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Morrisions Value Shower Gel

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Brand: Morrisons / Type: Shower Gel / Suitable for: Body

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    1 Review
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      17.10.2011 20:17
      Very helpful





      Due to the rising cost of mortgages and utility bills it's safe to say that trying to save up your pennies is no easy task. Aside from your rent and the general cost of running your building it's fair to say that over the past few years the weekly grocery shopping has substantially increased in cost as well. For my partner and I it has become quite important to cut costs where ever possible and with our weekly shop high on our list of most expensive necessities it seems logical to begin there.

      Our weekly shop usually takes place in our local Asda branch but due to recent building work taking place we found ourselves venturing around our local Morrisons instead. I personally find Morrisons a little over priced and a number of items lacking quality. Taking into consideration the expected higher cost of our shop around Morrisons we decided to purchase as many home brands from our list as possible. Most stores these days tend to have a number of home brands on each item ranging from "extra special" to "bottom end". We decided to try the bottom end scale of the home brand items to cut cost and test their quality. Amidst our trolley full of white packaging and unappealing bright yellow labels was Morrisons value shower gel.

      ~~Cost, Packaging and Ingredients~~

      I have to confess that I was fairly stunned to see a 15p sign sitting underneath my 300ml value shower gel, I kept checking to see if I misread the label. Yes the bottle is rather sad looking, bright white plastic, cheap yellow stick on label and bright white writing to match and simply stating 'Morrisons value shower gel' but still, the bottle was sturdy with a well made flip top that stayed firmly in place to avoid any leakage (much like a head and shoulders bottle minus the frills) and at the end of the day it's 15p!. Call me boring but the price tag took up majority of our shopping trip banter. Is it even possible to make the packaging at that price?

      The product itself has several ingredients but no active ingredients worth mentioning.

      ~~Use and Product~~

      I'm not going to pretend that I had any great expectations from this shower gel because I didn't. I hoped only for a reasonable scent and a sense of feeling clean once I had used the product, without any skin irritation. I do tend to suffer with eczema on my hands a lot which is always a bit of a concern when buying new shower gel especially cheap ones.

      As I flipped open the lid the first thing that I noticed was the colour, as bright as the label, florescent blue like a very cheap washing up liquid and similar in consistency. The gel lathered well in my sponge despite so far being disappointing in every other aspect. However, as I washed away I suddenly got a waft of a rather odd smell. I sniffed at my arms covered in the shower gels bubbles to be greeted with a rather unpleasant aroma, not pungent but unpleasant never the less. The closest thing that I could compare the smell with is that of a damp dog or to be more accurate and fairer to the product the mild smell of a mouldy cupboard, the scent isn't terribly strong but still not a smell that anyone would want even a hint of about their person.

      Getting out of the bath I just didn't feel clean enough despite my scrubbing let alone pampered, I found myself dousing in perfume to disguise any reminisce of the products scent. My skin felt a little dry, certainly under hydrated and once I had dried myself off my skin felt slightly clammy, though having said that, I didn't feel as though any irritation was present and my eczema remained as it had prior to use.


      In my opinion you only really ever have a bargin if you use the product to its full whether it's £15 or 15p. So on that note, this product is a bit of a fail in my opinion. I replaced the item the very next day with a kinder, better smelling brand and have never used the product since. Sometimes it's worth spending a few extra pence in order to get from a product what you need but let's be honest at 15p it was worth a shot.

      Thanks for reading and I hope this was helpful


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