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Molton Brown Bracing Silverbirch Body Wash

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2 Reviews

Brand: Molton Brown / Type: Body Wash / Suitable for: Body / Skin type: All skin types

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    2 Reviews
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      07.03.2013 13:32
      Very helpful



      Not my favourite Molton Brown body wash but still better than most

      I am a huge fan of Molton Brown and especially their body washes. Whereas some of their other products can be a little bit hit and miss their body washes are usually fantastic and some of the best that money can buy which is a good thing when you consider just how expensive they are. On average they cost around about £18.00 a bottle hence why they are sold in exclusive shops such as Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. To be fair though for your money you do get a lot as the bottle are 300ml and because they are such good quality you end up using less than you need with cheap shower gels so in the end I personally think it is definitely worth spending a little bit extra to buy them as they will last longer and the smells are much better than the cheaper generic chemical smells you get from cheaper body washes.

      Bracing Silverbirch comes in a range of products including an Eau de Toilette. I love the scent of the Eau de Toilette but because it just doesn't last long enough it is something that I never buy anymore as I just don't think that it can justify its price tag as it only lasts for an hour or so before disapearing. Luckily like most of the accompanying body washes from Molton Brown this is much better than the fragrances.

      Bracing Silverbirch is a man's body wash and unlike a lot of the body washes available from Molton Brown this one definitely smells more masculine to me so I personally wouldn't say it can be used by everyone but that is a personal choice and this is just my opinion.
      I love the clean and classic packaging of Molton Brown and this particular body wash comes in a plastic bottle with the tell-tale silver lid and unlike some cheaper knockoffs the plastic on this bottle doesn't cave in on itself just by holding it in your hands.

      It contains extract of Silverbirch, Cedarwood, Cumin and Incense and is described by Molton Brown as being a woody and masculine scent. This does smell very 'woody' and has a really outdoors feel to it. This is the kind of fragrance that smells really fresh but has a little bit of spice to it at the same time to stop it from becoming non-descript. As with most of these body washes that contain unusual ingredients it is difficult to really explain the smell properly as it doesn't really smell like anything else on the market which I think is a good thing as there is nothing generic about the smells of Molton Brown body washes.

      This lathers up fantastically and you really only do need a tiny amount of it to lather up your whole body hence why a 300ml bottle will last for ages even if you use it morning and night. It can also be used on hair and I don't find it too harsh to use on my hair like a lot of shower gels can be. This doesn't strip my hair or leave it feeling dry. It is the same on my body. Although it gives a really strong lather it doesn't dry out my skin or leave it feeling itchy afterwards. I have a real problem with dry skin so I need to be careful with what I use in the bath or shower and in my experience Molton Brown body washes are some of the best when it comes to not stripping the moisture from my skin.

      The fragrance of this really fills the bathroom when using it and it also lingers on my skin for ages afterwards too. Some shower gels will smell nice when you are using them but as soon as you have dried yourself you can't smell them on your skin at all but this isn't the case with this one as you can smell it for a good few hours afterwards. Although the fragrance is quite unusual it actually compliments loads of other aftershaves that I use really well. I am a big fan of the black pepper range from Molton Brown and although they also do a fantastic shower gel this one will complement the black pepper aftershave if I have run out of it. It also goes really well with loads of other fresh and spicy fragrances without competing for attention from them.

      I find this to be really refreshing when using it and it is helpful at wakening me up in the mornings as it has a really livening aroma to it which does help to get me going.
      The only major problem that I have with this is when comparing it to the black pepper shower gel as although this is perfectly nice in its own right I really don't think it is anywhere near as good as the black pepper one so this is what stops me from buying it more regularly. Although I love all the ingredients used in this separately together I would expect them to wow me a little bit more and while I really like this and would happily use it I would like it if it just had a little bit more pizazz to it.

      I know a lot of people seem to dislike Molton Brown products but for the life of me I can't understand how people can tell the difference in quality between them and cheap brands as to me it is apparent. I agree that some of their other products can be a let-down but the shower gels are much better quality and they feel much nicer on my skin and the scents are much more distinctive. Even though Bracing Silverbirch isn't my favourite Molton Brown body wash it is still fantastic and better than most of the other ones that are available to buy.


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      05.01.2010 18:51
      Very helpful



      An ok bath product but not worth the price tag!

      Some time ago I received a luxurious Molton Brown boxed gift set and this was one of quite a number of bath and shower products within the box.

      - Price and Packaging -

      My bottle is only 100ml and part of a gift box so I'm not sure how much a diddy little bottle like this would be. However the 300ml bottle on the Molton Brown website is £16.

      Like all of the body washes in this range, the liquid comes in a transparent, plastic bottle with a silver coloured screw top lid with Molton Brown on.

      - Recommended Use -

      It's suggested that you pour one capful under a running tap. For use in the shower apply some of the liquid on to a sponge or cloth and smooth over your body.

      - What's on the packaging? -

      ~ Deeply cleansing body wash.
      ~ Infused with extracts from silverbirch bark and leaves.
      ~ Instantly elivens and cleanses.
      ~ Treats your skin to a conditioning workout.
      ~ Contains cedarwood oils, incense, cumin and bergamot which help open up your senses.

      - My Experience -

      ~ Using it
      This pours out rather too easily from the large hole at the top of the bottle so be careful when pouring out unless you aren't too worried about wasting it! I tend to use this in the bath but have tried it in the shower and it gives a really good clean and lather but I prefer soaking in the bath with this.
      It creates quite a lot of bubbles with just a small amount, the faster and warmer the running water, the better!

      ~ The Smell and Appearance
      Given the description, I was fully expecting quite a woody smell but rather than this I was faced with a pleasant, light minty smell from this dark green liquid. This is therefore, in my opinion a good unisex body wash.

      So does it do what it claims?
      ~ Deeply cleanse? - Yes my skin certainly feels clean after using it but as for it's claim that it instantly enlivens, well I've yet to experience this by using the body wash.

      ~ A conditioning workout? - In my humble opinion this is just marketing bumph.... No way does my skin or body feel as if it has a workout that conditions after using this.
      The smell and the aroma in the bathroom whilst using this is good but my skin doesn't feel any more pampered than when I am using cheaper brands of soap bubbles.

      As for buying it again once mine runs out...... Like the other ones that I have tried in my gift set it isn't so luxurious that I would consider forking out £16 for a 300ml bottle for myself once this one runs out. However I would consider buying it as a gift for someone who is a fan of MB products.
      Overall a satisfactory bath product but no better than cheaper brands I have used and in my opinion really not worth the price tag!

      Thanks for reading.
      N.B. Review also appears on ciao.


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    • Product Details

      Molton Brown Bracing Silverbirch Bodywash / For those needing an invigorating boost / Cleansing.

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