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Lush Tutt Fruity Set

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Brand: Lush / Type: Gift Pack

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    1 Review
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      02.08.2012 16:47
      Very helpful



      a lovely gift set

      Lush offer a huge range of fresh cosmetics including bath and body, perfume, skin and gift products. They do not test their products on animals and try to reduce packaging where possible.

      ~Tutti Fruity~

      Lush currently offer 20 gift sets which range in price from £5.50 to £100.00 - there is something for every budget. Today I will be discussing a fairly new addition to the Lush range - Tutti Fruity.

      Tutti Fruity is the perfect gift (according to Lush) for those who are allergic to mornings! It brings together two fruity scented products - Happy Hippy Shower Gel and Miranda Soap.

      ~Outer Packaging~

      Lush try to recycle packaging where possible and this gift set is no exception. Both products are packaged in a cardboard box alongside some colourful polystyrene pieces for added protection. The box is then neatly wrapped with paper which is orange and complete with a large sticker with fruit on it! It does make a nice gift.

      ~Price and Availability~

      Tutti Fruity is available from your local Lush store or via www.lush.co.uk. It is currently priced at £7.95. Both products can be bought individually. The shower gel is priced at £3.15 for the 100g bottle (250g and 500g also available). Miranda Soap is priced at £3.25 for a 100g slice (250g and 500g also available). The gift set does therefor work out more expensive.

      ~My Thoughts~

      I am a big Lush fan and during a recent visit to Lush, I decided to treat myself. Whilst the individual products were a bit cheaper, I couldn't resist the gift set as it felt more of a treat! I chose this particular gift set as I wanted something Summery. When you open this set, a sweet, citrussy scent is evident and I found myself leaving the lid open in the bathroom to allow the scent to be noticeable. My gift set was packaged in May 2012. So, what do I think of each product in this set?

      ~Happy Hippy Shower Gel~

      Size : 100g
      Created : April 2012
      Best before : June 2013
      Suitable for vegans

      Happy Hippy is suitable for using on the hair and body. It is has been around for quite a while now and has remained popular. It is perfect for using in the morning to wake you up a little. Other than water, the main ingredient of this shower gel is fresh pink grapefruit juice. Grapefruit essential oil is also present as well as bergamot oil and frankincense oil. This cloudy yellow shower gel is presented in a clear, plastic bottle which is made from 100% recycled plastic. It features a flip top cap.

      I often struggle to wake up my body and mind in the mornings - I am definitely more of a night owl! I had read about Happy Hippy in other reviews and thought it seemed pleasant enough though no other Lush shower gel can beat Snow Fairy in my opinion! Like with most Lush bottles, this little bottle is quite difficult to squeeze and it is a little difficult to dispense any shower gel without getting frustrated!

      Happy Hippy has a consistency which reminds me of unset jelly - quite gloopy but with some substance to it. It isn't the most appealing colour and looks a little pale. I always make the most of my shower gels by using a shower puff. Only a tiny blob of Happy Hippy is required to create a layer of soft, cleansing bubbles which feel very refreshing and gentle on my sensitive skin. After rinsing, my skin feels very clean and soft.

      I don't often use shower gel products in my hair but for the purpose of this review, I have sampled this option. Happy Hippy lathers up well in my hair and rinses without leaving residue. My hair is thick and dry and whilst I found that my hair was clean and fairly soft, I did need to use my regular conditioner afterwards. Perhaps the hair element is more suited to those with normal hair. The scent did linger though which was pleasant.

      My mind and body definitely feel more refreshed and awake after using this shower gel. If you aren't keen on the scent of grapefruit you are unlikely to purchase this in the first place! I am not crazy on grapefruit but pink grapefruit is sweeter than regular grapefruit and this shines through in this bright and Summery shower gel. It is sweet with a bitter tinge and smells very natural. The scent fills my bathroom and lingers on my skin/hair for sometime afterwards.

      Overall I can recommend Happy Hippy. I only use it in the mornings to give me a wake up boost as it is too fresh, vibrant and zesty for using before bed in my opinion. It is much nicer than regular shower gels and I always feel refreshed after stepping out the shower. A 100g bottle lasts well with regular use so not too bad value for money all round.

      ~Miranda Soap~

      Size : 100g
      Created : April 2012
      Suitable for vegans.

      Miranda Soap was inspired by Carmen Miranda who used to wear a hat made of fruit. In the shop, the whole soap is green with fruit shaped soap hidden inside. A whole soap includes cherry, banana and orange shaped pieces. The soap is made from fresh kiwi fruit blended with exotic fruit and essential oils including ylang ylang, myrrh, bergamot and juniperberry. This soap is suitable for hand and body use and is designed to make you smell fresh and fruity.

      I don't often use block soap as I find it dries my skin out more than it is already. I do make an exception for Lush soaps. This is quite expensive when you compare it to the likes of Lux and Dove but you are paying for the natural ingredients and the gorgeous smell in my opinion. My slice of Miranda Soap is chunky. Despite the vibrancy of the whole soap in a Lush store, they seem to put the less colourful slices in the gift sets which is rather disappointing. My slice is mainly green - two shades with fruity bits evident. It feels moist and smooth.

      I don't like using this soap as a hand soap as it makes my hands feel weird - not tight or dry but just weird! As a body soap, it works a treat. It is a little awkward to use as a whole slice in my opinion so I cut my slice up into little blocks and kept them in the original box to avoid them turning to mush. With a few rubs across soaking wet skin, Miranda creates a gorgeous, creamy lather which is gentle and very cleansing. Unlike some other soaps, my skin doesn't feel dried out after I get out the shower. I wouldn't go as far as to say my skin felt moisturised but it was definitely soft and smooth for a short while. It also felt clean and refreshed which is the main point of a soap in my opinion.

      The scent of Miranda Soap is absolutely divine! It isn't as strong as the Happy Hippy Shower Gel but is creamy and fragrant. The main scent is a combination of the essential oils and kiwi. It is sweet and quite exotic smelling with a creamy undertone. It is refreshing and clings to my skin for a short while after showering. Overall, I like this soap - it isn't my favourite out of all the Lush soaps but it is pleasant to use in the mornings as an alternative to shower gel. The soap wears down at a reasonable pace so lasts fairly well without turning sloppy.


      Overall I can recommend Tutti Fruity. It makes for a beautiful yet inexpensive gift and would be perfect to give to a Lush fan who may have a birthday during the Summer. Both products are well suited in this set and compliment each other perfectly. I can highly recommend this lovely little set.

      Thanks for reading :)

      *Written for the dooyoo divas relay team!*


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