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NSPA Sweet Tropical Mango Shower Scrub

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Brand: N-Spa / Scrub / Type: Body Scrub / What it does: Exfoliates,

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    1 Review
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      12.08.2012 09:17
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      A lovely mango smelling body scrub from N-spa

      I am quite taken with these N-spa products that you can purchase in Asda, in my store right now they have an offer on, two products for £4 which is a bit of a bargain when each product is usually £3 each. I have infact used a few other products from within the range, a salt scrub, an apple smelling foot lotion and a bath cream to name but a few. The product list these days is much more varied than it used to be and most of the products are listed on the N-spa website.

      This time I opted for a Mango body scrub and matching bath oil/shower gel and then I bought another set which was a grapefruit version, all four products costing me £8. It has been a long time since I have used an N-spa product and I only bought them as an impulse purchase because a work colleague mentioned how lovely they were, especially the mint one. Well I am not a great fan of mint products and that version wasn't in stock anyway, so I opted for the two versions mentioned above.

      The N-Spa Fruit Extracts Sweet and Tropical Mango Daily Refresh Shower Scrub to give it its full and proper title is sold in a 225ml plastic tube which is see through and incorporated into the plastic tube is a label, which isn't removable. Through the tube you can see a bright orange coloured product with small dark flecks and if you look really close a fair few bubbles. The tube hosts a flip top lid which is a darker orange colour. The label area of the tube tells you exactly what it is you are getting and even has a picture of a Mango present. On the back is a huge list of ingredients along with the words "Use this deliciously juicy shower scrub daily to leave skin smooth and delicately fragranced with the tropical aroma of ripe juicy mangoes". Well, I am always up for a challenge!

      Whenever I use a body scrub I like something that can offer a scrub which can be used everyday or something I can use as a treatment and by that I mean with the ability to be slightly more abrasive on tougher to remove dry skin and I am hoping this is exactly what I get with this scrub.

      As soon as you flip the lid of this tube the first thing that you notice is the really strong mango aroma which is absolutely delightful and as the tube does have this flip top lid, I would suggest opening it before you get into the shower as the old problem of wet hands and tube lid become apparent. That said once in the shower and tube squeezed, out comes the most wonderful orange, well mango coloured scrub which feels a bit like jelly that hasn't quite set. Mixed in with the scrub are fairly abrasive little particles which you can feel moving around on your skin as you begin to massage yourself and as you do this the scrub turns into quite a lot of lather and again the mango aroma is really evident throughout the washing and exfoliating process. The exfoliating particles themselves can be as abrasive as you want them to be, if you have stubborn bits of dry skin you can press hard enough to remove them, but on the whole as this has been designed for everyday use then I have found it really good at keeping your skin in really good condition. On the back of the tube rather helpfully are some guidelines for using "squeeze a generous portion of scrub into your hands and gently massage with circular motions into damp skin in the bath or shower. Rinse well with warm water". Well using this scrub is exactly that straightforward and the reason why it is advised you massage in circular motions is because it makes removing dry skin easier and it is also less abrasive on the skin than using a rubbing motion.

      Now the ingredients are quite a long list but there are a few worth mentioning and again if you look on the back of the tube you can find them all listed there. Starting with Sunflower Oil which has really high vitamin E content and on the skin vitamin E helps to reduce wrinkles by boosting collagen growth and it is also a really good moisturising product for the skin. Then comes Passion flower as an ingredient is used for its moisturising properties which leave the skin silky smooth to the touch. Then the passion fruit seeds form the scrub part of the product and they are the black flecks that you can see. Finally there is castor oil which is also used for its moisturising properties and like Sunflower oil it keeps your skin soft and smooth.

      The best place to buy these products it seems is Asda, they are always on one offer or another and even when they are full price they are only around the £3 mark in any case. I had a look on the N-spa website and this scrub wasn't available on it at that time it does instead tell you to go and look on the Asda website, giving you a list of stores.

      Once I had used this scrub for the first time I thought it was fantastic, not only did I smell wonderfully fruity, I also had soft smooth skin to the touch. I really like everything about this product. It looks really presentable in its flip top tube and I like the fact you can see through the tube at the product and know what you are getting. I love the bright orangeness of the scrub which really stands out on the shelf and then once you begin to use it, I love how the aroma fills the bathroom and then lingers throughout the house in the steam vapour. On the skin it feels really lovely and the scrub is fine enough to be used everyday, but press a little harder you can use it as a more abrasive scrub to remove more stubborn dry skin. Then finally, after using this product and drying your skin not only do you smell of lovely mango goodness, you also have lovely silky soft smooth skin and you smell good enough to eat!


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