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Lush Think Pink Hatbox

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3 Reviews

Brand: Lush / Type: Gift Set / Quality Standard: Fair trade

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    3 Reviews
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      08.02.2012 15:56
      Very helpful



      A very girly gift set from Lush.

      I received this Lush 'Think Pink' hatbox gift set last year for my Birthday from my boyfriend. It is one of the larger gift sets that Lush sell and is priced at £42.50.

      First of all I will talk about the packaging, which is lovely. The box appears how it is in the image above, pink and white, so very girly. It has a big pink ribbon tied around it and also two white rope strings to carry it. He didn't bother wrapping it up as it looked nice as it is, but just put it in a big gift bag instead. As soon as he passed me the gift bag I guessed it must contain something from Lush because lots of lovely scents suddenly hit me! So even though the products are in a cardboard box, they are still strong enough to be smelt without opening it.
      When I opened the box, there was lots of colourful wotsits like shaped things inside, and all the different Lush products were hidden amongst them. This meant that none of the products were damaged and were also kept apart from each other.

      The gift set contains a range of different Lush products, and not just their bath ballistics and bubble bars, which is all that I had ever used from Lush before receiving this.

      It contains:

      Sex Bomb Bath Bomb

      The Comforter bubble bar

      100g Fairtrade Foot Lotion

      45g Helping Hands hand cream

      Melting Marshmallow Moment luxury bath melt

      Think Pink Bath Bomb

      Twilight Bath Bomb

      Happy Blooming bath melt

      100g Rock Star soap

      Sugar Babe sugar scrub

      Creamy Candy bubble bar

      I think the majority of the products are candy scented, and so if you are a fan of this or know somebody that is, then this gift set will be perfect for them. There are a few products that aren't though such as the Twilight bath bomb, which is lavender scented, but is one of my personal favourites from the gift set.

      I loved this gift set and I like some of the products I received in it which I may not have purchased myself if buying individually, due to the scent not being to my usual taste. I received the gift set in October and it took me a couple of months to work my way through all of the products, with me still having plenty of the hand cream and foot cream left now.

      I probably won't ever buy this gift set for myself due to its price, but I certainly wouldn't mind if I received this as a gift again!


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        03.08.2011 15:01
        Very helpful



        Definitely worth a try, a gorgeous selection of lush products all of which are so different!

        I was so happy when I received this as a gift. Being fairly new to the wonders of lush products I was excited to try these products. All of which come in a gorgeous pink and white cardboard hatbox... Which I've kept as I love it. This set is very girly and of course pink! I've really enjoyed the variety of products that come in this set!
        Foot lotion - thick, moisturising. A peppermint scent to it
        Happy blooming bath melt - very creamy, coral pink colour smells soothing with hints of calamine
        Sex bomb bath ballistic - beautiful colours, when this has fizzed out your left with the rose floating in your bath!
        Melting marshmallow - this is quite large and can be flaky, leaves your bath water a baby pink and smells lovely
        Sugar babe sugar scrub - I think this was my personal favourite your skin is left feeling nice and exfoliated and soft. I got 4 or so uses out of this.
        Helping hands hand cream - the texture is creamy and it does moisturise your hands well I just wasn't partial on the smell.
        Think pink bath ballistic - this has a very sweet scent, my favourite thing about this ballistic is that when it's fizzed out your bath is filled with tiny hearts. I loved that, it really makes having a bath a treat and different!
        Rock star soap - hard to describe this smell other than quite sweet almost sickly, lasts a very long time and left my skin smelling lovely and feeling soft.
        Twilight - I love this bath ballistic it changed the colour of the water and has a soothing scent of lavender
        Creamy candy bubble bar - does create lots of bubbles, it can become crumbley so best to use quickly. It's a mix of vanilla and cocoa butter in terms of the smell. And is quite a nice size
        The comforter bubble bar - by far my favourite! I'd describe the smell as love heart sweets! You can get a few baths out of it. Leaves the water pink. Smells and looks gorgeous. Overall if you're a fan of lush or new this is great as there is a variety of different products many of which are popular products. If you're not a fan of sweet smells maybe this isn't the one for you.


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        01.02.2010 21:09
        Very helpful
        1 Comment




        After just finishing a month of exams my mum decided I needed a treat, so after a think I asked for something from Lush. So now I have the time to take a nice long soak in the bath instead of a quick shower inbetween breaks in revision. I'm looking forward to enjoying all the products in my set and will make sure I review them all here, but I'll give you a brief review of the overall product before I review all the other products in depth.

        Price: The price of the Think Pink Hatbox is £44.95, which seems quite expensive but there is lots of products inside atleast £40 worth as well as the packaging makes it a great gift, maybe for a special birthday or if you're feeling abit flush.

        The packaging: The packaging for this hatbox is lovely, it's in a hexagonal hatbox which is bright pink and covered in little white flowers, a big ribbon comes up 4 of the sides and ties in a big bow on the top of the box. There is also a label on the hatbox with "Think Pink" written on it and all the products in the box are listed on this label.

        What's in the box: There's 11 different products in the box and there's a good mix of products...
        . A Ring of Roses
        . Creamy Candy Bath
        . Fair Trade Foot Lotion
        . Flosty Gritter
        . Helping Hands
        . Mmmm Melting Marshmallow Moment
        . Rock Star
        . Sex Bomb
        . The Comforter
        . Think Pink
        . Yummy Yummy Yummy

        Overall: There's a good range of products in the box and for the amount of things in there I think it's well worth the money if you can afford to splash out. Individual reviews will come shortly.


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      • Product Details

        Contains: Think Pink Sex Bomb, Helping Hands Fair Trade Foot Lotion, A Ring Of Roses, The Comforter Flosty Gritter, Creamy Candy Bath Rock Star, mmm Melting Marshmallow Moment, Yummy Yummy Yummy and Stardust /

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