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Marks & Spencer Fruity Beauty Bath Bomb

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Brand: Marks & Spencer / Melt / Type: Bath Bomb / Subcategory: Bath Melt / Bath Foam

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    1 Review
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      13.08.2010 11:45
      Very helpful



      Be a fruity beauty!

      For my birthday one of my sisters gave me a Fruity Beauty bath bomb from Marks and Spencer. As you will probably know if you read my reviews I'm quite a fan of Lush products and really like the Lush bath bombs, and whilst I have tried similar products from other ranges, I've never yet found anything that lives up to Lush so I was interested to try this.

      The bath bomb comes wrapped in metallic paper and tied in a bow. Mine is wrapped in purple, but on the website you can also get one wrapped in black and white paper. As far as I can tell the colour of the wrapping doesn't have any bearing on the product inside.

      I do love the way the product looks when wrapped - it's like a huge sweet of some sort, and it was perfect to receive as a gift, because the shiny paper does make it look special.

      There are no clues on the label or ingredients list as to what is actually in this product or what it should smell like, and I found I couldn't really smell it when it was still wrapped up so before using this it was a bit of a mystery!

      When I unwrapped it I found that the bath bomb was wrapped in two layers of clear cellophane which were really difficult to remove. The bath bomb was perfectly round and a lilac colour. It had a fairly strong, fruity scent to it, which reminded me of blackcurrant. It was quite a sweet scent and had a slightly artificialness about it. I thought it was OK, but it's probably something that would appeal more to younger girls.

      When I dropped it into the bath, it immediately released a plume of purple into the bath, and I was delighted with the deep purple colour that the water eventually went. Simple things please simple minds and all that.

      When I actually got into the bath I was quite surprised to find that the bath water felt really silky and soft against my skin in the same way it does when I used a Lush product. I don't know why, but that was something I really hadn't expected, so I was really pleased about that.

      In fact, my fruity beauty bath turned out to be quite a relaxing one, and I ended up lazing there for around half an hour. Unfortunately the scent of the product seemed to disappear after around 10 minutes which was a little disappointing.

      Once I got out of the bath my skin felt lovely and soft, and fairly hydrated too, so I didn't feel the need to apply body lotion straight away. I couldn't smell the scent of the bath bomb on my skin at all though.

      A fruity beauty bath bomb will set you back £2.50 from Marks and Spencer which is around the same price you'd pay for a Lush bath bomb.

      Overall, I think I found myself being pleasantly surprised with this product. It softened my skin, turned the water a gorgeous purple and felt really nice and luxurious to use. The main downside for me was that the sweet smell was a little bit artificial and the scent didn't last either, but otherwise this was a really nice product and a bath bomb to rival Lush!


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