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Lush Mums Candy Fluff Bath Ballistic

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Brand: Lush

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    1 Review
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      16.03.2010 20:29
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      A nice way of presenting a bath ballistic.

      The Lush Mum Candy Fluff bath ballistic is a bit different to most of Lush's other bath ballistics. This one is in the shape of a flower and comes on a stick with a bit of a bow and a tag. The tag contains a few wildflower seeds - all you need to do it soak the tag in water, pop it in some soil and let them grow (hopefully). The stick that the ballistic sits on can be used to pop in the flower pot to help them grow (I'm not gardener though!).

      Anyway, the ballistic itself is like a neon pink and smells like... well... candy! A bit like candy floss in a way. Lush do a range of similar smelling items, just look for the pink ones and the ones with candy in their name and its a safe bet that they're similar. If I had to put this ballistic down to a particular smell, I'd say it reminds me of a cross between candy floss, Love Hearts and Refreshers. I can't think what you call the centre of a flower, but this ballistic had one that was made up of hard bubbly stuff. The centre of my ballistic was red-ish orange, although the picture on the website shows them with a creamy yellow centre.

      As you may have guessed from the product title, the Lush Mum Candy Fluff bath ballistic was produced for Mothers Day and I believe it's a limited edition item. My Mum got a couple of books and a box of chocolates... this was a Lush product I wanted to try for myself! Selfish, I know, but I do share some of my Lush products with my Mum.

      To use this bath ballistic, you simply remove the green stick and pop the flower ballistic in the bath (after the water has run). As soon as I put my Lush Mum Candy Fluff bath ballistic in the water it immediately exploded into action, turning the bath water neon pink. It left what looked like a few pink ink stains at the bottom of the bath (which reminded me of candy floss when it's a bit wet, you know after you've taken a bite!), as well as the centre of the flower. After giving the water a bit of a swish the ink-like stains disappeared. I removed the centre of the flower from the bath as I was unsure as to if it would melt into the water or just sit there.

      I climbed into the lovely pink water and settled down for a nice relaxing bath. The water looked a little oily on the top, but I've found this to be quite common with some bath ballistics. The water felt soft, but I noticed the scent seemed to have turned from a candy smell to more of a flowery smell and I didn't really like it. However, after a while I'd noticed it had gone back to it's original candy scent, so I don't know what had gone on there!

      My bath was nice & relaxing and I found that after my bath I could still smell the delicious candy scent on my skin.

      If you want to buy this Lush Mum Candy Fluff bath ballistic then I would advise that you do so quick, otherwise you might have to wait until the next Mothers Day before they're out again! I've just checked the Lush website and they're still available at the moment. Who knows, they might keep them as a regular stock.

      This ballistic is available for £3.50, so it's one of the more expensive ones, but I truly think it's more cost effective and a lot more enjoyable than a bunch of flowers, plus, you can grow your own flowers using the tag! There is also a couple of other Lush Mums available - Sakura and Still Life - but I've not tried those yet.

      Found in the Lush High Street Shops and on the Lush website (www.lush.co.uk)

      P.S. - I think the Lush Rock Star soap goes well with this bath ballistic.


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      Description: Brand: Lush / Type: Bath Melt

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