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Lush Psycodelic Bubble Bar

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Brand: Lush / Melt / Type: Bubble Bar / Subcategory: Bath Melt / Bath Foam

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    2 Reviews
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      03.12.2010 13:09
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      A chilled-out bath!

      I love the shop Lush and am gradually trying to work my way through all of their bath products. I bought several items from the Retro section a while ago, and even though I have recently made some purchases from the Christmas range, I decided that the end of November wasn't close enough to Christmas to use them yet, and went back to my original box of Retro. The bubble bar I decided to use was Psychodelic.

      Bubble bars work like solid bubble bath. You crumble a bar (or half a bar, which is all that is usually necessary) under running water to create mounds of bubbles and a sweet-smelling bath. Psychodelic is a retro-looking bar, round in shape with swirly blue, orange and cream colours. The bar is suitable for vegans and contains cinnamon, cardamom and sandalwood along with refreshing orange and lemon.

      I thought the bar looked really fun, and smelled lovely - the scent was rather like incense, but was made lighter and more refreshing by the addition of the citrus ingredients. When I crumbled half the bar into the bath (I chopped it in half with a knife), I found that loads of bubbles popped up and the water turned a pretty light blue colour.

      I really enjoyed my bath. The scent was unique, and relaxing while also being refreshing. The water felt silky-soft and I didn't need to use much moisturiser when I got out.

      Psychodelic is a worthy addition to the Lush range and I recommend it to anyone who wants a chilled-out, relaxing bath. I wouldn't say that it is my favourite bubble bar, but it does an admirable job. The bar is available from the Lush Retro (online only) range at a cost of £2.70, which is reasonable for a bubble bar.


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        25.11.2010 12:13
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        A great Lush product

        Hello! I'm Psycho. Short for Psychodelic. You may have heard of me. I used to live in the Birmingham branch of Lush, but I was bought by KarenUK who kindly let me hijack her account and write this opinion. After all, who better to write about me than, well, me?

        Let me take you back in time a while. KarenUK had just had a hard couple of days. Her financial situation had not improved and as if this wasn't enough to make her feel a bit down, she was experiencing the longest school holidays of her life. She was officially fed up.

        The previous night, however, he had spent a lovely evening at the theatre. Unfortunately, prior to this, she had decided to shave her legs with some new Skin-So-Soft stuff from Avon. The outcome of this was a pair of legs which were still cut, grazed, bright red and painful some twenty-four hours later.

        All in all, she felt she deserved a good long soak in a nice, warm, relaxing bath. In the past, I know she was tempted away by the charms of my purple cousin, Bathos and my loopy auntie Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds. (You should see what she called her kids!) But I had seduced her at Birmingham and knew she had been won over by my charms.

        Housed protectively in my lovely Lush paper bag, I had been carefully placed in strategic areas of the house, where hopefully the children and pets wouldn't harm me. But KarenUK knew where I was. She would regularly pop up to me and deeply inhale my tantalising aroma. I knew it was only a matter of time before she would reach in and grab me.

        Tonight was the night! She was bored, fed up, down and needed a bit of pampering. She was aching for me - literally - those legs were very sore.

        She ran a hot, deep bath and lovely caressed my edges. I am not a modest bubble bar. I have seen the modest ones amongst us, always left at the bottom of the basket. I am truthful, I know my charms. I am beautiful. I am a dark blue with bright sunshine yellow swirls.

        I don't have a weight problem, I always stay at my optimum weight of 100g. This means you can use me for one super-duper big-time bubbly bath or up to six smaller bubble experiences. For only £2.70, you have to admit I'm great value too!

        I am a lovely circular shape, easy to fit in any palm. I am hard, but squidgy enough when the time comes to do my job. You crumble me under running water for best effect and in return, I will shower your bath with a fountain of white bubbles for you to bathe in luxury.

        What's more, I smell divine. I contain only natural ingredients and am suitable for vegans - but please don't eat me, I'm not keen on teeth! I am made from a whole heap of gorgeous things including cinnamon leaf oil, sandalwood oil, cardamom oil, orange oil and gardenia, which gives you an idea of how wonderfully I smell. No wonder KarenUK kept taking sneaky whiffs of me, when she thought no one was looking!

        Not only do I create wonderful silky bubbles, but I also turn the water blue. Not your common or garden blue, but a beautiful blue - the blue of a picture postcard sea on a tropical beach. Submerge yourself in me and relax. I suggest at least twenty minutes' soaking, to gain the benefits of the essential oils within me.

        KarenUK had a whale of a time (or looked like a whale? Oh well, one or the other.), luxuriating in the folds of my lush bubbles. Admittedly wincing at the initial pain of sore legs meeting hot water, but after a couple of minutes, her sore legs were soothed and the pain was forgotten.

        It was easy for her to drift away - the warmth, the blue water, the essential oils calming and soothing her body, that heavenly aroma of spice and exotic sweetness. I could tell she loved me. She was still inhaling me regularly, a blissful expression on her face.

        At one point, she even turned the shower on and rubbed me over her arms, laughing at the deep blue crumbs the motion produced. It's a hard job being a bubble bar - all those naked bodies - but someone's got to do it ;-)

        As she got out the bath, she admired her smooth silky skin and told me how clean she felt too. She enjoyed her first experience with me. I satisfied her completely. However, being a typical woman, straight afterwards she had a cup of tea and went to sleep.

        So I've been left to write this opinion, then I've got to load up the washing machine. Still, at least I know I did my job and made KarenUK's evening a pleasant one. I am confident in knowing my performance will be just as good next time. I just hope I don't have too long to wait.

        Psycho xxx


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