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Marks & Spencers Pomegranate Soothing Bath Essence

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2 Reviews

Brand: Marks & Spencers / Type: Bath Product / What it does: Soothes,

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    2 Reviews
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      26.03.2010 14:32
      Very helpful



      One to Avoid!

      Marks & Spencer Pomegranate Soothing Bath Essence.

      This bath essence can be purchased both instore and online at Marks & Spencers. It costs around £3.50 for 200mls and is part of the Marks and Spencer Ingredients Range.

      The bath essence comes in a very cheap looking plastic bottle with a silver top. The bath essence is quite thick and it is quite hard to regulate how much you are pouring into your bath.

      The smell is fresh and more floral like than fruit like. It produces lots of bubbles in the bath and washes away well so no residue left in the bath.

      This is not a top of the range bath product and I will not buy it again, it provided lots of bubbles but not much smell and the whole packaging is not really very good with no way to tell how much you are using when you dispense it.

      I actually think this product is cheap and nasty and best avoided when you can buy any of the Radox Bath Essences for almost half the price.


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      02.01.2009 18:50
      Very helpful



      A lovely smelling bath essence but there are less expensive products around!

      ~ Price and Availability ~

      This is currently available at Marks and Spencer shops and online, priced at £3.50 for a 500ml bottle, rather more than I usually spend on my bath products but since it was part of a large bag full of goodies, I was more than happy to try it!

      ~ Packaging ~

      This comes in a plastic, transparent bottle. It has a silver screw top lid and the product is dispensed from a rather large hole at the top. A negative for me as it's difficult to get just the right amount and you tend to get rather more than is necessary for one bath.

      ~ My Experience ~

      - Smell -
      This is a major plus for me. I do like the taste of pomegranates but have never really focused on it's smell before.
      I am assuming that since this is sold as pomegranate that this is the scent that wafts from it. Regardless of whether or not it does smell of pomegranates, it has a lovely, fresh smell which pervades around the whole bathroom whilst the bath is running.

      - Appearance -
      This deep red bath essence reminds me of a partially set jelly. It isn't quite a liquid and comes out of the top in clumps rather than pouring out.

      - Does it create bubbles? -
      If poured under warm running water and swirled then it does create quite a lot of bubbles, sometimes rather more than I would require for a quick bath due to the fact that as mentioned before often quite a lot comes out of the large hole.

      - What does M&S say about this product? -

      ~ An aromatic bath essence.
      ~ Helps leave your skin feeling soft and soothed.
      ~ Pomegranates have been used for many years for their healing properties.
      ~ Pomegranates have a delicious scent and are packed with antioxidant vitamins.

      As for my skin feeling soft and soothed after using this, I haven't noticed any difference to my skin, a bit too long in the tooth to have luxuriously soft skin. However it doesn't dry my skin out at all.

      - Other products in the range -

      This is from Marks and Spencer's 'ingredients' range.
      There are quite a few varieties in this range:
      ~ Pomegranate
      ~ Lemon
      ~ Fig
      ~ Coconut
      ~ Papaya
      ~ Shea Nut

      Within this range there are shower gels, bath essences, body butters etc to choose from.

      ~ Overall ~

      A lovely product to add to your bath with a great smell although M&S could improve the top area to avoid too much coming out - perhaps that's their plan, to make you need to replenish it more often, who knows!

      This review is also posted on ciao along with a photo of the product - pity dooyoo haven't added one!!


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