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Lush Rose Queen Ballistic

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3 Reviews

Brand: Lush / Type: Bath Melt/Foam

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    3 Reviews
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      24.01.2013 22:57
      Very helpful



      Bath bomb

      Lush bath bomb

      I dont usually buy Lush products because its not my favourite brand but I heard via a friend of mine that they are supposed to smell good if placed on a warm radiator. I tried this and no, it didn't work as a room scenter.

      The bath bomb is a pink Sphere with the name Lush on the ball and bits of what looks like foliage sticking out of the bath ball.

      It does smell good if you are partial to the scent of rose, and This scent apparently comes from the flower petals of the damask rose as well as rose oil from the same plant and is advertised as being a run through a rose garden! For me not the best description.

      It does dissolve easily when held under running water and as soon as the water hits the bath bomb the smell is released. The rose smell is quite strong but not unpleasant and leaves the bathroom smelling very floral. This I like but unfortunately as the bath bomb starts to dissolve, the bits of foliage started to be released into the bath. This leaves me with pink bath water with bits of what look like stalk and dried petals lying in the water and up the sides of the bath. Certainly not very enticing for someone who really likes a warm bubbly bath.

      After my bath I didn't feel as though I had had a really good clean, but this is perhaps because of the rose oils it contains. However, saying that my skin didn't feel particularly moisturised but it did feel a bit oily and I did have to moisturise it well afterwards.

      It costs £2.65 and if this is for one bath then it's quite pricey. I shared mine with Little Miss by dissolving half of it under running water and then using the other half myself. Standing it on the side of the bath does leave the surface very pink and in need of a clean.


      For what it is, even had I really liked the bath bomb, this is an expensive product for one bath, so my suggestion for any bath bomb is to share it. Alternatively Lush could make them smaller as I certainly wouldn't need that much of the product for one bath. It's not the most pleasant product I've ever used in my bath and I especially disliked it when bits of stalk were still attached to me when I got out of the bath!

      On a plus point I liked the smell but because in general I didn't like it I wouldn't recommend it and award it two stars.

      Definitely not a product I would buy again.

      Thanks for reading

      Daniela xx


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      16.01.2013 08:57
      Very helpful



      Lovely ballistic from Lush

      The Rose Queen ballistic is a relatively new addition to the Lush range. The idea for it was born when, after receiving OBEs, Lush founders Mark and Mo got an invitation to the annual festival at their local parish church where a Rose Queen was being crowned. The ballistic was inspired by roses and flowers in general, and designed as a playful rose bath.

      The ballistic is bright pink and contains tigerlily, apple blossom and larkspur petals. The scent is of rose absolute and geranium, which is a light pleasant floral smell. The ballistic does look and smell lovely and definitely makes me think of summer. It is round and quite small, and reminds me of the Lush ballistics of old - several that I've sampled from the Retro range have been similar in shape and design. The ballistic costs £2.50 which is similar to other ballistics in the range, not a bad price considering how expensive real rose absolute is.

      I obtained this ballistic in an online order and decided to use it on the Saturday night of that week, while it was still fresh. The weather outside was really lovely so I thought a summery evening bath would complement it.

      As with all ballistics, I ran the bath first so I could get in and watch the ballistic dissolve. When I dropped it in it fizzed quite strongly and dissolved over a couple of minutes. The water turned a lovely shade of deep pink - this was lighter than the ballistic itself but still fairly strong bearing in mind the amount of water that was in there. The petals floated about on the surface of the water looking pretty. The floral rose scent, which was powdery (slightly similar to the Imogen Rose fragrance), was really strong, even after the ballistic had dissolved, and lasted well. This was impressive considering the small size of the ballistic.
      I enjoyed my bath with my glass of wine and my book, and stayed in there for ages. When I got out, I picked some of the larger flowers out of the bath and rinsed the rest away with the shower head, which was mildly irritating but not difficult. To be honest I would have probably just left them there until the next time I took a shower, if it wasn't for my male housemates who would probably not thank me for leaving rose petals in the bottom of the bath!

      My skin was soft after my bath, although not moisturised - in fairness there aren't any moisturising ingredients in the ballistic. The product was very gentle on my skin and didn't irritate it at all. I only had to apply moisturiser to my lower legs (which get quite dry) - I was able to leave the rest of my skin unmoisturised, which allowed me to enjoy the floral scent which remained on my skin for several hours afterwards.

      I really liked this ballistic and would buy it again. It had a lovely rose scent and looked lovely in the bath. It was surprisingly strong for such a small ballistic, and left my skin soft and sweetly scented. Though it is pricey, it would be worth it as a one off treat and it is no more expensive than the majority of ballistics in the range.


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      21.01.2012 17:54
      Very helpful



      A nice natural scented bath ballistic with no nasty ingredients

      Lush Rose Queen Bath ballistic
      Now I'm not a great bath ballistic fan on the whole despite my true addiction to Lush. In my humble opinion these are a fun product and apart from giving off a little scent they soften the water and give a fun fizz as they dissolve but that is about the extent of it. However knowing my passion for all things Lush I do tend to get given gifts of Lush items and as these look good and are a bit if fun they are often popped into my birthday or Christmas or Mother's Day presents from my various family members.

      This one was part of my Birthday present trawl and for a month or so it has been residing in my jumper drawer sharing its lovely smell with my clothes. I keep all my lush stuff in my clothes drawers as I get the extra benefit of drawer freshening before I actually use the product. It does add to the excitement as I often find something I had forgotten I had hidden in the depths in my drawers. So it can be a bonus as I find an exciting soap or bubble bar or a bath ballistic in this case and finding it has been like receiving it a second time as a present , a bit like finding a pound coin in a coat or jacket you haven't worn for a while!

      Often the bath ballistics come in different fun shapes but this is pretty well a round tennis ball sized ballistic in a pure pretty pink colour with nothing outside at all. So it isn't one of the more exciting looking ones really but it does smell very true to a real rose, not like the Rose Jam which smells sweeter like a rose scented dessert.

      It smells truly rose like an old fashioned rose in an English country garden and not at all false or overwhelmingly scented at all. There are other floral notes in this ballistic including tiger lily and amaranth flowers, larkspur and I have to admit that this are pretty subtle as the main scent is distinctly rosy.

      If you are "looking for a less serious more playful rose bath? Well this is the one. Instead of serious romantic adult thoughts - this is a run through a rose garden, with your hands brushing the tops of the bushes.
      The scent is a light floral rosy accord, of rose absolute and geranium with amber notes of rock rose. The bathwater has a rosy pink glow with a sprinkling of tigerlily, apple blossom and larkspur petals adrift on the surface.
      Mo says this is a return to her old style ballistics; for times when you want nothing but an escape to simpler times of flowers, nature and innocent simplicity."


      Mark, the Lush boss was invited to the annual parish church festival in the vaillage where he grew up. While he was there he met the vicar who was wearing 'Breathe of God' fragrance ( a very modern vicar I would say) and his daughter then arrived wearing 'Imogen Rose' fragrance which is one of my favourites too. Mark was so overcome that he returned to the lab and invented this ballistic to mark the event.

      As this costs £2.50 for a 95g ballistic I think to just get one bath from it is VERY expensive so being a cheap skate I break mine into at least two maybe three if I can. They are actually quite hard to break and I have to put them in a plastic bag and them either bang them with a rolling pin or drop them hard onto the ceramic tiled floor. I don't think I am alone as I see on Ebay people selling crushed up ones in bulk deals.

      I got about a half of this ballistic as it seems quite small, I think they must be shrinking or my eyes are deceiving me and drop it into the bath away from the running tap I find allows it to fizz slowly and release the scents best. This is was pink on the outside and throughout the entire ballistic the colour remained pink but there were petals of various flowers dried within the bomb. The bath water then became a beautiful pale pink colour but clear not cloudy at all and the smell given off was pure rose and deep but gentle and not false at all . I do like rose scent as it reminds me not only of my garden in the summer which is full of rose blossoms but also of our visit to the area in Morocco known for its rose oil and I had a ball in the shops there testing their stuff.

      It is nice watching the ballistic fizz its way around the bath and the water changing colour while you breathe in the lovely rosy aroma.

      As I get in I do enjoy the feeling of softness in the water and lie back to enjoy the subtle rosy smelling lushness. As this is really only a scented water softener I do use soap as well but lie and enjoy the bath for a few minutes before I get around to the washing and cleaning business of the bath. I am not convinced about the dried floral bits in the bath but as I fished them out and smelled they did each smell quite strong so I lay back and enjoyed them pretending to be someone from way back lying in a bath scented by rose petals.

      Once again as with all these sort of products I make sure that I rinse the bath out after I have used it as it does tend to leave a colour residue and a soapy feeling in the bath if I forget. However my husband followed me into this bath last night (we save water this way and as we bathe twice a day I don't feel it is a bad thing) and he didn't bother washing the bath out so when i went into the bathroom in the morning the scent was really strong and my bath had petals all over the bottom. Luckily they hadn't stained and they quickly swilled down the plug hole.

      The scent stayed for a while on my skin and I also used a little Ro's Argan on my arms too which made the scent really lovely. I also noticed that then I went down stairs and then came back up that the scent was filling not only the bathroom but also our bedroom too which I did like. When I have used it in our main bathroom the scent gets carried all through that side of the house so they are wonderful air fresheners too. Also the next day the bathroom smelled lovely too when I went in and found the bath with the flower petals decorating it.

      My skin didn't feel especially dry nor did it feel like it was particularly moisturised either. I still put my usual body lotion on but I do that anyway so it was not really a problem.

      Surely not, this is Lush after all but you might be surprised to find that Lush, although I am one of their biggest fans is not perfect. This one seems to not have any of the nasty ingredients found in some of their products which I am pleased to see. There are no bubbles so there is no need for any surfactants and the sodium bicarbonate is for softening water and is good for calming skin too. So top marks Lush.

      This is a grown up bit of fun to have a nicely scented bath. If you have any skin problems then you should be alright with this one but test first if unsure. I do have sensitive skin and some patches of eczema and I had no problems so obviously these aren't the ingredients I am allergic too.
      I quite liked this but not sure I would rush to buy it again as it is expensive for what you get and I actually prefer bubble bars to bath ballistics.
      So I would recommend if you like rose scent and do not want bubbles and if you don't mind bits in your bath either.

      Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.
      © Catsholiday


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