'll get quite as many baths out of it - I estimate five or six. That's still pretty impressive, however.

      ***A little extra***
      The bubble bars each come with a special name tag - it is full of wild flower seeds, and Lush state that if you pop the tag into the soil and water it you will get some lovely flowers springing up. As a less than keen gardener I haven't tried this, but I thought it was a nice touch.

      This is an amazing bubble bar - reusable, value for money, and scented with one of my favourite Lush scents. I definitely hope it comes back next year!


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        02.08.2012 18:48
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        A pretty and long lasting bubble bar wand from Lush for Mother's Day

        Lush Madame Butterfly bubble wand

        This is one of Lush's re-usable bubble bars that was brought out for Mother's Day this year. I had a couple as gifts, this one and the tulip one. They first brought these re-usable bubble bars out at Christmas with the Magic Wand which was the same scent as Snow Fairy.

        I have to admit that I prefer the bubble bars to the ballistics so this was rather a good present for me to receive as a gift as I always like a bath treat as my family well know. Lush's normal bubble bars give me from three to five baths depending on their size. This one they reckon will give you a good six baths which is just as well as they are not cheapest option from Lush. I believe they were about £5 so even if you get five or six uses it still isn't a cheap bath.

        These wands look a bit like something a child might win at a fair or bring home from a birthday party. They are on wooden sticks which are about a foot long maybe a bit shorter. The bubble bar bit is firmly fixed onto the wooden stick and in this case it is a beautiful pink butterfly.

        The bubble producing part is not huge and in fact is smaller than some bubble bars so I was interested to see if it lived up to its promise of five or six baths.

        When I opened my gift, actually even before I opened it I could smell that it was something from Lush. It smelled lovely, sweet, and with that wonderful Moroccan rose aroma. I really loved the Rose Jam Bubbleroon (also reviewed on here) so was delighted to find this in my gift.

        It was very pretty too unlike some of their products which look like something a pre-school child makes in playdough. This was obviously a pretty deep pink butterfly and there was a dark green raffia sort of bow under the butterfly on the stick.

        A little bonus came with this bubble bar as its name tag is a bit more than just a name tag, it has some wild flower seeds embedded into it for you to plant and then enjoy visits from real butterflies in the flowering season. Mine came up quite well but then got washed out sadly with all the deluges of rain we had so I didn't get to see them in flower.

        The idea of this is that you swish it around under the tap as the bath is filling. You keep it there for as long as you want depending on how many bubbles you like in your bath. If the tap is running the bubbles continue to grow even after you remove the butterfly so don't be too generous. The smell as you swish it under the tap the smell comes out really well and the lovely sweet rosy scent fills the bathroom.

        Now this is when it becomes a bit tricky. What do you do with a very wet, slightly soggy dissolving butterfly? I found it was very important to make sure it dried off and wasn't left sitting in a wet pool otherwise when you come back it was a pink puddle with a solid bit that didn't much look like a butterfly. I found if I had it upright in a jug or vase for a while then once it was dry I could lie it down. If I wanted to however I also found that it looked quite nice as a decoration when standing upright in a nice container. I had two as I said, one tulip and one butterfly so they looked quite sweet together.

        IN I GO
        Once the bath was suitable bubbly and the right temperature I got in. The water smelled wonderful and felt nice and soft and creamy, under the bubbles the water was a delicate shade of pink. As long as I didn't add any soap to the water the bubbles stayed nice and thick. I did find that once I washed my underarms with soap that the bubbles disappeared quite quickly. The smell however stayed quite strong although this was more noticeable once I was out of the bath. I went out of the bathroom and came back in and that is when I became aware of how strong the scent was n the room still.

        Anyone who has grown rose scented geranium will recognize the scent that is within this little bar that combines nicely with the rose absolute and lemon oil to create the creamy sweet but also light citrus rose like aroma. That is also a bit like the scent in a Turkish delight shop.

        BANG FOR BUCK?
        They say that you will get around five or six baths from one wand and I got more than that by careful use. I don't really want a bath overflowing with bubbles so didn't run it under the tap for ages. I also made sure I dried mine off carefully after use. It went pretty hard and dry after a while in between uses so it lasted well between.

        As always lush use fresh ingredients and essential oils to create their products and give ore benefits that just the lovely scent. Rose absolute and rose oil not only add a wonderful perfume to the hair and skin but they also work to improve the skin's appearance Rose is also an aphrodisiac but I am not sure my donor knew that!. Geranium oil is supposed to have a balancing effect on the nervous system, oil production and circulation. The lemon oil is there to tone and brighten the skin as well as being emotionally uplifting

        Surely not I hear you say. This is Lush after all but sadly they do still add a few ingredients which are considered safe to use in toiletries but do cause skin irritation and eczema to some people. These ingredients are Sodium Laureth Sulfate, and Lauryl Betaine and if you do suffer from skin rashes then do check that these are not ingredients you are allergic to. My step daughter cannot use products with these ingredients so it makes us very aware of which toiletries contain these.

        Yes I think I would. Although they seem very expensive initially you do get a good few uses from each wand, at least eight baths I got from each of mine. The smell was wonderful and I got lots of bubbles in each bath but do be careful to let it dry between uses. It didn't make my skin feel any different really but it smelled lovely and stayed on my skin after I dried myself off and it also air freshened the bathroom and the room next door which was a bonus. I always love my little bath time treats so I always feel relaxed and mellow after them so the essential oils obviously work but I can't say the aphrodisiac element was obvious!

        Written for the for TETRAFOIL relay team in the Relay competition.

        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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