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Lush Party Popper Ballistic

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4 Reviews

Brand: Lush / Type: Bath Melt

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    4 Reviews
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      22.06.2013 13:57
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      A disappointing bath ballistic from Lush that I won't be buying again!

      Lush Party Popper is one of their bath ballistics that came out at Christmas time. It is no longer available
      however Lush do often bring them out again if they proved to be a success and so this may become available again this year. It is very different to the other ballistics available which is why I was excited to try it. The shape is a cone and it contains soap confetti that you can then use to wash yourself, not something I have experienced in a bath ballistic from Lush before.

      Party Popper was priced at £2.95 which is around the usual price for bath ballistics from Lush. I do think it is quite pricey considering you can only use them once, unlike a lot of the other bath related products from Lush such as their bubble bars, which can be used a few times.

      Not only was the name of the ballistic making me want to try it but the scent. This is meant to be a fruity one containing tangerine and mandarin oils, a couple of my favourite scents.

      So when I got round to using this I ran my bath adding only a tiny amount of bubble bath because ballistics do not create bubbles, and I love my bubbles so I'm always disappointed if I don't have even a few in there! Just as I got in I placed the ballistic into the water for it to fizz away around me like they usually do. However, I was quite disappointed at just how fast this fizzed away. It was so quick it didn't even last a minute! As a result it made my bath water turn pink very quickly, but no other colours were visible to me. I have read a couple other reviews of peoples experiences with this bath bomb and they stated their water turned blue and purple too before turning pink, but this didn't happen for me.

      The scent is normally very noticeable in these ballistics, especially when you have just placed it in the bath. However, I was struggling to detect the citrus fruity notes in this. The scent was very very subtle and what I could smell it wasn't exactly fruity. I was quite disappointed at this point.

      The confetti that fired out also was a greeny colour that didn't seem to want to dissolve, even after I played around with it for a bit to see if it actually would, so quite bizarre! I also couldn't see or hear any 'popping candy'! I ended up picking the bits out of my bath altogether and just enjoyed the pink oily water that was moisturising my skin. After my bath there was a slight pink line around the bath so you need to make sure you wash the bath after to prevent it from staining. There was also small bits of confetti left over that I didn't manage to pick out whilst I was in the bath.

      I don't seem to have had the same experiences as others who have used the Party Popper. I am not sure if I just got an unlucky one or if this is how they actually are, but I was left disappointed and I wouldn't buy this one again if it does become available. There are only a few ballistics that I do really love from Lush and I tend to stick to their bubble bars for my baths.

      Unfortunately the only good thing about this ballistic was that it did moisturise my skin and left it feeling slightly soft. For £2.95 though I expect more. The scent, how quickly it fizzed away, and the lack of soap confetti that actually worked like soap was very disappointing. This is one I would say to avoid!


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        05.05.2013 22:38



        Me and our daughter love LUSH.....We both had boxes full of all different products for Christmas.This product was absolutely divine and pure luxury in our baths.Made my skin feel soft and smell gorgeous.Made me feel so clean.


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        27.12.2012 17:03
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        A nice enough bath ballistic from Lush but not one I will but again at full price


        Now I'm not a greatest bath ballistic fan on the whole despite my true addiction to Lush. In my humble opinion these are a fun product and apart from giving off a little scent they soften the water and give a fun fizz as they dissolve but that is about the extent of it. However knowing my passion for all things Lush I do tend to get given gifts of Lush items and as these look good and are a bit if fun they are often popped into my birthday or Christmas or mother's day pressies.

        This one was part of my recent Birthday presents from one of my children and I have to say it smelled wonderful as I opened my gift but not very Christmas like. I will admit that I had actually been into Lush a few days before and seen this one and was so taken with the look and smell that I had been tempted to but it myself.

        My other birthday gifts got placed into my various drawers sharing the lovely smells with my clothes. I keep all my lush stuff in my clothes drawers as I get the extra benefit of drawer freshening before I actually use the product. It does make for a challenge sometimes as I forget which drawer I have put something in and have to root around hunting through all my clothes to find it. Sometimes though this can be a bonus as I find an exciting soap or bubble bar or the like that I had forgotten and it is like receiving it a second time as a present or finding a pound coin in a coat or jacket you haven't worn for a while!

        Each year Lush create new products for different times and festivals during the year. The Christmas period sees many favourites return as well as a number of new products which may or may not be seen again.

        This one is not the biggest ballistic and it weighs about 100 grams and costs £2.95. I am not sure how long this will be around so if you like the sound of this one then pop along quickly to your nearest Lush and buy one.

        This tall thin bath ballistic or bath bomb is as I said one of the limited edition Christmas range. It is a pink and blue cone shape , tall and pointed like a witches' hat .

        It is obviously inspired by Party poppers and as such it has mini surprises inside. It is a ballistic not a bubble bar so you don't get any bubbles, just a lovely scented softened bath.

        This is not very Christmassy in my view but it does smell quite fresh and light and fruity. The scents included in this are bergamot and tangerine oils and does remind me a little of a fruity wine smell. It is not one of their stronger smelling bombs, more subtle,and is actually quite pleasant and not in any way overpowering.

        INTO THE BATH:
        As this costs £2.99 I think to just get one bath from it is VERY expensive but this one is rather slim and not easy to spilt in half so into the bath the whole thing went.

        I dropped it into the bath away from the running tap I find allows it to fizz slowly and release the scents best.
        Sadly this was rather a disappointment because it fizzed away so quickly that if I had turned away I would have missed it. It had completely fizzed away so quickly and as it was £2.95
        I was pretty underwhelmed.

        Having fizzed away in record time it then turned the water a lovely bright pink with a trail of 'confetti' made from honeydew melon and soap.

        Lush recommends you clean yourself with it, but I took this advice and got a lovely pink stain on my stomach!

        As I get in I do enjoy the feeling of softness in the water and lie back to enjoy the warm mulled wine smelling luxury. As this is really only a scented water softener with lovely essential oils and coconut oil in it I wasn't really expecting any moisturising from it. I do find I need soap or gel to wash with even with this in the bath.

        Despite the fact that this ballistic has popping candy in it I am afraid I didn't notice any popping at all as they dissolved as it was fizzing.

        There is some soap confetti in this and Lush suggests you use these to wash yourself with but it was quite hard to catch them and in the end they sort of dissolved away. Luckily as I sort of swished the water around as the bath was emptying I was not left with a mucky bath to clean the next day.

        The scent doesn't stay for long on my skin I don't think but I did notice that when I went down stairs and then came back up that the scent was evident in the bathroom which I did like.

        My skin didn't feel especially dry nor did it feel like it was particularly moisturised either. I still put my usual body lotion on but I do that anyway so it was not really a problem.

        SODIUM BICARBONATE: Softens the water and is also helps with any skin rashes. This is what makes the ballistic fizz.
        RAPESEED OIL: this oil is extracted from the edible seed of the plant. It is a great moisturizer for skin. It is a nourishing oil that does not tend to react badly with any skin.
        ROSE OIL and BERGAMOT OIL - both good for skin and smell gorgeous.

        Surly not, this is Lush after all but you might be surprised to find that Lush, although I am one of their biggest fans is not perfect.

        Lush do somewhat gloss over the less great contents. I have done a bit of research and have discovered that some of these so called natural contents are anything but. There are several colours in this which may or may not be irritating to skin so if you have any allergic reactions then check it out.

        Linalool: this appears to be a rather unpleasant chemical which is an eye and skin irritant as well as other undesirable potential health effects.


        After the water drains from the bath you are left with a rather pinkish bath and if you don't clean the bath straight away and leave it overnight then it does take a bit of rubbing to get off. I find the best thing is to swill around the water as the bath is emptying and rinse it straight away.

        This is a bit of fun to have a nicely scented bath. If you have any skin problems then be aware that there are ingredients in this that could aggravate eczema and the like. I do have sensitive skin and I had no problems so obviously these aren't the ingredients I am allergic too.

        I did quite like this ballistic but at £2.95 for one bath I am not sure it is one I would buy again as it is quite expensive for what you get. It makes a lovely treat and nice gift but I do actually prefer bubble bars to bath ballistics.

        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.
        © Catsholiday


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          12.12.2012 08:57
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          Lovely product but the staining spoils it

          This November, I decided to take part in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and succeeded! I got home from work on the Friday and thought I would celebrate with my recently purchased Party Popper from Lush.

          Party Popper is part of the limited edition Christmas range. It is pink and blue, pointed, and smells very refreshing. It is a ballistic, so it does not produce bubbles: you are meant to drop it in the bath and watch it fizz, releasing scent, colour and essential oils.

          The ballistic is suitable for vegans and cost £2.95, which is the average price for such products at Lush. It contains bergamot, tangerine and rose oils, designed to uplift and revive. The ballistic was designed to help you get ready for a party, and these ingredients help to do just that. Rapeseed and coconut oils are good to moisturise your skin, while popping candy adds a bit of a party atmosphere and honeydew melon adds a fruity fragrance.

          When I dropped this into my bath, I was impressed with how it dissolved, turning the water pink and blue and settling to a pretty purple. Bits of confetti spilt out of the ballistic, which were actually made of soap: a clever idea but I couldn't actually use them to wash with as they kept slipping out of my hands. Still, at least they dissolved in the bath and I didn't have to scoop them out afterwards!

          I enjoyed my bath, particularly the lovely refreshing scent, which remained strong and lasted on my skin afterwards too. The ballistic didn't actively moisturise my skin, but it didn't dry it out either, and I didn't have to use lots of moisturiser. I felt refreshed and cheerful after my bath.

          Unfortunately, the ballistic left a pink stain round the edges of my bath which was rather difficult to get off. I suppose this reflects a real party - you always have to clean up afterwards! Still, it was annoying having this to clean.

          In general, I liked the ballistic but the staining really put me off. I recommend it, but it comes with a caution!


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