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Montagne Jeunesse Aches Away Bath

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Brand: Montagne Jeunesse / Type: Bath Treatment

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    4 Reviews
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      10.05.2012 08:15
      Very helpful



      A nice bath time treat!

      I have been feeling pretty crap recently and it would seem that many people have been in the same boat with lots of nasty bugs floating around and a general feeling of unwell. One of the presents that my sister bought for me for Christmas was a few pampering bits and bobs and one of the things in there was an aches away bath sachet by Montagne Jeunesse. Having tried some of the face masks I was looking forward to giving this particular bath product a go to see if it was as good as the other products I had tried.

      The aches away bath comes in a sachet much like the Montagne Jeunesse face masks should you be familiar with those. On the front of the blue coloured sachet there is a picture of a woman in the bath who looks almost orgasmic I have to say so I was hopeful that this bath would leave me feeling pretty incredible! The information on the front of the sachet tells me that the product is an anti stress mineral treatment which eases aches and pains.

      To use the product I tore open the top of the sachet and poured the liquid under the running tap water of the bath. The product is a blue coloured thin liquid much like any other bath foam really. I have to say I did have a few issues squeezing the entire product out in to the bath and ended up covering myself and then the side of the bath with it too! I noticed as the liquid was in the bath that it turned the water ever so slightly blue in colour which was nice as well as creating a decent amount of bubbles too. I noticed that the fragrance of the aches away bath was quite strong, and almost minty, but it was one that I liked and according to the packaging it is made from a blend of Dead Sea minerals, lavender, juniper and menthol.

      As I got in the bath I can honestly say I literally let out a huge sigh as I sunk in to the water because it felt so lovely. Obviously we all know that baths can be relaxing and the hot water on a sore body is always going to be helpful but for me the fragrance of the bath which had really filled the bathroom just made me feel so much more relaxed whilst I was in the bath. As I lay in the bath I could feel my eyes closing as I felt that relaxed which is something that I haven't really felt in quite some time as a busy single mum who feels like I never have time to stop and just be me. I wouldn't go as far as to say I looked quite as happy as the woman on the front of the sachet but I would certainly use this product again in my bath.

      Once I got out of the bath and got my pyjamas on I wasn't feeling as relaxed as I was back in to the normality of picking things up around my son and getting the washer on and such like but that is not to take anything away from how lovely it felt to have been in the bath. I would like to use this product again on a day when I have time to really lay in the bath for a long time as I think it would be a really nice experience.

      Should you wish to purchase one of the aches away sachets I can advise you that they cost around the one pound mark and are available in places such as asda.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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        29.12.2010 15:59
        Very helpful



        An anti stress aches away bubble bath from Montagne Jeunesse

        As I mentioned in my pervious review I had a bumper back of Montagne Jeunesse products from my fiancé. Many I have never seen nor tried before, testing and reviewing these shall be fun going.

        Montagne Jeunesse Aches Away Bath 20ml - to ease your aches and pains:

        'Soak away stresses and strains with the rejuvenating properties of our naturally sourced Dead Sea Mud treatment'

        Another product from the Montagne Jeunesse range I have never seen before, I love the Muscle Soak by Radox so was hoping this would have the same effect. Being disabled with problems with both my knees when they really start hurting one thing that always helps me ease the pain is a really hot bath, though needing help in and out the bath sometimes can be a pain.

        My Findings:

        Well my first impressions was 'geez that's strong!' it wasn't until I started to read the back of the sachet I found out there was menthol added to the mix and boy could u smell it! Great if you have a cold.

        I followed the instructions given on the back of the packet and as my bath was filling up the aroma was getting stronger and stronger so strong infact you could smell it down stairs. Not to be blown away by the aroma I stepped into my bath; then noticed little bits of green dots within my bath. They were real herb leaves giving you another fragrance boost.

        The product description - 'Carefully blended from Dead Sea minerals and soothing oils of lavender and juniper, with a touch of menthol to revive aching limbs and boost your body's natural vitality'.

        Now it states a touch of menthol and frankly I think this is an under statement it's more than a touch! Like I said if you have a cold this would certainly unblock you nose. However once I had been sat in the bath for awhile I got used to the over powering aroma and it was rather relaxing.

        My muscles were indeed less tense and I wouldn't say I was pain free but the pain threshold was definitely more tolerable than before hand. I was relaxed and enjoying my bath, when I used this product again what I did was only used half the sachet instead of the whole lot and found it less over powering and was able to relax and enjoy my bath much faster.

        How to use:

        As with 99% of bath products they are always simple to use - Just add to running water while filling up your bath. Do note that the strength of product is related to the amount of water in the bath (personally I would only use half a sachet at a time). This product can be used daily if required. It is also advised that you do not use if skin is irritated, inflamed or broken.

        Price and Availability:
        From the Montague Jeunesse web site I'm told the relaters are -

        Amazon.co.uk, Asda, Boots, Blackledge, Claire's Accessories, Co-op Pharmacies, Home Bargains, Holland & Barrett, Morrison's, New Look, Click Health & Beauty, Sainsbury's, Savers, Somerfield, Superdrug, Tesco, T J Morris, Wilkinson's, and W Boyes & Co Ltd

        Prices start from 99p


        I think I'm kind of in-between when it comes to this product it does help you to relax and eases muscle pain slightly but it does have an over powering kick to it. Radox Muscle Soak Bath Salts do just as good job for only £1.00 and you get around ten baths for the price. So I'm glad that I tried this product but I do think I shall be sticking to my loved Radox, it's cheaper, not over powering and does a great job.

        Price wise this will only cost around 50p per bath when using half a sachet at a time which is cheaper than a bath bomb any day.

        I do think this would come in handy when a cold strikes it will give your muscles a relaxing treat and help unblock your nose.

        Four out of five stars from me.

        Thanks for reading.

        Additional Information:

        Montagne Jeunesse does have a rather fun looking web site where you can find out about their new product, and the rest of the Montagne Jeunesse range. There are also chances to win their products and registration is free!

        They have an ever growing range of facial masks to suit all skin types, bath gels, items for feet and legs also.

        Montagne Jeunesse is Vegetarian Society Approved, BUAV Approved, Not tested on animals and have received Prima Beauty Award


        Montagne Jeunesse
        The Green Barn
        Astral Court
        Baglan Moors Energy Park
        SA12 7AX


        Aqua (Purified water), Sodium laureth sulfate, Polysorbate 20, Menthol, Citrus medica limonum (Lemon) peel oil, Sea Salt (Dead Sea Salt), Cinnamomum (Cinnamon) cassia leaf oil, Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) oil, Thymus vulgaris (Thyme) leaf, Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) leaf, Origanum marjorana (Sweet marjoram) leaf, Satureia hortensis (Summer savory) leaf, Origanum vulgare (Oregano) leaf, Lavendula angustifolia (Lavender) flower, Capsicum frutescens resin, Juniperus communis (Juniper) fruit oil, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Thymus mastichina (Marjoram) oil, Methyl salicylate, 2-Bromo-2-Nitropropane-1, 3-Diol, CI 42090 (Blue 1)


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          23.11.2010 20:22
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Helping Me Get Over My Cold.

          Over the last few days Ive been doing pretty much anything to try and help me get over this cold as quickly as possible but after about 1 million Lemsips and countless Strepsils I was getting to the end of my tether so my mom suggested a nice, long bath might help with 'Montagne Jeunesse Aches Away Bath Treatment' added to it, as she'd been saving the sachet for an occasion just like this as it really helped her feel better last time she had a cold. Well by that point I was willing to try anything and Ive always loved the MJ range in the past so I decided to give this a go..it couldnt make me feel any worse. Shockingly it has actually made me feel slightly better!!

          Useful Information:
          Price: No more than £1
          Stockists: Amazon, Bodycare Boots, Superdrug - The MJ range is available in LOADS of shops so you wont have to search for ages for this prodct.
          Other Info: Anti stress therapy said to ease aches and pains with it's added dead sea salt & it is BUAV & vegetarian approved - so its perfect for everyone.

          Like most MJ products this bath soak comes in a small metallic packet rather than a bottle or tube which I guess means there isnt as much packaging but its annoying that you only get one use out of each sachet. Anyway all over the sachet is any information you could ever need to know about this product - ingredients, allergy advice etc so everything you need to know can be found on the packaging. So you simply open the sachet and squeeze all the gel underneath the tap whilst its still running to get maximum results. I do recommend using the whole sachet for one bath because I personally got the best results using it all in one go.

          At this point the water should turn bright blue and it does look very inviting and relaxing - no bubbles but as long as it worked that didnt really bother me. The smell is a mixture of lavendar and menthol - the menthol being the strongest and it geninely does smell instantly relaxing and for people with a blocked nose like me it does start to clear that up a bit. The scent is a lot like a Radox bubble bath but the added lavender was a nice touch and made it a little bit different.

          I had THE most relaxing bath when I had added this to the water. It definitely helped my aches and pains and since I bathed with this my nose hasnt been as blocked and my cough hasnt been quite as bad so this worked better for me than all the Lemsips and Strepsils Id been taking previously. This also made my skin feel amazing, really silky and soft but that was just an added bouns for me because this might not have cured my cold bt it helped me feel good enough to go into work yesterday! I fully recommend this and its one of my favourite products from the MJ range - some might say its a placebo but its a damn effective one!

          Thanks For Reading.

          x0 Salz 0x


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            08.11.2010 18:25
            Very helpful



            A menthol smelling bath lotion to ease your aches away

            I hate this cold weather and I hate having a cold even more. I am not the best person in the world when I am suffering from any kind of illness, never mind a mere head cold that is more annoying than painful. A stuffy nose and a headache is a little more than I need to be dealing with right now and other than sitting in my chair at work or on the sofa at home with an Olbas inhaler stuck up one nostril rather unattractively I decided to try out a product I had never used before from Montagne Jeunesse.

            For most people, Montagne Jeunesse is probably best known for the facial masks which are sold in a lot of high streets stores such as Boots, Superdrug, Claire's Accessories, local pharmacies and supermarkets. Each one of the products made by Montagne Jeunesse according to their website is made using only natural ingredients which are derived from plant and minerals and some of which are also dairy free and vegetarian certified. Montagne Jeunesse also states that they do not test any of their products on animals and for more information they do have a website.

            So although this time I am not using a face mask or a foot scrub, I am using Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Aches-Away Bath. Why am I using it? Well whenever I get a cold I tend to ache from head to toe and knowing that I cannot use Radox or Deep Heat products, I am quite limited in what I can and cannot use and as I want something to use in the bath, this product seemed a good idea because I got it for free, yes you read that right. A long time ago now I signed up using the Montagne Jeunesse website for random freebies and although they are quite good freebies when you get them, they don't give them away that often. So given that it was free I am going to try it.

            Like other products from this range, Dead Sea Mud Aches-Away Bath is packaged in a sachet which you rip open where it states "open here" whilst that sounds quite straight forward, it isn't, especially if you have wet hands, so before adding this product to your batj water I would suggest you ensure that your hands are not wet because you will find opening this sachet quite difficult. Looking at this Sachet on the front is a woman who looks like she is in a lot of pain and she is surrounded by deep blue water with steam vapours all around her. Also on the front of the sachet is the Montagne Jeunesse logo and accompanying words which tell you the name of the product and what it is going to do and in this case "Eases aches and pain" which sounds perfect to me and then you will also find that it is marketed to "Soak away stress & strain with the rejuvenating properties in this Dead Sea Mud treatment. Revives aching limbs & boost natural vitality".

            To use this product, once you have the sachet open, you simply squeeze it into your bath, again another tip is to ensure there is a few inches of water already in the bottom of your bath before adding this to it and as you pour this in there are no bubbles forming, instead what you do notice is a slight menthol aroma alongside a hint a lavender and whilst neither aromas are everyone favourite I think they work quite well together, especially for this product, I just wish there had been some bubbles. Anyway, not too down hearted, once my bath has finished running and the steam vapours are now not only wafting around the bathroom but the entire house, I settle into the bath, grab my eye mask and drift off into a dream world whilst I let this work its magic.

            The fragrant aromas come from the use of different oils. Starting with Lavender Oil which is known to most people and linked with relaxation and de-stressing the mind but in a bath cream, oil or lotion it is also used to relieve headaches, abdominal pains, insomnia, moodiness, nervous tension, nightmares and so on, the list is endless. Cinnamon Oil and Rosemary Oils come next and similarly to Lavender Oil it too they are used because of their ability to ease muscular and joint pains. Juniper Oil is a further ingredient and again helps to release nervous tension and anxiety whilst helping to calm the nerves. The final ingredient to mention is obviously Menthol which for me creates the main aroma alongside that of Lavender and Menthol is used for its calming effects on things like muscle spasms, it helps to deal with aches and pains and it can also be used to alleviate sinus pain and pressure which is why as an ingredient it is found in things such as Vicks Vapour Rub and Olbas Oil because it helps decongest. So adding all of those ingredients together it is no wonder that this product is promoted as helping to ease away all your aches and pains!

            Whilst in the bath you naturally do feel the benefits of the menthol and there is nothing more annoying for me than having a bunged up nose where I sit for endless hours sniffing constantly in a bid to clear up my nasal passages whilst giving myself a headache at the same time, so the help given to me from the Menthol in this bath was brilliant. However there is one more ingredient in this product which forms the main part of it and that is Dead Sea Salt, in the past I have used Dead Sea Salt as a body scrub and within this product it is ground really finely so that you can only just feel it against your skin, if you didn't know it was in the product then you probably wouldn't notice it. However, in this case, Dead Sea Salt which is used for the benefits for the feeling of relaxation and I am told that you use Dead Sea Salt in a warm bath it helps to provide relief from muscular tension, which therefore makes it a perfect addition.

            After my bath, which lasted over an hour, I have to say that I am feeling a little less sorry for myself and less congested. My skin whilst silk smooth also has no complaints and there is no sign of any immediate reaction, unlike I would get had I used Radox and my headache has also eased. So excellent results all round from me for this product and it is one that I would definitely use again. To purchase this Bath product you should expect to pay anything from 99p to £1.29 which is how much it is currently costing online and I find that Supermarkets usually sell these products a little cheaper than your High Street stores, but whether it is 99p or a little more, it is worth the expense in my opinion.


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