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Mint Choc Chip Cleansing Shower Butter

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Brand: Bomb Cosmetics / Type: Butter / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses, Enricheses

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    1 Review
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      22.10.2011 14:24
      Very helpful



      A fun gift, this is a shower product with an ice cream theme

      This was the second part of my Bomb Cosmetics birthday gift, accompanying the similar and already reviewed Chilla Vanilla body wash. Like that, this is an indulgent shower treat that just about makes up for the fact that so much of the market focuses on baths instead.

      The Mint Choc Chip body wash was something I wanted to try from the get go, because way back when, it was my favourite flavour of ice cream - before the days of Nutella or Profiterole gelato, it was its supreme greenness that set Mint Choc Chip apart from the boringness of vanilla or strawberry, and those chocolate chips didn't hurt either. This body wash let me down immediately on opening, as I realised the Choc Chip was for name only, and while no one could deny that this is a mint themed product, it had no flecks of chocolatey goodness, nor any skin softening cocoa butter. Disappointment put to one side, I took a big sniff and was impressed. The spot on mint green colour did not lie and I was greeted by a strong whiff of mint, or at the very least mint-scent. It is a touch artificial - perhaps more like a mint candy than a mint leaf - but in a blind scent-test, it would be hard to mistake it for anything else.

      This is a Body Wash that is a little like a cross between a hard bar of soap and a tub of body butter. To use it, you scoop some out of the tub and then either apply by hand or put on a pouf. One problem with this is that you leave definite finger trails in the tub and it looks 'old' quite quickly. While bars of soap may wear down (fairly) equally, this looks more like an unevenly melted candle. For my own personal use this is not a problem, but it would make me think twice about putting an already opened tub out in the guest bathroom. A second problem is the tub itself - as with the Chilla Vanilla, it is made of cardboard which is just daft for a shower product, and after a few splashes mine has gone a bit soft and looks prone to ripping sooner rather than later. The product is protected inside in a plastic zip lock bag, so again this is something that affects that aesthetics rather than the quality of the remaining product.

      Once you've messily scooped some up and tried not to soak the tub, you are left with quite a pleasing shower product. It lathers nicely if thinly and the smells intensifies when in the confines of a shower cubicle. Containing Frankincense and Gold of Pleasure oil (which sounds pornographic and made up, in equal measure) it leaves my skin soft enough which is especially tested this time of year when the central heating comes on and dries you out. It's also a great cleanser for those of us who like to write on our hands, and it worked wonderfully after a spot of gardening when the dirt was caked on. I personally wouldn't use it on hair or face - it doesn't explicitly say not to, but the words "Body Wash" in the title hint at a specific rather than generic use.

      The green colour, the ingredients list tells me, comes from a mix of blue and yellow. While it lathers up white, the Body Wash itself is definitely a strong green when in its original semi-solid form. That makes it a bit of a pain if you drop a bit as it's so noticeable at the bottom of a white shower (much more so than the cream-coloured Vanilla version) but you can always kick it down the plug hole if it's small enough.

      Overall, despite the lack of Choc Chip, I am enjoying using my Mint Choc Chip Body Wash for the same reasons as with the Chilla Vanilla - it is a fun product, great for use in the shower, and smells sweet and yummy. It's not priced at a point where I could consider it for everyday use, but it makes a lovely gift. If I could change one thing, it would be the packaging as I think it makes it look a bit cheap (even before it goes all soggy).

      http://www.bombcosmetics.co.uk/mint-choc-chip-cleansing-shower-butter- 275g.ir?cName=body-hair-care-cleansing-shower-butter


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