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Lush Rocket Bubble Bar

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3 Reviews

Brand: Lush / Melt / Type: Bubble Bar / Subcategory: Bath Melt / Bath Foam

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    3 Reviews
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      22.02.2013 23:06
      Very helpful



      A reusable nice smelling bubble bar

      Lush Rocket bubble wand

      This is one of Lush's re-usable bubble bars that was brought out before Christmas last year though I have seen it before so it may well be around again. I had a couple as gifts for my birthday in November, this one and the beardy one. They first brought these re-usable bubble bars out last Christmas 2011 with the Magic Wand which was the same scent as Snow Fairy.

      I have to admit that I prefer the bubble bars to the ballistics so this was rather a good present for me to receive as a gift as I always like a bath treat as my family well know. Lush's normal bubble bars give me from three to five baths depending on their size. This one they reckon will give you a good six baths which is just as well as they are not cheapest option from Lush. I believe they were about £5 so even if you get five or six uses it still isn't a cheap bath.

      LUSH SAY
      "Astronomical amounts of bubbles: Reuse this bar again and again by swishing it around in the tub and putting it aside for next time.

      Warms up cold bones: Spicy clove bud and ginger warm you up in the tub so you can go to bed comfortable and cozy.

      A sure-fire winner: Designed with little (and big) astronaut-wannabes in mind."

      "We love the idea of reusable bubble bars, so this season we have a few to choose from. Just swish it around in your bath water and watch the fragrant bubbles rise, then set it aside for future baths! "

      WILL IT FLY?
      This rocket looks like something that has been moulded by a child with bits of raffia coming from the tail to give the impression of fire coming from the tail. This raffia ribbon is what you are supposed to hold on to wiz it around in the bath to create the bubbles. The rocket is a lot harder than the non reusable bubble bars which is why you can use them over and over. The rocket is a very dull dark blue colour and smells gently of violets.

      The bubble producing part is not huge and is actually about the same size as the not reusable bubble bars so I was interested to see if it lived up to its promise of five or six baths.

      According to Lush the Rocket:
      "Rocket has a spicy violet, clove bud, ginger and fire tree oil fragrance that warms you up from head to toe. Twinkly stars and bright paper flames top it off for stellar bath time fun."

      When I opened my gift, actually even before I opened it I could smell that it was something from Lush. It smelled lovely, sweet, and with that wonderful Parma Violet sweets aroma but with a deeper less sweet and more earthy scent. I really love the smell of violets but I can't say I detected too much of the cloves and ginger in this.

      The idea of this is that you swish it around under the tap as the bath is filling. You keep it there for as long as you want depending on how many bubbles you like in your bath. If the tap is running the bubbles continue to grow even after you remove the rocket so don't be too generous. The smell as you swish it under the tap the smell comes out really well and the lovely sweet rosy scent fills the bathroom.

      Now this is when it becomes a bit tricky. What do you do with a very wet, slightly soggy dissolving rocket? I found it was very important to make sure it dried off and wasn't left sitting in a wet pool otherwise when you come back it was a blue puddle with a solid bit that didn't much look like a rocket.

      IN I GO
      Once the bath was suitable bubbly and the right temperature I got in. The water smelled wonderful and felt nice and soft and creamy, under the bubbles the water was a delicate shade of bluish purple. As long as I didn't add any soap to the water the bubbles stayed as fluffy as when I first got in. I did find that once I washed my underarms with soap that the bubbles disappeared quite quickly. The smell however stayed quite strong although this was more noticeable once I was out of the bath. I went out of the bathroom and came back in and that is when I became aware of how strong the scent was in the room still.

      They say that you will get around five or six baths from one wand and I got more than that by careful use. I don't really want a bath overflowing with bubbles so didn't run it under the tap for ages. I also made sure I dried mine off carefully after use. It went pretty hard and dry after a while in between uses so it lasted well between. The raffia tail looked a bit daggy after a while but it did stay fixed until the final use which I thought was impressive.

      As always lush use fresh ingredients and essential oils to create their products and give benefits other than just the lovely scent. Clove and ginger are both warming and stimulating to the skin. Violets smell gorgeous and the fire tree oil is uplifting and sort of lemony but stronger in my view.

      Surely not I hear you say. This is Lush after all but sadly they do still add a few ingredients which are considered safe to use in toiletries but do cause skin irritation and eczema to some people. These ingredients are Sodium Laureth Sulfate, and Lauryl Betaine and if you do suffer from skin rashes then do check that these are not ingredients you are allergic to. My step daughter cannot use products with these ingredients so it makes us very aware of which toiletries contain these.

      Yes I think I would. Although they seem very expensive initially you do get a good few uses from each rocket, at least eight baths I got from each of mine. The smell was wonderful and I got lots of bubbles in each bath but do be careful to let it dry between uses. It didn't make my skin feel any different really but it smelled lovely and stayed on my skin after I dried myself off and it also air freshened the bathroom and the room next door which was a bonus. I always love my little bath time treats so I always feel relaxed and mellow after them .

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.


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        23.12.2012 21:01
        Very helpful



        Bath soap toy by Lush

        My sons and I love Lush products! I've never been a huge bath person but every now and then I enjoy a bubbly evening. My sons have baths rather then showers more often and to encourage the youngest into the bath we bought him some fun bubbly lush bath bombs! The first one we ever bought was the Ickle Robot. It was fabulous fun watching the soap foam up and turn the water blue.

        Recently we bought the Rocket Bubble Bar. After dinner we starting running the bath. My son was very excited to use the new bomb. Once the bath was run he dropped the Rocket in ... Nothing seemed to happen so we have it a nudge ... A puff of blue appeared but nothing more. I tried to explain to my son that it was probably a bit different from the other bombs so that kids can play with them before they dissolve but he wasn't having any of it. He demanded to have another one added to the bath so that he could have some bubble going on. He still had a good play with the Rocket sending it through the bath basketball hoop and up the wall. The Rocket did slowly melt but not fully.

        I understood the point of having a bubble bar that didn't dissolve so quickly but it wasn't what my little one was expecting. Thankfully we had extra bath stuff but had we only bought the Rocket I think my son may have been a little upset. The Rocket is a good product from Lush but as it doesn't bubble and glitter my son wasn't over the moon about it!

        The Rocket was £4.95. I hadn't actually noticed the price until I paid for it! The Ickle Robot is only £1.90 so big difference.

        (C) oioiyou 2012


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        17.11.2012 12:18
        Very helpful



        Fab reusable bubble bar from Lush

        I was super excited when I found out about Lush's new Christmas range. My favourite store releases a number of new products for the festive season, often to go with a particular theme such as 'traditional Christmas' or 'sweet shop'. This year there was no theme as such, but a number of unusual and innovative products.

        After the success of the Magic Wand reusable bubble bar last year, Lush have re-released that product plus another two. One of these was the Rocket bubble bar, which can also be used for numerous baths.

        As the name suggests, Rocket is in the shape of a rocket, bright eye-catching blue in colour with a trail of orange and red raffia flames. To use, simply hold under a running tap to allow some of the mixture to dissolve and create lovely bubbles. You can then leave it on the side to be used another day.

        The Rocket is suitable for vegans and is scented with a fresh sweet fragrance. The addition of fire tree, clove bud and ginger oils add a festive twist and depth and help you relax and warm up. I didn't think that the result was particularly Christmassy, but I liked it nevertheless and at least it means you can get a few without having to worry about using them up over Christmas!

        I used the bar in my bath as instructed and put it on the side to dry. The water turned a lovely deep blue colour and there were a couple of (edible, dissolving) stars floating around in the water too! There was a good amount of bubbles, more than I expected, as I normally find that the reusable bubble bars produce fewer bubbles than the non-reusable ones.

        The refreshing sweet citrusy scent was very pleasant and lasted throughout the bath. I sometimes find that the scent of Lush bathing products fades in the water but that wasn't the case with this one. After my bath, I still had to apply moisturiser to my dry skin but the product hadn't actually dried out or irritated my skin.

        After my bath I noticed that my rocket looked almost as good as new and though Lush state that you should expect around three baths from it, I estimate I will be able to get at least five, and in fact I saw a post on the forum from someone who said that theirs lasted for six baths. Therefore, the initially expensive price of £4.95 seems much better value for money.

        I think this is a lovely bathing product and would be an ideal stocking filler for children, as well as adults. Who wouldn't want a rocket in their bath?!


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