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NSPA Indulgent Angel Cake Bath Syrup

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8 Reviews

Brand: N-Spa / Type: Bath Syrup

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    8 Reviews
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      26.07.2012 18:02
      Very helpful



      Nice but not great

      N-Spa crazy
      I went a bit N-Spa mad recently as I discovered a lot of this lovely range of products selling very cheaply on the Asda website. A 500ml bottle of this bath foam originally cost £4, but I snapped it up for a mere £1.

      However looking at the Asda website now, the whole N-Spa range has been rebranded and I am not sure there is an equivalent of this product available - however it may well still be available in Asda stores.

      This bath foam promises to "instantly fill your bathroom with the sumptuous aroma of strawberry marshmallows layered with creamy vanilla cake and soft lemon fondant icing". This sounds pretty delicious to me - but does it deliver?

      Making a splash
      Now I must admit I am not really a bath person as I really prefer to have a shower instead. So I actually bought this for my daughter's bathtime as much as for me, as she is a fan of all things pink and girlie, and she does like to get involved at bathtime, adding the bubbles herself. This bottle certainly appealed to her as you can see the pink liquid inside the plastic bottle, and she was very pleased with the fragrance when I let her have a sniff too!

      I simply add a drizzle of this to the bathwater while the taps are running, and I have to see the bubble appear pretty instantaneously - and the aroma is gorgeous! It's a really light and fruity smell - strawberry is definitely apparent but it isn't too overpowering. Although I can't detect any lemon, the vanilla in the product is just detectable under the fruity fragrance of the strawberries.

      What I love about this bubble bath is that it scents the whole bathroom, and if you leave the room you can smell it the second you go back in! It is a really lovely fragrance and my daughter's a fan too!

      Not very creamy
      But it's nice to share, so I have had a try of this too in one of my infrequent baths! Again, I loved the smell, but I was a little disappointed with the quality of the foam. It isn't really at all rich or creamy and I found it didn't moisturise my skin at all, unlike other bath products I've used. I also noticed that after drying off the scent had completely gone.

      In summary ...
      This is a pleasant bath product and as I paid only £1 for it I am really pleased with it. It smells lovely, produces lots of bubbles, and the bottle looks nice on the bathroom shelf. My daughter is also a fan which is always a bonus.

      But for the full price of £4 I have to say this product isn't worth it. Although it smells really lovely, the smell doesn't linger at all and it has no moisturising properties. So it's just 3 stars from me.


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      02.01.2012 08:29
      Very helpful



      A sweet bath time treat from N-Spa

      I'm not really a bath person and find myself taking a shower as I find it generally quicker and it leaves me feeling more refreshed. However I do like a long soak in the bath every now and then and as I'm currently 6 months pregnant with number 3 I do find the need to relax and soak in a bath is becoming more frequent. I mentioned to Mr Lools that I didn't have any bubble bath products and being the kind partner that he is, the following day he returned home from work (via Asda) with a little gift for me; N-Spa Angel Cake Bath Syrup.

      *** N-Spa Angel Cake Bath Syrup***
      The description of the Angel Cake Bath Syrup is "This truly indulgent spa inspired bath product will instantly fill your bathroom with sumptuous aroma of strawberry marshmallows layered with creamy vanilla cake and soft lemon fondant icing. The angel cake bath syrup has been specially formulated to cleanse the skin whilst keeping it moisturised and feeling soft to the touch."

      The product is not tested on animals.

      The product is available in a 100ml or 500ml sized bottle. The N-Spa Angel Cake Bath Syrup is available from Asda or directly from N-Spa online at www.nirvanaspa.co.uk . Although this was a "gift" from Mr Lools I know (being a regular Asda shopper) that the product costs £3.00 for a large 500ml bottle or £1.47 for the smaller 100ml sized bottle. Although not the cheapest of bubble bath type products it priced very reasonably and I wouldn't consider it as expensive.

      ***Using It***
      I tend not to be a regular bather; and find myself opting for a shower because of convenience but when I do take a bath it is to relax. This has started to happen more regularly since becoming pregnant and suffering quite bad backache therefore when I take a soak I like to use a bath product with a relaxing aroma that creates a lot of bubbles.

      I was not disappointed when I first poured the syrup into my bath when it was running. Immediately when the pink liquid hit the warm running water it started to create bubbles. Seconds later the warm sweet aroma became apparent. This was a very sweet scent but not sickly. It was a warm sweet vanilla scent and I definitely think it smelt like a freshly baked cake. After a few minutes of pouring the bath syrup into the warm running water there was a much more fruity scent that had developed. This was quite a tangy mixture of strawberries and lemons without being too sharp and still had a warm sweetness about the scent.

      I did find that on the first occasion I poured an amount of bath syrup equivalent to the size of two 50p pieces. This created a lot of bubbles and on the occasions I used this product after this I used about two thirds the amount and this still created ample bubbles for a bath full of bubbles.

      The angel cake scent is long lasting whilst bathing and this gives a relaxing bath time experience because you can still smell the sweet warm vanilla mixed with the fruity strawberry and lemon scents.

      After bathing and drying myself I did feel relaxed but I must admit I did feel slightly disappointed that the delicious scent is not long lasting on the skin. My skin smelt clean and did have a very slight sweet scent to it but I had to sniff my skin very closely to make out this very slight sweet scent. Once dry you can't really make out the scent of the bath syrup at all.

      My skin felt clean after drying but not overly smooth or soft like I had hoped. My skin tends to be drier especially during winter and even after regular baths using this bath syrup I have not noticed any real difference to the condition of my skin. The packaging claims that the product moisturises however I did not really feel these claims were true in my experience and I have used other bath products that have had a much superior moisturising effects.

      I would definitely recommend the N-Spa Angel Cake Bath Syrup to those that like relaxing baths and bath syrup that gives a sweet sugary scent to skin without being overly sickly. I do feel because of the sweetness and the vanilla scent this is a very feminine bath product and most males would probably describe it as "too girly" like Mr Lools did.

      The bath syrup is also very good value for money at £3.50 for a large 500ml bottle, especially as a small amount of product creates a lot of bubbles.

      The main downside I find with this product is that the bath syrup does not have long lasting effects. The scent of the bath syrup is very appealing as it is a sweet warm vanilla type scent very much like cake but not too overly sickly however this scent does not last on the skin after I have dried off. My skin has a very slight sweet scent to it but this is only very slight and you have to sniff the skin closely to make this out. The packaging also claims that the syrup leaves skin moisturised however I did not feel my skin was left as smooth and soft feeling as it does after using other bath products.


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        16.03.2011 20:54
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A Great Bath Syrup Overall.

        Since I started reviewing on Dooyoo Ive been reading so many fantastic reviews on products and brands that I had never heard of before - great for my brain but not so great for my pocket!! The N-Spa range was one of those brands that Id never heard of before but as soon as I read some reviews on their products I knew one thing for sure, I wanted to try some of them. I enjoy seeing if products are as good for me as they are for other people and it helps if they are also very cheap which happens to be the case with this brand. Luckily enough my mom has the same kind of thoughts as I do and so I was very happy when a few weeks ago she came home armed with a load of N-Spa goodies for us to try one of which was this 'N-Spa Angel Cake Bath Syrup' which I tried out for the first time about a week ago after a long day at work.

        Useful Information:
        Price: 500ml bottle - £4.50
        Stockists: ASDA & The Nirvana Spa website.
        Other Info: This bath syrup is available in MANY other scents - Gingerbread Latte, Chocolate Orange, Sumptous Strawberry & Hot Butter Fudge- just to name a few. So I think everyone will be able to find a flavour to suit their tastes from this range - and I think they all cost the same amount.

        This product comes in a small 100ml bottle [the one I own is 100ml as I got it as part of a set] which is totally transparent through which you can clearly see the product inside - which oddly enough is green rather than the candyfloss pink colour I was expecting - why are the small bottles all green the larger ones seem to be normal coloured lol. At the top of the bottle is a small balck cap that can be flipped open and shut OR taken off all together if you want to get more out of the bottle quicker - I prefer to do it the first way though as you dont waste any using it like that. On the front and back of the bottle is all the information you could need - directions for use, shelf life, ingredients etc and there is also an email address and street address to write to should you any more questions on the product. The thing I like about the little bottle I own is that it is travel suitable so if your going on holiday soon and going by plane these products might be good for you as you can take them without worrying about them exploding!!

        To use this product is really simple as its the same way you'd use ay bubble bath - simply pour a small amount into warm water OR underneath the tap whilst its running and then your bath should be filled with thousands of bubbles and a gorgeous scent. The bubbles start appearing pretty quickly with this and the water does go a slight green colour but not too much so the water doesnt look unappealing. This produces LOADS of bubbles that fill the whole bath and last until you get out - I hate bubbles that only last about 2 minutes while your in the bath - after putting this in the bath look very inviting and relaxing and the water even feels silky and soft on my skin. Just what I need after a long day at work, it definitely relaxes me before bedtime.

        And Im happy to report this one smells amazing as well. As Ive never actually smelt or eaten angel cake in real life I had no idea what to expect but this is yummy - whether or not it smells like the real thing I have no idea. This is a very sweet fragrance which means it wont be for everyone but its right up my street as this scent is the type Id use all the time if I could. To me it smells like a mixture of icing, marshmallows and candyfloss - it reminds me of going to the fair and walking past one of those sugary doughnut carts - in other words very sweet but VERY yum! Even though the fragrance is so sweet I dont think its too much at all and its not too overpowering - unless you use loads in the bath that is so even if your not normally a lover of sugary scents you might still enjoy bathing with this one. Another great thing is the scent lasts the whole time your in the bath without fading & lingers on your skin for ages as well - luckily though it doesnt interfer with any perfume or sprays you apply after having a bath.

        And even better than the scent is the results. This makes my skin feel silky soft and smooth without making it feel greasy in the slightest. After having a bath with this in I feel I need any extra moisturiser - the only reason I apply extra is because I have one that is the same scent as this so I get double the gorgeous aroma and it lasts even longer. Whenever I use this I always have a very relaxing bath that I thoroughly enjoy and it makes me ready for bed in no time - the smell is gorgeous but it doesnt keep me awake like some sweeter/stronger scents would. I dont hesitate to recommend this bath syrup to anyone - its cheap, smells fantastic and makes my skin look and feel amazing - whats not to like? Unless you hate sweet scents I think you would enjoy this one.

        Thanks For Reading.

        x0 Salz 0x


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          06.03.2011 19:50
          Very helpful



          My favourite N-Spa Shower and Bath Gel

          Arh my beloved N-Spa has completely returned my faith in the range. After trying their poor Valentines attempt I was feeling a little put off by trying more of their items. However as my operation was due shortly I had been feeling rather down and my lovely family, friends and partner had purchased some goodies for me to cheer me up.

          N-Spa Angel Cake Bath Syrup:

          '"Angel" said the wise man "is my guardian of the fluffiest lemony cake. Frosted soft pink marshmallow and sometimes made of snow with a serving of smooth creamy vanilla. Goodness and purity are her best friends and as she spreads her fairy wings, Strawberries and Candy fall from the sky". Take the indulgent pleasure of the forbidden fruit add the wisdom of Nirvana, make time in your day and turn your bathroom into a sumptuous spa.'

          As noted above N-Spa are back with there quirky quotes/sayings, this has always been something that attracted me to them. I love how they make the effort to be that little bit different from the other bubble baths on the market. First time using this product all I could say was WOW! There are some amazing N-Spa goodies out there but right now for me this beats all of them, I'm in love.

          There Claim: - This truly indulgent spa inspired bath product will instantly fill your bathroom with sumptuous aroma of strawberry marshmallows layered with creamy vanilla cake and soft lemon fondant icing. The angel cake bath syrup has been specially formulated to cleanse the skin whilst keeping it moisturised and feeling soft to the touch.


          My Findings:

          My first time I used this Bath Syrup I was over the moon, for me the smell was absolutely gorgeous! Just pouring a little amount into my bath while the water was flowing you were hit with an aroma-full delight. Instantly you could smell sweet strawberry, with melted marshmallows then hints of vanilla and then lemon which lingered after. All the aroma's I enjoy in one, a true pleasure for me.

          When pouring the syrup into the water it certainly bubbled up the water fast and lots of bubbles too. I stepped into my bath and combined with the amazing aroma and the soft bubbles, it was easy just to lay back and relax. After about ten minutes the bubbles start to fade away and you're left with just a few floating bubbles on the water.

          The scent unlike the bubbles hangs around the bathroom for quite awhile, still very fragrant within the water. The Syrup didn't discolour the bath water, as the gel is a very light hint of pink. While in the bath I generally wash myself down with my shower puff; I added a little of the gel to my shower puff and when rubbing it over my skin it lathered up extremely well and again smelt fantastic.

          After getting out of the bath and drying myself off the scent is still present on my skin, but sadly it does soon fade. But you still have lovely soft, smooth skin which feels wonderfully refreshed. I find my skin doesn't really need moisturising after using this gel in my bath, as it does moisturise my skin. However I still follow up with its match body butter.

          As this is a Bath Syrup its main use is for in the bath, however I have also used this in the shower. It gave me the same great results on my skin as it did the in the bath. At the moment I just cannot get enough of how yummy this smells!!

          Price and Availability:

          So far I can only find N-Spa products at Asda or on the N-Spa web site but on their web site the products are more expensive to what Asda charge.

          £4.00 for the 500ml and the 100ml is on rollback for only £1.00 normally £1.42. You can also purchase this in a set with three other bath syrups for £5.00. £4.00 I think is great value as it last for ages!


          I simply adore the Angel Cake Bath Syrup it smells gorgeous, gives me wonderful soft results on my skin. Although the scent doesn't last very long on your skin after you're dried off out the bath/shower, I still love it and for lasting results I also use its matching body butter. I find the N-Spa range to be great value for money as they do last a good length of time.

          I would recommend N-Spa without hesitation they stand out from others on the market, have a superb range of scents and fun products for the bath and shower. If you do like N-Spa you may also like 'Treacle Moon' which is similar from Tesco.

          Five out of five stars from me.

          Thanks for reading :o)

          Additional Information:

          N-Spa is one of my favourite bathroom treats, they are not cheap but don't cost the earth at the same time. They don't just do bath syrups they also have -

          *Shower Sorbet's which are moisturising and cleansing body washes, again come in amazing fragrances.
          *Hand and foot 'Scream' which are scrubs
          *Shower and Bath Gels many I have reviewed now, they are body washes which can be used in the shower or bath.
          *Body Polish which is a gently exfoliater, the scent so far are limited in this range but I can wait for more to come.
          *Bath Melt this is gives the same effect at the shower and bath gel on your skin however this is just for use in the bath.
          *Body Shimmer Oil
          *Body Butter


          Although they don't state this on their packaging and I really don't know why they don't add it on their label. N-Spa do not test on animals, I'm surprised they don't add this to their packaging as it's something a lot of people look for.



          Aqua , Sodium Laureth Sulfate , Cocamidopropyl Betaine , Sodium Chloride , Polysorbate 20 , Glycerin , Parfum , PEG-150 Pentaerythrityl Tetrastearate , PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric Glyercides , Citric Acid , Alpha-Methyl Ionone , Polyquaternium-7 , Linalool , Magnesium Chloride , Limonene , Sodium Hydroxide , Coumarin , Magnesium Nitrate , Citral , Methylchloroisothiazolinone , Denatonium Benzoate , Methylparaben , Methylisothiazolinone , Propylparaben , Hexylene Glycol , CI 16035 , CI 17200 .


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            19.02.2011 13:12
            Very helpful



            Looks good on the bathroom shelf, but doesn't live up to expectations!

            I saw this in my local Asda, it was on offer for £3 it normally costs £4.50. I bought it maily because I liked the colour and the look of the bottle. It reminds me of a cheaper version of Philosophy. You get 500ml of the pale pink bubble bath in a bottle.

            The bottle itself has the words Angel Cake written at the top along with what N-Spa call the wise man's message which states; '

            Angel', said the wise man 'is my guardian of the fluffiest lemony cakes. Frosted soft pink marshmallow and sometimes made of snow with a serving of smooth creamy vanilla. Goodness and purity are her best friends and as she spreads her fairy wings, Strawberries and candy fall from the sky'.

            The first problem I had with this bubble bath was the design of the bottle, the lid is chrome and you push a small white button which flips up to dispense the bubble bath. The syrup itself has a very thick consistency and because of the design it takes a long time to pour out! you have to really squeeze the bottle. This is a shame as the product itself smells so nice, it really does smell like Mr Kiplings Angel Cake. It reminds me of a mixture of strawberry and vanilla. I did find that I needed to use quite a lot of this in order to get a good foam, it could be that it seemed I was using more due to the poor design of the bottle. The bubbles didn't last very long either, this is a problem for me as I love to lie in the bath for at least an hour and I like the bubbles to insulate the water!

            N Spa claim that this will moisuturise your skin and leave it feeling soft to the touch. I can't really say I noticed any difference in my skin, it didn't feel dry but it didn't feel moisturised either.

            All in all I can only give this 3 out of 5 stars, I was very disappointed because I loved the fragrance, but I just couldn't justify the price tag for what you get.


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            10.01.2011 07:52
            Very helpful



            Don't think i will bother again.

            For Christmas I was more than delighted with one of the "smellies" sets I received from my sister Emma, with it containing four bottles of delicious sounding and smelling bath syrups, after trying and being reasonably satisfied with the first in the box, I was eager to start the next, hence this review!

            The product is - "N-spa - angel cake bath syrup".

            Now this, like every other product in the range has it's own little "wise man" saying on the front, trying to marry up the flavour of the product this is based on and also trying to add a little mystical element to the proceedings, this the first on I have read unfortunately that does neither, only making it sound like a bottle of juice, with there being lots of references to lemon and candy, with a few strawberries thrown in for good measure, I was completely baffled as to how this would smell before using it, which for these products as I say, is very unusual!

            The bottle itself (albeit a smaller version than available in the shops!), is a clear plastic bottle, with plenty enough give in it to squeeze every drop from, an important fact I find, I hate waste!

            The beautifully coloured bath syrup is visible through the bottle, with this being a slightly beige with a pink hue liquid, this is infact one of the only one's in this range that does actually look like a syrup, please don't be tempted to eat it though, no matter how good it may smell!

            The smell itself, well I was expecting a sweet and creamy smell, to mirror the cake I am familiar with, though I don't remember the cake smelling sweet with a hint of washing up liquid, which is how this actually smells to me.

            To use you simply squeeze under a running tap, and swirl slightly to agitate for extra bubbles, which in fairness it produced in abundance, thankfully (or not as the case maybe) there was practically no scent aside from a fresh scent, that didn't linger on the skin but did make me feel nice and clean.

            Once bathed my skin feels nice and not at all irritated, though this is just described as a bath syrup and should be enjoyed thus, promising no extra skin conditioning qualities.

            Price wise this is available for around the £1.99 mark for a large bottle, with there being an extensive range available in asda.

            For more information visit - www.nirvanaspa.co.uk

            Do I recommend this product....not really. I am afraid I can only give this product two stars, and these are for presentation and the quality of the product itself, the scent really let this one down, I am a fan of long soaks and coming out "flavoured" with the bath foam I have been lying in, thankfully I didn't emerge from this smelling like fairy liquid!

            Thanks for reading x


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              22.11.2010 07:55
              Very helpful



              An indulgent bath foam wich lacks smell

              I really did make my hubby laugh on our last trip to Asda as I found a new bath foam from the N Spa range and he thought I was going to wet myself! I have seen this one on line but our Asda have not stocked it before so when I spotted it I just had to buy it and test it out. The name is Angle Cake and it really does sound and look lovely but I have to say was rather disappointed by it.


              The bath foam comes in a clear plastic bottle which allows you to see the pink coloured foam inside and know just exactly how much you have left. The top of the bottle is silver and has a very small press white cap which when pressed reveals a small slit which is where the bath foam comes out. The design of this is bad as the bath foam comes out so slow you have to stand for ages trying to get enough for your bath out. I it also hard to operate if you have long nails like I do.

              The front of the bottle has white writing on which includes the product name, N-Spa logo and a short phrase. The phrases are lovely to read when having a soak in the bath and this one reads:-

              'Angel', said the wise man 'is my guardian of the fluffiest lemony cakes. Frosted soft pink marshmallow and sometimes made of snow with a serving of smooth creamy vanilla. Goodness and purity are her best friends and as she spreads her fairy wings, Strawberries and candy fall from the sky'.

              The back of the bottle has all of the ingredients, direction for use and warnings about this bath foam.

              ~~USE AND RESULTS~~

              It is simple to use the bath foam and to do so it just needs to be poured under the running tap. This is easy if you don't have long nails as the design of the top is hard and the small slit means it comes out so slow. The liquid is quite thick so this makes it even slower when coming out of the slit in the lid.

              Once the bath foam hit's the water it starts to foam and make a lather immediately. The lather is good and nice and light. There is a good amount of lather from only using a small amount of the bath foam. The lather lasts for the duration of the bath or until you wash your hair in the water, like I do, for some reason when the shampoo and conditioner are washed out of my hair they react with the lather and make it dissolve.

              The fragrance which comes with this bath foam is nice and pleasant. I smells nothing like angel cake, it has more of a sweet fruity smell. I am finding it hard to pin point the smell, sorry. The smell is noticeable when you have a sniff of the bottle but once this is used in the bath the smell goes. When I had run my bath and got into the water I was not able to smell this at all and for me this was disappointing. The other products in this range have strong smells which do fill the bathroom and last for a good amount of time. As there was no fragrance when used in the bath there was also no scent left on my skin after getting out of the water.

              However, I was left with very soft and smooth skin which felt very moisturised and the moisture lasted for a good few hours after bathing in this. I was happy with this aspect of the bath foam but the lack of smell was a let down. My hubby has used this bath foam and he has sensitive skin but he has had no reaction from using this and he too has been left with soft and moisturised skin.


              The bath foam comes in a 500ml sized bottle and I would say that only using a small amount of this would mean you get between 10-12 baths. I would not recommend using more of the liquid to try and get the scent for the duration of the bath as I have tried this and it just does not work.

              There are some warning on the back of the bottle and these include, keeping this out of reach of children and not to consume the liquid.

              The product ingredients are:-

              Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidroproyl Betain, Sodium Chloride, Polysorbate 20, Glycerin, Parfum, PEG-150 Pentaerythrtyl Tetrastearate, PEG-6, Caprylic / Capric Glycerides, Citric Acid, Alpha - methyl Ionone, Polyquarternium-7, Linalool, Magnesium Chloride, Limonene, Sodium Hydroxide, Coumarin, Magnesium Nitrate, Citral, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Denatonium Benzoate, Methylparaben, Methylisothiazolinone, Propylparaben, Hexylene Glycol, CI 16035, CI 17200

              The bath foam has a shelf life of 36 months. The bottle is 100% recyclable.

              More information about this product and others in the N-Spa range can be found at www.nirvanaspa.co.uk

              ~~PRICE AND AVAILABILITY~~

              Fortunately I bought this for the offer price of £2.50, It is £4 at full price. I have only been able to find this in Asda and it is new in to them. Tesco do stock some of the N-spa products but just not this one.


              Unfortunately I cannot recommend this product. The smell when in the bottle is lovely but it just vanishes when this hit's the water./ It does leave skin soft and moisturised but the price tag means I want the smell as well. If you can get it on offer then try it out but certainly don't pay £4 for it. The is a real let down for me as I love the N-Spa products.


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                08.11.2010 21:01
                Very helpful



                Not N-Spa's best

                I first saw this product on the Nirvana Spa website and I knew immediately that I wanted to try it, just on the name. I have a bit of an obsession with Mr Kipling Angel Cake slices and the thought of being able to indulge my love of Angel Cake without the calories really appealed to me! As well as the appealing name, I have to say another factor that drew me towards this product, as sad as it might sound, is that it is pink! I'm a sucker for anything pink and this looks a lovely colour when in the bottle.

                The Indulgent Angel Cake Bath Syrup is a new addition to the Nirvana Spa bath syrup collection which includes other yummy scents such as Hot Butter Fudge, Chocolate Waffle, Cranberry Chocolate and Gingerbread Latte.

                It comes in a clear bottle adorned with white writing and it bears uncanny resemblance to the Philosophy brand products. Whereas Philosophy have philosophies on the front of their bottles, N Spa feel the need to adorn their bottles with nonsensical stories. I've mentioned in other reviews that I hate them but other people seem to like them, so I guess it's just a matter of opinion.

                The product has a silver and white flip top lid, but to be honest I think it would benefit from just screwing off completely. The bath syrup is quite a thick consistency and I have found that I have to apply quite a lot of pressure to actually get the product out of the bottle, so it would be easier to pour it out from a larger opening.

                The smell of this is quite hard to describe. As I mentioned I had first seen it online and the name angel cake had conjured up something sweet and sugary in my mind. I must admit when I actually came to smelling this I was a bit disappointed. It is sweet and slightly fruity, but it has a sort of unusual undertone to it...I can't put my finger on exactly what it is, but the only way I could possibly describe it would be odd. Whatever it is it just doesn't seem to be a good fit with the scent.

                To use it you just pour under running water as you would with any other bubble bath. It has a thick consistency which is almost like jelly in a way, which is why I don't think the flip top bottle was a good idea.

                You don't need to add loads to the bath to create a good amount of bubbles, which makes it quite economical. It foams up really nicely and the bubbles are not only thick and fluffy, but I find that they last the entire duration of my bath...and I'm one of those people who can lie there for over an hour.

                The scent of the product is only really apparent when it's first added to the bath. It seems to disappear really quickly which is a shame, because although lovely frothy bubbles are an important part of a luxurious bath, being surrounded by a lovely scent is something else I want from my bubble bath.

                Another downside of this product is that I don't really notice any change to my skin afterwards. It doesn't feel particularly soft or moisturised (although saying that the product isn't at all drying either) and the scent doesn't stay on my skin.

                At the moment this is only available in a 500ml bottle costing £2.50 from ASDA.

                On the whole I think I'd have to conclude that I've been quite disappointed with this particular product. The smell was OK but not great and it wasn't quite as special or indulgent as I had hoped. On a more positive note the bubbles last well and it's fairly cheap considering you get a reasonably large bottle. Still, on the whole, I probably wouldn't recommend it.


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