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Lush Spank Me With Saplings Jelly

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Brand: Lush

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    1 Review
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      18.04.2013 08:46
      Very helpful



      Limited edition shower jelly from Lush

      Recently a number of limited edition Retro products were released by my favourite store, Lush, as online-only specials. They seemed to carry a Valentine's Day theme, appropriate for their February release date. I bought one of each product I hadn't tried before, including this shower jelly.

      Spank Me With Saplings attracted me immediately because of the name! It is one of the older Lush products - many of the products that pop up in Retro were around a couple of years ago, but this one hasn't been produced for ages. The jelly was inspired by the Scandinavian tradition of slapping the skin with birch twigs after a hot sauna, which is meant to be invigorating - I think I'll stick to a hot shower personally!

      A shower jelly is like a semi-solid shower gel, with the texture of actual jelly. This one is a lovely deep green colour with a rich woody refreshing scent. Sea water, bay leaf and olive leaf infusions and fresh cucumber create a lovely refreshing scent, given a citrus kick with grape juice and neroli oil. Oakmoss absolute adds a natural aspect and black pepper and cinnamon leaf oils add a touch of spice. The product is suitable for vegans. I normally like sweet scents but I loved this - it was so refreshing and evocative of woods and northern landscapes, perfect to use in a cold rainy city.

      To use a shower jelly, you can either take the whole thing and rub it over your body like a soap, or break off a piece at a time. I prefer the latter method, especially as it allows me to use my shower puff - this creates a very impressive lather with not much product. The refreshing scent fills the shower and really helps to cheer me and wake me up in the morning. The product is gentle and doesn't irritate my skin at all. I do have to use moisturiser after use, but this certainly isn't drying. The scent sometimes lasts, albeit faintly, on my skin, which I like.

      I definitely recommend this shower jelly - it's a lovely product, ideal for anyone - male or female - who likes refreshing, natural scents.


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