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Lux Shower Shimmering Sea

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Brand: Lux / Type: Shower Gel / Cream / What it does: Restores / Dermatologically tested: yes

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    2 Reviews
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      12.07.2012 00:38
      Very helpful



      amazing product, leaves skin soft, smells great!

      Well, where do I start...?

      I first saw this product on an advert and the girls on it where really glamorous and beautiful, they were all heading for a night out and I thought, hmm I want to try that!

      The next day I was in a super market and me being me cannot walk in any shop without browsing through the beauty area.
      I spotted Lux instantly and directed my trolley towards it. I took each one and smelt them. Each one has its own strong fragrance, which I love in shower gels.
      My favourite was Lux Shimmering Sea, the fragrance is delicious and fresh, I had to have it straight away.

      This was the only shower gel I used for about 2 years, then one day it seemed to have disappeared and I couldn't find it anywhere. I was gutted.

      Since then I have used numerous shower gels but none have been the same.
      Last year I went in to Lloyds Pharmacy near where I live and what was on the self looking down at me... Lux Shimmering Sea. I was so happy that I bought all 5 of them and I actually couldn't wait to get home to use it again.

      I really can't express enough just how much I love Lux Shimmering Sea, as I've stated, I absolutely love the smell of it. It has clean and fresh smell and it doesn't fade away within a few hours like most shower gels do, Lux stays all day.
      Once I've wet my skin I squeeze out a 20p size amount to my palm and rub them together then I apply from left arm to right going to chest and then down my body. This is all I use on a daily basis. Lux Shimmering Sea lathers up really well and leaves my skin feeling clean and super soft. I also find that when I use this I don't need to use as much moisturiser as most shower gels dry my skin out but Luz nourishes my skin.
      I also suffer with dry sensitive skin and normally I can't use strong fragranced shower gels yet this is perfect for me. I really feel I have found my perfect product.

      Since buying this I have seen it in other shops.
      * Pound Stretcher
      * Wilkinson's
      * Boots
      * Lloyds Pharmacy

      The shimmer is a lovely touch too, though I would buy it even if it didn't have this.
      I do use Luz on a daily basic but it would be the perfect shower gel to take on holiday with you, the shimmer would add that extra sun kissed look to a lovely tan.
      I also really love the bottle it is very cute and compact with an easy squeeze bottle, it looks good in any shower and I believe it has an expensive look to it.
      I could actually talk all day about this product but I don't want any one falling to sleep while reading this.
      So over all I highly recommend anyone to try Lux Shimmering Sea Shower Gel.

      I would be very surprised if once you have tried it you didn't fall in love like me.

      Vicky xoxox


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        11.10.2005 09:11
        Very helpful



        Nice smelling shower gel with lots of lather that won't dry your skin or leave it slimy.

        Yes, it has been a bit since I wrote a shower gel review. But you see, when my husband couldn't find Dove Fresh Blue (or Refreshing Hydro, as it was once called), he picked up this instead. I figured it was as good a reason as any for adding a new product to our database, and give me some (small) inspiration to write a review again. So here goes.

        As I mentioned, my husband picked this up in the new supermarket he's now frequenting when he couldn't find the Dove version I like. In truth, he was probably first attracted by the price, since this was several shekels less expensive than the Dove (and he tries to forget how much I paid for my Body Shop Oceanus gel). For your own reference, you'll see below some sites where I found prices for this product on-line. To give you a better idea, if you get this at Boots, you'll find that it costs 72p per 100ml. This is about the same price per ml as Radox, just a tad more expensive than Boots own gels, a good bit more than Imperial Leather (when not on sale), but far cheaper than any of the Dove products or the fancy brands like FCUK, for instance. Of course none of these chemist-shop-available gels are as expensive as the Body Shop ones, and as far as economy goes, my Oceanus is still the most pricy of them all. All in all, it seemed like a very good price for us - and from my research, it looks like an averaged priced product for you. Since we're always looking to try something new that might also be more economical, the choice was obvious. In truth, we really didn't have any idea what we were in for. Let me expand on that (as I am generally in the habit of doing)!

        As you can see from the picture, this particular scent - Shimmering Sea - comes in a semi-see-through, lovely turquoise blue bottle - my favourite colour, in fact. Of course, other scents come in different coloured bottles, but that's neither here nor there. The bottle is also slimmer in the middle than on the top and bottom, making it very easy to grab hold of with wet hands - unlike the chubby bottles that Dove provides. What did slightly bother me was the shape of the top - which, as you can see, isn't flat. This will cause the bottle to not be able to 'stand on its head' when I come to the last bits of product. This doesn't bother me all that much since you can see how much product is left in the bottle. This gives it an advantage over Dove's opaque bottles, but the score gets evened out knowing I can stand the Dove bottle on its head, and I can't with this one. So far, Dove and Lux are equal, with the loser in packaging design being Body Shop's Oceanus shower gel.

        But we all know that we shouldn't judge a book by its cover, or a shower gel by its bottle. It's the product inside that counts, so let's see how Lux stands up against the competition there.

        One of first things you'll notice about this product is that it really is shimmering - just like its name! In fact, I'd almost say that the turquoise blue liquid soap inside almost looks like its got pearls or little flecks of silver in it, it shimmers so much. This makes it very pretty to look at, and quite enticing as well. Still, that's just the "book cover" again, isn't it? So let's try the sniff test. This gel has a very refreshing scent - much along the same lines of the Dove blue, and the Body Shop Oceanus gels. The difference here is that instead of a strong, spicy, almost peppery scent that both these other two gels have, this soap's spiciness is far more subtle. You're not going to get the feeling of the ocean's breeze with this gel. Instead, while that crisp scent is still present, there is an under scent that is almost floral, with a touch of baby-powder to it. Not that this is unpleasant - in fact, I found it to be a very nice aroma - but it certainly doesn't have a "wake me up" perfume to it, which is one of the reasons I liked the Dove blue and Oceanus. You see, I'm just not a morning person, so when I take my daily shower, I really need something to help open up my eyes and get my senses going. Sadly, Lux Shimmering Sea just doesn't do that. But I guess if you think about the word 'shimmering' you think cool, yet calm and not cold and bracing. I suppose I could turn down the temperature of my water if I really need to brace myself with this gel, but I do like my showers HOT. In this category Dove blue certainly wins, but still takes a second place to my dear beloved Body Shop Oceanus.

        Let's not forget that this is basically soap, and soaps are supposed to lather up so you can rinse off the suds and thereby get clean. I really must admit that I was pleasantly surprised at how much bubble you get with a very little squeeze of the Lux shower gel. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that this shower gel is by far the sudsiest of any gel I've ever used - so much so that I even tried using it without my puff and I still got lots of lather. I cannot say the same for any of my other tried-and-true favourites and when it comes to suds, Lux really takes the cake (um… so to speak)! What's more, seeing as I'm using less of this product to get the same suds as I did with either the Dove blue or the Oceanus, this now becomes even more economical than it was at face value. Bravo!

        Finally, I think we all want to know how my skin feels after using this product. As we all know, Dove is famous for its moisturizers in their shower gels. Sometimes, the Dove products are a bit too moist, if you ask me, and even their refreshing blue gel left my skin feeling a touch slimy (we won't even discuss how disgustingly slippery their moisturizing shower gel left my skin). The Body Shop Oceanus doesn't claim to moisturize your skin, and I think I've mentioned in my review of that product that it certainly doesn't leave my skin feeling anything but clean, if a little dried out. But this Lux shower gel seems to find its place somewhere in the middle ground. I've noticed that after using this, my skin doesn't feel greasy or slick after rinsing it off - which I truly do appreciate. I certainly feel like this rinses off very well, but I've also noticed that my skin seems less flaky and dry than usual. I'd say that in this area Lux comes out completely on top, as it leaves my skin exactly the way I want it to feel and that's another 'bravo' for this category.

        Bottom line: The design of the bottle here isn't the most practical, but it does have some advantages. The gel inside is very pretty. The scent isn't quite as rejuvenating as I'd have liked it to be, but it's far from unpleasant. The price is good, especially considering that you may be able to make it last longer by using less of the product to get the same amount of lather. And finally, this product will leave you feeling clean, but will not dry out your skin, nor will it feel slimy after rinsing it off. All-in-all, a solid four stars and solidly recommended.

        Thanks for reading!

        Technical Stuff:
        One of my readers here found this at Tesco priced 2 for £1.68 (this was noted as being a price received "recently" as of 20.08.2005). Not sure what size that was, but I'm assuming that's for the 250ml bottles and not the 500ml bottles. If I'm wrong, that's one hell of a LOW price!

        I found this available on-line as follows:
        http://www.britishcornershop.co.uk 500ml for £3.10 (export shop)
        http://www.expresschemist.co.uk 250ml for £1.79 (incl. VAT)
        http://www.boots.com 250ml for £1.79
        http://www.britsuperstore.com 250ml for £2.68 (export shop)
        http://www.westons.com 500ml for £2.38

        Lux bath and shower products are a division of Unilever, and their UK webpage can be found at http://www.unilever.co.uk/. The Unilever United Kingdom phone number is (0)20 7822 5252, and the above site does have a contact page as well.


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        When your skin feels refreshed, so do you / Lux Shimmering Sea Shower Gel contains sea minerals, it stimulates freshness and restores radiance to your skin, whilst a sparkling fresh fragrance awaken your senses / and pH-neutral /

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