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NSPA Indulgent Chocolate Waffle Bath Syrup

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Brand: N-Spa / Type: Bath Syrup

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    3 Reviews
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      14.01.2011 12:16
      Very helpful



      A Fabulous Indulgent Bath Syrup

      I have often seen the N-Spa range in Asda but always thought that they were quite expensive as I usually buy something that all the family use and I couldn't really see my other half using a chocolate bath syrup

      There are many different varieties available and they all have fabulous colours and wonderful names to match from blueberry, raspberry , coconut and many more.

      After a few weeks of having a sniff every time I went by my hubby decided that I deserved a treat and I decided on the chocolate waffle bath syrup and I couldn't wait to get home and into the bath which I promptly did that evening, up stairs I went with my book, a hot cuppa and my chocolate syrup.

      The range is very eye catching in everyway, the wonderful sounding names and the many different colours. The bottles themselves are quite plain but in classy minimalist way. The bottle is a clear plastic with the wording on the bottle printed in white, the clear bottle means that you can see the liquid inside and the chocolate waffle has a rich, warm chocolate and ginger colour.

      The bottle has a silver lid which you push on one side and this opens the lid to allow the liquid to come out, I found this quite stiff and as the liquid has quite a thick consistency I found that it was quite hard to get the liquid to come out even when I gave the bottle a squeeze so I always unscrew the lid and just pour the liquid in that way just be careful that you don't put too much in.

      As soon as the liquid hit the water the scent really did fill that bathroom and it is a strong scent but then if you have purchased a chocolate bath syrup that I am sure that the room smelling of chocolate is just what you want.
      While the main scent is chocolate its more of a pure coco smell than than the whiff from sniffing a bar of Cadburys!

      Does It Have the Bubble Factor?

      YES!, The bubbles foamed up as soon as the syrup hit the running water and produced a lovely covering of small bubbles all over the top of the bath water and was like stepping in to bubbling chocolate
      I was a little worried that my bath water would end up looking like brown sludge but I only noticed a very slight colour change and it was certainly not a dirty looking colour and wit the lovely bubbles you couldn't really see the bath water.

      The syrup made the bath water feel very soft as I soaked myself in it and I do tend to use the bubbles and rub them over myself and they felt very soft and did not dry my skin out at all.
      The aroma stayed in the bath and while it did wear off after a while I am sure that it would be long enough for most people as I do tend to stay in the bath until I am an absolute prune!

      After I got out my skin felt quite soft and I could still notice a slight scent lingering on my skin, although this did wear off fairly quickly so you will not actually smell like a chocolate bar.

      I will definitely be purchasing more of the bath syrup and in the name of research feel that it is my duty to try all the different varieties!

      The size of the bottle is 500ml so it's a great size bottle and as you only need a few drops it will last you a long time.

      The price range is approx £3.00 - £7.00 pounds although Asda do have them on offer now and again and I managed to get mine for only £2.00.


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        17.12.2010 10:31
        Very helpful



        A nice enough product for chocolate lovers...and no calories!

        I bought myself a little gift pack containing four of the Nspa bath syrups a while back, and I'm now onto my second one, the Chocolate Waffle variety. The three other fragrances in the pack were Cranberry Chocolate, Gingerbread Latte and Hot Butter Fudge. For me personally, I think this one, Chocolate Waffle, is the least inspiring of the pack and I wasn't looking forward to using it as much as I was the other three.

        The bath syrup (a slightly indulgent way of describing bubble bath) comes in a clear bottle with a black flip top cap. The bottle is adorned with white writing in the style of premium brand Philosophy. This is a style of packaging that has been copied quite widely, with not just Nspa, but Treacle Moon, The Pink Cow and I love... being other brands to use a similar look for their products. You can see the dark brown liquid through the bottle and whilst of course the colour ties in with the chocolate fragrance, I don't really find the colour overly inviting.

        The smell of the bath syrup is definitely chocolaty and to me smells a lot like hot chocolate. Although I must admit to liking to eat chocolate, I wasn't overly sure about bathing in it! To use, you just pour a little of the liquid under running water like you would with any other bubble bath.

        I found the product to have quite a thick consistency and it ran out of the bottle very slowly, which made it slightly difficult to pour. I suppose that coupled with the fact that the liquid has a glossy look to it, does make it quite syrupy.

        Only a relatively small amount of the 'syrup' is needed per use, as I find this foams up really well, producing lots of frothy bubbles very quickly. The chocolate scent is quite strong when first poured into the water, however I find that after a minute or so I can't really smell it any longer which is a little disappointing.

        One of the best things about this product (and something I have found with the other Nspa products I've tried) is that the bubbles tend to last for the duration of my bath. I'm one of those people who can lie and soak for a good hour, and with quite a lot of bubble baths I find the bubbles have all but disappeared after 10 minutes, so it's nice to find a product that will last as well as this one.

        After getting out of the bath, I find that my skin feels soft and is not dried out, but I don't notice any moisturising capabilities. I don't notice the scent on my skin either, which is a shame but not surprising given that I can't really smell the bath syrup when it's in the water.

        A 500ml bottle of this costs just £2.50 from ASDA. You can also get the sets I mentioned at the beginning of this review for £5, and that contains four 100ml bottles. Given that you only need a little bit per use, I can imagine the 500ml bottle will last some time.

        Overall I thought this was a nice product, but it was a shame that the chocolate smell didn't last longer. I also didn't really think there was anything special or outstanding about it, that would make me want to buy it again. If you or someone you know is a chocolate lover then perhaps this might be a nice little gift, but I think I can only really give it a maximum of three stars.


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          09.09.2010 15:19
          Very helpful



          A very indulgent chocolate smelling bath syrup

          Unfortunately for me this is the last of the new Indulgent range of N-spa products I have to try so I am now hoping that they will venture into some festive scented ones so I can have more excuses for ME time in the bath! Luckily I really did save the best one till last as this one is wonderful.


          The bath syrup comes in a clear plastic bottle which means you get to see the rich brown liquid inside and it also helps me to see just how much I have left. The top of the bottle is a simple flip lid which makes it quick and easy to use.

          On the front of the bottle in white writing is the product name and the N-Spa logo. The back of the bottle has all of the information about the bath syrup and directions for use. As with all the N-spa range of bath products they put a lovely little phrase on the front of the bottle and this one reads,

          'A Good heart' said the wise man, 'is hard to find, but when you discover the softest chocolate waffle with a secret centre that is rich, sweet and entirely dedicated to your happiness, take care for it's a heart of darkness, which chocolate naughtiness that would tempt an angel.'

          ~~USE AND RESULTS~~

          It really is very simple to use the bath syrup, you just need to pour a small amount under the running hot tap. The syrup is quite thick so a good squeeze will be needed but I advise that not much s used per bath as it does make a large amount of bubbles and lather and the first time I used it the bath was overflowing with bubbles.

          The smell which is the biggest thing about this bath syrup is wonderful, it is noticeable from the moment you flip the lid and it gets stronger once the syrup starts to later and for me it remained for the duration of my bath which is usually over 15 minutes. I was also able to smell this in my bathroom for a good amount of time once the water had drained away and it also stayed on my skin for a short time after drying off. It smells just like melted chocolate and the only downside to this is it does make me crave a chocolate bar. Fortunately thought it does not change the water colour as I might have been tempted to have a drink of the water!

          When I had gotten out of the bath I felt like my skin was lovely and soft, it looked moisturised and felt clean. I was not left with any dried out skin or parts which I felt to be rough and not smooth. My hubby has been allowed to try this bath syrup, yes I am generous like that, and he has not had any problems with it on his sensitive skin and he did also look very refreshed and moisturised after his bath.

          Another good factor with this bath syrup is that when washed my hair in the water the shampoo or conditioner did not dilute and destroy all of the bubbles as it does with other brands so I will still left with a load of light fluffy bubbles.


          The bath syrup comes in a bottle size of 500ml which will last for around 3 weeks if you only use this one product, it does last me a lot longer as I have over 20 others on the go at the same time.

          There are some warnings on the back of the bottle with the main one being that this is not to be consumed. It must also be stored in a cool dry place.

          The packaging is 100% recyclable and for me this usually means a squirty bath toy for the boys or the base of a rocket. The bath syrup and all the others in the N-Spa range have not been tested on animals.

          The product ingredients are:-

          Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Chloride, Parfum, Polysorbate 20, Glycerin, PEG-150, Pentaerythrityl Tetrastearate, PEG-6, Caprylic/Capric, Glycerides, Caramel, Polyquarternium-7, Magnesium Chloride, Sodium Hydroxide, Magnesium Nitrate, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Denatonium Benzoate, Methylparaben, Methylisothiazolinone, Propylparaben, Hexylene, Glycol, Citric Acid, CI 42090

          The shelf life for the bath syrup is 36 months.


          There is only currently Asda who sell this product and the complete indulgent range. This sized bottle costs just under £4 but as it is so good it is definitely worth the price. You can by a smaller bottle which is about 100-150ml which will cost about £1. There is a gift shop on the Nirvana Spa web site where you can buy all of their products direct, the address is www.nirvanaspa.co.uk


          The only rate I can give this bath syrup is the full 5 stars. The smell is worth this by itself but it also cleans and leave skin soft and moisturised. I do have the problem of craving a chocolate bar when having a bath but it is so worth it. Definitely one for all chocolate fans or people who like a bit of luxury in the bath.


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