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Lynx Vice Shower Gel

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Brand: Lynx / Texture: Cream / Type: Shower Gel / Suitable for: Body

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    3 Reviews
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      18.04.2010 15:17
      Very helpful



      shower gel

      Lynx Vice Shower Gel

      Lynx Shower gels are just something you love or hate. I actually love them and think they are quiet interesting. They do have a lot of shower gels and sometimes it's difficult to really tell the difference between them, but I like to try them anyway.

      Well who doesn't take a shower these days and doesn't use shower gel? Well I hope everybody does and I love the shower gels of Lynx and with most shower gels I just know you can't really go wrong with lynx. I like the look of the bottles and normally they have a really nice smell and are nice and fresh. When I was younger we always had Lynx, so it must be why I am positive about them.

      All the bottles of Lynx shower gel have the same shape, it's only the colour that separates them from each other. The Lynx Vice Shower Gel has a black colour, with a red design on the frond and the brand name and product name. It doesn't really make it stand out from the rest of the shower gels. The Lynx Vice Shower Gel has a really dark colour and doesn't really stand out that much compared to the Africa version of Lynx shower gel. The only thing that separates them is the design on the bottle and of course the product name!

      The bottle is not transparent, which most of the Lynx shower gels are. The shower gel is actually red. The bottle itself is really nice and flat on the bottom, but the sides are designed that your fingers fits right into it. This way you have a firm grip when you are in the shower. Quiet handy actually.

      The shower gel is quite thick, but easy to get out of the bottle and to wash it off in the end. The scent is really nice. It's has a nice exotic fruity smell to it but quiet sweet. Normally the products of Lynx have a fresher smell, like menthol. But it's certainly not a bad smell, but just not something to wake up with.


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      06.10.2008 04:50
      Very helpful



      A great shower gel.


      I like many men around my age (23) have been using Lynx products ever since I can remember and have gone through just about every deodorant or shower gel they have ever released. In that time I have never found a Lynx fragrance that I have not liked the smell of. Now onto the product for this review and it is the Lynx Vice which was released in 2007 and was subject to a Seven style advert In which a Morgan Freeman lookalike briefs you on a criminal case file.

      **Lynx Vice**

      Let me start off by telling you what Lynx themselves have to say about this shower gel. "Lynx Vice shower gel - made to get guys clean. Turn nice girls naughty with this seductive fresh fragrance from Lynx." For young red blooded males this is an eye catching sentence from a tv advert or in store banner. Lynx Vice comes in the normal 250ml bottle that all the shower gels from Lynx come in and you can of course buy the deodorant aswell which comes in a 150ml bottle.

      **The Bottle**

      The bottle has that distinctive Lynx design which means you can spot it's Lynx from several feet away. It's sharp design of red and yellow is eye catching and like no other shower gel I have seen on the market. The bottle has an interesting shape that is really easy to hold whilst in the shower and the cap design is well done. A very smart bottle for this shower gel.

      **The Gel**

      The shower gel works well as you don't need all that much gel to lather up with the water, This is one thing that Lynx have a very fine reputation for. The Gel itself is a red colour like Lynx Africa and has the same consistency as the other gels on the market. The gel gets you clean and smelling fresh and will last atleast a couple of months of decent use. This is around what you would expect daily for a shower gel of this size. This shower gel provides long-lasting moisturisation, and is gentle and kind to the skin.

      **The Smell**

      Vice is a very nice smelling fragrance As you would expect from Lynx. It has a fruity fresh fragrance which will give off a subtle scent after you have showered. It also combines well with other Lynx deodorants so is ideal for buy one get one free or any other multi-buy offers for Lynx products. The overall feel of the scent is very uplifting and is one of the best fragrances Lynx have released recently.

      **Price and deals**

      As you would expect from Lynx there are many great deals to be found for this shower gel. You can buy it for just £1.88 from Boots and as part of buy one get one free and buy one get one half price type deals on various Lynx products. I have seen a bottle as high as £3 in other places though so it's best to look around for the best deals on Lynx products.


      This is another great shower gel from Lynx, how they manage to keep churning out great fragrance after great fragrance is beyond me but they somehow manage it. It blends very well with other Lynx fragrances and will then give a long lasting scent to keep you feeling fresh throught the day or night. Highly recommended. Get the deodorant too.


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        29.08.2008 21:56
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Lynx Vice

        Lynx are the male body care specialists when it comes to deoderants and shower gels across there entire range. This is the latest shower gel I've tried, so I suggested it to dooyoo and well, you don't care so here's the review.

        ~~ How I came across it ~~

        Any teenage guy will tell you that the most common present at christmas, either from the aunt you don't really know or a special girlfriend is "The Lynx Set." It is a deoderant and shower gel of the same lynx fragrance in a box set. Last christmas, well, I got about fifteen of the bloody things.

        Most of them were lynx africa, which is probably the fragrance from lynx I'm most accustomed to (and from the reactions of a close female friend of mine, the one she's accustomed to lol) so I used these sets first. A couple of weeks ago I got into this set which was from Lynx Vice, and whilst this is in my mind I thought I'd write about it.

        ~~ Outside the bottle ~~

        The outer packaging is black like all the lynx variety, with a grey block near the top to indicate where to open it. The word LYNX is written vertically along the bottle ina slightly reflective silver, with the word VICE written below in a dark red.

        (In case you aren't familiar with lynx colourings, each different fragrance has a different colour: vice is red, africa is green etc.)

        On the back, it gives a warning about if it gets into eyes, states that it doesn't dry out the skin and also that it is dermologically tested. It also gives a list of ingredients, however nothign irregular sticks out to me (I've got a cousin whose in university trying to go into dermatology so I rang him especially.)

        ~~ Time to get into the shower with me ~~

        O.k. so I'm going to run you through my morning routine. I hate the alarm when it goes off and I'm really not a morning person, I'm very grouchy and with hair an absolute mess. (I always think I'm similar to that caveman on the cornflakes advert who evolves when eating the cornflakes lol.) I clamber to the shower, then realise the waters not on so I have to go turn the shower on from the other room. Finally I get my beloved shower and actually start to wake up!

        After about five minutes of just standing there whilst letting the water run over you (I'm sorry but it just feels so good) I start to use the gel. When you take it off wherever you placed it, the sides of the bottle are shaped like a hand grip so for clumsy people like me, who always drop soap in the shower, however tight you think you have it, it stays securely there and so there's no loud clatter that wakes the whole house.

        The liquid inside the bottle always matches the variety of packaging, so for vice it is a very vivid red colour, which makes me envigorated by just looking at it. It has a rather, exotic, fruity smell to it which at the same time smells mysterious (if something can smell mysterious?) This smell emits from the bottle once it has been opened, though you can't smell it unless you are quite close.

        When applied to your skin, after about a second of rubbing it turns to lather and it always surprises you how much lather you get from a small amount of gel, which is always a good thing. When water washes it away however, the stimulation really begins. It literally revitalises and wakes up my skin, whilst leaving a slight tingling sensation which just really gives me a buzz. This is actually one shower gel that actually does mean it when it says revitalising.

        I never noticed until I was told, but when I use this my singing in the shower gets louder, and well I'm an awful singer so I'm really not going there, but I guess in someways it's a weird advantage?

        When you vacate the shower, it leaves a very slight fragrance on you, so it must contain a mild form of perfume, however I have reasonably sensitive skin and I'm not affected by this in anyway so it isn't a problem, and the fragrance is very nice (similar to the gel itself.)

        ~~ Lifecycle ~~

        I often find that the bottle lasts me for about two weeks, with one shower a day, and 3/4 to one palmful of the gel. Of course this is quite a bit, so people who use less will make it last longer.

        ~~ Price ~~

        Well mine was a gift, so I'm not sure on the exact price of the Sets, however an individual bottle costed me £2 from wilkos, however most of this products often have an offer on. The cheapest I have seen individually was for £1.82 in this bodycare shop in Leicester.

        ~~ Does what it says on the back ~~

        I was saving the special message for last.

        On the back is a statement that I have to say I thoroughly agree with:
        "Lynx Vice shower gel - made to get guys clean. Turn nice girls naughty with this seductive frsh fragrance from Lynx."

        So it is cheesy, but so are all great lines are cheesy.

        The point is, this shower gel for me is a great addition to anyone's bathroom essentials. It envigorates your skin and really gets you going in the morning.

        This for me is definitely a 5* product.

        ~~ Final Tip ~~

        I was playing around with a couple of lynx fragrances and in my opinion this one really does work best with africa deoderant. The mild Vice scent and the powerful Africa are a great combination.


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