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NSPA Bath Fizzer

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Brand: N-Spa / Type: Bath Fizzer

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    1 Review
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      02.09.2011 23:09
      Very helpful



      A huge let down, doubt I'll be buying these again.

      I've tried a great deal of N-Spa products and I've probably had a go at using everything in the N-Spa fruits range at some point. I generally find the range to produce good quality products which I am a massive fan of.

      One thing I hadn't ever tried up until a few weeks ago however was the N-Spa Bath Fizzer. I usually have showers but Sunday nights are relaxing bubble bath nights for me and I always like to add something like a fizzer into my bath for that extra pampering feeling. I tend to use Lush Bath Ballistics but when I came across these bath fizzers in Asda one day I decided I'd give those a try instead.

      These cost £1.60 in Asda but are currently on offer for 2 for £3 which, considering my ballistics from Lush normally cost around the £3 mark for one, I was more than happy to pay and considered them to be cheap. I'm not sure of their availability in other stores, I can't say I've ever seen them anywhere else.

      There are three scents available which are coconut, turkish delight and vanilla. I took advantage of the multi-by offer and opted for coconut and turkish delight.

      The fizzer looks quite appealing when packaged. It's wrapped in a sheet of plastic (white for coconut, silver for turkish delight and a pale gold colour for vanilla) which has a piece of ribbon tied around the top which has a label attached to it. The label is like a little booklet containing the N-Spa logo and product name on the front and product ingredients and company information on the back. Inside are a couple of sentences about the company, how to use the product and a few warnings about using the product.
      You're told not to use the fizzer if you have irritated, broken or damaged skin, to avoid contact with eyes and not to eat the fizzer (it's not food)! This label also makes it clear this product is not tested on animals, lovely!

      When you untie the ribbon and pull back the plastic sheet you're left with the fizzer wrapped in a thin layer of plastic. I was a little bit dumb and thought perhaps this would be that type of plastic that would melt when it got hot, it wasn't. You must remove this plastic layer before putting the fizzer into your bath otherwise nothing will happen!

      Removing the plastic is rather difficult as it is so tight. In the end I had to dig in a dinner knife to make a tear and then peel it off from there. The actual fizzer is quite large, probably about the same size a tennis ball. The fizzer isn't very crumbly which makes using it a lot easier. You might be left with a little bit of powder on your hands after handling it but nothing too bad.
      When you drop the fizzer into the bath is takes a couple of minutes to dissolve and I find it to be quite hypnotising watching this process!

      The instructions on how to use this product in the leaflet state 'drop the bath fizzer into warm running water and allow to dissolve to create a fragranced bath filled with bubbles.' This sounded pretty good to me so I was quite looking forward to popping one into my bath.

      The results were disappointing to say the least. Firstly there is the scent of these. The turkish delight one smelt nothing like turkish delight at all, in fact it smelt more like lavender to me and you could only really detect this smell when getting close to the fizzer and sniffing it before dropping it into the bath. Once I did drop it in there was virtually no smell whatsoever, my water wasn't fragranced and there were no bubbles in the slightest!

      It was near enough the same story for the coconut fizzer. This one also had a quite a weak scent that you had to make a conscious effort to sniff to detect. Although, the coconut one did at least smell like coconut. Just not as coconuty as I would have liked.
      When the coconut fizzer was dropped into the bath it did leave a little bit of a scent in my bathroom and water but nothing worth getting excited about. Again, no bubbles were made at all.

      The fizzer didn't really have any effects on my skin either. I was hoping for fragranced and soft skin to be the end results but I didn't get that. It didn't have any negative effects mind, it just didn't really do anything for any of my senses. To be honest, if I hadn't of put the fizzer into my bath myself I highly doubt I would have even noticed anything had been added to the water.

      I had hoped to go back and try the vanilla fizzer at some point but I honestly don't think I'll bother now. I can't imagine the story would be any different from these two.

      These fizzers are considerably cheaper than the alternatives I usually use but they're also a complete waste of money in my opinion. I really see no point in adding them as, like I have said, they just don't do anything. Both times I used these fizzers I ended up adding bubble bath for the scent and bubbles because these just did not deliver either of those things.
      I wish I had something positive to say about them as I really do love the N-Spa range but alas, I don't. Other than they have no negative effects of course. N-Spa have let themselves down with this one!


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