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Marks & Spencer The Floral Bath Essences

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Brand: Marks & Spencer / Type: Bath Essence / Available: Magnolia / Lavender / Rose / Iris / Camelia

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    1 Review
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      06.01.2011 08:01
      Very helpful



      A high quality bath cream from M & S

      Up until a good few years ago I had the opinion that Marks and Spencer toiletries were far too expensive and aimed at the more, how shall I phrase it - mature lady! However, one day whilst accompanying a friend to the store I decided to browse through their toiletries and was amazed at what appeared before me - beautiful products aimed at all ages together with a reasonable price. Consequently, a considerable amount of items were piled into my arms and taken home for the Alyson product test!

      Many years later I am still an avid fan of quite a few of their products and thanks to a fellow Dooyooer who recently provided me with details of an M & S sale together with a code for free delivery I stocked up on all of my favourites. I am of the belief that Marks and Spencer toiletries aren't that popular particularly as each one that I've wished to review has required me to make a product suggestion to Dooyoo. As my suggestion has been agreed this review discusses my experience of using Marks and Spencer Magnolia Moisturising Rich Foaming Bath Cream, a product that I have been using for as long as I can possibly remember.


      Once upon a time the majority of the toiletries sold by M & S weren't very appealing to the eye and were a little old fashioned, but in recent years they have considerably upgraded their packaging to create an upmarket and rather pleasing design. As you would probably expect from a magnolia fragranced product the packaging is in neutral shades and the bath cream is contained within a rigid transparent bottle. There is a calming image of the magnolia flower contained on the front and we are advised that this product belongs to The Floral Collection. To provide that finishing touch there is a golden edged border running throughout the middle of the bottle with the name of the product contained inside. The opaque circular lid is somewhat superior and unscrews with great ease to allow us to witness the beautiful fragrance of the bath cream.


      The fairly thick and marble looking bath cream can be seen through the transparent bottle and only a very small amount needs to be dispensed into a running bath. Within only a few seconds mounds of rich white bubbles will start to form and swirl on your water's surface and it is then that the delightful fragrance will become more evident. The first time I used this product I was a little heavy handed and ended up with mountains of bubbles, which became very difficult to remove once my bath time was complete. Consequently, it resulted in me sprinkling talcum powder onto the bottom of my bath to enable them to quickly disperse! Believe me when I say that you only need a very small amount of bath cream, as you will be simply amazed at how many bubbles it will create.


      When using this product I always find the water to be extremely soft with a subtle magnolia fragrance, which makes my bath times sheer luxury and perfect for relaxing after a busy day at work. The bubbles are evident throughout the entire bathing experience even when soap is introduced to the water, which generally disperses the majority of bubbles. After leaving my bath and towel drying I am able to detect a subtle magnolia fragrance on my skin for a short while afterwards and a real positive is that the bath cream is not drying on the skin. I have not suffered any adverse reactions when using and I genuinely feel that this product is very gentle and caring for the skin.


      As with all products of this nature care should be taken not to get into the eyes and if contact occurs you should rinse with water. The rear of the bottle displays the "BUAV approved" symbol, which stands for British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection. The bottle can be recycled once empty.


      This moisture rich foam bath is available in a 500ml bottle for £3.00 and if you like the fragrance as much as I do you can team it with other toiletries from the same range, such as the talcum powder and soaps.

      As this is such a caring and beautifully fragranced product is receives a full 5 stars from me.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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