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Marks & Spencer Fruity Beauty Bath Marbles

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Brand: Marks & Spencer / Type: Bath Cream / What it does: destresses,

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    1 Review
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      13.02.2009 14:18
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      Bath marbles from M & S to make your bath smell fruity.

      For Christmas I always get a couple of big presents off my parents that are usually things I've requested and also a couple of much smaller stocking fillers. Even though I'm in my twenties my mum still likes to get me a few surprises to open on Christmas day morning. This year I recieved a variety of gifts, most of which seemed to be bath and body products which I love. The Fruity Beauty Bath Marbles were just one of the surprises and they certainly stood out the most under the Christmas tree once I'd opened them!

      The Brand

      Everyone has heard of Marks and Spencers and most people would agree it's quite a prestigious high street brand where high quality is usually guaranteed. They started off at a market stall in Leeds back in 1884 and since then the brand has grown enormously. In the latter half of the twenty first century they moved into the beauty and body care market which has seen massive growth in the past twenty years. The Fruity Beauty Bath Marbles came into stores in Summer 2008 and have remained there ever since.

      The Product

      The fruity beauty bath marbles come in a circular plastic container that has a little silver elasticated band at the top which you can use to hang the container somewhere if you wish. There is a little piece of cardboard at the bottom of the container but apart from that you can see the bath marbles through the clear container. The front of the container has the product name imprinted on it in black in swirly writing. Overall the container is easy to store and quite effective as you can see the bath marbles through it.

      The fruity beauty bath marbles themselves are small, circular shaped marbles that are made of quite thick plastic of all different colours including blue, green, red and yellow. They look really appealing, almost good enough to eat although I wouldn't recommend it! They're about 1.5cm in diameter to give you a rough idea of size. The actual bath product is located inside these marbles and in the past I've found you've always had to pop the outer covering to access the liquid but these just simply dissolve in the bath!

      The instructions recommend then you simply drop one or two of the bath marbles into your bath and swirl them around to help them to dissolve. If you have a hot bath like I do then the outer plastic covering will dissolve in about ten to fifteen seconds, if your bath is more luke warm then you'll probably be best piercing the outer covering with some scissors to let the actual liquid out. After about fifteen seconds the bath marbles are no longer visible and the inner liquid has dispersed into the bath water as well.

      The bath marbles themselves don't really smell of much but once they've dissolved or popped in your bath there's a lovely fruity, sweet fragrance that's quite refreshing. The bath marbles do all seem to share the same fragrance and you'll find that it's much stronger if you use two bath marbles rather than one. The other thing you'll notice is that the bath marbles do foam quite a bit, although it's not quite the same as bubble bath then do create some bubbles in your bath which is nice and adds to the effect.

      I tend to follow my normal skincare regime even when using this bath marbles and will use a body scrub or soap as well. Therefore I'd say that I've never noticed the effect these bath marbles have on my skin. They make my bath water smell nice and leave a lovely fruity smell lingering in my bathroom as well long after I'm out of the bath. Yet overall I'd say that the fragrance doesn't really extend much to my skin and there are no noticeable effects, good or bad, to my actual skin from using them either.

      The only negative point about them is if your bath water isn't quite hot enough to dissolve the plastic outer casing of the marbles then you'll be left with sticky blobs at the bottom of your bath. Even when you drain your water out of your bath you'll find the un-dissolved marbles will leave a gloopy and sticky residue on the bottom of your bath which you need to scrub at to get off. Apart from that point there is nothing that would stop me from recommending these bath marbles to you at all.

      You'll find that you get roughly thirty bath marbles in the container which will last you between fifteen and thirty baths depending on whether or not you use one or two marbles. I tend to find that if I'm only having a quick and therefore relatively shallow bath one marble will suffice but if I'm wanting a big soak where I fill the bath tub up as much as it will go then I'll often use two or three marbles. A pack of these bath marbles costs £5 so it's a little more pricey than your usual bottle of bubble bath but you will get more out of them.

      My Opinion

      I've had these fruity beauty bath marbles for nearly two months now and in that time have used about twelve of them. I only have a bath once a week as I prefer to shower but since recieving them they have replaced my usual bubble bath as I just think they're really cute and like the fact they dissolve. I probably wouldn't buy them again for myself as there are cheaper alternatives out there but I'd certainly buy them for someone as a present as they're fun to use, they look great, they're reasonably priced and they smell really nice. Five out of five!

      Thanks for reading.


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    • Product Details

      Add a lightly scented marble to your bath and to help you relax even more /

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