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Brand: Lush / Type: Bath Melt/Foam

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    1 Review
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      12.09.2012 08:17
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      Reusable bubble bar from Lush

      Lush is a company that likes to innovate and one of their recent developments is the reusable bubble bar. Their first product of this nature was the Snow Fairy-scented Magic Wand that came out at Christmas time. They also released three limited edition bubble bars this year to celebrate Mother's Day. I didn't buy them for my mam, as she doesn't really like Lush, but I was happy to buy them for myself!

      Each of the bubble bars came in wand form, with a wooden stick to hold. The idea is that you hold the bar under the tap until there are a decent amount of bubbles and enough of the product has dissolved into the water. Then leave the wand to dry, put it away and save it for next time. They are economical and excellent value: at £4.95 each they are among Lush's most pricey bath products but they last much longer - the Magic Wand lasted me 10 baths which is pretty impressive.

      Each of the three limited edition bubble bars is suitable for vegans. They are made with a base of sodium carbonate and cream of tartar, which creates a soft, creamy texture. It's worth noting that they are also made with Sodium Laureth Sulfate: this is an ingredient used in the majority of bathing products to create lather, but it can cause skin irritation in some people.

      The bars came in three different designs, each scented with a different Lush smell:

      The Mum: A green flower shape, scented with the Green fragrance
      Madame Butterfly: A pink butterfly shape, scented with the Rose Jam fragrance
      The Tulip: An orange tulip shape, scented with the Yuzu and Cocoa fragrance

      In this review I am going to discuss the Mum.

      ***The Mum***
      The Mum design has appeared in Lush before, but in its previous incarnation it was a single-use bath ballistic. It was named after the chrysanthemum, the flower it resembles, and also after Mothers' Day.

      The Green fragrance present in this product is made up of juniperberry oil, which stimulates and cleanses the mind, sweet orange oil, which uplifts, and bergamot oil which refreshes. It also contains gardenia extract and lime oil. The scent is lovely: fresh and light, it has a very summery feel and is very pleasant indeed. I'd already tried and loved the Green bubbleroon, so was very pleased at the prospect of a reusable bar with this scent.

      To use the bubble bar, you can run the bath and swish it around in the water, but I prefer to hold it under the tap when it's running. This way, more bubbles are created. I find that these wands don't produce as many bubbles as some of Lush's other bubble bars do, but I don't mind this too much as the bars last a lot longer. When the bath is a pretty pale green colour and there are enough bubbles, I put the wand on the side of the bath to dry. When it is dry, I like to keep it in a vase in my room - I never have real flowers but this is the next best thing!

      I love bathing with this product. The scent is really uplifting and refreshing, and wafts around the bathroom; the green water is bright and cheery. Having fewer bubbles actually suits this product, because I associate lots and lots of bubbles with warm, comforting winter baths - this is a very summery product and I would feel a bit suffocated surrounded by tons of bubbles.

      After my bath, the scent lasts on my skin, though faint. The bubble bar doesn't have any moisturising properties, and I do apply body butter afterwards, but the product doesn't particularly dry my skin out either. After using it I feel relaxed and revitalised.

      This bar is smaller than the Magic Wand, so I don't think I'll get quite as many baths out of it - I estimate five or six. That's still pretty impressive, however.

      ***A little extra***
      The bubble bars each come with a special name tag - it is full of wild flower seeds, and Lush state that if you pop the tag into the soil and water it you will get some lovely flowers springing up. As a less than keen gardener I haven't tried this, but I thought it was a nice touch.

      I love the scent of the Green Bubbleroon and having it in a reusable bubble bar such as this is an extra bonus. It's a lovely product and looks pretty on display too. I really hope it comes back next year.


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