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Lush Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon

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7 Reviews
  • The aroma lingers in the room for ages after use
  • Couldn't detect citrus aromas
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    7 Reviews
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      27.12.2014 10:26
      Very helpful


      • "The aroma lingers in the room for ages after use"


      • "Couldn't detect citrus aromas"

      A lovely creamy smelling product which allows you to have a relaxing bath

      I received the lovely Yuzu and Cocoa bubble bar for my birthday. It promises to moisturise the skin with lovely cocoa butter and shea butter, while hydrating your skin with coconut oil. It contains mood enhancing colours and scents of citrus fruits and chocolate. From the description, I expected it to smell a little like a Terry's chocolate orange.

      The product is pale orange in colour and to me it looks like an egg that has been chopped in half. I only used half in my bath and the product is easy to crumble in the bath water. It does get a bit a messy on your hand but it is easily swilled away. The product doesn't dissolve instantly and I found myself having to swirl the product around in the water. The bubbles start to form immediately and I got far more than I was expecting.

      The product turns the water a rather strange shade of orange that I didn't really find uplifting at all. The scent fills the room instantly and I liked it much more than I thought that I was going to. I couldn't really detect the orange at all and if I hadn't read the description of the product, I wouldn't have none you were supposed to. To me it smelt like chocolate and cream, and it was a really warm and relaxing aroma.

      When I climbed into the bath, I found like pieces of the product floating around and at the bottom of the bath but most of the product had dissolved. It made the water feel silky and moisturising, and it felt like it was giving my skin a treat. The bubbles were plentiful and light although they didn't stick around for too long. I've found that the most water you fill the bath with, the less effective this product is as I didn't enjoy my second bath with the other half of the product as much.

      When I climbed out of the bath, the lovely creamy aroma lingered on my skin lightly which I really liked. In fact, you could smell the product in the bathroom for a full 48 hours after use which I found impressive. My skin did feel a little bit softer and it hydrated my skin a bit. The product left no residue in my bath and it didn't irritate my skin or cause me any discomfort.

      The product will cost you around £3 for each one and I got two used out of mine. It can be bought from the Lush online website and also from your local Lush store.


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      17.01.2014 13:16
      Very helpful



      a product I wouldn't go out of my way to buy

      The Yuzu and cocoa bubbleroon was apart of my giant Lush Legends gift set I purchased for myself just after Christmas as a giant treat. I had never even seen of one these in my life but apparently they only do three types of these, this being one of them of course. So I decided to run a bath and check it out, considering I didn't even know what this was or how to use it. This retails at just under £3 but I got mine as part of the lush legends that retails at £100.

      In solid form this looks like to two peachy rocks stuck together, this is supposed to resemble the treat macrons which I think it does quiet well, the bubbleroon is quite small in size and I'm not sure that I would of gone out my way to purchase this if it hadn't of been in my set already.

      I pre ran my bath and dropped this in, it didn't fizz up so I then knew it wasn't a ballistic, it wasn't soap and it also didn't foam up, I started to rub it a bit and bubbles started to appear I then came to the conclusion I had wasted my bubbleroon because it was supposed to be solid bubble bath and I never crumbled it up during the running of the bath, After rubbing it around and crumbling it up it did product some bubbles, but obviously not as many as the product was supposed to due to my own error.

      As for sent I don't Know what Yuzu actually smells like but I could certainly smell the cocoa scent in the water. This was nice as I really love cocoa smelling products. The water of this went quite a cloudy colour so it wasn't the most attractive bath water colour that Lush could of come up with. This bubbleroon is supposed to make you feel relaxed and to be honest it only gave me confusion as I failed to read up on the item before even using it. Overall it had a nice scent and If I had used it properly it could of been a really nice product.


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      25.06.2013 03:50
      Very helpful



      At the bottom of my list.....

      This rather odd shaped thing is one of Lush's solid bubble bars, comprising two roundish blobs of an apricot hue. The name apparently is derived from the humble Macaroon, but I did not find the appearance terribly attractive. Instead it reminded me of two pert buttocks that had seen too much fake tan. Ah well, maybe the experience would make up for that thought I....

      Lush have three of these buttocks bars, I mean BUBBLE bars - the green Bubbleroon, Rose Jam and this one. The weight of the bar is 100g therefore not particularly generous in size like "The Comforter" for example, but then this is one of their cheaper bubble bars.


      The initial "buttock" impression was left behind reasonably quickly due to the scent coming from this bar. Although not very strong, there is a definite coconut whiff (which is always a plus) and there is also a slightly fruity underlay. It is pleasant but not mind-blowing like Creamy Candy which I could happy snort through a £20 note all day.

      The texture is firm yet soft to the touch, and has slightly chalky vibe going on. Generally the bar is stable and does not crumble until you start to use it. For me, it was a case of breaking it in half to use, the other half staying in good shape for my next bath. I believe that the two halves have been joined with some form of coconut oil but don't quote me on that.

      The colour of this one is a soft apricot and it features nothing else to write home about apart from a few tiny surface sparkles. I am not sure if those were meant to be there but once in the bath they disappeared.


      Lush have apparently not been able to find a source for the yuzu (a Japanese fruit ) so they have instead substituted it with that old favourite bergamot, and thrown in some grapefruit for good measure. Neither of these zingy scents are particularly strong but they sit well amongst the coconut.

      The terrible pun fairies at Lush have been at it again....

      "When yuzu feel the need for softer skin and a positive outlook, yuzu should yuzu this yuzu-inspired treat"


      Lush describe this as "an uplifting treat" and mention the warm fragrance of cocoa absolute and tonka. I must say that there was a hint of vanilla but it was small. Disappointing even as I love vanilla and tonka.

      This bubble bar contains shea but I did not really notice it. The coconut was the predominant scent and feel along with a waft of citrus. I did not feel that this was something that would provide a very inspirational bath...


      So after examining and sniffing the subject of this review, the time came to use it. I broke the bar in two and used one half for the bath, which I shared with my daughter. I ran the bath and at about the halfway point, shoved the bar under the tap in a muslin bag. You could use your hands for this of course.
      I find with the bubble bars, that they need direct contact with the running water or your bath soon becomes bubble-less. Using a muslin bag is a way to get the most bubbles from your bars (and of course use less making them more economical).

      The bar dissolved quickly and created a reasonable amount of bubbles but not nearly as much as the others that we had tried. The water smelled of coconut and although it filled the bathroom reasonably well, it was not strong, neither did it travel down the hall like some of the others do.
      I was not impressed thus far. The colour of the water itself was off-putting as it has turned a slightly sludgy dirty colour so I felt that I was getting into a manky pond.

      My daughter and I got in and there were just enough bubbles to last around 5 minutes. Now admittedly she does like to eat a few but even she could not be held responsible for the lack of these. Not at all impressive for a so-called bubble bar and certainly not enough to play the "bath beard game". The experience was underwhelming and we decided to spice the bath up by using one of my hand-made shea scrubs which was much more fun (and made much more mess).

      There was no lingering scent that was discernible on the skin when we got out, and the whole experience was a bit of a damp squib. Neither of us had any negative reactions to the bar in terms of skin irritation but this was a fairly unexciting product and overall dull experience.

      The bar did not colour the bath or leave and nasty residue at all which is one positive.


      Like most Lush products, this is not entirely natural unfortunately and there is SLS and some other potentially dubious ingredients. Despite the addition of coconut oil and shea, I did not rate this bar for moisturising well at all. In fact I would say that they have been quite stingy with the good stuff!

      Cream of tartar does soften the water effectively and bicarb is used in the bath fizzies as well, so the water was nice enough. Just not what I would call special.

      This bubble bar contains Cocamide DEA which acts as a thickener and bubble booster, but there are concerns around the use of this ingredient. I am not sure why Lush bothered to add this chemical, because it was not very effective, nor is it an attractive thing to add to a bath product. Titanium dioxide is another ingredient that has been included, despite concerns.

      I wish Lush would sort it out!


      Quantitative Ingredients
      Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream of Tartar, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Lauryl Betaine, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Perfume, Cocoa Absolute, Tonka Absolute, Grapefruit Oil, Bergamot Oil, Cocamide DEA, PEG-6 Caprylic / Capric Glycerides, *Coumarin, *Limonene, *Linalool, Titanium Dioxide, Colour 15510

      *occurs naturally in essential oils


      Priced at £2.95 for 100g, at all Lush stores and online.


      An underwhelming buttock shaped bar that leaves the water looking dirty before you have even got into the bath. I will pass. Sorry Lush, this one did not rock my boat (or my buttocks).


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        18.12.2012 12:33
        Very helpful



        Lush's Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon

        I love Lush's bubble bars and their bath items are my favourite treats. The Yuzu and Cocoa variety is one of a trio of new bubble bars by Lush, termed "bubbleroons" for their macaroon style appearance. It can be bought from the Lush high street stores, via mail order, or online at www.lush.co.uk and costs £2.95. I received this along with a couple of other Lush treats for my birthday.

        Product description: "When yuzu feel the need for softer skin and a positive outlook, yuzu should yuzu this yuzu-inspired treat.
        A cunningly bright and uplifting treat disguised in a rich warm fragrance of cocoa absolute and tonka. Let the light grapefruit and bergamot oils lift your mind, whilst the cocoa and tonka bring warmth and comfort to the heart.
        Coconut oil and shea butter pamper your skin whilst you soak."

        Bubble bars are a really original idea for a bath product. It's a solid bar and feels totally unlike most other bath products. The idea is that you use chunks of it in your bath water and it creates the same effect as a regular bubble bath. Because of its nature the product requires no packaging and is extremely environmentally friendly, just pop it into a recycled paper bag and then re-use or recycle it again once you've finished.

        Yuzu and Cocoa doesn't look quite as appealing to me as the the Rose Jam bubbleroon that I used previously, as the orange colour isn't as nice and just doesn't look as cute. It looks kind of like a couple of round blobs stuck together. Baking is quite in vogue at the moment, and macaroons had their moment in the spotlight as being a fashionable treat so the macaroon design is quite fun for a bath product. I love bathing and baking so this looked like the perfect sort of gift for me and I can see why my friend picked this out.

        It's important that you use this product correctly, so here are some tips on how to get the most out of your bath. To start with, keep the product dry at all times to preserve its solid state. I usually store my Lush things in their little paper bags in a box in my bedroom wardrobe, so that the steam and dampness from the bathroom doesn't affect them. When you are ready to use it, with dry hands break off a section of the bar. Lush usually recommend that you use a third of the bar per bath. Because this one is already separated into sections I was a bit more generous and used half of the bar at a time so I managed to get two baths from the one bar.

        Start running the taps and crumble the bubble bar section under the hot running water. Make sure you break down the little lumps and help it to dissolve properly. To get an extra frothy bath, run the water through your shower head and the bubbles grow out of control! Unfortunately, despite my care to ensure that the bubble bar was kept dry and away from moisture, by the time I got around to using it the bar was very moist and soggy, and I found it most difficult to break into smaller pieces as rubbing the bar between my hands just sort of "smooshed" it around (for want of a better word!). It felt very much like I imagine wet Play-Doh would feel! The bar did not dissolve properly in the water and I was left with lots of slimy little lumps lurking in the bath water, which was not exactly inviting! Although the bar did not dissolve very effectively, there was a nice amount of fluffy bubbles for me to soak in. The bath water turned a bit cloudy and murky, and did not have a nice bright colourful effect like I've seen with a lot of other Lush bath products. It looked like I was about to get in and bathe in dirty bath water!

        The bubbleroon is named after "yuzu" which is apparently a Japanese citrus fruit. Lush were unable to source any of this essential oil, so created a blend of various other essential oils to create a similar scent. I personally couldn't pick out any of the citrus notes as mentioned in the description. I found that the cocoa and coconut scent was most prominent, and during my bath time I though the scent was pretty near identical to custard cream biscuits! I like sweet scents so this was well suited to my tastes, and it is quite a light, gentle fragrance compared to some other Lush products that can be quite overpowering.

        One thing that I love about using Lush bubble bars is that they seem to have a good effect on my skin as well as producing lovely fluffy bubbles. This bubbleroon contains coconut oil and shea butter, both of which are highly effective at moisturising. After soaking in the bath water my skin felt softened and moisturised, and the bubbles were nice and gentle on my skin. The fragrance from the bubbleroon did not last after I had finished bathing.

        Overall I think that the Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon is a fairly good product, but there isn't anything overly special about it which would make me rush out and buy one. I found the texture to be quite unpleasant and it was annoying that it didn't dissolve properly under the taps, so I felt like I wasn't getting the most out of using it. However, it is nicely scented and left my skin feeling in a good condition, so it does work, just not quite so well as Lush's regular bubble bars and bath bombs.

        Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream of Tartar, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Lauryl Betaine, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Perfume, Cocoa Absolute, Tonka Absolute, Grapefruit Oil, Bergamot Oil, Cocamide DEA, PEG-6 Caprylic / Capric Glycerides, *Coumarin, *Limonene, *Linalool, Titanium Dioxide, Colour 15510
        *occurs naturally in essential oils

        This is a vegan product and Lush are against animal testing - please keep your beauty cruelty free!


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          12.03.2012 08:35
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          One of the new bubbleroons from Lush

          Lush released a number of products last year, among them three new bubble bars called 'bubbleroons'. Now I had a real "Doh!" moment the other week when I finally realised why they were called this. They are named after macaroons, which they resemble, being formed of two pieces stuck together.

          Three varieties of bubbleroon are available:
          Green: Light and refreshing, like cut grass
          Yuzu and Cocoa: Citrus and chocolate, an orange bath
          Rose Jam: Pink, and scented with the sweet Rose Jam fragrance.

          I decided to try the Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon one Sunday afternoon after I'd been out in the cold and rain all day. I wanted something warming and comforting to make me feel soothed. Lush describe this bubbleroon as "a cunningly bright and uplifting treat disguised in a rich warm fragrance of cocoa absolute and tonka". The bar was inspired by the Japanese custom of, at the winter solstice, scoring the skin of a yuzu (Japanese mandarin) and dropping it into the bath to release its oils and smell. Lush couldn't get hold of yuzu oil so used grapefruit and bergamot oils instead. Cocoa adds a chocolatey smell to the bar while tonka adds sweetness. The bar also contains extra virgin coconut oil, which adds a slight coconut scent, and fair trade shea butter which moisturises. It does also contain sodium laureth sulfate. This chemical is included in the vast majority of bubble bath products as it causes the bubbles - it is a foaming agent. It doesn't seem to bother my skin, but it has been known to cause irritation in some people so it is worth being aware of it. This bubbleroon costs £2.95.

          I always break my bubble bars into at least two pieces to get more uses out of them, so I was glad to find that the bubbleroons break into two pieces naturally. I used one in my bath, crumbling it under the running water which I know from experience produces more bubbles. The bubble bar felt really soft and creamy to the touch. Lots of bubbles were produced and the water turned a burnt orange colour, though this faded as the bath grew fuller. The scent was lovely and very unusual. It smelled a bit like a more chocolatey version of a pina colada. The coconut, cocoa and citrus all mixed together. There's no other scent like it in Lush!

          I really enjoyed my bath: there were loads of bubbles and the scent, though it had faded slightly, was warming and comforting while also reviving me. After my bath I was sad to note that the scent didn't last on my skin, but on the plus side it felt very moisturised.

          I really enjoyed using this bubble bar. It was really unusual and comforting and I would buy it again. It is slightly pricey, however, Lush have released limited edition bubble bar wands for Mother's Day. These are reusable and if they're anything like the Snow Fairy wand from Christmas, they'll last for several baths. Each is scented with a different Bubbleroon scent and the one with the Yuzu and Cocoa scent is called the Tulip. I'll definitely be picking up a couple of these!


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            16.02.2012 11:09
            Very helpful



            not for me

            (originally posted on ciao in January 2012)

            Lush offer a huge range of fresh cosmetic products including bubble bars, soaps, perfume and face masks.


            A new range of bubble bars have arrived in Lush stores - Bubbleroons. A bubble bar for those who are Lush virgins, is a solid bar which once crumbled in running water, will produce lots of fragrance bubbles. There are three Bubbleroon bars available - Green, Rose Jam and Yuzu and Cocoa.

            'When yuzu feel the need for softer skin and a positive outlook, yuzu should yuzu this yuzu-inspired treat'

            The Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon looks like two mishaped stones sandwiched together and is a light orange colour. This bubbleroon can be broken in half to allow you two baths from one bar. The bubbleroon has some key ingredients...

            *coconut oil and shea butter - to pamper and soften the skin
            *grapefruit and bergamot oils - blended to create and uplifting scent which is similar to that of the Japanese Yuzu.

            Extra virgin coconut oil is also included.cocoa absolute and tonka absolute - for a warming scent experience

            ~Price and Availability~

            Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon is available in Lush stores or online through www.lush.co.uk. This is the cheapest Bubbleroon and is priced at £2.95 for a 100g bar.

            ~My Thoughts~

            Having read a very positive review on the Bubbleroon bars, I decided to buy one during a recent visit to Lush. The assistant caught me looking and was quick to show off the Green Bubbleroon but when I had a sniff, it wasn't really what I was after. I had my heart set on the Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon and bought it! I took it home in a yellow, Lush paper bag and stored it for a few days. I have daily showers but when I decide I want a hot bath, I like something special to provide scent and bubbles.

            I am a big fan of the Lush bubble bars so had high hopes for this Bubbleroon. 2.95 is expensive for two baths but if you are careful, you could split this into three pieces. I like to indulge so I broke my bar into two, decent sized pieces for two separate baths. This bubble bar doesn't look particularly special. It is a bit plain and certainly isn't as eye catching as other bubble bars such as Dorothy or The Comforter.

            The bubble bar is very smooth and feels slightly powdery to the touch. It smells lovely but in solid form, it has a subtle scent. The scent would appeal to many unlike the other two Bubbleroons which I feel are an acquired smell! Yuzu and Cocoa is fresh and fruity with a sweet, creamy coconut scent with a hint of cocoa - quite exotic. Once the bar has been broken in two, the scent is much stronger as the centre of the bar is exposed. I couldn't wait to use my Bubbleroon!

            ~Bubbleroon For My Bathroom~

            Once the water had reached a reasonable depth in my bath, I crumbled my (half) Bubbleroon under the tap. This bar crumbles well and turns to an orange paste. The butter pieces could be felt and were really soft and smooth. Normally I just crumble a bar under the water and leave the bath running whilst I get my PJs ready - I normally return to a bath full to the brim with bubbles and some sort of scent escaping from the bathroom. Unfortunately, I was left feeling a tad underwhelmed by this Bubbleroon..

            I swirled the water (which had turned a pale orange colour) about a bit and a few more bubbles started to form. From one half of the bar, there was enough bubbles to cover the surface of my bath water. The water felt reasonably soft as soon as I stepped in to the bath and I relaxed for 10 minutes or so. I could detect a lovely but very faint sweet smell from the bath water but no where near as powerful or appealing as many of the Lush bubble bars.

            After 10 minutes, the bubbles started to disintegrate so I grabbed a handful and noticed they weren't thick and creamy. With other bubble bars, I have massaged thick bubbles across my skin and they always feel smooth, soft and leave my skin scented. Massaging these bubbles over my skin left it feeling weird - not dried out or uncomfortably. All that remained after 15 minutes was a thin layer of creaminess on the surface of the bath - not exactly an indulgent bathing experience! The scent had long gone and I felt very disappointed.

            My skin felt a bit softer after drying off but nothing substantial but the scent didn't linger. Perhaps I got a dud or something as I found this bubble bar to be distinctly poor in comparison to the other bubble bars from Lush. It didn't seem to perform as well and didn't live up to my expectations.


            I found this Bubbleroon is be more appealing in solid form that when melted in the bath. It disappointed me and I wish I had bought one of the bubble bars which I know perform better (based on previous experience). I won't buy this one again!

            Thanks for reading x


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              18.11.2011 18:05
              Very helpful



              One of Lush' creamy and yummy bubble bars

              Lush -Yuzu and cocoa bubbleroon

              This bubble bar looks rather like a macaroon, hence its name. There are three new bubble bars that are the same shape but they are different colours and very different scents. They are not very big but are designed to get two baths from each if you break the macaroons apart. The bar weighs 100g and costs £2.95, it is the cheapest of the three macaroon shaped bubble bars but in my view it is the nicest but it does depend on which scents you like.

              They are quite simple and all one colour, this is a subtle creamy apricot colour. There is a pink one and a green one in the same series, the pink one smells rosy and is called Rose Jam, the green one is called Green Bubbleroon and that one has a slight lemony, grassy scent.

              I got my first Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon a few weeks ago and since then have returned to buy a second. I did have a sniff of the other two but came back to this as the scent is very similar to that of a Ma Bar only with a hint of orange to go with it; a sort of 'Terry's chocolate orange' in bubble bar form. I find the smell very comforting bar especially in winter.

              What is a yuzu?

              Lush say this bubble bar is for "When yuzu feel the need for softer skin and a positive outlook, yuzu should yuzu this yuzu-inspired treat".

              The name yuzu comes from a Japanese mandarin sort of orange which apparently on the night of the Winter Solstice the Japanese take a yuzu fruit and score the skin with a knife . This fruit is then dropped into a warm bath to release its wonderful orangey oils and smell. This is known in Japan as a 'yuzuyu' or yuzu bath.

              Lush have not been able to track down a source for the yuzu so they have used bergamot and grapefruit oils but in my view this is very clever as to me it smells more orange like than grapefruit. Have I tempted you? If so get down to Lush and buy one to crumble in your bath and you can share this Japanese tradition with the Lush twist of having silky bubbles as well.

              What is a bubble bar?
              Just in case anyone has not tried a Lush bubble bar, the idea is that you crumble the bar as your bath is filling and then enjoy a huge mountain of luxuriously softening and moisturising scented bubbles. I did manage to store this in my T shirt drawer for a few days to enjoy the creamy coconut with a hint of chocolate then orange scent through my clothes first. I keep all my Lush soaps and bubble bars in my drawers as that way I never by any drawer scented liners and my clothes always have a "Lushious "smell about them.

              My Yuzu experience:

              I thought about my yuzu bar for a few days until finally temptation got the better of me one Friday night after we had had granddaughter for two days and I needed a little 'me time'. I retrieved my yuzu and cocoa bubbleroon from my drawer, took it out of its yellow paper recyclable bag and had a sniff. Lovely creamy sweet orange and coconut smells filled my nostrils and I looked forward to enjoying this in my bath. The scent is not that strong for a Lush product in its dry state but strong enough that it has passed a little onto the clothes it was next to.

              Okay being a meanie I NEVER use a whole bubble bar in my bath usually I can get two or three baths from one bar but this is carefully made into two halves s I did use a whole half and I crumbled it under the hot tap coming into my bath. I sat and watched as the bubbles began to grow and sniffed in. I was enjoying the distinctly orange and creamy coconut odour combined with a very faint hint of a chocolate fragrance. My bathroom was filling with the lovely smell of creamy orange and coconut, a wonderfully comforting aroma, a bit like being snuggled in a cosy blanket.

              The bubbles from half of a bar give me a really bubbly bath; they were abundant and thick as they normally are when I treat myself to one of these. Bear in mind the price of £2.95 I don't think I'm being unreasonable in expecting at least two baths and the second time I used one of these i actually cut it into three and there were still plenty of bubbles for me.

              Now we move onto the feel in the bath. I am never disappointed Lush bubble bars as they always makes the water feel creamy and soft and I needed no soap or other cleaning agent I just soaked in the bath and enjoyed luxuriating in my bath of creamy coconut orangey and chocolate bubbles and enjoyed the caressing smooth feel of the moisturised water warmingly soothing and caressing my tired joints and oozing into my dried old skin! My nose did really pick out the orange and bergamot which combines perfectly with the tonka absolute and cocoa absolute to create the scent in a bath of a chocolate orange without any calories.

              What are the ingredients in this bar?

              Looking at the list of ingredients these include: Sodium Bicarbonate,Cream of Tartar, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Lauryl Betaine, Fair Trade Shea Butter, Perfume, Cocoa Absolute, Tonka Absolute, Grapefruit Oil, Bergamot Oil, Cocamide DEA, PEG-6 Caprylic / Capric Glycerides, *Coumarin,*Limonene, *Linalool,Titanium Dioxide, Colour 15510

              You can see straight away that there are lots of lovely moisturizing ingredients with the coconut oil and the shea butter as well as the tonka and cocoa absolute.

              The sodium bicarbonate and tartaric acid make the water soft and the Lauryl Betaine is there to make the bubbles. This has not been found to cause any health concerns according to the www.goodguide.com which is good.

              PEG-6 Caprylic / Capric Glycerides are a skin conditioning agent and also not of any concern according to the www.goodguide.com.

              Less desirable ingredients:
              The Cocamide DEA is a viscosity, thickening and foam booster but once again there have been stories about links with cancer. The storage and handling precautions are also a little worrying. See http://www.useful-chemicals.com/?p=39 .

              Titanium Dioxide is a cause of some concern. Some websites say it is carcinogenic while others insist it is safe but it is something to think about.

              So if you are concerned I would suggest you investigate more thoroughly the ingredients just so you know what you are using. Some of the above ingredients can be irritating to skin too; my step daughter cannot use these products as she gets bad eczema if she does.

              So all in all what do I think?

              I really like this bar it certainly up there as one of my favourites. It is not one of the pretty and feminine products. It looks more like something a child would make a preschool! The scent is just perfect creamy sweet a combination of coconut ice and Terry's chocolate orange in a bath product so it has no calories either.

              The only negative thing is that the bath water becomes a sort of odd sludgy looking colour. It reminds me of bath days when my son had been playing with clay. I didn't notice that the bath tub was left with any tinge after the water has gone so that was a plus as I always have to check for any residue and I usually have to give a good rinse of the tub straight away to avoid any potential staining of my white tub.

              Thanks for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.
              © Catsholiday


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