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Lush Smaragadine

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Brand: Lush

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    1 Review
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      17.07.2013 11:14
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      A nice product from Lush

      If you read my reviews regularly you will know that I love Lush and am trying to sample every product that they make. Recently I had the chance to try their bath foam, Smaragadine. Lush are famous for their solid bubble bars and other bath products, but they do have a couple of more traditional liquid bubble baths too.

      Smaragadine belongs to the Retro range. This is a range of products available only online at www.lush.co.uk. They are products from Lush's past that were discontinued from stores to make way for new products, but which were too popular to get rid of completely. Retro products are invariably more expensive than in-store products, and Smaragadine is no exception: it costs a whopping £6.25 for 100g. Ouch!

      Having said that, Lush recently revamped their Retro policy and discontinued many of the products to make way for frequent limited editions. Only the 25 most popular Retro products remained on the website permanently, and Smaragadine was one of these - so it is clearly loved in spite of the high price.

      This is a product that has apparently been around in Lush for years, since the Cosmetics to Go days in the early 90s. The unusual name doesn't tell you much about it, but the bubble bath has a unique but very 'Lush' scent. Rose, lavender and peppermint leaf, patchouli oil, orange peel, pimento berry oil, sandalwood oil and ginger oil to combine to create an exotic scent that feels close to nature. It smells of patchouli with a hint of spice and herbs, and manages to be natural but edgy at the same time.

      It's worth noting that the bubble bath contains sodium laureth sulfate, a foaming agent that is included in the majority of bath and shower products out there. Many people, including me, get along fine with this ingredient but it can cause skin irritation in some cases. The bubble bath is, however, suitable for vegans.

      The product is a deep emerald green, the colour of forest greenery, which is showcased to good effect in the clear plastic bottle (which is fully recyclable). The white lid matches other products in the Retro range, and flips up to release the product, which is rather runny so be careful when using it. I find the best way of getting lots of bubbles in a bubble bath is to pour the product under running water, so this is what I did. At first it swirls into the water like green oil paint but after giving it a bit of a whish around it spreads out and turns the water a pale green, as well as producing fluffy white bubbles.

      I didn't get as many bubbles as I normally do with Lush products, but I've found this to be the case with all their liquid bubble baths. There were a good few bubbles, though. The smell was fairly strong and very pleasant. The rose is designed to lift the spirits, lavender to revitalise and peppermint to refresh, and I found the bubble bath very refreshing, and invigorating, no doubt also because of the patchouli and ginger. It is one of my preferred products to use in a bath during the summer, as it is very refreshing, unlike some intense bathing products which are a bit overpowering in the hot weather.

      After my bath, I found that my skin was fairly soft and I only had to apply a relatively small amount of body butter. The patchouli scent lingered on my skin for a couple of hours, which was very refreshing. The scent is a unisex one so I feel both men and women would be happy using this product.

      I got around six baths out of my 100g bottle, which is more than Lush bubble bars would give. Therefore, though the product is certainly expensive, it works out about the same per bath as a bubble bar. It is very unusual and the scent is unlike anything I've ever come across, unlike some of the citrusy or chocolatey scents I've tried.

      Overall, this is an unusual but pleasant bathing product that is definitely worth trying, although sadly it is only available online. Despite the high price, I do recommend it as it is a bit different and brightens up bath time.


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