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Lush Rose Jam Bubbleroon

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7 Reviews
  • Has very rich scent indeed
  • Is very kind to skin and senses
  • Very pungent and rich in scent
  • A bit too musky for me sadly
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    7 Reviews
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      08.12.2014 13:12
      Very helpful


      • "Crumbles easily"
      • "Has very rich scent indeed"
      • "Gives plenty of froth"
      • "Is very kind to skin and senses"


      • "Very pungent and rich in scent"
      • "A bit too musky for me sadly"

      An interesting Bubbleroon for sure!

      As much as I love the store that is Lush I have to admit I do have better things to spend my money on lately like bills so I often have a mooch about but come out empty handed...until I met my now fella who doesn't have better things to spend his money on and often treats me to a couple of bits from Lush when we go to town.

      We both love looking around the store but me I can never decide on anything so I always say you choose and this one he recently purchased for me!

      In appearance this is dusky pink coloured and like two blobs shoved together by what looks a bit like squishy jam! It is a moist and easy to crumble up product or you can do as I did and snap the two pieces apart and have two baths from it.

      The initial scent of this is like musky rose and its very rich in scent and took me a bit of getting used to however thankfully when mixed with water it does give way to a slight sweet scent too and I did end up really liking this one.

      This gave me plenty of white lasting white froth, scent and pink water. Infused with lemon, rose and geranium oil as well as coconut oil and shea butter this made the water soft but not greasy and as I lay in it, it felt kind and nourishing to my skin but kind to my senses too and soothing to those and well it should.....rose oil and rose absoloute are meant to be mood lifting scents and lemon uplifting of course!

      This contains only 20 ingredients and is natural as it can be and of course not tested on animals and at £3.65 it isn't the cheapest bath product in the store however with pulling it easily apart you can get two baths from it or simply crumble what you need and to be honest I think you could get 4 baths out of this easily if you just crumble what you need under running water as its so pungent and gives plenty of froth!

      Not my favourite but only due to the musk scent however it was kind to my body and mind and if anyone bought me another one I wouldn't turn my nose up at it that's for sure!

      Only available from Lush!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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      03.01.2014 23:11
      Very helpful



      A sweet treat for the bath

      My love for Lush has never dampened and each Christmas my other half wonderfully treats me to the lovely Christmas inspired Lush gift boxes. It's a tradition of ours that has been going on for years but one I love non the less. With the New Year well under way my one resolution was to take more time for myself on an evening and try to actually wind down rather than rushing around at 1000mph! Last night I made it a "me" night, I lit the candles, poured a glass of wine and delved into my new Lush goodies.

      My Lush item of choice was the Rose Jam Bubbleroon. I had been wanting to try this double decker little wonder for a while and was more than happy to try it especially as I would be able to get two baths out of it. The Rose Jam Bubbleroon is clearly based upon the edible sweet treat we all know as a macaroon and has the same shaped halves which can be easily split in the middle. It is a lovely pink rose colour, which even when in the little paper bag it has a rich rose scented aroma with an added sweetness to it.

      According to the Lush website, Rose Jam Bubbleroon is described as follows:

      "The Bubbleroon is our newest style of Bubble Bar inspired by delicious, handmade macaroons. Rose Jam is based on a decadent traditional Turkish recipe for rose jam that our Turkish rose absolute supplier shares with us every year, and is made with our sophisticated new rose perfume. Rose oil and rose absolute not only smell amazing but they are also fantastic for soothing dry, sensitive skin. The rosy fragrance paired with the coconut oil "icing" that sticks the two halves of this Bubbleroon together make for a majorly moisturizing, softening and luxurious soak."

      To use the Rose Jam Bubbleroon you can of course use the whole bubbleroon, or like me you can use it over two bathes by simply splitting it in two (it splits easily without any mess). You just need to pop it in your bath under warm running water and you can watch a froth of white bubbles appear and soon after the water starts to turn a dusky pink shade almost making the water quite milky in appearance just pink rather than white! Once the bubbleroon is well underway of dissolving you soon get the most gorgeous sweet, rose aroma which does in fact remind me of traditional Turkish Delight which for me is lovely!

      When I read the description for Rose Jam it did say that it would provide a "majorly moisturising, softening and luxurious soak" and I was expecting to get into the bath with silky feeling water, you know the type which you know will instantly moisturise your skin. However, I was slightly disappointed when I got into the bath and the water did feel completely normal with no real feeling that the water and what was in it from Rose Jam was going to moisturise my skin at all.

      Being submerged in a bath full of dusky pink coloured water with the most beautiful rose fragrance is certainly relaxing and incredibly soothing. It was a welcomed treat after a long day taking down the Christmas decorations and putting the house back to normal. One thing I did notice was that the bubbleroon didn't completely dissolve and I found a grain pink foam floating at the top of the bath which once swirled around the bath it dissolved, this may be the norm for this bubbleroon but I think if it is then using the whole bubbleroon may lead to a lot more which doesn't dissolve.

      After the bath I did notice the gorgeous fragrance remained on my skin for quite sometime which of course was lovely but would clash with a heavily perfumed body lotion/cream. Despite it's claims that it will moisturise the skin and considering I tend to have dry to normal skin depending on the time of year, I have to say that I didn't feel it moisturised my skin at all and I did have to use a body cream but that's not to say it won't work for other people.

      Overall, despite it's non-moisturising properties for me, the fragrance really does win me over and I would be happy to buy it for as long as Lush stock it. This is one item I would definitely recommend and although I am only giving it 4 stars I will be continuing to use it, even better when you can get 2 baths out of it!

      == Product Info ==

      Brand: Lush
      Price: £3.50
      Misc: Vegan Friendly


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      05.11.2013 12:13
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      I love this, it's a lovely bath time treat.

      I used to be a regular customer at Lush as I love their unique bath time cosmetic products and the company's no animal testing ethos. However, when my budget tightened up I had to stop shopping there as much and only recently ventured into the store again because I was looking for potential Christmas presents. Of course the excitable and somewhat over zealous staff at the store convinced me to buy something for myself that I'd never tried before and I came out with one of these curious Rose Jam Bubbleroons.

      At Lush they sell a couple of different types of bath products. One type is a fizzy bath salts sort of thing and the other is what they usually call a bubble bar and which is a soft squidgy sandy shape that melts to create a luxurious foam. This Rose Jam Bubbleroon is the latter of the two but it's product name has been altered to be a play on the word 'macaroon' which is what the product is shaped to look like.

      The Bubbleroon looks very cute and good enough to eat. It's comprised of two pale pink halves which are sandwiched together by what looks like a dark pink jam. The outsides of the Bubbleroon are dusted in fine gold sprinkles. Each Bubbleroon is hand made so there might be slight differences but they are all roughly the same size, with each half of the Bubbleroon being slightly smaller than a golf ball.

      Of course what attracted me to this particular product was not just the way it looks but also how it smells in addition to it's potential qualities. Lush infuse their bubble bar products with essential oils and high quality ingredients. This product contains fair trade shea butter, extra virgin coconut oil, lemon oil, rose oil and geranium oil. The brand claim that the lemon and rose fragrance of the product will uplift your spirit whilst the coconut and shea butter will soften skin.

      When I brought this home and left it on a shelf in the bathroom the fragrance from the product was so strong I could smell it from any other room upstairs. It has a beautiful and very feminine scent. I would not advise getting this for a male at all as it's just overwhelmingly aimed at women. The scent is primarily of rose petals but there are also hints of sweet strawberry milkshakes, the dark and heady essences worn by Indian princesses and lemon meringue. The combined scents are stunningly beautiful and unique.

      To use this product you should run it under a hot water tap and sort of mulch it up. I've noticed though that even in very hot water it doesn't immediately dissolve. It's best to get as much bubble as you can by agitating the water, splashing it around rapidly so that the remaining little pieces of the Bubbleroon are whisked up.

      You don't have to use the whole product at once as you get quite a lot of bubbles. I'd suggest using one half per bath. The bubbles created are big, sloppy ones that lie thickly in a top foam over the water. They feel silky and slightly oily and are delicious to sink into and rub over your skin. The bubbles don't have a cleaning property but they do act like a skin moisturiser.

      The fragrance is very potent once the product is in the water. The scent flumes up in the steam and fills the room. In every breath I can smell the product anew and it's really relaxing and satisfying. It makes me feel like I'm treating myself and that I'm making myself smell clean and fresh and pretty. It is so relaxing to lie back and dream that you are in some enchanted garden which is filled with potent flowers.

      The rose petal scent remains on my skin after I've dried myself and it is very pleasing to be able to smell this wonderful perfume for hours after my bath. My skin also feels really soft and hydrated after using this too.

      I would definitely buy this Rose Jam Bubbleroon again as I think it's delightful and a real treat to use in my bath. I would recommend it to any ladies who like soft, feminine fragrances and who like to have long, relaxing soaks in the tub! I also think this would make a fantastic gift for ladies of any age. When you buy a product they come in little bags which are pre-marked with To and From labels.

      You can buy this vegan product for £3.75 in the high street Lush stores or online at:


      This review is also on Ciao!


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        31.12.2012 15:56
        Very helpful



        Bubble bar from Lush

        Christmas Eve is always a bit of a big deal for me because it was the eve upon which I got married. So we always go out somewhere to celebrate either with friends or for a meal and then at midnight we exchange cards and gifts. So to prepare myself for such an occasion calls for a nice long hot soak in the bath, maybe a glass of wine, my Kindle and a face pack and then I lay back and relax soaking up the luscious smells that rise up through the steam of my bath.

        This Christmas Eve it was Rose Jam Bath Bubble Bar from Lush that would be keeping me company, a secret Santa gift that I had been given in the week at a work dinner and it wasn't a product I had tried before, so I was really looking forward to trying it. Rose Jam says it will create "A bath that helps you get out of it feeling better than when you got in "and to look at reminds me of a Macaroon, though I am not a fan of them, because it looks as though two halves have been put together to make a whole, its not quite a tennis ball shape as it is a little bit jagged around the edges, but its almost circular. It is also bright pink in colour and costs £3.50 and you can, if you are careful, break it into two and get two lovely baths out of this one Bubble Bar. I am however too greedy and I chucked the lot in.

        Bath Bubble Bars are often a tennis ball shaped bath bombs and happen to be one of my favourite Lush products. Mainly made up of bicarbonate of Soda they are packed full of essential oils, which give off wonderful aromas as soon as they make contact with the hot water in your bath and over the years I have been using these products, I am always surprised at how lovely they smell and how many bubbles they can create, unlike its sister product the Bath Ballistic which whilst creating lovely fragrances and aromas, often do not create bubbles.

        When it comes to using your Bubble Bar It is suggested by Lush suggest you crumble the bubble bar between your fingers under a running tap water. So once the tap is running at a nice warm temperature, not too hot to burn your hands, you simply get your Bubble Bar and start to crumble it into the water. I did find that once this product had been held under the running tap for a few seconds it began to crumble really easily. As you begin to crumble it, the one thing I always notice first is that it feels like wet sand in my hands, which simply slipped through my fingers into the hot water below. Once you have crumbled your bar into the warm water any larger blobs begin to fizz away on their own and your water should have by this stage become the same colour pink as the bubble bar was.

        As mentioned, The fizzing is due to the fact the main ingredient in all Bath Ballistics is Sodium Bicarbonate which causes the ingredients to loosen and fizz away into the water and also for those of you, whom like me, live in a hard water area, sodium bicarbonate also helps to soften the water. So once your Bubble bar has dissolved and fizzed away into the water, then it's time to get into the bath, lay back and enjoy. The best thing however about this Bubble bar was its aroma and that is released as instantly as it hits the water and begins to fizz away in the water. The smells that are released are best described as being Citrusy but with a hint of coconut which isn't too overpowering, but just lovely and relaxing.

        For me there are at least 6 ingredients that are worthy of a mention- firstly there is Extra Virgin coconut oil which is a great moisturiser for the skin. Then comes Fair Trade Shea Butter which again is kind to the skin and acts as a great moisturiser to leave the skin feeling soft and smooth to the touch. Rose absolute and Rose Oil come next and most people that I know who have used this say for them this is the dominant smell, but not for me, I could barely smell it but I do like it as an ingredient because it helps to improve the look of your skin by hydrating and moisturising it and also soothes dry, inflamed and irritated skin. Next comes Geranium Oil and it helps control the production of sebum which is great for those people who have dry skin or over oily skin because it creates a balance between the two. It is also said to be good at dealing with head lice!! Finally comes Lemon Oil, which for me is one of the dominant smells and a scent that I really like. It acts as a great cleanser for the skin and if you have greasy skin it is great for cleaning it as well as getting rid of unwanted dirt and impurities that are lurking and also because it is such as a sharp and zesty smell, I find it quite uplifting. Naturally there are a few more ingredients to add to the list above, but they can be found online.

        Once out of the bath and having dried my skin, I wasn't surprised to find that it felt lovely and soft and well moisturised to the point where my fingers just glided over the skin and obviously there was a lovely lemon and coconut scent smell to my skin. As mentioned before, I also have extremely sensitive skin and often find that I am limited in which products I can use, but with Lush I haven't had any problems whatsoever, so that means I can now try everything without having to worry about breaking out into an itchy rash and that is the main reason I am a lush addict.

        So would I recommend this product? I absolutely would without a shadow of a doubt, I admit I am quite bias when it comes to Lush and I love more products than loathe. Also after emptying out the bath water there was nothing left behind clinging to the bottom or the sides of the bath which means I don't have to spend hours cleaning it after using. For me this is the type of Bubble Bar I would be more than happy to use again, it smells lovely, leaves your skin with a lovely scent after using and is also very moisturising and soothing.


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          19.09.2012 10:46
          Very helpful



          A nasty product, didn't enjoy this at all.

          I love Lush's bubble bars and their bath items are my favourite treats. Rose Jam is one of a trio of new bubble bars by Lush, termed "bubbleroons" for their macaroon style appearance. It can be bought from the Lush high street stores, via mail order, or online at www.lush.co.uk and costs £3.50. I received this along with a couple of other Lush treats for my birthday.

          Product description: "Jam and Jerusalem! If the Women's Institute knew how to make bath products, this is what they'd make.
          A bath that helps you get out of it feeling better than when you got in. With lemon to bring clarity and alertness and rose to lift the spirits. The geranium oil in here will balance the skin, whilst the coconut oil and shea butter will leave you feeling smooth and soft.
          This smells of roses, with the sweetness of jam - it shares the same fragrance as Ro's Argan Body Conditioner."

          Bubble bars are a really original idea for a bath product. It's a solid bar and feels totally unlike most other bath products. The idea is that you use chunks of it in your bath water and it creates the same effect as a regular bubble bath. Because of its nature the product requires no packaging and is extremely environmentally friendly, just pop it into a recycled paper bag and then re-use or recycle it again once you've finished.

          Rose Jam is a really cute and attractive looking bubble bar. Baking is quite in vogue at the moment, and macaroons had their moment in the spotlight as being a fashionable treat. The bright pink colour is very girly and it looks like a fun product. I love bathing and baking so this looked like the perfect sort of gift for me and I can see why my friend picked this out :)

          It's important that you use this product correctly, so here are some tips on how to get the most out of your bath. To start with, keep the product dry at all times to preserve it's solid state. I usually store my Lush things in their little yellow paper bags in a box in my bedroom wardrobe, so that the steam and dampness from the bathroom doesn't affect them. When you are ready to use it, with dry hands break off a section of the bar. Lush usually recommend that you use a third of the bar per bath. Because this one is already separated into sections I was a bit more generous and used half of the bar at a time so I managed to get two baths from the one bar.

          Start running the taps and crumble the bubble bar section under the hot running water. Make sure you break down the little lumps and help it to dissolve properly. To get an extra frothy bath, run the water through your shower head and the bubbles grow out of control! Unfortunately, despite my care to ensure that the bubble bar was kept dry and away from moisture, by the time I got around to using it (around 3 weeks after I received it) the bar was very moist and soggy, and I found it most difficult to break into smaller pieces as rubbing the bar between my hands just sort of "smooshed" it around (for want of a better word!). It felt very much like I imagine wet Play-Doh would feel! The bar did not dissolve properly in the water and I was left with lots of slimy little lumps lurking in the bath water, which was not exactly inviting! Despite the bar not dissolving fully, the bath water did take on a lovely bright pink colour and there was a nice amount of fluffy bubbles for me to soak in. However, they weren't particularly long lasting and had all disappeared by about half-way through my bath time.

          The scent has a true rose fragrance, which is very strong in this product. I am not the biggest fan of rose scents as I find them somewhat overpowering and they have an old-fashioned feeling to me. I did not find the scent sweet at all, it was more of a pure and heavy rose fragrance, and I couldn't pick out any of the other floral notes or citrus as mentioned in the description. The scent did have a lot of power behind it, scenting my whole bathroom and lasting on my skin for some time after I had finished bathing. I put the bubble bar in my bathroom one morning, in preparation for my bath later on that evening, and even before I had used the bubble bar the scent spread well and left my (admittedly small) bathroom perfumed which added to the effect when I used it in my bath.

          One thing that I love about using Lush bubble bars is that they seem to have a good effect on my skin as well as producing lovely fluffy bubbles. Once again, this bubble bar did not deliver and I didn't experience any moisturising effect on my skin. Maybe this is because the product did not break down into the water to allow the coconut oil and shea butter to get to work on my skin. Usually I would expect to see at least a slight improvement after bathing with a Lush product, but my skin was feeling dry afterwards and I needed to apply a good dose of body butter to get it back into good condition.

          I do feel rather ungrateful to give this product such a poor review seeing as it was a thoughtful gift from my friend, but unfortunately it was just not up to Lush's usual high standards and I didn't enjoy it at all. I MUCH prefer Lush's other rose bubble bar, Amandopondo, which is lovely and light and refreshing as well as working effectively. I would not recommend the Rose Jam bubble bar, and I am now a bit dubious about using my next bubbleroon...keeping my fingers crossed that I have a better experience!

          Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream of Tartar, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Lauryl Betaine, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Perfume, Rose Absolute, Geranium Oil, Rose Oil, Lemon Oil, Cocamide DEA, PEG-6 Caprylic / Capric Glycerides, Titanium Dioxide, Colour 17200.

          This is a vegan product and Lush are against animal testing - please keep your beauty cruelty free!


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            17.03.2012 19:07
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            One of Lush's new bubbleroons

            Lush released a number of products last year, among them three new bubble bars called 'bubbleroons'. Now I had a real "Doh!" moment the other week when I finally realised why they were called this. They are named after macaroons, which they resemble, being formed of two pieces stuck together.

            Three varieties of bubbleroon are available:
            Green: Light and refreshing, like cut grass
            Yuzu and Cocoa: Citrus and chocolate, an orange bath
            Rose Jam: Pink, and scented with the sweet Rose Jam fragrance which you can also find in Ro's Argan Body Conditioner and the limited edition Rose Jam perfume.

            I decided to try the Rose Jam bubbleroon last, using it in a luxurious Saturday night bath. This bubbleroon is pink and as the name suggests smells of sweetness and roses. It contains real rose absolute, as well as rose oil, geranium oil and lemon oil to provide a refreshing sweetness. It also contains extra virgin coconut oil and fair trade shea butter to moisturise. The bubble bar also contains sodium laureth sulfate - this is a foaming agent and is what produces the bubbles in the bath - it is used in the vast majority of shower gel, shampoo and bath products, but it is a known skin irritant. Most people can use it without problems but it's something to be aware of if you have sensitive skin or eczema. Rose Jam is the most expensive bubbleroon at £3.50, however it does contain real rose absolute which is very expensive.

            I split the bar into two and crumbled one half into the running water. The bar felt creamy to the touch and crumbled easily. The water turned a lovely shade of pink and the sweet rose scent filled the bathroom. There weren't loads of bubbles - there was a layer covering the bath but they weren't as 'high' as other bubble bars produce.

            When I got in the bath, the water felt silky-soft and the smell was absolutely amazing. I enjoyed my luxurious bath and didn't want to get out! After I did, my skin felt really soft and was lightly scented with the delicious fragrance, which was absolutely lovely.

            I really enjoyed using this bubble bar. It produced a really luxurious bath and was absolutely delicious. The sweet rose scent is like nothing else - the Imogen Rose perfume smells of rose but it's a more floral, powdery scent, not like the sweet scent here. It is slightly pricey, however, Lush have released limited edition bubble bar wands for Mother's Day. These are reusable and if they're anything like the Snow Fairy wand from Christmas, they'll last for several baths. Each is scented with a different Bubbleroon scent and the one with the Rose Jam scent is called the Madame Butterfly wand. I'll definitely be picking up a couple of these!


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              01.01.2012 16:02
              Very helpful



              A lovely old fashioned scented bubble bat

              Lush -Rose jam bubbleroon

              THIS ONE IS HERE TO STAY
              This bubble bar looks rather like a macaroon, hence its name. There are three new bubble bars that are the same shape but they are different colours and very different scents. They are not very big but are designed to get two baths from each if you break the macaroons apart. The bar weighs 100g and costs £3.50, which is the most expensive of the three macaroon shaped bubble bars and although originally I thought that the Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon was the nicest I now am torn as this is also absolutely gorgeous so it does depend on which scents you like.

              WHY IS IT SPECIAL?
              They are quite simple and all one colour, this is a subtle true old fashioned rose pink colour. There is an apricot coloured one and a green one in the same series, the apricot coloured one is a bit like a chocolate orangey scentand is the Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon , the green one is called Green Bubbleroon and that one has a slight lemony, grassy scent.

              I got my first Rose Jam bubbleroon a few weeks ago and was initially put off by the price as I do think over £.00 for two baths is a bit high but I felt I just had to try it. I was also tempted as I had tried Ro's Argan conditioner and loved the scent and this shares the same scent. I think I might well return to buy a second after my Christmas stash is finished. I also have a lovely green bubbleroon waiting for me to try in my knicker drawer!

              THE REASON IT BECAME
              Lush say this bubble bar is for "Jam and Jerusalem! If the Women's Institute knew how to make bath products, this is what they'd make". This gorgeous bar "smells of roses, with the sweetness of jam."

              The scent of this lovely bubble bar known as Rose Jam was invented by Simon in Lush. Apparently Simon visits Turkey annually during the rose harvest in order to see the Lush rose absolute being harvested and produced. The scent of roses in the fields combined with eating rose jam with lunch inspired this Rose Jam bubbleroon.

              Lush have used their Turkish produced Rose Absolute as well as rose oil and geranium oil to create the scent in this luscious bubble bar. I tempted you? If so get down to Lush and buy one to crumble in your bath and you can share this luxurious rosy scent with the Lush twist of having silky bubbles as well.

              BUBBLING ALONG
              Just in case anyone has not tried a Lush bubble bar, the idea is that you crumble the bar as your bath is filling and then enjoy a huge mountain of luxuriously softening and moisturising scented bubbles. I did manage to store this in one of my drawers for a few days to enjoy the rose scented loveliness on my clothes as well as in my bath. I keep all my Lush soaps and bubble bars in my drawers as that way I never by any drawer scented liners and my clothes always have a "Lushious "smell about them.

              I thought this would be a nice treat over the Christmas few days so my Rose jam bar came out just before Christmas and gave me three good baths. Granted the baths were not overflowing with bubbles but I prefer not to be buried in bubbles and I can still enjoy the lovely aroma.

              I retrieved my Rose Jam bubbleroon from my drawer, took it out of its yellow paper recyclable bag and had a sniff. Perfect rosy loveliness, a bit like a real old fashioned country rose on a summer's day. I squeezed off about half of one lump to use in my bath and as it was quite fresh it was pretty soft and broke off easily. The scent is exactly like the rose perfume I bought when we were in Morocco and that was from the area famous for its rose oil and rose absolute. This is a rather old fashioned sort of scent but in a good way. It conjures up images of rose avenues and rose covered cottages with its pure rose scent.

              IN WE GET
              Okay being a meanie I NEVER use a whole bubble bar in my bath usually I can get two or three baths from one bar but this is carefully made into two halves even so I did use two thirds of a whole half and I crumbled it under the hot tap coming into my bath. I sat and watched as the bubbles began to grow and sniffed in. I was enjoying the rather nostalgic rose scent. My bathroom was filling with the warm moist rosy aroma and i was looking forward to lying in my bubble filled rosy bath and lying back with my eyes closed imagining walking along a rose arbour in the warm summer sun.

              The bubbles from two thirds of the half bar give me a really bubbly bath; they were abundant and thick as they normally are when I treat myself to one of these. Bear in mind the price of £3.50 I don't think I'm being unreasonable in expecting at least three baths and there were still plenty of bubbles for me.

              Now we move onto the feel in the bath. I am never disappointed Lush bubble bars as they always makes the water feel creamy and soft and I needed no soap or other cleaning agent I just soaked in the bath and enjoyed luxuriating in my bath of creamy coconut orangey and chocolate bubbles and enjoyed the caressing smooth feel of the moisturised water warmingly soothing and caressing my tired joints and oozing into my dried old skin! My nose did really pick out the rose which wasn't hard as it filled the entire bathroom and our bedroom next door as well.

              My bath water is a lovely creamy marshmallow colour and the bybble bar dissolved quickly into bubbles. There was no sludgy mess left behind and no need for extra bath washing at all when i had finished which is a plus for me.

              WHAT IS IT MADE FROM?

              What are the benefits of this bar in terms of essential oils? Looking at the list of ingredients these include: Cream of Tartar, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Lauryl Betaine, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Perfume, Rose Absolute, Geranium Oil, Rose Oil, Lemon Oil, Cocamide DEA, PEG-6 Caprylic / Capric Glycerides, Titanium Dioxide, Colour 17200.

              Straight away I notice the extra virgin Coconut oil and Fair trade Shea butter which is why this is so beautifully moisturizing.

              The Perfume, Rose Absolute, Geranium Oil, Rose Oil, Lemon Oil, allcombine to give the wonderful scent and these are all natural and good quality ingredients. The lemon oil helps to make you feel more alert and clear thinking, the rose oil and rose Absolute help to lift your spirits and feel more positive. The geranium oil helps to balance the skin so the ingredients within the bar are intended to lift your spirits and make you feel more positive.

              The sodium bicarbonate and tartaric acid make the water soft and the Lauryl Betaine is there to make the bubbles. This has not been found to cause any health concerns according to the www.goodguide.com which is good.

              PEG-6 Caprylic / Capric Glycerides are a skin conditioning agent and also not of any concern according to the www.goodguide.com.

              Less desirable ingredients:
              The Cocamide DEA is a viscosity, thickening and foam booster but once again there have been stories about links with cancer. The storage and handling precautions are also a little worrying. See http://www.useful-chemicals.com/?p=39 .

              Titanium Dioxide is a cause of some concern. Some websites say it is carcinogenic while others insist it is safe but it is something to think about.
              So if you are concerned I would suggest you investigate more thoroughly the ingredients just so you know what you are using. Some of the above ingredients can be irritating to skin too; my step daughter cannot use these products as she gets bad eczema if she does.

              WHAT DO I THINK?

              I really like this bar it certainly up there as one of my favourites. It is not one of the pretty and feminine products. It looks more like something a child would make a preschool! The scent is just perfect old fashioned rose with no gimmicks at all

              I didn't notice that the bath tub was left with any tinge after the water has gone so that was a plus as I always have to check for any residue and I usually have to give a good rinse of the tub straight away to avoid any potential staining of my white tub.

              Apart from the couple of questionable ingredients this has full thumbs up from me. Thanks Lush this one is a keeper but a bit expensive for everyday use.

              Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.
              © Catsholiday


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