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Lush Ponche Shower Gel

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Brand: Lush / Type: Shower Gel / Suitable for: Body

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    5 Reviews
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      31.12.2013 21:32
      Very helpful



      Nice but not personal preference

      As a huuuuuge Lush fan, I avidly look forward to Christmas and Birthdays when I get spoiled with lots of lovely lushness.

      This bottle of ponche shower gel was contained in a gift set called whoosh and is therefore a smaller 100g size. The full size bottle normally retails at around the £14 mark but as this is a Christmas only fragrance, normally gets reduced in the Boxing Day sales.

      The packaging is standard Lush packaging. Clear plastic bottle, with black flip top lid and well known black and white Lush labelling.

      This Ponche shower gel contains orange juice and a shot of tequila which is inspired by traditional Mexican Christmas and is said to be bright, boozy, fruity and uplifting. As with all Lush products it is handmade with fresh ingredients including cinnamon.

      To use you simply flip open the lid and squeeze the desired amount into your palm or bath lily. I find only a small amount is needed to build up a nice lather. Orange and cinnamon seem to be the over riding fragrances for me and it's certainly a good uplifting fragrance to start your day.

      The gel leaves my skin feeling nice and soft and even after rinsing and drying the scent remains on my skin.

      This isn't my favourite lush fragrance and I doubt I would personally opt for this one in store, however I am more than happy to use it as part of a gift set or if it was purchased for me.


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      19.01.2013 07:02
      Very helpful



      Not for me

      During the sales after Christmas, I picked up some Ponche Shower Gel from Lush. This is another Lush product which is only available at Christmas and was part of the 2012 range. This offering is said to be inspired by a traditional Mexican punch, making it bright, boozy, fruity and uplifting. This looked like a pretty different kind of shower gel from others I have had before which is why I bought it.

      I bought the 100ml bottle which, as it was after Christmas, was 50% off. Although this isn't on sale any more, the prices for this product were:
      100ml - £4.25
      250ml - £8.50
      500ml - £14.95

      Ponche Shower Gel comes in the typical bottle that you would expect from a Lush product. The bottle is small and made from clear plastic. The lid screws on and off as well as having a flip top lid and is made from black plastic. The bottle has on it a black label which gives the name of the product in large lettering along with a smaller description below. The back of the bottle gives ingredient information along with the cute 'who made me' sticker that every Lush product has.

      The colour of the bright orange shower gel can clearly be seen inside the bottle. Two of the main ingredients of this shower gel is orange juice and tequila. I thought the ingredients were quite strange for a shower gel which is why I wanted to try it so much. However, once opening the bottle, the smell of tequila hits you immediately. At this point, I really failed to smell any of the other ingredients and thought the tequila was too overpowering. I was hoping this would change once the hot water hit the product.

      Once in the shower and on a shower puff, mixed in with the hot water from the shower the scent didn't get any better. In fact, all that I ended up getting was the smell of warm tequila which was extremely sickly and not something I liked at all. However, the shower gel did feel lovely and soft on my skin and lathered up extremely well after only putting on one small dollop of product on the shower puff.

      I wish I had liked the scent of this shower gel more but because I didn't, I wouldn't buy it again.


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        30.12.2012 12:59
        Very helpful



        Festive shower gel from Lush

        I'm a huge fan of the store Lush and am in the process of sampling all of their new festive products. Every year they release a number of limited edition items, and this Ponche shower gel is an addition to their Christmas 2012 range.

        Lush are fond of releasing rather boozy products at this time of year. Ponche, inspired by traditional Mexican Christmas punch, is no exception. A cheerful bright orange in colour, this product is fruity and alcoholic - similar, but not identical to, the forum special Fruity Beauty Shower Gel.

        Ponche contains orange juice, plum infusion and buchu oils which make the shower gel cheerful, fruity and refreshing. Cinnamon infusion adds a Christmassy edge and tequila adds an alcoholic aspect to the product. The shower gel is suitable for vegans but it does contain sodium laureth sulfate: this is a foaming agent found in the vast majority of shower gels, but it has been known to cause skin irritation in some people so it's something to be aware of.

        Ponche contains £4.25 for 100g, £8.50 for 250g and £14.95 for 500g. It comes in the standard clear plastic bottle available from Lush, which is made from recycled materials and is recyclable, has a flip-top lid for ease of use and shows off the product inside. I love the colour of this shower gel - it isn't the most Christmassy shade but it's bright and cheerful, ideal for mornings.

        I have read several reviews of this shower gel and I know that some people really dislike the scent. Personally I love it - I am fond of boozy fruity scents and have always liked Lush products with these elements in the past so it is hardly surprising. I recommend going into the store and having a sniff if you're not sure.

        Only a small amount of shower gel is required for each use, so it's better value for money than the price would suggest. It lathers up extremely well on my shower puff and cleans me thoroughly. The refreshing scent spreads through the bathroom and cheers me up even on the cold dark mornings. My skin is not irritated through the use of this product, and I don't need to use much moisturiser. I find that the scent lasts on my skin for a couple of hours after use, too.

        I am very impressed with this shower gel and will try and pick up another bottle in the post-Christmas sale. There is nothing I dislike about it, therefore I'm going to give it five stars.


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        16.11.2012 19:29
        Very helpful



        A limited edition orange cocktail shower gel

        Lush Ponche Shower gel

        You haven't heard of Lush?

        I cannot imagine that anyone reading this has not heard of the lovely cosmetic/toiletry company called 'Lush' that started way back in the 80s as 'Cosmetics to go'. They make the most wonderful smelling and exciting things for pampering and they are very keen to support Fair Trade and eco ingredients. All their products are free from nasty additives and not tested on animals.

        Lush state :

        "We believe in making effective products out of fresh fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics, without animal ingredients, and in writing the quantitative ingredient list on the outside.

        We also believe in buying only from companies that test for safety without the involvement of animals and in testing our products on humans"

        We are lucky enough to have a lovely Lush shop in the new Westfield centre in Derby and I get pulled in by the tempting smell every time I walk past. I love having freebies but as I had already bagged two samples on this visit I felt that I should actually purchase something and chose this new shower gel called 'Ponche and so was looking forward to trying this in my evening bath.

        Ponche what does that mean?

        This is the product description on the website for "Ponche" Shower gel:

        "This packs a ponche - with orange juice and a shot of tequila
        Inspired by traditional Mexican Christmas punch - this shower gel is bright, boozy, fruity and uplifting.
        Freshly squeezed orange juice, plum and cinnamon infusions, a good shot of tequila and a fruity fragrance all add up to your own little party in the shower. But this is one party punch that will hit the spot without leaving you with a headache the next day!
        Feel refreshed and ready to face the morning. So good, you will want to have another one for the road."


        Ponche shower gel seems to be the only product from Lush with this fragrance and it has been created as a special limited edition one for this Christmas 2012.

        Grass Shower Gel comes in three sizes with prices of 100ml = £4.25, 250ml = £8.50, 500ml = £14.95. Not a cheap gel but you really do only need a tiny amount to get a good lather. The bottles have the usual 'packed by' sticker on it and a use by date but I don't get too worried by these days as I am not eating it after all. It comes in the standard Lush bottle with a flip top lid - at present these are not recyclable through Lush which their tubs are but hopefully they will do this in future. You can of course recycle these anywhere that you recycle plastics.

        Okay enough of the story behind what is it like?

        The gel is a wonderful pure true orange colour and mine is relatively thin - a bit like washing up liquid consistency. You really need only the smallest amount to get a really good smooth lather about the size of a 10p piece I find is plenty. I like to let it soak in for a while before rinsing so that I can enjoy the lovely fresh cocktail orange aroma.

        What do they put in the orange gel?

        Water, Plum Infusion, Cinnamon Infusion, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate,Orange Juice, Lauryl Betaine, Perfume, Propylene Glycol, Lactic Acid, Davana Oil, Buchu Oil, Petitgrain oil, Tequila, Eugenol, Geraniol, *Linalool, *Limonene,Colour 15510, Methylparaben

        *Occurs naturally in essential oils
        The main ingredients providing the special properties in this gorgeous orange cocktail are:

        Bucha oil - from a South African shrub with small white flowers. The oil has a strong blackcurrant and minty odour and has been used as antiseptic and anti-inflammatory oil by aromatherapists.

        Davana oil comes from an Indian shrub and the oil has a sweet and fruity aroma.It is a posh sort of ingredient in perfumes with chypre and fougere fragrances. The oil is said to be emotionally balancing oil and soothing effect on the skin.

        Tequila :Yes it does have Tequila in it but I wouldn't suggest drinking it! It does give this a great cocktail scent.

        Petigrain oil is from the Bitter orange tree and leaves and it has a fresh, green and woody aroma. It is included for its scent and stress and also helps with nervous exhaustion and controls sebum production in skin as well as being a mild antiseptic.

        Does it feel good and work well?

        I am not one for showers as I love to lie and linger in a warm bath so I use this in my bath. I love the smell I lie and close my eyes and I can imagine I'm in a swimming pool enjoying a cocktail as I did with my sister in Mexico. We sat back in the pool with our cocktails which were all included in our price. The scent is exactly like an orangey tequila cocktail and it is almost tempting to taste it but I have restrained myself.

        It is warmer than just orange and I can definitely smell a sort of toffee sweetness behind the orange scent. It really does smell like something that could be drunk.

        The other thing I like about Lush products is that when you use them in your bath or shower then the whole bathroom and our adjoining bedroom gets an air freshen as well. This 'Ponche' gel does have the same strong smell that really does seem to linger in the same way as other stronger Lush smells. It is not only tempting to taste but it is also a very fresh aroma that lifts the scent in the bathroom and our adjacent bedroom.

        Who is this product for?

        As Lush products are not full of unpleasant chemicals it should be okay for sensitive skin but it is always advisable to check if something you are going to use contains anything that you are allergic to.

        This is a Lush unisex product meaning it is suitable for males and females and I would agree that it doesn't have a flowery feminine scent but it is quite sweet and fruity although I can't imagine a man being embarrassed to smell of this but I really like it too. This is the sort of shower gel that would appeal to lots of people and would make a great gift for anyone but possibly woman mainly.

        Is it just a shower gel then?

        Lush shower gels can all be used as bath gels and shampoos as well. I tend not to use them as shampoos as I always have shampoo for dry hair and like my conditioner to match. I tend to use the Lush bar shampoos when travelling to save weight and spillage accidents. I do also use the solid conditioner for travelling for the same reason. However if you were going on short holiday you could take this small bottle ( 100ml is allowed in hand baggage) and it would serve as a shower gel and shampoo and that way you need not take lots of bottles and can still travel light with only carry on luggage. I was told that you can even wash your clothes with this but it is an expensive option for this purpose in my view and I'm not sure I'd want my clothes smelling of tequila cocktail.

        All good then?

        Lush do somewhat gloss over the less great contents. I have done a bit of research and have discovered that some of these so called natural contents are anything but.

        Linalool: this appears to be a rather unpleasant chemical which is an eye and skin irritant as well as other undesirable potential health effects.

        Methylparbens: These seem to be equally undesirable and can cause skin problems as well as possible links to male infertility and breast cancer! This is debatable but you might want to check.

        So in short, not all good but not all bad, so it is up to the individual person to make up their own minds whether they are happy to risk the two nastiest ingredients I have mentioned.

        Most people will not have a problem with any of these as they are in most bath and hair products but if you do have allergies then best to check.


        I loved this one, it has risen quite high on my list of favourites from Lush it is pretty different bath and shower gel. It is so soothing and gentle on my skin which is quite sensitive and sometimes reacts badly to shower gels. It smells very fresh and uplifting, like having a drink without getting drunk. It is very expensive but as you only need a small amount it does last quite a long time so probably works out as economical as some others in the long term.

        Thank you for reading and hope you may find this useful/interesting. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.

        © Catsholiday


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          13.11.2012 14:51
          Very helpful



          passed to a friend in favour of Snow Fairy!

          ~Lush Ponche~

          Ponche Shower Gel is part of the 2012 Christmas range from Lush. Ponche is said to be inspired by a traditional Mexican punch - bright, boozy, fruity and uplifting. The main focus is on orange juice mixed with a shot of tequila. Other ingredients include davana oil and buchu as well as plum and cinnamon infusions.

          Ponche, or any of the included ingredients, haven't been tested on animals. Lush offer fresh made cosmetics packed with as many natural ingredients as possible. Most ingredients in Ponche are natural but there is a few ingredients which are classed as 'safe synethics' included. It is worth checking the website to confirm if you feel comfortable using this shower gel based on the ingredients.


          Regardless of which size of bottle you purchase, Ponche is presented in a clear, squeezy plastic bottle which features a flip top cap. A label confirms the essential product information including a best before date. Ponche is best used within 14 months of when it is was first made.

          ~Price and Availability~

          Ponche is available in Lush stores and from www.lush.co.uk. This is a limited edition product and is available at the following prices :

          *100g - £4.25
          *250g - £8.50
          *500g - £14.95

          ~My Thoughts~

          My favourite time to visit Lush is in the run up to Christmas! A few weeks ago, I was having a nosey on their website and shortlisted a few things in the 2012 range that I wanted to try. On my last visit to Lush, I approached the new treats and was spoiled for choice. I HAD to stock up on the delightful Snow Fairy and was going to treat myself to Glogg but ended up with Ponche.

          I had spotted Ponche on the Lush website before buying instore and thought that it sounded quite nice. Instore, I had a good sniff of this shower gel and found it to be pleasant so bought a 100g bottle as a treat to myself! If you have ever set foot in (or even near) a Lush store, you will know that the scent is overpowering. I feel my nose may have been overpowered by the other treats around me as when it came to using this shower gel, I didn't like it all that much!

          I can't say that I have experienced Mexican punch but I know what tequila smells like and also orange juice! My first impressions of this slightly dull, orange coloured shower gel were good as it did smell gorgeously fruity. In use though, I realised it simply wasn't for me. When it comes to strongly scented shower gels, if I don't like the scent then I struggle to use them. The smell of Ponche is quite concentrated which seems to be quite common of Lush shower gels. This is a positive if you like the actual scent! To me, the fruitiness of Ponche was completely lost amongst the heady tequila scent. I'm not a massive drinker but usually like a fruity, boozy sort of fragrance but found this to be too much. When used in the morning before my breakfast, I found myself feeling rather queasy after using this shower gel. I feel Lush could have boosted the fruity scent a bit more to balance it out a little.

          Compared to Glogg and Snow Fairy, Ponche has quite a thin, runny consistency. A little does go a long way though when applied to a body puff. The lather offered by Ponche was lovely. It was soft, bubbly and slightly creamy. I found it to be mild yet very cleansing on my dry, sensitive skin. The shower gel seems to cling to my skin like a syrup so does require a little more rinsing after lathering up. Once fully rinsed, my skin feels soft and appears to be very clean. I do need to apply my body moisturiser as normal. The tequila scent with a very delicate hint of orange lingered on my skin for quite a while. It doesn't make me smell like a walking alcoholic (though I may blend in where I live more) but it doesn't sit well with any perfume I choose to wear.


          A little goes a long way so £4.25 is a fair price for 100g. Ponche Shower Gel was kind to my skin and did leave it feeling refreshed and clean. I just couldn't stick the scent - it wasn't for me. On paper, it sounded nice but I expected too much of a vibrant fruity scent I suppose. I won't hold this against Lush too much as others may like the boozy aroma. I didn't like Jilted Elf shower jelly last year and it was boozy too but liked Glogg so all is not lost. I have offered this to a friend and will stick with Snow Fairy this festive season.

          Thanks for reading :)


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