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Lush Superstar Bubble Bar

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Brand: Lush / Melt/Foam / Type: Bubble Bar / Subcategory: Bath Melt / Bath Foam

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    3 Reviews
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      17.02.2012 11:23
      Very helpful
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      Mostly good but the scent puts me off, there are other Lush fragrances that I prefer over this one.

      I love Lush's bubble bars and their bath items are my favourite treats. Superstar is one of the Christmas range bubble bars which was released winter 2011 and can be bought from the Lush high street stores, via mail order, or online at www.lush.co.uk. I was lucky enough to receive one in my box of Lush goodies underneath the Christmas tree last December!

      Product description: "A strawberry bath to make you feel really special. This is a bubble bar for those times when you just want to remind yourself that there ain't no one out there better than you! Also hidden inside that lovely strawberry fragrance are angelica root, black pepper and celery seed oils - all used in traditional medicine to combat stress, exhaustion and depression.  We've put them in here so that whilst the strawberry gives you cheer, the other oils will clear your thoughts, lift your spirits and boost your confidence."

      Bubble bars are a really original idea for a bath product. It's a solid bar and feels totally unlike most other bath products. The idea is that you use chunks of it in your bath water and it creates the same effect as a regular bubble bath. Because of its nature the product requires no packaging and is extremely environmentally friendly, just pop it into a recycled paper bag and then re-use or recycle it again once you've finished.

      It's important that you use this product correctly, so here are some tips on how to get the most out of your bath. To start with, keep the product dry at all times to preserve it's solid state. I usually store my Lush things in their little yellow paper bags in a box in my bedroom wardrobe, so that the steam and dampness from the bathroom doesn't affect them. When you are ready to use it, with dry hands break off a section of the bar. Lush usually recommend that you use a third of the bar per bath, and that's how I split this one up so I had three bubbly baths from the one bubble bar. Start running the taps and crumble the bubble bar section under the hot running water. Make sure you break down the little lumps and help it to dissolve properly. To get an extra frothy bath, run the water through your shower head and the bubbles grow out of control! Once the crumbled bits of bar have disappeared you will have a gorgeous bath full of bubbles waiting for you. It is quite soft and breaks up easily when you crush it in your hands, so you don't need to use too much force.

      Superstar is a really nice and festive looking bubble bar. It appears from the photo above that it is available in two different colour options, but I received the one with the red outer section and the yellow star. This may make a difference when it comes to changing the colour of the bath water, and I'm glad I got the red one as yellow bath water is pretty uninviting! It looks almost like a super-sized stick of rock with the cute little star in the centre of the bubble bar. It is round and flat which made it very easy to break into sections and it crumbled up nicely without having to apply much pressure at all.

      This bubble bar is nice and moist so it crumbles easily and breaks into small particles that dissolve easily. Even though I was using only a third of the entire bar per bath, it still made the bath water turn a lovely bright red colour which was fun. This is a lovely bubbly product which created tons of soft frothy bubbles. Some of them did start to fade away quite quickly, but there was still a fair amount of bubbles left by the time I had finished soaking.

      The scent is not at all what I had expected as I was led to believe from the description that it would have a sweet strawberry scent. Lush have made plenty of other strawberry products over the years, including another Christmas themed item, Strawberry Santa shower jelly. The Strawberry Santa scent was gorgeous, very much like strawberry jelly and ice cream with a sweet strawberry and vanilla fragrance, and I had really hoped that it would be like this! Unfortunately for me, I couldn't pick out even the slightest hint of strawberries, and instead it seemed more like the tangy fruity smell of oranges, with a sickly hint of stuffy florals. It was certainly closer to a citrus type scent with a spicy edge to it that was quite harsh. This was quite a strong fragrance and was quite overpowering rather than the sweet and light scent that I had expected. I would liken it to the scent of Lush's Karma range which I am not particularly keen on either, and I was disappointed that the fragrance didn't seem right for this product.

      One thing that I love about using Lush bubble bars is that they seem to have a good effect on my skin as well as producing lovely fluffy bubbles. This bubble bar was gentle on my skin and felt quite soothing as I was soaking in the bath. Although I didn't get the intensive nourishment that some of Lush's other products provide, it managed to leave my skin feeling lightly moisturised afterwards.

      Superstar performs well in most areas as it is moisturising, packed full of bright colour that makes the bath water look much more interesting, and produces a nice amount of bubbles. However, I just can't get around the fact that it didn't smell right and the scent was very off-putting for me as it is not the sort of thing that I would usually choose for myself. I would recommend it to other Lush fans but with a warning that it does smell a bit funny!

      Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream of Tartar, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Lauryl Betaine, Perfume, Cocamide DEA, Geranium Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Celery Seed Oil, *Limonene, *Linalool, Gardenia Extract, Colour 14700, Colour 45350.
      *Occurs naturally in essential oils

      This is a vegan product and Lush are against animal testing - please keep your beauty cruelty free!

      If you like this Lush product then you may also enjoy...
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        12.02.2012 13:37
        Very helpful



        One of Lush's Christmas bubble bars smells of strawberry

        Superstars Bubble bars LUSH

        I suggested this product a while back and was informed that they were not accepting suggestions in the category and now I see it is on the site so someone must have been more successful than me.


        This is one of the special bars brought out for Christmas this last year, 2011 and as I rather like the bubble bars I had to buy myself this just in case I missed out on getting one as a gift.

        It came in to colour options a dark pink with a central yellow star and another version was yellow with a pink star in the middle. I chose the pink one with the yellow star as I thought that was more attractive in my opinion although I do believe they were both the same apart from the colour.


        "A strawberry bath to make you feel really special.
        This is a bubble bar for those times when you just want to remind yourself that there ain't no one out there better than you!
        Don't let others grind you down. Take time out to get back in touch with yourself and remember what makes you unique and special.
        You'll get all the usual mounds of foam with Superstars, but you'll also get a lovely strawberry fragrance that is lighthearted and fruity - making you reminisce of strawberry ice creams at the seaside, strawberry jam scones on a picnic, or balsamic strawberries at a Gordon Ramsey restaurant. (Oh, sorry, that one's just me then?! )
        So wash away office politics, competitive friends and the modern rat race.
        Remember you are who you are - unique and fabulous.
        Be a legend in your own bath time."


        I was actually quite surprised to find this smelled of strawberry as this is not a scent I normally think of at Christmas so that was the first surprise. I loved the smell and it did make a change from all the mulled wine and pine fragrances that seem to be around at Christmas.

        I liked the fact that the design was in the bubble bar and that the star and the main part all smelled the same. It made this a pretty bar as the colours were attractive and quite feminine. I think this is really aimed at the girls because the smell is sweet and the colours quite feminine.

        Apparently the design was created by one of the Lush team inspired by patterns in seaside rock of his childhood.

        So the idea is that it is supposed to help you relax and de stress at the time of year when you might be getting uptight over all the organisation needed for Christmas.

        Apart from the obvious strawberry fragrance Lush have also added angelica root, black pepper and celery seed oils which are l used in traditional medicine and old fashioned remedies to help with stress, exhaustion and even depression.

        Lush say :
        "We've put them in here so that whilst the strawberry gives you cheer, the other oils will clear your thoughts, lift your spirits and boost your confidence."

        I always break my bubble bars as I feel they are too expensive to just use in one bath. I always get a mountain of bubbles so I never feel short changed on bubbles or scent by using a half or third of a bar. This is one of the smaller bars and not too expensive at £2.25 but I still broke it in two and did still have a bath full of bubbles with using only the half.

        As I broke my bar I could really smell the strawberry scent which was like crushed strawberries with a little sugar ready to stir into a cheese cake or ice cream. I always find crushed strawberries have a stronger scent that the whole fruit.

        I honestly can't say I could detect the other scents in the form of angelica root, pepper or celery seed oil. When I have grown angelica it didn't have a lot of smell but both pepper and celery seed oil have quite strong scents but they weren't obvious in this. I presume the smell of strawberry must come from the parfum added as there is nothing in this to give a strawberry scent. Geranium oil is another ingredient and that can come in rose scented or lemon or peppermint but I have never come across a strawberry scented geranium. I couldn't really detect any geranium in here either.

        My bath was a glorious dark pink cloudy marshmallow sort of colour and so the effect was as though I had a bubble bath of crushed strawberries and cream so very decadent. It is really a bubble bar that I would associate with our summer and strawberry season rather than Christmas but maybe that is just me. I think they should re -release it in June for Wimbledon with a tennis ball shape in the middle!

        My bath was gloriously bubbly, very pink and really nice and soft. I didn't need any soap as the bubbles provided enough cleaning for me. I did enjoy lying back and relaxing in this warm strawberry and cream bubble bath. On getting out I decided to use a fruity body lotion to combine with the scent from this. My skin didn't feel dry and tight but I do like to put a bit of lotion on my body as I have two baths a day and feel my skin could probably have a bit of moisture replaced.

        I went back downstairs and then came up again and the smell had filled the bedroom and the bathroom next door to it which was really nice as that meant I was going to get the benefit of all the relaxing essential oils in my bedroom too . I did feel very calm and relaxed after my bath but I wasn't particularly stressed before so I can't say whether this was the result of my bath or not.


        Lush don't test any products or buy ingredients from anywhere that may have been tested on animals and try and ensure that their products are vegan friendly. This one is suitable for vegans which is good news. It is not a very expensive one either compared to some of their products so would be a nice one to pop into a stocking or warp up with a few other bits for a gift.

        Sadly though this is a bubble bar and so yet again we have Sodium laureth Sulfate and lauryl Betaine as well as Cocamide DEA which are all very questionable ingredients for a product that claims to be all natural. These have been linked to skin rashes and even cancer so if you are concerned I suggest you investigate. These are ingredients in many toiletries and you have to look hard to find products that do not have these ingredients. If you suffer from eczema then it might be an idea to try products without these in them and see if that helps.

        So all in all what do I think? I love the smell of this one and the lovely creamy pink coloured water full of creamy bubbles. I liked this bar and I hope Lush bring this back again - maybe in June !! It is very pretty mix of pink and yellow and does make a lovely strawberry and cream scented bath. SO thanks Lush this is a keeper - save the recipe for another issue.

        Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.
        © Catsholiday


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          17.12.2011 09:52
          Very helpful



          Lovely bubble bar from Lush

          I love this time of year, as it's when my favourite store, Lush, releases a number of limited edition Christmas products. This year the theme is innovation, and the products have a more fun, modern twist than in previous years, which seemed to revolve around a more traditional, 'vintage' Christmas. Every year, several older products make a comeback and a number of new ones are also released. The Superstar bubble bar is one of the new ones.

          Superstar doesn't really seem like a Christmas product at all. The advertised strawberry scent and red and yellow colours aren't particularly festive. However, the bar does fit in with the mood of the season, in that it is designed to help you wind down and relax. When you're busy, stressed about work or all that Christmas shopping you have yet to do, Lush say that you should "Take time out to get back in touch with yourself and remember what makes you unique and special." This is a bar for reminding yourself that you are important and special. I actually think this would be a lovely Christmas gift for a stressed out friend or parent - I also think it would be a really good Mother's Day product!

          Though the bar smells recognisably of strawberries, both while solid and inside the bath, I'm not sure what actually produces the strawberry scent, unless it's the geranium oil that is contained within it (I'm not actually sure what a geranium is supposed to smell like!). Geranium oil is meant to have uplifting properties, which fits in with the aim of the bubble bar. The bar also contains angelica root, black pepper and celery seed oils which are meant to help combat stress, exhaustion and depression - ideal after a stressful day of Christmas shopping when you've completely failed to find all the gifts you want! I must say though I couldn't detect these individual smells in the bar.

          The Superstars bubble bar comes both in red with a yellow star, and yellow with a red star. When I bought it only the red bar with the yellow star was available, but I believe it's now possible to buy both kinds. To be honest I would still have chosen the one I did, as this means that the red dominates in the bath and I'm wary of yellow-coloured baths in case they look like wee! In both cases, the star is embedded into the middle of the bar just like a stick of rock. This is a new innovation from one of Lush's inventors, and has been applied to other bubble bars such as Christmas Eve, which now has a moon embedded through it instead of stuck on the top like in previous years.

          My previous experience with Lush's bubble bars has taught me that only half a bar is needed to create a luxurious bath of bubbles. The bar was thin so I was able to break it in half myself instead of needing to cut it with a knife. I crumbled the bar into the water while the tap was still running, as this is the way to create the most bubbles.

          While my bath was running, my housemate walked by and remarked that it looked as though I'd just murdered somebody in it! The water was certainly bright red, with lots of lovely white foamy bubbles in it. The fresh, fruity strawberry scent had pervaded the entire top floor of the house.

          I thoroughly enjoyed my bubble bath and stayed in there for ages reading my book. The bubbles lasted for ages, they didn't vanish after five minutes like they do sometimes when I use cheaper bubble baths. The smell, too, lasted for ages and the water felt silky-soft.

          After my bath, I felt relaxed and calmed - so I guess the bubble bar fulfilled its purpose! Though my skin felt soft and it hadn't been irritated at all by the bubble bar, I still had to use some moisturiser. I could detect the lovely strawberry scent on my skin for several hours after use.

          Did the bar make me feel like a superstar? Well, it'll take more than a bubble bath to make me feel like that! However, the bar did go some way to make me feel relaxed, cheered and calm. For a Lush bubble bar it is relatively cheap at only £2.25 and, as it contains no animal-derived ingredients, it is fully suitable for vegans. Though the bar doesn't strike me as particularly festive, I can't find anything to really grumble about and so can't award less than five stars.


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