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NSPA Sweetheart Strawberry Shower & Bath Gel

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Brand: N-Spa / and Bath Gel / Type: Shower Gel

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    4 Reviews
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      19.01.2012 09:17
      Very helpful



      A less than satisfactory strawberry bath and shower time treat from N-Spa.

      I've mentioned in my previous reviews that I am definitely more of a shower person simply as its more convenient and time efficient than a bath. However as a heavily pregnant mother to be and also full time mum to toddler twin boys, making it through a normal day seems a challenge at the moment. At the end of each day standing in the shower seems too much effort therefore I'm finding myself collapsing in a bath once the boys are tucked up in bed. As a result I am going through A LOT of bath products, already more than I anticipated as I found myself having to search around in the cupboards for any products left over and found myself a bottle of bath syrup given to me for Christmas 2010 which was N-Spa Sweetheart Strawberry Blush Shower and Bath Gel.

      ***N-Spa Sweetheart Strawberry Blush Shower and Bath Gel***
      Unlike the other N-Spa products the Sweetheart Strawberry Blush Shower and Bath Gel does not have a big description on the front of the bottle and a sentence describing the product. It simply has the product name on the front of the clear plastic bottle and inside you can see the pinky red coloured bath and shower product.

      The Sweetheart Strawberry Blush Shower and Bath Gel comes in a 500ml bottle with black plastic flip top lid you simply flip the lid, squeeze the product out of the bottle using in the bath or shower and then flip the black lid back to the closed position..

      A 500ml bottle of this product is available from Asda or from the Nirvana Spa website. Although this is a limited edition product. I received this product as a gift around Christmas 2010. Obviously as a gift I did not pay for the product but this size bottle of N-Spa bath products usually cost in the region of £2.00. Therefore it is not an expensive bath and shower product.

      The product is not tested on animals.

      ***My Experience***
      The reason I use a lot of N-Spa products is I like the amount of bubbles and with the Sweetheart Strawberry Blush Shower and Bath Gel I was not disappointed. I poured in a small amount of bath product into the running water of my bath and within 10 seconds I could see the bath filling up with lots of bubbles. Once filled the small amount of bath gel created a full covering of bubbles over the top of my bath.

      I was however disappointed at the scent of the bath gel. When I poured it into my bath I could barely make out the strawberry scent and once my bath was filled and I was in it, the scent of strawberry was very light. In fact the bath gel did not really have any smell at all. I found this very disappointing mainly because when I sniffed the gel when it was in the bottle I could make out a very strong strawberry smell. Going by the smell of the gel in the bottle I was expecting a real fruity tangy sweet berry scented bath, not a slightly sweet non-existent smell! Even when I used again and used double the amount of bath gel this smell was not really apparent.

      After bathing and drying myself off I was still left disappointed. My skin was clean but had no smell to it. I could not smell the strawberry bath product at all. I also did not notice my skin felt any softer and the dry patches of my skin still felt as dry therefore this product has no moisturising effects.

      I also tried the product out as a shower gel (when I had enough energy to have a shower). In the shower the strawberry scent is slightly more apparent but I found myself using a lot of this product as a shower gel as the consistency of the red coloured liquid is so runny and it was slipping out of my hands. It is not a very economical product as a shower gel as you find yourself using so much. After showering I could not really make out the strawberry scent on my skin and I also found my skin did not really feel any softer.

      This is definitely one of the most disappointing N-Spa products that I have used so far and it is not a product that I would recommend for bath or shower time.

      I loved the sweet fresh fruity strawberry scent that I could smell in the bottle and this filled me with a lot of expectation that this would be a very fruity smelling bath product. However when poured into the bath, the strawberry scent was extremely light and not very noticeable. After bathing my skin felt clean but had no scent what so ever. My skin also did not feel at all moisturised and the product did not leave my skin as soft as other N-Spa products do. I did like that as a bath gel the Sweetheart Strawberry Gel did create a reasonable amount of bubbles.

      Using as a shower gel the product gave the same results and as a shower gel I felt it was more disappointing because it was so runny meaning that I wasted a lot of the product. At £2.00 for a large bottle it is not an expensive product to waste but because of the lack of scent I would have been disappointing wasting my own money on the product if it had not been given to me as a gift.

      Good news it was/ is only a limited edition product!


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      03.05.2011 17:35
      Very helpful



      An average buy from N-Spa

      Around Valentines day I spotted this product that I have never tried before in my local Asda store. Usually retailing at over a couple of pounds a bottle I liked the romantic name it had and felt it was a perfect gift for me and my boyfriend to use!

      The Packaging:

      The see-through plastic bottle with a black screw on/off lid/cap to the top of it holds 500ml of the product of which you can see is a rich shimmery red colour. On the front label on the bottle there is a photograph of red and pink small lovehearts and we are told that it is Sweetheart Strawberry 'Loving Blush' Shower And Bath Gel and that it is limited edition and from N-Spa and the size (as I have previoulsy stated) is given. On the back of the bottle other information provided includes being told a bit about the product and how to use it, the ingredients are given and contact details fot Nirvana Spa (N-Spa) are given. Its a nice enough bottle to be fair to it though plain but really but easy to use.

      The Shower And Bath Gel:

      Well this is basically what it is called! You can use this to wash in the bath or shower with and/or use it as a bubble bath...the choice as they say is yours!

      I have used it in all of the above ways and all round found it to be nice enough really though for some reason I can't over enthuse and thats not because there is anything fundementally wrong with it but because for some reason I expected more!

      What you get is a rather runny red liquid. It has a really strong fragrance of juicy, sweet strawberries to it although jot entirelly natural to my nose, it is pleasant enough and rather strong. I find this best placed in the bath to which it turns the water slightly pink, gives off lots of white lather, releases the scent and is soft enough on the skin to soak in. When out of the bath I smell wonderful and my skin feels refreshed and the smell lingers on my skin for hours too.

      Washing with it is a little more difficult due to the consistency of it being so thin. It falls off sponges and the likes with ease and plops all over the place and when it does that it takes time to remove it.

      However when washing with it, again it does give off a nice enough scent, feels smooth and comfortable on the skin and makes me feel clean enough though not particlary refreshed or anything like that.

      Like I stated previously there is nothing really wrong with this really and I do like the fact is helps to make my skin feel slightly moisturised and I am scented after using it for ages but the consistency is hard to work with if washing with it!

      Available in Asda stores or google if interested.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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      10.04.2011 14:42
      Very helpful



      Buy It - If You Can Find It!!

      Considering I didnt even discover the N-Spa range until about 2 months ago I certainly have been trying loads of them since I did - Ive been making up for lost time I suppose LOL. Luckily my mom loves the range as much as I do so we have both been buying tonnes of products from the range for both of us to use and this 'N-Spa Strawberry Sweetheart Shower & Bath Gel' was I think the first product I ever used from this range - it seems a long time ago now! I wanted to try this one as I love strawberry scented products but buying the Bodyshop's strawberry shower gel all the time does take its toll on my bank balance after a while so I guess I was looking for a cheaper alternative and I definitely found it here. My only problem is I think this one was released as a limited edition scent for Valentines day so it might not be available anymore :[.

      Useful Information:
      Price: Was around £3 [on sale] for a 500ml bottle. Although I do own the slightly smaller bottle I think.
      Stockists: ASDA - Although as I mentioned I believe this might have been a limited edition fragrance.
      Other Info: This bath gel is available in MANY other scents - Gingerbread Latte, Angel Cake, Vanilla Creme Brulee & Hot Butter Fudge- just to name a few. So I think everyone will be able to find a flavour to suit their tastes from this range - and I think they all cost the same amount.

      This product comes in a small 100ml bottle [the one I own is 100ml as I got it as part of a set] which is totally transparent through which you can clearly see the product inside - which is a creamy red/pink colour and appears to be very creamy and thick which usually means it will be very moisturising - in my experience. At the top of the bottle is a small black cap that can be flipped open and shut OR taken off all together if you want to get more out of the bottle quicker - I prefer to do it the first way though as you dont waste any using it like that. On the front and back of the bottle is all the information you could need - directions for use, shelf life, ingredients etc and there is also an email address and street address to write to should you any more questions on the product. The thing I like about the little bottle I own is that it is travel suitable so if your going on holiday soon and going by plane these products might be good for you as you can take them without worrying about them exploding!!

      To use this product is really simple as its the same way you'd use ay bubble bath - simply pour a small amount into warm water OR underneath the tap whilst its running and then your bath should be filled with thousands of bubbles and a gorgeous scent. Or you can use this as a normal shower gel - lather it up and then wash yourself from head to toe with this - I started off using this as a bubble bath but I have started using it since as a shower gel and I have to say it works just as well both ways. Even better when you use it both ways at the same time - double the effects! When used as a bubble bath this does produce tonnes of bubbles and turns the water a lovely light pink shade which looks very relaxing in my opinion. Using it as a shower gel is just as brilliant because it lathers up really well and very quickly - meaning a very small amount is more than enough to create tonnes of bubbles/lather which means one bottle will last you a really long time. When I use this in the bath water it makes it feel instantly softer and very silky - but thankfully not too greasy so the perfect amount of moisture, bubbles and lather in my opinion. It does make the bath look super relaxing - just what I need after a day at work. But one thing worth mentioning is if you are using this on a white shower puff it WILL turn it pink so thats worth thinking about - my mom was not happy with her new coloured shower puff hehe.

      The scent of N-Spa products in always worth mentioning I reckon whether they are nasty or nice - and thankfully this one falls into the 'nice' category because it smells amazing! This smells incredibly fruity but quite creamy as well so its wont be too sweet for most people I dont think. For people who have used Alberto Balsams Strawberry & Cream shampoo - thats kind of what this smells like but even nicer in my opinion - so if you like the smell of that I reckon you'd like this one. The smell is gorgeous and one that will appeal to most people I think - its just a shame the range doesnt have one that smells similar that we could buy all year round - Im going to have a peek later and see if they do because Im in love with the scent of this one! The scent also lasts for ages on my skin - at least 5-6 hours after Ive washed with it which is brilliant, and dont worry it doesnt interfere with any perfume your wearing. Its a noticable scent on skin but also subtle - just the right mix in my opinion.

      Theres no doubt my skin always feels fantastic after using this - which is why my bottle is almost empty because I keep using it :(. But apart from the fact that Im running out it is amazing - my skin feels fresh and clean after using this, smoother and softer, better smelling and very moisturised. Everything I want from a bubble bath/shower gel to be honest and you can use it in two different ways which makes it even better for me. I cannot recommend highly enough - if you can get your hands on a bottle anyway.

      Thanks For Reading.

      x0 Salz 0x


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        07.02.2011 15:47
        Very helpful



        N-Spa didnt win me around this time!

        Well Valentines Day is getting closer by the minute and the shops are filled with novelty items in the hope we get sucked in to buying them. As a rule I don't give in to the money making novelties but then I spotted it! My beloved N-Spa has sold out to the Valentines market. I did say to myself no as I still have a shocking amount of toiletries... but they were only £1.00 and I got suckered in!

        N-Spa Sweetheart Strawberry Shower & Bath Gel 500ml:

        I have reviewed a few N-Spa products and one of the things I love about there items is there fun yet quirky quotes they put on their bottles. So this being a limited edition bottle you would think there would be a Valentine related quote but there was none! Which is a real shame as there choice could have been endless.

        My Findings:

        First off when pouring this into my bath I noticed the liquid wasn't as thick as there over shower and bath gels. But a small amount soon had plenty of bubbles within the water, only thing lacking was the fragrance. Which with the other N-Spa shower and bath gels the aromas have been truly amazing and filling your bathroom which a gorgeous sent within minutes of pouring it into your bath.

        The fragrance power in this one was rather weak my first ever disappointment with N-Spa, I poured some more gel under the running water hoping this would give the scent a much needed boost. It did smell wonderful a nice rich scent of sweet strawberries; just would have been much nicer if they made it stronger. The gel as you can guess from being strawberry is a light red colour which does ever so slightly change the colour of the bath water to a dull tint pink.

        Not long after I had been in the bath the little amount of fragrance that was lingering seemed to disappear completely just after fifteen to twenty minutes. This did bug me as being one of my favourite bath time products I was totally let down.

        I added some gel to my sponge to give myself a scrub it was soft and bubbly against my skin and smelt wonderful, but again the scent didn't last for long. Once out the bath and dried off there was no hints of the fragrance what so ever, my skin did feel clean but nothing else. I'm normally one of N-Spa's biggest fans but this 'Sweetheart Strawberry' has been a major let down compared to others from this brand.

        The packaging is also not as fun as it could be for a limited edition item, normally there to stand out but the bottle for this could easily get lost among the self with its competitors. It's still pretty with its background picture of small love hearts and soft writing to try and get that romantic theme going, but for me there is just no wow factor. The lid for the bottle is a standard twist top and if your hands are wet can be a little trick to open.

        As you can use this in either a bath or a shower I have also sampled this when having a shower, but I just get the same results. The gel lathers up really well on my sponge and smells like strawberry sauce on a 99 ice cream which is lovely. However the fragrance soon disappears never to be smelt again until you open the bottle up again.

        Price and Availability:

        So far the only place I have found who sell this Limited Edition set is Asda for only £1.00 per bottle. But personally I would recommend giving there other selection a go; as this one lets the team down.


        The Limited Edition Range:

        N-Spa have brought out three limited edition shower and bath gel, yes I purchased all three so will soon get to try the other two. Fingers crossed they do a better job than the 'Sweetheart Strawberry' - the other two are 'Chocolate Candy Striptease' and 'Caribbean Coconut Crush on you' Not really interesting when it comes to the name choice.


        I had so much hope for this product maybe that why I feel so let down as I had very high hopes. The smell is lovely but it soon fades so fast and didn't transfer to skin what so ever. My skin didn't seem to feel any different either, normally once dried off it feel soft and smooth but really just not change. For only £1.00 for a large bottle I guess I can't moan too much. I just don't think N-Spa put as much quality in this limited edition gel as they do with the others.

        Maybe the quality lacks in there rush to get it out in time for Valentines Day? I just don't know... personally I wouldn't buy this again and shall stick to the other N-Spa gels I know and love.

        Two out of five stars from me.

        Thanks for reading :o)

        Additional Information:

        N-Spa is against animal testing though I can't find it on the packaging the web-site states their products are not tested on animals. The plastic bottles can also be recycled.



        Nirvana Spa
        Mole Road
        RG41 5DJ.


        Aqua, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium chloride, cocamidopropyl betaine, styrene/acrylates copolymer, glycerin, laureth-3, PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate,parfum DMDM hydantoiin, magnesium nitrate, methylchloroisothiazolinone, glycol distearate, polyquaternium-7, denatonium benzoate, citric acid, tetrasodium EDTA,CI 17200, CI 14700.


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